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Best Car Buying Apps in Canada

Best Car Buying Apps in Canada

The days of traveling between dealerships and haggling over prices are fading fast. More and more Canadians are now buying their cars completely online using their smartphones. With huge inventories, upfront pricing, vehicle histories and financing at your fingertips, the car buying process has never been more convenient and transparent.

In this post, we’ll review the top-rated car shopping apps available in Canada. Whether you’re browsing listings or ready to buy, these apps help you find the right vehicle at the best price. We’ll look at key features, inventory, pricing tools, and more to reveal the standout options.

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Most Popular Sites and Apps for Buying Cars in Canada

With the rise of online car shopping, Canadians now have a huge selection of websites and mobile apps to browse when searching for their next vehicle. Here are some of the most popular options for finding and purchasing cars online in Canada:


AutoTrader is likely the most popular and largest online car marketplace in Canada. With listings from both private sellers and dealers, their website and app offer the biggest selection of new and used vehicles for sale across the country. You can search by make, model, price and other filters to find exactly what you want.


Kijiji Autos

Kijiji Autos provides a convenient way to buy from and connect with local car owners in your city or province. From private sellers, you can often find great deals not available at a dealership. Kijiji makes it easy to search locally and even arrange test drives.


Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace has exploded as a place for Canadians to buy and sell vehicles directly to others in their community. You can browse local listings, communicate with sellers, and purchase cars entirely on Facebook.



Known for its instant price analysis and deal ratings on car listings, CarGurus makes it easy to feel confident you’re getting a fair price. It compiles dealer inventories nationwide to help you find the right car at the right deal. lets you shop for vehicles by make, model, price and location. You can browse dealer inventories in your area, research prices and specials, and connect with sellers both locally and across Canada.


Standout Features of the Best Car Buying Apps

The top car buying apps available in Canada all aim to make searching for and purchasing a vehicle as easy as possible right from your smartphone. While each app has its own specialties, there are some key features that the best apps tend to offer:


  • Search huge inventories of vehicles for sale – The best apps connect you with databases of hundreds of thousands of new and used car listings across Canada so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.
  • View detailed vehicle information and history reports – Get access to VIN reports, accident history, ownership records, service records, and more to assess the condition of any car.
  • Compare prices and deals across sellers – See how asking prices compare for the same vehicle across different dealers and private sellers so you can negotiate the best deal.
  • Calculate loan payments – Built-in affordability calculators allow you to estimate monthly payments and play with different loan terms.
  • Schedule test drives – Many apps allow you to request and book test drives right through the app.
  • Initiate purchasing and financing completely online – From application to approval, financing can often be completed right within the app.


With features like these, the top apps aim to make every step of the car buying process possible right from your phone.


AutoTrader Review

With over 500,000 vehicle listings, AutoTrader is the largest online car marketplace in Canada. This makes it easy to find exactly the make, model, year, and features you’re looking for when searching for your next car. The huge inventory covers both new and used vehicles from dealerships across the country.

One of the standout features of AutoTrader is the price analysis graphs and tools it provides. For any vehicle listing, you can see price trends over time and compare the asking price to the estimated market value. This helps buyers determine if a deal is high, low, or fair market value. You get transparency into how the price compares to other similar vehicles currently for sale and historically.

AutoTrader also provides free vehicle history reports on its used car listings. This includes details on past owners, accidents, service records, and more. Checking the history is crucial for assessing the condition and value of a used vehicle before purchasing. Overall, with its unmatched selection, price insights, and vehicle histories, AutoTrader is a top choice for researching and finding your next car.


Kijiji Autos Review

Kijiji Autos stands out as one of the best platforms for finding great deals when buying from private sellers. With a huge userbase of Canadians listing their vehicles for sale, you can often score an amazing price compared to dealerships. Kijiji makes it easy to browse local classifieds in your city or province to find private sellers offering the make and model you want.

Some key advantages of using Kijiji Autos include:


  • Access to private seller deals not found at dealers
  • Detailed ad information like photos, mileage, features etc.
  • Messaging system for contacting sellers directly
  • Focus on local inventory in your area


By searching through local classifieds on Kijiji, you can often find hidden gems like barely used vehicles, rare models, and cheap prices from motivated private sellers. The platform makes it easy to message any listing that catches your eye to learn more or negotiate on price. For buyers open to buying from an individual rather than a dealer, Kijiji Autos opens up a world of options.


CarGurus Review

CarGurus stands out with its unique price analysis and deal rating features. The app applies an algorithm to rate listings from Great to Overpriced based on factors like price, mileage, condition, and popularity. This makes it easy to spot the best and fairest deals. You can see at a glance if a car is priced competitively or not.

The app also provides comprehensive vehicle specs and options to compare. You can view trim levels, dimensions, fuel economy, horsepower, standard and available features, and more. This level of detail helps you find a car matching your exact preferences.

Additionally, CarGurus has one of the largest national inventories you can browse. With over 4 million listings from dealers across Canada, the selection is vast. The search filters make it simple to find precisely what you want from this huge database of new and used vehicles. Review is another excellent car shopping app available to Canadians. With you can easily browse vehicles by location, filters, and payment options.

