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Best Used Car Dealerships in Brockville

Best Used Car Dealerships in Brockville

Buying a used car can be an intimidating process, but with the right preparation and knowledge, you can find an amazing deal on your next vehicle in Brockville. Known for its beautiful waterfront location along the St. Lawrence River, Brockville is a mid-sized city in eastern Ontario that offers a robust selection of used car dealerships and private sellers.

From major dealers like 1000 Islands Toyota and Riverside Ford, to smaller independent lots like Pastime Motors, there are plenty of options to browse for your ideal used car. With a population around 22,000 and its proximity to Ottawa and Kingston, Brockville draws used car shoppers from across the region looking for great deals.

The used car market in Brockville provides advantages that savvy buyers can leverage. Prices tend to be lower compared to big cities, there are less bidding wars, and the slower pace allows you time to research and inspect vehicles thoroughly. Dealers also offer more flexibility on prices to make the sale.

This guide will walk you through tips to find the top used car deals in Brockville. We’ll cover where to search listings, how to determine fair pricing, what to look for when inspecting vehicles, negotiation strategies, financing options, and completing the final purchase. Let’s explore how with the right preparation, you can land an amazing used car deal in Brockville!

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Top Used Car Dealerships in Brockville

Brockville has several reputable used car dealerships to choose from. Here are some of the top options for finding a great selection of used vehicles:


1000 Islands Toyota

1000 Islands Toyota is a large Toyota dealership located right in Brockville. They have an extensive inventory of used Toyota models including Corollas, Camrys, RAV4s, Highlanders, Tacomas, and more. As a Toyota certified used car dealer, their used vehicles undergo a 160-point inspection and come with a manufacturer-backed extended warranty. Their website allows you to view and filter their entire used inventory online.


Riverside Ford

Riverside Ford is a local Ford dealership in Brockville with a good rotating selection of used Ford models. From sedans like the Focus and Fusion to trucks like the F-150 and SUVs like the Escape and Explorer, you can likely find a variety of used Ford options at their dealership. They also offer limited warranty coverage on select used vehicles. Checking their website can give you an idea of current used inventory.


Pastime Motors

Pastime Motors is a smaller independent used car lot located right in Brockville. They have a diverse range of makes and models beyond just one brand. Pastime Motors has built a strong reputation for affordable pricing and financing options. They get fresh trades often, so their used inventory is constantly changing. You can view their available used cars, trucks, and SUVs on their website.


Check Online Listings for Inventory

One of the best ways to find a wide selection of used cars for sale in Brockville is by searching online listings. Major sites like and allow you to easily browse inventory from multiple local dealerships in one place. You can filter your searches by parameters like price, make, model, mileage, year and features. is a top site for finding used car listings in Brockville. You can search by vehicle type, price range, make and model. The advanced search filters let you refine by exterior color, number of doors, fuel type and other options to pinpoint the exact used car you want. AutoTrader provides key details on each listing like price, mileage, transmission, drivetrain and dealer contact info.

Individual dealership websites are also useful for viewing their current pre-owned vehicle inventory online. Large Brockville dealers like 1000 Islands Toyota, Riverside Ford and Brockville Honda have dedicated used car sections on their sites. Browse photos, prices, features and full details on their available used car selection. Checking individual sites ensures you don’t miss any deals not listed elsewhere.

Cargurus is another popular site for used car listings in Brockville, providing price comparisons and ranking the “Deal Score” of each listing. You can sort vehicles by price, body style, mileage and other criteria. Cargurus also shows estimated market value pricing to determine if a listing is a “good deal” or not. The site indexes used cars for sale at Brockville dealerships and private sellers.

Using these online car listing sites allows you to easily research inventory and prices without visiting multiple dealerships in person. Focus your Brockville used car search by filtering for exactly what you want. And checking multiple sites ensures you see the most comprehensive selection of used vehicles for sale in the Brockville area.


Research Prices and Blue Book Values

One of the most important steps when buying a used car in Brockville is researching the market prices and estimated values. This allows you to determine if the asking price at a dealership is fair and competitive. The go-to resource for accurately valuing used vehicles in Canada is the Canadian Black Book.

The Canadian Black Book provides up-to-date pricing data on all makes and models based on real market data. They factor in the year, mileage, condition, features and more to give you the estimated retail and wholesale value of a used car. This empowers you to negotiate from a knowledge position when interacting with dealers.

For example, if a 2018 Honda Civic is listed for $18,000 but the Canadian Black Book shows a value of $16,500 for that year and mileage, you have evidence to counter the dealer’s asking price. Having the objective pricing data gives you leverage to negotiate down to a fair market value.

