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Black truck with bad credit car loans
Black truck with bad credit car loans
Black truck with bad credit car loans
Black truck with bad credit car loans

Over 50,000 🇨🇦 Canadians have used Car Deal Canada to buy a Vehicle. Find Out Why

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Over 50,000 Canadians have used Car Deal Canada to buy a vehicle. Find Out Why

Bad Credit Car Loans Alberta

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At Car Deal Canada we specialize in bad credit car loans in Alberta. Therefore, if you are looking for car financing in Alberta you have come to the right place. However, getting approved for Alberta auto loans are not always the easiest of tasks. For instance, what if you have bad credit? Therefore we have created a process where everyone, whatever their credit score might be can still get approved from the comfort of their home.

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Car Financing Alberta

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Alberta Auto Loans

Alberta is the Oil capital of Canada and one of the fastest growing provinces. Therefore, we know customers have many options to choose from when it comes to buying a used vehicle via car financing in Alberta. Which is why we have created strong relationships with many of the top auto lenders in the province. As a result we will get you the best available interest rate and approval.

When most lenders are making a credit decision on Alberta auto loans, the first thing they look at is Credit Score. If it is below a certain threshold they will decline it right then and there, before even looking at the credit bureau further.We believe that is extremely unfair because a persons credit score does not tell the whole story. Therefore, we have worked with a select few of our lenders to create an All Credit approval program. With this bad credit car loans program in Alberta they don’t even look at a customers credit score.

In addition, we can even get customers with Repossessions, Collections, Bankruptcy and Consumer Proposals approved for car financing in Alberta. Above all, it’s our goal to get you approved and get the best possible deal. Our lenders currently only have two requirements.

1. Albertan Drivers Licence.

2. Income Over $1,800/Month.

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