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Best Used Car Dealerships in Calgary

Best Used Car Dealerships in Calgary

Buying a used vehicle can be a daunting process, especially if you’re not sure where to look. Calgary has a vibrant used car market, with dealerships offering a wide selection of makes, models, and vehicle types. With so many options to choose from, it can be challenging to identify the very best used car dealers in the city.

To make your used car shopping experience easier, we’ve compiled this list of the top 10 used car dealerships in Calgary. We evaluated each dealership on several key factors to determine the rankings, including:


  • Selection of inventory
  • Pricing and affordability
  • Vehicle condition and reliability
  • Customer service and buying experience
  • Reputation and reviews

By considering these important criteria, we’re confident we’ve identified the top used car lots in Calgary that will provide you with quality vehicles, transparent dealings, and an overall positive purchasing process. Read on for our picks of the 10 best places to buy a used car in YYC!

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Inventory Selection

When shopping for a used vehicle in Calgary, you’ll want to find a dealership with a wide variety of makes and models in stock. The top used car lots in Calgary have inventories ranging from 200 to over 1,000 vehicles at any given time. This gives you plenty of options to find the right car, truck, or SUV to fit your needs. The best dealers carry all types of vehicles including:


  • Sedans – compact, midsize, and full-size
  • SUVs – small, midsize, and large
  • Trucks – light duty, heavy duty, 4×4
  • Minivans and passenger vans
  • Sports cars and luxury vehicles


You’ll also find a range of model years from current to over 10 years old. The top used dealerships get fresh trade-ins daily, so there is always an influx of late model cars and trucks. For shoppers on a budget, most dealers have an affordable section with vehicles priced under $10,000. Overall, a large, diverse inventory means more chances to find the right vehicle at the right price point.


Competitive Pricing

One of the biggest benefits of shopping at a used car dealership in Calgary is the potential for competitive pricing. The best dealers understand the local market conditions and price their vehicles appropriately – often below comparable listings on autotrader or from private sellers. There’s more wiggle room to negotiate on price at a dealership than when buying privately. Plus, financing incentives and trade-in options can lower the bottom line even further.

The top used car lots in Calgary price vehicles based on real-time market analysis. You can expect to pay under market value compared to similar vehicles. With inventory constantly changing, dealers need to stay sharp on pricing models and comparable options. Don’t be afraid to make an offer below asking price.

Professional sales staff at reputable dealers are skilled at flexibly negotiating prices within certain parameters. Make an offer and be prepared to provide evidence on pricing from listings for similar vehicles. Dealers want to make fair deals that keep customers satisfied. If you have flexibility on vehicle color or certain options, use that as leverage in haggling down the price.

One advantage of securing financing through the dealership is the potential for additional discounts. There are often special rates or incentives when financing with the dealer’s partners. Even small percentage point differences in APRs can equate to meaningful savings over the loan term. Explore all the financing and incentive options to maximize your savings.

Along with competitive pricing, Calgary’s top used car dealers offer substantial trade-in value for your current vehicle. Most dealers have advanced software to accurately appraise trade-ins and make you a fair market offer. That trade-in value directly reduces the price you pay for your next used vehicle. Look for dealers that will also handle the trade-in paperwork and transfer of ownership, providing a seamless one-stop experience.


Reliable Vehicles

When purchasing a used vehicle, reliability is a top concern. You’ll want to ensure the car has been thoroughly inspected and comes with detailed vehicle history so you can feel confident in your purchase. The leading used car dealers in Calgary take several steps to provide customers with reliable pre-owned vehicles:

Rigorous Mechanical Inspections: The best dealerships put every vehicle through a 150+ point inspection by their certified technicians. This catches any issues with the major systems like the engine, transmission, drivetrain, brakes, and more. Necessary repairs and maintenance are completed before the vehicles are offered for sale.

Detailed Vehicle History Reports: Quality used car dealers will provide a comprehensive vehicle history report from Carfax or AutoCheck for each vehicle. This gives you insight into any previous accidents, claims, ownership records and mileage verification. It’s an essential tool for learning about the car’s past.