When using the Canadian Black Book to assess the value of a used car in Brockville, be sure to input the exact trim, features, mileage and overall condition. A 2018 Civic LX with 50,000 km and some wear will be valued lower than a 2018 Civic EX with only 25,000 km and in pristine shape. Consider how the specific vehicle compares to the average condition to determine if the price should be lower or higher than the base value.

By consulting the Canadian Black Book pricing for used vehicles in Brockville, you’ll have assurance that you are getting an accurate valuation. This allows you to set a target price range for your budget and negotiate a great deal at one of Brockville’s top used car dealerships.


Set a Target Price Range

Setting a target price range based on your budget and average pricing research is crucial before visiting dealerships. This helps you stay within what you can realistically afford while giving you negotiating power if a dealer’s asking price is higher.

First, determine the maximum you’re able to spend by reviewing your finances and down payment amount. Add together any trade-in value you may have as well. This gives you your upper limit.

Next, research pricing data on the specific makes and models you’re interested in. Resources like Canadian Black Book give accurate valuations based on factors like mileage, condition, features and location. Look at both dealer and private sale prices to get a sense of value.

Compare similar vehicles across multiple dealerships and listings to find an average price range for your target model. Adjust based on mileage and equipment differences.

Set your target buying price somewhere below the dealer averages you see. This accounts for negotiation room while still being realistic. Extras like warranties, bank financing rates and other fees will alter the final price too.

By setting a researched target price range as your benchmark, you can shop confidently and have evidence to counter if a dealer’s initial offer seems too high.


Inspecting and Test Driving

When buying a used car in Brockville, one of the most important steps is thoroughly inspecting the vehicle and taking it for an extensive test drive. This allows you to identify any issues or problems before making a purchase. Be sure to:


  • Give the car a very thorough inspection inside and out. Check for any stains, damage, or wear and tear on the seats, carpets, and interior panels. Make sure all buttons and features work properly.
  • Pop the hood and inspect the engine bay closely. Look for any leaks, corrosion, or damage. Check fluid levels.
  • Get down and inspect the undercarriage for rust, damage, or leaks.
  • Ensure all exterior lights, signals, and electronics function correctly.
  • Check tire wear and tread depth.
  • Take the car for an extensive test drive of at least 20-30 minutes. Drive on highways, side streets, up and down hills. See how it performs at higher speeds.
  • Test acceleration and braking. Do the brakes feel responsive and safe?
  • Make sure steering and handling feel tight and controlled.
  • Drive with the radio off to listen for any odd noises or issues.
  • If possible, test drive the car in various weather conditions.


Being thorough during your inspection and test drive will help uncover any problems or maintenance issues before you finalize the purchase. This will give you a better negotiating position and prevent unpleasant surprises down the road. If anything seems amiss, have a trusted mechanic do a pre-purchase inspection before buying.


Get a Pre-Purchase Inspection

Before committing to purchase a used vehicle in Brockville, it is highly recommended to get a pre-purchase inspection done by a trusted, independent mechanic. This will give you an impartial, expert assessment of the vehicle’s overall mechanical condition and can identify any issues the dealer may have overlooked or not disclosed. An inspection typically costs $100-150 and can end up saving you thousands in unforeseen repair bills down the road.

A thorough pre-purchase inspection will include checking the engine, transmission, drivetrain, suspension, brakes, electrical components, computer systems, and more. The mechanic will test drive the vehicle, put it up on a lift, and use diagnostic tools to identify problems that may not be noticeable otherwise. They will provide a written report detailing the condition of major systems and noting any repairs needed or recommended.

This professional inspection gives you leverage when negotiating with the dealer – serious issues identified gives you justification to ask for a lower price or walk away entirely. Even minor problems can be used to request the dealer cover future repair costs. Ultimately the inspection provides peace of mind that you are buying a reliable used car in Brockville and not inheriting someone else’s headaches.

Finding an independent mechanic you trust is key. Ask for referrals from family and friends. Check online reviews. Make sure they have experience with the make/model you are considering. A pre-purchase inspection is money well spent to make an informed decision on a major purchase.


Negotiating the Best Price

One of the most important steps to finding the best used car deal in Brockville is negotiating the price down from the dealer’s initial offer. Having a target price range based on research of similar vehicles gives you leverage when negotiating. Be reasonable but also firm on the maximum price you’ve determined is fair based on condition, mileage, features, and value.

When the salesperson gives you their first offer, don’t be afraid to counter it if it is higher than your target price range. Explain how you arrived at your number by referencing specific examples of similar vehicles currently listed online and in your price range. If needed, point out any flaws, wear and tear, or missing features that justify a lower price. Negotiation is expected, so make reasonable counteroffers below their initial price until you reach an agreement.

