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Best Used Car Dealerships in Charlottetown

Best Used Car Dealerships in Charlottetown

The used car market is hotter than ever in 2022, with pre-owned vehicle prices up 40% from just two years ago according to industry reports. With demand so high, Charlottetown residents looking for quality used cars and trucks have some great options when it comes to dealerships in the local area.

This comprehensive guide will explore the top-rated used car lots in Charlottetown. Whether you’re looking for affordable models under $15,000, late model used vehicles with all the bells and whistles, or want to buy from a dealer that specializes in EV/hybrids, there’s a pre-owned car lot that fits your needs.

From large dealership groups with huge inventories to smaller independent lots, you can find trustworthy used car buying in Charlottetown. We’ll highlight the strengths of the highest rated dealers and provide tips to make sure you get the best deal.

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ReCar – The Island’s Used Car Superstore

When it comes to buying a used vehicle in Charlottetown, one dealership stands above the rest – ReCar. With a massive selection and excellent customer service, ReCar has earned its reputation as the Island’s used car superstore.

ReCar first opened its doors in Charlottetown back in 2008 and has since grown to become PEI’s largest independent used car dealer. The company focuses on providing customers with high-quality, late-model used vehicles at competitive prices.

A visit to ReCar’s Charlottetown superstore showcases an inventory of over 150 used cars, trucks, and SUVs. You’ll find all the major brands and a wide variety of models to choose from. The focus at ReCar is on more recent vehicles, with most of their inventory being 3 model years old or less.

To give buyers added peace of mind, ReCar offers an industry-leading 5 day money-back guarantee on every used vehicle purchased. So you can drive your new-to-you car for several days and if it’s not the right fit, return it for a refund.

The finance team at ReCar Charlottetown can secure flexible financing options for customers with good credit, bad credit, and everything in between. With competitive interest rates and customized payment plans, purchasing your next used vehicle is made easy.


Centennial Auto Group – Certified Pre-Owned Selection

Representing most major automotive brands, the Centennial Auto Group operates dealerships across PEI. Their Charlottetown locations feature a nice lineup of manufacturer certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles.

CPO cars undergo rigorous inspections and reconditioning to meet the higher standards set by manufacturers. This includes items like new brakes, tires, fluids, filters and more. Once certified, these pre-owned vehicles also come with extended warranty coverage for additional peace of mind.

At Centennial Auto Group, CPO choices are available from top brands including Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Chevrolet, Ford, Hyundai and others. Each manufacturer has their own certification program with tailored benefits. This gives buyers access to late model used cars that have been thoroughly inspected.

Beyond their CPO inventory, Centennial Auto Group also offers competitively priced non-certified pre-owned vehicles. Their professional sales staff can provide assistance securing on-site financing to make the process seamless for customers.


Apex Auto – Used EV and Hybrid Specialists

Focusing specifically on used electric (EV) and hybrid vehicles, Apex Auto provides an eco-friendly used car buying option in Charlottetown.

With the largest certified pre-owned (CPO) EV inventory in Atlantic Canada, Apex Auto offers a great selection of quality used electric vehicles. You can find CPO Tesla models as well as used EVs from other top brands like Nissan, Chevrolet, and more.

In addition to electric vehicles, Apex Auto also specializes in a wide range of used hybrid models. They stock used hybrids from Toyota, Honda, Ford, and other major manufacturers.

The knowledgeable staff at Apex Auto are EV and hybrid specialists. They can answer any questions buyers may have about the technology, range, charging needs, and other aspects of choosing a used electric or hybrid vehicle. Test drives of EVs and hybrids are available as well.

For those looking to go green with their next used car purchase near Charlottetown, Apex Auto is the top dealership to check out first given their specialty in pre-owned electric and hybrid vehicles.


Affordable Used Cars for Islanders on a Budget

While some dealerships cater more toward recent or luxury model used cars, plenty of affordably priced and reliable pre-owned vehicles can be found around Charlottetown.

Best Buy Auto Sales offers used cars for under $10,000 and has a wide selection of makes and models to choose from. Their lot makes it easy to find a quality used vehicle even on a tight budget.