Extended Warranty Options: Most used vehicles will come with some remaining factory warranty coverage. However, the top dealers also offer extended warranty plans from third-parties that provide protection for 1-3 years. This gives you peace of mind in case repairs are needed down the road.

On-site Service Departments: The leading used car dealerships have garages and technicians on-site to inspect trade-ins, recondition vehicles, and provide servicing before and after purchase. This ensures any issues get addressed properly by the dealer’s own team.


Customer Service

The top used car dealerships in Calgary excel when it comes to customer service. They employ knowledgeable sales staff who take time to answer any and all questions thoroughly. Test drives are offered in a no-pressure environment so you can properly experience how a vehicle handles and meets your needs.

The purchasing process at reputable dealers is streamlined and efficient. They provide support with paperwork, registration, insurance requirements and securing financing if needed. Many dealerships have relationships with lenders and can help get buyers pre-approved for a car loan on favorable terms.

Buying a used vehicle is a major decision. The best dealers make customers feel comfortable and create a positive, hassle-free experience from start to finish. They continue providing service long after the sale with follow-ups and assistance if any issues arise. The top used car dealerships in Calgary earn your trust and become a valuable ongoing resource.


1. Auto World Sales

With two locations in Calgary, Auto World Sales has earned a reputation for having one of the largest inventories of used vehicles in the city. Their selection includes all makes and models, domestic and imported, with competitive pricing across the board. Their sales team is low pressure and aims to match customers with the right vehicles for their needs and budget.

Key vehicles in stock:


  • 2019 and 2020 model years
  • Trucks and full-size SUVs
  • Toyota, Honda, Ford


Auto World Sales really shines when it comes to their massive selection of pre-owned trucks and SUVs. With over 1,000 vehicles across their two lots, you’ll find plenty of late model domestic trucks and full-size SUVs to choose from. Their pricing on trucks and SUVs is very competitive compared to other dealers in Calgary. The sales staff understands not everyone needs a hard sell, so they focus on listening to you and helping you find the right vehicle for your needs. If you’re looking for a lightly used truck or SUV for a good value, Auto World Sales should be on your short list.


2. Calgary Auto Connection

Family owned and operated for over 35 years, Calgary Auto Connection provides exceptional personal service to all customers. Their lot holds 200-300 vehicles at any given time, polished and fully detailed prior to sale. Their website allows for browsing of current inventory as well as online credit applications.

Key vehicles in stock:


  • Sedans under $15,000
  • AWD SUVs
  • Low kilometer imports


3. Prime Autos

Operating as a used car superstore just outside downtown Calgary, Prime Autos supplies customers with a massive selection of over 500 pre-owned vehicles. Their state-of-the-art facility was built to provide a comfortable and streamlined shopping experience. With ample space to browse their continuously updated inventory, you’ll find luxury brands, sports cars, trucks, SUVs and much more.

Some key vehicles currently in stock include:


  • Late model BMW, Audi and Mercedes sedans
  • One owner Porsche, Jaguar and Land Rover trade-ins
  • Rare specialty sports coupes and convertibles


Prime Auto stands behind every sale with a satisfaction guarantee so you can shop with confidence. Their team assists with securing financing and will go the extra mile to get buyers into the vehicles of their dreams.


4. House of Cars

With used car dealership locations around Alberta, House of Cars has become a trusted source for quality vehicles province-wide. Their online listings offer sorting by price, make, model and other parameters to narrow choices convenientlty. Each location provides test drives as well as assistance securing on-site financing.

Key vehicles in stock:


  • 4×4 trucks and Jeeps
  • 7-8 passenger SUVs
  • Low mileage imports


5. Silverhill Acura

While specializing in pre-owned Acura models and other luxury makes, Silverhill Acura also offers more affordable options for buyers on a budget. Their Certified Pre-Owned vehicles come with extended warranty coverage for added peace of mind. Silverhill has a garage onsite for servicing vehicles before and after purchase.