Having financing already secured can also help negotiations, as you can ask what they can offer to improve the deal if financing through them. Just be sure to still understand all the fees and loan terms before signing anything. With some patience and persistence, countering from your researched price position will often lead to thousands below the dealer’s first asking price.


On-Site Financing Options

One way to get financing for your used car purchase in Brockville is to use the on-site financing offered directly through the dealership. Most major dealers like Riverside Ford, 1000 Islands Toyota, and Brockville Honda have financing departments that can provide you with loan options for your used car purchase.

The benefit of on-site financing is convenience – you can take care of everything in one location. The dealership will be familiar with the vehicles they have on the lot and may be able to offer lower interest rates or other incentives to finance with them. This allows you to complete the entire used car buying process at the dealership.

However, on-site financing typically means accepting the terms the dealership offers without much room to negotiate. You may be able to get better rates by securing pre-approval from your bank or credit union before visiting the dealership. This gives you more leverage to negotiate the interest rate and financing terms.

It’s a good idea to check your rate and terms through your bank or credit union first. Then you can compare that to the on-site financing offer from the dealer. Go with whichever gets you the best overall deal. Just be sure to understand all the fees and closing costs before signing any financing paperwork.


Understand All Fees & Closing Costs

When purchasing a used car in Brockville, it’s important to understand the full costs beyond just the listed price. Dealerships often charge additional documentation, licensing, and title transfer fees that can add hundreds or thousands to your bottom line price. Be sure to ask for a full breakdown of all costs and get them in writing before signing anything.

One of the most common extra fees is a documentation or “doc” fee to process all of the purchase paperwork. This can range from $300-$800 depending on the dealership. There are no regulations around doc fees in Ontario, so dealers can charge whatever they want.

You’ll also need to pay licensing fees and taxes when registering the used car in your name. This includes HST tax, license plate fees, and registration costs which can total $150-$300.

Finally, there is usually a charge to transfer the title from the previous owner into your name. This is typically around $60-$150. Some dealers may include this title transfer fee in their documentation fee, but make sure to verify.

It’s normal to pay extra beyond the sticker price, but make sure you know the full scope of charges before agreeing to the deal. Fees can be negotiated just like the purchase price. Come armed with average fee estimates so you don’t overpay. Getting all costs in writing ahead of time eliminates surprise charges at closing.


Review Paperwork Thoroughly

Carefully reviewing all paperwork before finalizing the purchase of your used car is crucial to avoiding any surprises or mistakes. Be sure to thoroughly read the final sales contract and make sure all the agreed upon terms are correct, including the negotiated sales price, your trade-in value, any special financing offers, and additional fees or warranties. It’s easy to breeze through and sign the paperwork when you’re excited, but slow down and double check everything line-by-line.

Also be sure to review the financing terms if you’re not paying cash, including the interest rate, length of loan, and monthly payments. Confirm any optional add-ons like extended warranties or service plans as well to ensure they align with what you agreed to. Watch for any pre-payment penalties or other clauses too.

Having a trusted advisor review the paperwork can provide an extra set of eyes to help spot anything amiss. But regardless, taking your time to fully understand every item on every document is key to avoiding mistakes and preventing surprises down the road after your purchase is complete.


Register and Insure Your Vehicle

After you complete the purchase and take ownership of your used car, it is crucial to promptly transfer the title, register the vehicle, and get insurance coverage. The dealership can provide temporary registration, but you will need to formally register it in your name with the provincial government right away. This involves transferring the title and previous registration into your name. Bring required documentation like the used vehicle information package, bill of sale, and your driver’s license to a service center to transfer ownership. This must be done within a few days of purchase.

You also need to contact your insurance provider as soon as possible after buying a used car. Provide them all the vehicle details so they can add it to your policy. You cannot legally drive the used car without insurance coverage. Your insurance needs to be active before you drive off the lot. Take proof of insurance documents with you when registering the car. Having continuous auto insurance is required and getting coverage promptly ensures you are protected behind the wheel of your new used car.

Don’t delay title transfer and registration. It is crucial to make your used car fully legal to drive within a few days of purchase. Contact the registry service center right away to transfer the title over to you. Also call your insurance company immediately so you have active coverage. Driving without proper registration and insurance can result in heavy fines or car impoundment. Follow these steps promptly after buying any used car for sale in Brockville.


Be Patient During Your Search

One of the most important tips for getting the best used car deal in Brockville is to be patient during your search. Have realistic expectations about finding the perfect car for your needs and budget right away. Not all dealers will have extensive used inventories, so visiting multiple lots over a period of weeks or months maximizes your options.