Island Auto Sales has an entire value lot dedicated to lower-priced used vehicles. Shoppers can browse affordable options from various automakers all in one location.

Many dealers in the Charlottetown area provide flexible in-house financing, making it possible to purchase used cars priced under $15,000. They work with credit applicants to secure a reasonable loan or lease.


Tips for Purchasing a Used Car in Charlottetown

To help shoppers make the most informed used car buying decision possible in the Charlottetown area, keep these quick tips in mind:


  • Carefully inspect vehicle history reports for previous accidents/damage
  • Test drive the exact used car you plan to purchase
  • Have a mechanic inspect any used vehicle before finalizing a purchase
  • Make sure all features work properly while test driving models
  • Negotiate the best possible price for your used car


Thoroughly checking the vehicle history report for any previous accidents, damage, or issues is absolutely essential. Services like CARFAX provide detailed information on a used car’s background using the VIN number. Take the time to carefully go through the report and make sure there are no red flags.

It’s also important to test drive the exact vehicle you intend to purchase, not just another similar model. You’ll want to get a feel for that specific car before buying it. Make sure to thoroughly test all features and functions during the test drive such as radio, Bluetooth, sunroof, heated seats, A/C, and more.

Additionally, have a trusted mechanic inspect any used car before finalizing a purchase. They can spot potential problems or issues that may not be immediately apparent to you as the buyer. This added inspection can provide peace of mind.

Finally, negotiate to pay the lowest price you can for your used car purchase. There is often room to get the dealer to come down on the listed price. Know your budget going in and stand firm on what you’re willing to spend. Being prepared to walk away can help in the negotiation process.


Why Buy From a Charlottetown Used Car Dealer

When shopping for a used vehicle in the Charlottetown area, purchasing from a licensed dealer provides some key advantages over buying through private sellers.

Avoiding the hassles of a private party used car purchase is one of the top reasons to go through a dealership. There is far less risk when you can test drive, inspect, and complete the entire sales process at their licensed business location. Private sellers may pressure you to buy “as-is” and tend to be much less accommodating.

Used car dealerships also provide vehicle history reports to verify past accident damage and ownership records. This allows you to review any issues before money changes hands. Private parties rarely supply such transparency upfront.

Many used car dealers offer extended warranty and service contract options to help protect you from unexpected repair bills. Private party sales almost never include any type of protection plans.

When it comes time to finance your used car purchase, dealerships provide access to more lending resources and programs. This makes it easier to get approved for on-site financing at competitive interest rates.

Additionally, used car dealers run regular promotions with discounted pricing and attractive financing offers. Trading in your current vehicle can also reduce a used car’s price. Private sellers rarely negotiate much on price or accept trade-ins.

To avoid undue risks and access perks like warranties, on-site financing, and trade-in incentives, purchasing your next used car from a trusted Charlottetown area dealer is the way to go.


Top Used Car Inventory in Charlottetown

With dealerships offering an extensive selection of makes and models, Charlottetown used car shoppers can find top choices across vehicle segments. Here’s an overview of the most popular pre-owned vehicles commonly found at area dealers:


Crossovers and SUVs

Crossover SUVs dominate many dealers’ used inventory, providing the cargo space of an SUV with better fuel economy. The Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4, Nissan Rogue, Ford Escape, Chevrolet Equinox and similar models offer practical family transportation. Larger SUVs like the Ford Explorer, Dodge Durango, GMC Acadia and Jeep Grand Cherokee also have a strong used market presence.



While SUVs grow in popularity, sedans remain plentiful in Charlottetown used car lots. Fuel-efficient compacts like the Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla and Hyundai Elantra are common. Midsize choices include the Toyota Camry, Honda Accord and Nissan Altima. Even some luxury brands like Lexus, BMW and Mercedes-Benz can be found used at more affordable prices.



With trucks being workhorses for many PEI residents, dealers stock plenty of pre-owned pickups. The Ford F-150 leads truck sales across North America and is easy to find used. Other popular choices are the Ram 1500, GMC Sierra 1500, Toyota Tacoma and Chevrolet Silverado 1500.


Sports Cars

While limited in availability, sports car lovers can locate pre-owned options like the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger. Affordable roadsters and coupes from Mazda, Nissan and Subaru also pop up at area used car dealerships.