Key vehicles in stock:


  • Acura sedans and crossovers
  • Audi wagons
  • Infinity coupes


As an official Acura dealership, Silverhill Acura offers a great selection of certified pre-owned Acura models. Each vehicle undergoes a 150+ point inspection and reconditioning process to meet the dealership’s high standards. Certified pre-owned Acuras come with extended warranty coverage, including a powertrain warranty, for added peace of mind.

In addition to a wide selection of Acura models, Silverhill Acura also offers pre-owned vehicles from other luxury brands like Audi, BMW, and Lexus. For buyers looking for luxury features on a budget, Silverhill has quality used models available.

Silverhill Acura has a full-service garage onsite, so you can get your new-to-you vehicle inspected before purchase as well as serviced post-purchase. Their expert technicians will get your car road-ready.


6. South Trail Hyundai

South Trail Hyundai provides a great selection of used Hyundai vehicles as well as other popular makes. Operating as an official Hyundai dealership, their pre-owned inventory has been thoroughly inspected and reconditioned to the highest standards. They stand behind their vehicles with a satisfaction guarantee.

Key vehicles in stock:


  • Low kilometer Hyundais
  • Small and midsize sedans
  • Compact SUVs


7. Big 4 Motors

Family owned for 50+ years, Big 4 Motors has a longstanding reputation in Calgary for quality used vehicles with wholesale pricing. Their expansive lot located just north of downtown holds options to suit every budget. Big 4 Motors ensures fair deals with transparent pricing.

Key vehicles in stock:



8. Okotoks Honda

While located just south of Calgary in Okotoks, this reputable Honda dealership has a glowing reputation around southern Alberta. Their certified pre-owned vehicles meet rigorous standards and come with great warranty coverage. Okotoks Honda has a service department for inspections and any repairs needed.

As an official Honda dealership, Okotoks Honda offers a great selection of certified pre-owned Honda models. To qualify for certified pre-owned status, Honda vehicles must pass a 182-point inspection and meet strict criteria for vehicle history, ownership, and condition. Certified pre-owned Hondas come with extended powertrain coverage and roadside assistance for added peace of mind.

In addition to popular Honda SUVs like the CR-V and Pilot, Okotoks Honda also carries certified pre-owned Civic and Accord models. These Honda sedans and coupes are known for reliability, efficiency, and retaining their value well in the used marketplace. As certified pre-owned vehicles, they provide the benefits of a late model Honda with the assurance of Honda’s rigorous certification.

For customers looking for optimal fuel economy, Okotoks Honda offers used hybrid models like the Honda Insight and Accord Hybrid. These gas-electric hybrids achieve impressive mpg ratings. Well-maintained used hybrids can be a smart economic choice for buyers aiming to save on fuel costs.

With Honda’s thorough certification process for pre-owned vehicles, shoppers can find a high-quality and reliable used Honda at Okotoks Honda. From SUVs to sedans to hybrids, their selection offers options to suit diverse budgets and needs.


9. Lexus of Calgary

For buyers looking for a little luxury without the luxury price tag, Lexus of Calgary offers premium vehicles for under market value pricing. Their selection includes hard-to-find models in amazing condition. Extended warranty plans are also available for most models.

Key vehicles in stock:


  • IS250 all-wheel drive
  • Well-maintained GS models
  • Low kilometer RX crossovers


As an official Lexus dealership, Lexus of Calgary has access to a wide range of pre-owned luxury vehicles. Their inventory includes hard-to-find Lexus models like the IS250 AWD sports sedan and the GS350 F Sport. These vehicles offer the quality, performance and styling of a Lexus at significant savings compared to buying new.

In addition to Lexus vehicles, Lexus of Calgary also stocks luxury makes like Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Their pre-owned selection of these premium brands is competitively priced well below market value. Shoppers can find great deals on certified pre-owned Audi wagons, BMW coupes and Mercedes sedans and SUVs.