One of the best features of is the ability to search inventory by your location. Simply enter your address or zip code and you’ll see listings of vehicles for sale near you. This makes it easy to shop locally without having to sift through irrelevant listings from across the country.

You can also filter and sort the listings on based on price, make, model, mileage, and other specifications. The filters allow you to refine your search so you only see the vehicles that fit your exact criteria.

In addition, has a payment calculator that allows you to estimate monthly payments. Just enter the vehicle price, down payment, loan term, interest rate, and taxes/fees to see estimated monthly payments. This helps give you a realistic view of what a vehicle will cost per month.

Finally, has a large database of dealer reviews written by customers. You can read through reviews of local dealers to get a sense of their reputation, customer service, pricing, facilities, and overall buying experience. This insight can help you decide which dealerships you want to work with.

With its convenient location-based searching, filtering options, payment calculator, and dealer reviews, is a very useful app for car shoppers in Canada.


Edmunds Review

Edmunds is a popular car research and shopping app providing comprehensive vehicle information, True Market Value® pricing, and affordability tools. With Edmunds, you can browse inventory and new car deals from local dealers, as well as used listings from private sellers nationwide.

Some key features of Edmunds include:


  • In-depth new and used car reviews – Read professional evaluations on performance, interior, exterior, safety, and reliability.
  • True Market Value® pricing – See what others in your area paid for the same make and model car.
  • Price rating on listings – Edmunds rates each deal as Great, Good, Fair, High or Overpriced.
  • Vehicle history reports – Check accident, ownership and service history before buying.
  • Finance calculators – Estimate payments and compare lease vs buy options.
  • Dealer reviews and ratings – Read reviews of local dealers before visiting.


Overall, Edmunds provides the vehicle research and tools to help buyers make informed decisions. You can educate yourself on models, evaluate prices, and assess affordability. It’s a great app for doing your homework before visiting dealers.


How Canadians Are Using These Apps to Buy Cars

Canadians are increasingly turning to car buying apps to search for and purchase their next vehicle. These apps make it easy to browse inventory, compare pricing, schedule test drives, and complete purchases without ever having to set foot in a dealership.

One of the top uses for these apps is searching massive national inventories to find specific makes, models and deals. Rather than being limited to a single dealer’s stock, users can view all inventory across the country to find exactly what they want.

The ability to compare prices across multiple sellers in order to negotiate the best deal is another popular feature. By getting quotes from several dealers at once, buyers have more leverage to secure the lowest price.

Car buyers are also using these apps to check detailed vehicle history reports before purchasing. Having access to maintenance records, accidents, number of previous owners and more helps assess the true condition and value of a used car.

To get a feel for the car before buying, many Canadians use these apps to schedule test drives at local dealers. This allows them to take a car for a spin without the pressure of negotiating on the spot.

Finally, the ability to complete the entire purchasing process digitally, including financing, is a major draw. Canadians can now buy their next car completely online and have it delivered straight to their door.



With the top car buying apps now available across Canada, purchasing your next vehicle is more convenient than ever. By searching thousands of listings, checking histories, comparing deals, and financing online, you can shop smarter from anywhere and land an amazing car.

This review looked at the most popular and highly-rated car buying apps used by Canadians – AutoTrader, Kijiji Autos, CarGurus, and Edmunds. Each app provides robust searching, vehicle information, price analysis, and financing tools to make finding and buying a car easy.

Whether you’re looking for a specific make and model, browsing for the best deal, or want to complete the entire purchasing process digitally, these apps have you covered. With national inventories, vehicle histories, price comparisons, and online financing at your fingertips, the car buying journey is streamlined.

So before you start your search, download one of these top-rated apps for the most convenient car shopping experience. Within minutes, you can be on your way to finding the perfect vehicle for your needs and budget thanks to the powerful search and buying capabilities these platforms provide.

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Questions About Car Buying Apps in Canada

The top car buying apps in Canada include AutoTrader, Kijiji Autos, CarGurus, Facebook Marketplace, and more. These apps allow you to easily search listings, compare prices and features, get vehicle history reports, and even make offers directly from your phone. Popular features include in-app chatting with sellers, notifications for price drops or new listings, and tools to estimate trade-in value for your current vehicle.

The most popular websites Canadians use to buy used cars are, Kijiji, Facebook Marketplace,, CarGurus, and These sites have the largest inventory in the country, allow you to search by location, price, make, model etc, provide vehicle history reports, and have built-in messaging to contact sellers. Many also have mobile apps to take your search on the go.

When using a car buying app in Canada, key features to look for include: comprehensive vehicle listings with prices, photos and details; search tools and filters to easily find what you want; vehicle history reports; price analysis tools; in-app messaging with sellers; notifications for new listings or price changes; estimated trade-in values; and transparent pricing. The best apps make car shopping seamless while giving you the information you need to make a confident purchasing decision.