As eco-friendly vehicles gain traction, hybrids and electric vehicles are showing up more often in Charlottetown used inventory. The Toyota Prius remains the most prominent hybrid. All-electric models like the Nissan Leaf, Tesla Model 3 and Chevrolet Bolt EV can deliver savings at the pump through used purchases.


The Importance of Test Driving

Test driving a used vehicle before purchase is one of the most important steps in the car buying process. When you test drive a used car, you get to experience how that exact vehicle performs first-hand. A test drive allows you to evaluate a number of key factors to determine if a pre-owned vehicle is right for you.

One major benefit of test driving is that you can assess the overall ride comfort. Pay attention to the seat comfort, visibility out the windows, and how bumps and turns feel when driving. Testing out features like the sound system, climate controls, and driving aids can also help give you a feel for daily usability.

In addition to comfort, test driving enables you to gauge a used car’s acceleration and handling capabilities. Make sure to safely test out acceleration and braking. Also take the time to evaluate steering responsiveness and handling around turns. This will give you insight into the vehicle’s overall performance.

After test driving a used car you are seriously considering, it is advisable to have a trusted mechanic do an inspection. They can spot any issues or potential problems that you may have missed while test driving. This will help avoid surprises down the road after purchase.

When visiting Charlottetown used car dealers, be sure to take your time test driving different models that interest you. Comparing a few vehicles back-to-back on the same day can help you make the best decision. Never feel rushed during a test drive, and speak up if you want to spend more time evaluating the vehicle.


How to Get the Best Price

Getting the very best deal on a used car often comes down to negotiating with the dealer and researching fair pricing. Here are some tips to keep in mind when negotiating on a used vehicle in Charlottetown:


Research fair market value pricing – Use online price comparison sites and valuation tools like Canadian Black Book to find the average market price for the specific used vehicle you want. This gives you a solid baseline for negotiations.

Consider bundled offers like warranty – Many dealers will bundle in additional items like an extended warranty in their pricing. Factor this value into negotiations if it’s something you want.

Be willing to walk away – Don’t fall in love with a particular car. Being able to walk away gives you negotiation leverage with the dealer.

Check for manufacturer rebates – Money-saving rebates are sometimes offered even on used cars, especially certified pre-owned models. Ask about any active rebates that can lower the price.

Time end of month purchases right – Salespeople looking to hit monthly quotas will be most motivated to discount pricing on used cars at month’s end. Shop late in the month to capitalize.


Financing Options for Used Car Shoppers

One of the biggest advantages of purchasing from a reputable used car dealership is gaining access to flexible financing options. Charlottetown used car dealers work with various lenders to provide financing approval to buyers with all credit types. Here’s an overview of financing available when buying a used car in Charlottetown:

Many dealerships have partnerships with banks and lenders to offer on-site financing. This makes the process quick and convenient, with credit applications and approvals handled at the dealership. Interest rates through dealer financing are competitive, especially for buyers with good credit.

Banks and credit unions in the Charlottetown area also provide auto loans directly to used car buyers. Pre-approvals from a bank or credit union can give buyers extra negotiating power when shopping for used cars. Credit unions often have the lowest interest rates but may have more stringent approval requirements.

For certified pre-owned vehicles, financing incentives offered by the manufacturer can provide major savings. Most CPO programs have special low APR financing ranging from 0% to 3% for buyers who qualify. Checking for CPO-specific finance rates is a smart move.

Regardless of where financing comes from, it’s critical to calculate estimated monthly payments ahead of time based on factors like loan term, down payment, and interest rate. Also be sure to carefully review all finance agreement terms and verify interest rates in writing before signing anything.


Making the Most of Manufacturer CPO Programs

One of the best ways to find a high-quality used vehicle is through a manufacturer’s certified pre-owned (CPO) program. CPO cars and trucks have to pass rigorous inspections and reconditioning standards in order to qualify. Here’s an overview of what you get with a CPO purchase:

A certified pre-owned vehicle is a lightly used model, typically 3-5 years old with reasonable mileage that has been thoroughly inspected by the automaker. Only vehicles meeting strict criteria can qualify for manufacturer certification. This includes having a clean title history and passing mechanical, body, and interior examinations.