Additionally, avoid feeling pressured into making an impulse purchase if you find something you like but the price or condition isn’t ideal. Dealers may use tactics to get you excited about a car and convince you to buy it on the spot before comparing other options. Be ready to walk away from deals that don’t meet your well-researched target price or if inspection reveals undisclosed problems.

Having patience allows you time to weigh all factors with major purchase decisions. Test drive as many comparable models as you can find. Negotiate prices steadily based on your research. Don’t settle for the first option unless it genuinely exceeds your expectations in all areas. The right used car at the right price is out there, but finding it requires diligence and refusing to jump at mediocre deals.


Shop at Multiple Dealerships

To find the best selection and pricing on used vehicles in Brockville, it’s important to shop across multiple dealerships and lots. Comparing inventory and pricing at different dealers will give you more options to find the right car and more leverage when negotiating.

Rather than just looking at one lot or visiting dealerships randomly, make a list of the top used car sellers in the area and plan to visit each one. Be sure to include major dealers like 1000 Islands Toyota, Riverside Ford, Brockville Honda as well as independent used car lots like Pastime Motors and Jackson Motors. Checking online inventory postings can give you a preview of their selection before visiting in person.

Visiting multiple lots in a short timeframe allows you to cross-shop the same vehicles at different dealers. You may find similar models with vastly different pricing depending on availability, demand, and how long it’s been on the lot. Having multiple price points for the same make and model gives you more negotiation power with each dealer.

Expanding your search across various dealership brands also exposes you to more vehicle types and a wider range of prices. For example, a Ford dealer may have more trucks and SUVs in stock, while an Asian brand dealer like Toyota may have more sedans and hybrids. Shopping across brands increases your choices.

Ultimately, taking the time to visit multiple used car dealerships around Brockville will expose you to the widest selection and best pricing options. Comparing inventory and quotes across different lots will empower you to negotiate the ideal used car deal.



Following the steps in this guide will lead you to find the perfect used car at a fair price from reputable Brockville dealerships. Taking the time to thoroughly research prices and inventory across multiple dealers is key. Test driving a variety of options and negotiating from an informed position based on pricing research will help secure the best possible deal.

Some of the most important tips to remember include getting a pre-purchase inspection from a trusted mechanic, understanding all fees and closing costs before signing, and carefully reviewing paperwork before taking ownership. With some patience and diligent preparation using the tips outlined here, your next used car purchase in Brockville will leave you satisfied with the value you receive.

Don’t settle for the first option you see. Shop around, do your research, test drive extensively, and negotiate firmly but fairly. The rewards will be well worth the effort when you drive off the lot in your ideal used car at an excellent price point.

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Questions About The Best Used Car Dealerships in Brockville

Some of the top used car dealerships in Brockville include Pastime Motors, Seaway Motors, 1000 Islands Toyota, Riverside Ford, and Brockville Honda. These dealerships have great selections of used vehicles at competitive prices. They also offer financing options to make purchasing more accessible. Their professional sales staff can help you find the right used car for your needs and budget.

You can find a wide variety of used car models and body styles at Brockville dealers such as sedans, hatchbacks, coupes, trucks, SUVs, crossovers, vans, and more. Popular models available include the Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, Ford F-150, Chevrolet Equinox, Nissan Altima, Dodge Grand Caravan, and Subaru Outback. Dealerships carry used inventory from many auto brands like Toyota, Ford, Honda, Chevrolet, Nissan, Dodge, Subaru, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, and more.

Before heading to the dealership, determine your budget, must-have features, preferred models, financing terms, and monthly payment range. Research prices online for models you’re interested in. Check consumer reviews about the dealership’s customer service, pricing, and overall buying experience. Prepare your driver’s license, proof of insurance, and down payment. Let the salesperson know upfront what you’re looking for to streamline the process. Take any vehicle of interest on an extensive test drive.

In addition to the vehicle purchase price, expect to pay licensing fees, documentation fees ($100-$500), safety certification fee ($100-$150), sales tax (13% HST in Ontario), and registration fees on a used car from a Brockville dealer. There may also be options to add an extended warranty, rust protection, fabric protection, wheel locks, nitro fill tires, and more for an additional cost. Carefully review what’s included versus any extras being pitched to avoid surprises.

Research market prices online for the specific make, model, year and mileage to determine fair pricing and negotiate better. Consider getting a CarProof vehicle history report to check for accidents, liens, ownership records and mileage accuracy. Have the vehicle inspected by an independent mechanic to uncover any issues. Check service records and maintenance costs. Consider an CPO certified pre-owned car for peace of mind. Finally, don’t feel pressured into add-ons and know you can walk away if it doesn’t feel right.