The main benefits of using car buying apps include: saving time by putting all listings in one place, greater selection and inventory, on-the-go access from your smartphone, vehicle history reports, price drop alerts, estimated trade-in values, in-app communication with sellers, and upfront transparent pricing. Together this allows you to research efficiently, contact sellers instantly, and feel confident through the negotiation and purchasing process.

The car buying apps with the largest used vehicle inventory in Canada are and Kijiji Autos. boasts over 450,000 vehicle listings at any given time from private sellers and dealerships across the country. Kijiji has similarly vast inventory as Canada’s most popular classifieds platform. Both apps are free to use and allow buyers to efficiently narrow down options while contacting sellers directly.

Yes, many major car buying apps in Canada either include vehicle history reports or provide easy access to them. For example, the AutoTrader app shows CARFAX Canada reports featuring accident history, open recalls, service records, registration history and more. The Kijiji Autos app links to Carproof reports. Having this key information readily available through the apps adds transparency and confidence to the used car shopping process.

Popular car buying apps like AutoTrader, Kijiji Autos, and CarGurus allow users to get an estimated trade-in value right in the app. By entering details on the year, make, model, trim and mileage of your current vehicle, their tools provide a real-time range of what you could expect to receive from a dealer when trading it in towards your next purchase.

While most car buying apps don’t directly provide financing, many allow you to pre-qualify or link you to lending services. For example, has a car loan calculator and connects users with Canada Drives to apply for financing online. AutoTrader links to Canada Drives as well. And CarGurus lets buyers easily apply for financing through Canada Drives too. So the apps serve as a helpful intermediary during the financing process.

The risks are similar to buying a car through any online marketplace. Be diligent about checking over the vehicle thoroughly before purchase, take it for an inspection, ask for maintenance records, verify details through a history report, and beware of potential scams. Reputable apps offer buyer protection resources but you should still exercise the same caution as with any used vehicle purchase. Meet in a public place and bring someone with you when test driving.


When buying a car on a mobile app, make sure to: carefully inspect all photos and details in the listing; ask the seller questions about condition, ownership history and mileage; run a vehicle history report; check for open recalls; have a mechanic inspect prior to purchase; meet the seller in a public place when test driving; check that all features/electronics function properly during the test drive; and don’t hesitate to walk away if anything seems suspicious or inaccurate.


It’s generally not recommended to send payments through car buying apps directly. Rather, they provide a way to connect and communicate with legitimate sellers. Meet face-to-face and arrange final payment in-person after seeing and test driving the vehicle, signing sales documents, and transferring registration. Reputable apps strictly prohibit any pre-payment without seeing the vehicle. Use common sense precautions for large money transfers.


The car buying apps that are best for finding deals and negotiating price are AutoTrader, Kijiji Autos, CarGurus, and Facebook Marketplace. Features like price analysis tools, price drop alerts, and Make An Offer options give buyers negotiating power. Listing prices on Facebook Marketplace also tend to be more flexible. And the vast inventory on sites like AutoTrader means more choice and more potential deals.


Unfortunately most car buying apps themselves do not offer guarantees after sale. Rather, they connect buyers and sellers without warranties. However, some like Clutch allow you to return the vehicle within 5 days. And AutoTrader offers third-party vehicle history reports to provide transparency upfront. For any issues down the road, you would need to resolve directly with the seller, as apps mainly facilitate the initial connection.

When buying a vehicle through a mobile app, the main fees to budget for include: the agreed listing price with the seller; sales tax on the negotiated purchase price; registration and title transfer fees; and, if financing, interest charges from your car loan. There should not be any fees from the app itself, as they solely connect you with sellers rather than directly selling vehicles, but confirm when signing up.


Some car buying apps like Clutch and CarBuyer allow buyers to arrange contactless home delivery once purchased. For most other apps, delivery depends on the individual seller, so discuss when first contacting them if buying remotely. There may be additional transportation fees. Apps like CarGurus display “Delivery Available” badges on some listings where the seller offers delivery. But delivery is not guaranteed unless explicitly stated.

Yes, apps like CarBuyer and Cardoor purchase vehicles directly from sellers using their own certified inspectors to assess vehicles. After entering your car’s details, you’ll receive an instant offer, schedule an inspection, complete the sale, and get paid out securely. This streamlines the process versus privately selling your car online, making these apps a convenient option for anyone looking to sell their current vehicle when upgrading.

When selling your car on a mobile app, make sure to: take clear, detailed photos emphasizing any premium features; be accurate and transparent about mileage, ownership history, accidents etc; respond to buyer questions promptly; confirm identity/insurance/ability to test drive with buyers; meet only in safe public areas for test drives; get payment only after signing over registration; and report any sketchy buyer behavior to app admins.

To maximize resale value on mobile selling apps, make sure to capture issues that might detract value in your listing photos/descriptions to avoid surprises later. Take photos in bright daylight showing all angles. Highlight premium features. Maintain thorough maintenance records. Consider minor repairs if cost-effective. And research real-time market rates for your exact year, make, model so you can benchmark against current appraisal tools. Price competitively but also in your favor between those data points.

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