Key benefits of buying a CPO used car include:


  • Extended warranty coverage beyond the original new car warranty, usually for 1-2 years/unlimited miles
  • Roadside assistance and trip interruption services
  • Special financing rates from the automaker’s financing arm
  • The ability to purchase extra vehicle protection plans
  • A rigorous reconditioning process often including new tires and brakes


While CPO vehicles tend to cost more than non-certified used cars, they provide peace of mind. You can be confident that a CPO model has been thoroughly vetted to meet the manufacturer’s high standards before being offered for sale. For those looking at lightly used vehicles still under the original factory warranty, CPO is typically the way to go.



When shopping for used vehicles in the Charlottetown area, buyers have access to a great selection of dealerships and inventory. As we’ve covered, top options range from the huge selection at ReCar to the affordability of Island Auto Sales to the eco-friendly vehicles at Apex Auto. Buying from an established dealer provides benefits like vehicle history reports, certified technicians to inspect cars, test drive opportunities, and on-site financing assistance. With ongoing sales and specials, Charlottetown used car dealers make it easy to find reliable transportation at a fair price. Reach out to one of the dealers mentioned here to learn more about available inventory and what current offers may apply to help you save. Their experienced sales staff is ready to answer any questions and help guide you through the used car buying process.

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Questions About The Best Used Car Dealerships in Charlottetown

ReCar is one of the top options for used car dealerships in Charlottetown. They have a large selection of used cars, trucks, and SUVs at their location in nearby Stratford. ReCar is known for fair prices, high quality vehicles, and great customer service.


The Affordable Car Company in Charlottetown also comes highly rated. They cater to buyers looking for vehicles priced under $10,000. All credit situations are welcome when financing through their in-house team.


Centennial Auto Group has six dealership locations in Charlottetown and Summerside. Their pre-owned inventory covers makes like Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, and more. Vehicle history reports and financing assistance are available.

When shopping for used cars in Charlottetown, be sure to:


– Review vehicle history reports for accident damage, odometer tampering or other issues

– Have the car inspected by an independent mechanic before purchase

– Test drive the vehicle on both city streets and highways

– Check all electronic features and controls thoroughly

– Look underneath for signs of rust or damage

– Negotiate the best possible price


Avoid cars with flood damage, salvage titles, or other major problems. And be wary of deals that seem too good to true.

Several local dealerships are known for good pricing on used vehicle inventory:


ReCar provides fair market value pricing on all their used cars without much haggling needed.


The Affordable Car Company specifically caters to the budget conscious shopper. Most of their 150+ vehicle selection is priced between $5,000 to $10,000.


Apex Auto Group promises “No Games, No Gimmicks” transparent used car pricing that is below market averages. All vehicles listed online are available at advertised prices.


For those needing financing assistance, Experience Hyundai and Centennial Honda are known to offer flexible terms to those with past credit difficulties.

Some of the best places in the Charlottetown area to find inexpensive used cars include:


– The Affordable Car Company – Advertises pricing between $5,000 to $10,000 on vehicles with varying mileage and condition. Financing available regardless of credit history.


– Apex Auto Group – Specializes in vehicles priced below market value without negotiation games. All vehicles listed online can be purchased at advertised pricing.


– Best Buy Auto Sales – Small independent used car lot offering vehicles often below $5,000. Limited selection but very affordable options. Cash only purchases.


– Auto and RV Auctions Atlantic – Public auto auctions held every Wednesday evening in Charlottetown provide opportunities to score used vehicle deals. Cash or financing required to purchase.


– Classified listings on Kijiji and Facebook Marketplace. Private sellers sometimes offer older used cars at very low prices. But limited purchase protection.

While the used luxury vehicle selection is not huge in Charlottetown, some options buyers may find include:


– Various Lexus models – RX crossovers and IS sedans are among the most common listings. Good long term reliability ratings.


– BMW 3-Series sedans – Offering both sporty driving dynamics and luxury appointments. Make sure to review maintenance records.


– Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedans and GLC crossovers – Mix of technology, comfort and prestige. Watch for higher than average mileage examples.