The Lexus models in stock at Lexus of Calgary are typically one owner trade-ins that have been well-maintained and have complete service records. Many have low kilometers and are in amazing condition, both inside and out. It’s not uncommon to find pre-owned Lexus vehicles less than 2-3 years old that seem like new.

For added peace of mind, extended warranty plans are available for most makes and models sold at Lexus of Calgary. This provides protection against unexpected repair bills down the road. With a warranty, buyers can enjoy their pre-owned luxury vehicle without the typical reliability concerns associated with higher-end brands.

So for buyers wanting a luxury car, SUV or crossover without the full luxury price tag, Lexus of Calgary offers high-end options for significant savings. Their selection provides luxury car lovers the chance to get behind the wheel of hard-to-find Lexus and other premium models for under market value pricing.


10. CMP Auto

CMP Auto operates two used car dealership locations in Calgary with large combined inventories holding domestic and imported makes. Vehicle history reports are provided on every car along with a complimentary 3 month warranty. CMP Auto has an in-house financing department to secure customers the best rates.

Key vehicles in stock:


  • 4-cylinder family sedans
  • Work trucks and cargo vans
  • All-wheel drive wagons

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Questions About The Best Used Car Dealerships in Calgary

Some of the best used car dealerships in Calgary include Auto World Sales, LL Motors, House of Cars, Double L Motors, Stampede Toyota Calgary, Stampede Auto, Best Vehicles Canada, and SAM Motors. These dealerships are known for having great selections of quality used vehicles at competitive prices. They also offer exceptional customer service to help you find the right car for your needs and budget.

You can find a good selection of used cars under $5,000 at dealerships like Auto House, Big 4 Motors, Country Hills Auto Sales, and individual sellers on AutoTrader and Kijiji in Calgary. Some models you may find in this price range include older Toyota Corollas, Honda Civics, Hyundai Elantras, Chevrolet Cavaliers, Ford Focuses, and Pontiac Grand Ams. While these vehicles will likely have higher mileage, a pre-purchase inspection can help identify any major issues.

Some of the top options for buying used trucks and SUVs in Calgary are Stampede Toyota Calgary, House of Cars, Country Hills Auto Sales, and Big 4 Motors. These dealers have large inventories of trucks and SUVs from brands like Toyota, Ford, GMC, Dodge, Chevrolet, Jeep, and Honda. Their sales staff can help you find a capable and reliable used truck or SUV model that fits your hauling and off-roading needs.

When buying a used car in Calgary, make sure to test drive the vehicle, inspect it visually and take it for a pre-purchase inspection by a trusted mechanic. Also check ownership history through a CarProof or CarFax report. Ask about any existing warranty coverage and remaining manufacturer warranty terms. Negotiate the best price and review all documentation carefully before signing. Also consider an extended warranty for added peace of mind.

Some popular used car dealerships that offer in-house financing in Calgary include Auto World Sales, House of Cars, Calgary Car Centre, Double L Motors, and Country Hills Auto Sales. Their financing options are flexible for customers with good, bad, or no credit. Just be sure to read the fine print carefully and understand the full terms before signing any loan agreements.

Franchise dealerships offer benefits like manufacturer certification programs for used vehicles, OEM parts/service departments, and the backing of a major brand. Independent used car dealers may have lower overhead costs that translate to better prices, more flexibility in financing, and greater diversity of inventory sourced from auctions. Ultimately, focus less on franchise vs independent status, and more on factors like selection, condition, transparency, test drives, warranties, financing, and overall value when choosing a used car lot.

Trusted review platforms to find reviews of Calgary used car dealerships include Google, Facebook, Yelp,, and the Better Business Bureau. Checking these sources can provide customer feedback on the dealership’s pricing fairness, buying experience, vehicle quality, service department, facility cleanliness, staff professionalism, and more. This helps identify reputable dealers known for customer satisfaction.