Most Brockville used car dealers can arrange financing for vehicle purchases to make it more convenient. Many work directly with financial institutions to offer competitive interest rates and flexible loan terms to buyers with good credit. You can get approved for financing right at the dealership instead of securing a loan beforehand from your bank or credit union. Just be wary of potential higher interest loans pushed by subprime lenders through “buy here pay here” arrangements.

Most used vehicles sold by Brockville dealerships do not automatically come with a comprehensive warranty unless certified pre-owned. However, many dealers offer optional extended warranty plans from third parties at an added cost. Make sure to understand exactly what’s covered should you opt for extra protection. Get quotes from different providers and negotiate the best rates. Also research whether the original powertrain warranty from the manufacturer transfers with used sales.

Yes, the service department at most Brockville dealerships will provide maintenance and repairs for vehicles purchased in their used car inventory. This offers convenience should any issues arise shortly after purchase. Dealership technicians specialize in that brand and have factory training, tools and diagnostic equipment. But you can also use independent shops – just ensure they work on your particular make and model. Check if free oil changes or other perks apply with your used car purchase.

When test driving a used car, check all functions and features throughly. Turn the wheel fully left and right, test acceleration and braking performance, use all interior controls and electronics, check heating and A/C. Take the vehicle on highways, local roads, uphill and downhill routes. Have a passenger come along to spot any issues while driving. Listen for unusual noises and inspect for fluid leaks, tire wear, suspension and steering problems. Don’t feel rushed – take at least 15-20 minutes to properly evaluate the vehicle before committing to buy.

Insist that the selling dealer provides a current safety standards certificate (passing safety required for registration). Carefully inspect tires, brakes, lights, wipers and steering. Check CarProof vehicle history for accidents. Have your mechanic do an independent pre-purchase inspection. Test drive extensively listening for noises, leaks or issues. Ask for service records and confirm regular maintenance was performed. Consider an extended warranty for peace of mind. Driving a used car off the lot without diligence is risky.

When finalizing the used car purchase, thoroughly review the bill of sale, financing agreement, warranty contracts, and sales contract for accuracy. Confirm the vehicle history report findings and no unexpected fees were added. Retain copies of the safety certificate, owners manual, maintenance records, CarProof report and any warranty info. Also keep your Ontario motor vehicle permit and insurance documents. Having all paperwork about your Brockville used car deal provides protection for the owner.

First, review the used car sales agreement and warranty coverage to understand your consumer rights. Notify the dealership immediately of the issue in writing indicating you may revoke acceptance if it proves unsuitable. Under Ontario law, you have specific vehicle defect resolution options under certain conditions. Consulting a consumer lawyer on next steps is recommended depending on severity. Always get promises of repairs or arrangements made with the dealership in writing before expiration of warranty periods.

Two valuable resources to consult about potential recalls or technical service bulletins (TSBs) on your recently acquired used car are the Transport Canada Recalls Database and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) site. Input the vehicle make, model and year to search for safety notices, investigations or noncompliance reports. This could reveal important manufacturer notifications for issues ranging from stalling, airbags, power steering loss or fire risks. Address any open recalls immediately for your safety.

Under Ontario’s Consumer Protection Act, consumers have certain rights regarding false advertising, unfair business practices, contract cancellation rights and more. The Used Vehicle Information Package law sets out requirements for dealers about disclosures too. Contact the Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Services about complaints. Reporting the issue to the Better Business Bureau may also help resolve disputes if a dealership proves unreasonable about mechanical defects found in their used vehicle sale uncovered shortly after purchase.

After purchasing a used car in Brockville, follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual. Immediately change the engine oil and filters, inspect brakes, tires, battery and all fluids. Address any open recalls right away as well. Keep detailed service records for all maintenance and repairs. Use high-quality gasoline to maximize performance and fuel economy. Practice good driving habits by avoiding excessive idling, speeding or quick starts/stops. Protect the exterior paint and interior upholstery from sun damage or staining. Following proactive maintenance steps enhances longevity and functionality.

The best way to discover the latest used vehicle promotions at Brockville dealerships is to regularly browse their websites and social media pages. Specials may include discounted prices on select models, reduced financing rates, extended warranty deals, complimentary oil changes and more. Signing up for email lists from Riverside Ford, 1000 Islands Toyota, Pastime Motors and other Brockville used car dealers keeps you informed on exclusive internet sales too. Local radio ads and community flyers distributed in the Brockville Recorder & Times newspaper often advertise time-limited used vehicle sales events as well that can save buyers hundreds of dollars.

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