– Infiniti sedans – Usually Q50 or Q60 models. Emphasis on performance. Ensure no frame damage or flood history before purchase.


– Land Rover and Jaguar models also appear but less frequently. Maintenance costs on European luxury vehicles tend to be higher.

The selection of used electric and hybrid vehicles is still quite limited in Charlottetown. But some models buyers may find include:


– Toyota Prius – The most common hybrid option seen at local dealerships. Reliable and affordable to operate. Great gas mileage.


– Toyota RAV4 Hybrid – Also becoming more popular as a used model. SUV practicality combined with hybrid fuel efficiency.


– Various Plug-In Hybrid models – Cars like the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, Chrysler Pacifica PHEV or BMW 330e can offer electric driving range along with gas engine flexibility.


– Nissan Leaf – Among the few fully electric used cars that may be available. Offers quiet, emission-free driving. But limited range and charging infrastructure remain barriers.


More used EV options should hit the local market in coming years as early adopters trade in their vehicles. Patience and persistence will be needed to find specific used hybrid/electric models right now.

Here are some top used car price negotiating tips for dealing with Charlottetown dealerships:


– Research fair market prices for the specific used vehicle using Canadian Black Book or Car Cost Canada guides as references. This gives you bargaining power during negotiations.


– Get pre-approved financing from your bank or credit union before visiting dealerships. This allows you to focus negotiations strictly on the vehicle price itself.


– Test drive first before discussing numbers. This prevents you from becoming emotionally attached to a car before determining if the asking price is reasonable.


– Make the first offer well below asking price, allowing room for the salesperson to counter and still give you a fair deal. Opening with your target price leaves no further room to negotiate.


– Pitch other competitive dealerships offering the vehicle for less if they refuse reasonable offers. Be prepared to walk out if your price is rejected. Often they will call back with a better deal before you leave the lot.

To avoid accidentally purchasing used cars with previous accident damage in Charlottetown, make sure to:


– Review the vehicle’s claims and damage history report before purchase. Carfax and CarProof both provide comprehensive details on any insurance claims or collision repairs.


– Have the vehicle inspected by an independent mechanic, not just a dealership technician. They will check thoroughly for any evidence of body repairs, frame damage or replacement parts that could indicate a previous crash. This usually costs around $100-$150.


– Examine the car’s body panels yourself, looking closely for variations in paint color/finish, uneven gaps, overspray, rippled surfaces or replaced parts that are obvious signs of repairs.


– Test drive the vehicle and pay attention to any pulling, vibration or uneven braking which could indicate suspension, frame or other repairs made after an accident.


– Walk away from any deal if the seller refuses to provide vehicle history reports or allow an independent inspection first. Non-transparency is a red flag.

Key inspection checks to request from a trusted mechanic when shopping for a used car in the Charlottetown, PEI area include:


– Overall vehicle condition assessment – Checks body for rust/collision repairs, confirms no visible fluid leaks, evaluates tires & brakes.


– Mechanical operation inspection – Tests engine performance, transmission shifting, steering responsiveness, etc. while test driving.


– Fluid level and condition verification – Checks engine oil, transmission fluid, coolant, brake fluid, washer fluid. Top up any low fluids.


– Electronic features testing – Evaluates operation of power windows, locks, radio, lights, wipers, horn, etc. Scans for warning lights.


– Undercarriage & suspension examination – Checks for rust, damage, worn parts. Verifies no alignment, steering or suspension issues.


– Brake system assessment – Examines brake pads/rotors condition and tests brake operation.


Paying $100+ for a used car inspection can save thousands in unanticipated repair bills down the road.

Warning signs that a used car for sale in the Charlottetown, PEI area may have an odometer rolled back illegally include:


– Mileage seems unusually low for the vehicle’s age and condition


– Service records show inconsistent or suspiciously low mileage between intervals


– The vehicle history report lists mileage conflicts from various sources


– Tires, brake pads, interior wear do not match claimed mileage


– Seller unable to produce maintenance receipts to validate mileage


– Car was imported from a jurisdiction known for odometer tampering


Ask to see oil change and repair invoices, do a test drive yourself, and carefully inspect the full vehicle history report before purchase to detect any mileage discrepancies. Consider having an expert mechanic examine the vehicle to confirm true accumulated wear. Walk away if anything seems inconsistent or fraudulent.