Some award-winning used car dealerships in the Calgary area include Stampede Toyota Calgary, Lexus of Calgary, Okotoks Honda, South Trail Hyundai, Universal Nissan, and Crowfoot Hyundai. These dealers have earned honors like DealerRater Consumer Satisfaction Awards, Canadian Black Book’s Best in Class awards, and’s Best Dealerships Awards based on consumer reviews, customer experience surveys, and industry leadership criteria.

To prepare for visiting used car dealerships in Calgary, research market prices, determine must-have features, get pre-approved financing, check resale values, create a target budget, prepare documents like license and proof of insurance, draft a bill of sale checklist, and line up a mechanic for inspections. This background work will help you evaluate options intelligently, negotiate from a position of strength, secure competitive financing rates, and make an informed buying decision.

Important questions to ask the salesperson when buying a used car in Calgary include: Why are you selling this vehicle? How many previous owners were there? Does it have any accidents or paintwork done? What are the total mileage and maintenance records? Are there any mechanical issues or repairs needed? Is there any remaining warranty coverage? Can I take it for an independent inspection? What extras/fees are being added beyond the list price? What is your best offer price? Getting clear answers to questions like these will reveal key details about the history and condition of the used vehicle.

Dealerships offer benefits like wider selection, vehicle history reports, reconditioning services, financing assistance, warranties, and test drives. Private sellers may have lower prices and can share firsthand knowledge on a vehicle’s ownership history. Weigh factors like price, vehicle condition, included services, paperwork, test policies, and buying convenience when deciding between individual sellers vs dealers for used cars in Calgary.

Signs to check when inspecting a used car for potential flood damage in Calgary include: moisture or corrosion in lights/electronics, fogging inside glass, mildew smells, mud or silt under seats, water stains or lines on interior panels, rust around screws/bolts, warped floor panels, malfunctioning safety systems, and inconsistency between clean interior/dirty engine bay or vice versa. Running a CarProof report can also alert you to any declared flood history.

Additional used car warranties can provide valuable protection on higher mileage vehicles that may require repairs down the road due to normal wear and tear. Just be sure to weigh the costs against potential repair bills and shop policies for issues arising shortly after purchase. Reputable dealers in Calgary will stand by the vehicles they sell with reasonable accommodation for unexpected problems cropping up. Always read the fine print before purchasing any add-on warranty plans.

Essential paperwork to review includes the bill of sale, vehicle history reports, ownership registration, service records, financing/lease documents, insurance certificate, lien check, safety standards certificate, warranties, and any additional product contracts if purchasing items like rust protection, fabric guard, or extended warranties. Taking time to carefully read and understand what you are signing for a used car purchase is extremely important.

Most used car dealerships in Calgary offer relatively short basic warranties that mainly cover powertrain components for 30 days up to 6 months. Some may provide longer protection through optional service contracts at added cost. Luxury and some import dealers may include 1 year or more limited comprehensive warranties on certified pre-owned vehicles. Understand exactly what is and is not included by any provided warranty coverage before purchasing.

Top websites and apps that provide inventory listings across multiple new/used car dealerships in Calgary include,, Kijiji Autos,, CarGurus,, Yahoo! Autos, Canada Drives,, and individual dealers’ websites. These platforms allow custom searches by factors like price, make, model, mileage, features, location, and dealer. Mobile apps also enable notifications for new listings that match your criteria.

Key questions for identifying accident history on a used car in Calgary include: Has this vehicle ever been in an accident? How much damage occurred and what repairs were done? Can I see any repair shop invoices or photos documenting accident repairs? Is the airbag light or other warning lights on indicating unfixed crash damage? Does the body alignment look straight? Have panels been repainted? A full vehicle history report from CarProof or CarFax can also uncover major crash damage.

Tips for negotiating the lowest price when buying a used vehicle in Calgary include: knowing invoice and market value prices going in, getting quotes from multiple dealers, mentioning competing offers, avoiding discussing monthly payments early, negotiating any trade-in separately, timing offers near month’s end, and highlighting requested repairs or warranty inclusions needed to close the deal. The approach that works best varies by individual dealer and salesperson. Flexibility and persistence are key!

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