When it comes to financing a used car purchase in the Charlottetown area, common options include:


– Dealership Financing – Many local dealers like Centennial Honda and Experience Hyundai offer flexible in-house loans or leases to buyers with varied credit histories. This adds convenience but interest rates through dealers tend to be higher.


– Bank/Credit Union Loans – Local banking institutions like TD Canada Trust and East Coast Credit Union frequently offer buyers competitive pre-approved financing rates on used cars. This allows customers to negotiate vehicle price separately from financing terms.


– Private Financing – Some smaller used car lots may offer buyer financing through subprime lenders that serve those unable to obtain loans from banks. But these usually charge much higher interest rates.


– Personal Loans – Banks and credit unions will also finance used cars through general purpose personal installment loans. These often feature better rates than standard dealer financing. Credit score impacts approval likelihood.


– Cash Purchase – Buyers with available funds can pay dealership asking prices in full with cash or certified cheque after negotiating best price. This avoids all financing charges but requires sufficient savings.

Major extended warranty/vehicle protection options to consider for used cars purchased in the Charlottetown region include:


– Dealership Warranties – Most dealers like Centennial Toyota and Experience Hyundai offer their own finance & insurance (F&I) extended warranty products for used vehicles covering repair costs beyond factory warranty expiration. Prices and coverage terms vary.


– Third Party Vehicle Service Contracts – Reputable providers like Lubrico Warranty and First Canadian Protection Plans sell affordable extended coverage options through local dealers. Contracts renew annually. Claims can be made nationwide.


– Original Manufacturer Extended Warranties – Some CPO vehicles still qualify for or already include extra warranty coverage from makers like Subaru or Kia that can be transferred to secondary owners. High vehicle standards must be met. More expensive but very comprehensive.


– Credit Card Coverage – Certain premium credit cards from institutions like TD Canada Trust provide limited extended warranty benefits when used to make purchases. Typically an extra year or so of coverage though not as robust as standalone plans.

Top options for certified pre-owned (CPO) used vehicles from reputable dealers in the Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island area include:


– Charlottetown Toyota – Good availability of late model Toyota CPO cars and trucks featuring extended factory warranty coverage, vehicle history reports and rigorous inspections.


– Experience Hyundai – Wide selection of CPO Hyundai sedans, hatchbacks and SUVs with factory backing and financing rates as low as 0.99% APR.


– Subaru of Charlottetown – Typically 20+ Subaru CPO models in stock covered by comprehensive limited warranties and Subaru’s thorough 152-point certification process.


– Centennial Honda – Honda Certified Pre-Owned vehicles must pass strict eligibility criteria for age, condition and mileage maximums. Extended powertrain warranties included.


– Centennial Nissan – Nissan CPO vehicles undergo over 150 inspection checks before earning certified status. Program perks like 24/7 roadside assistance provide peace of mind.

Key public auto auction houses selling used vehicles to dealers and the general public in the Charlottetown region include:


Auto and RV Auctions Atlantic

961 Mount Edward Rd

Charlottetown, PE C1E 0E3


Live vehicle auctions held every Wednesday evening at 7pm. Inspection begins each auction day at 10am. Cash or on-site financing required for vehicle purchase.


Atlantic Auto Auction

140 MacAleer Dr

Charlottetown, PE C1E 1W5


Dealer-only used car auction events held weekly on Thursdays at 10am. Trade membership or guest pass required to attend and bid.


East Coast Auto Auction

96 Transportation Dr

Stratford, PE C1B 2V8


Public auto auctions take place Mondays at 6pm. Inspections available mornings before each event. Bank draft or cash needed to buy vehicles.

Important things to address after purchasing a used car from a Charlottetown area dealer include:


– Review and verify all aspects of the signed bill of sale, financing agreement (if applicable), and warranty coverage statements to confirm everything matches what was discussed during the negotiations.


– Make sure you receive two registered copies of the vehicle ownership transfer form to submit for new title registration under your name.


– Verify that the free Carfax or CarProof history report for the vehicle is provided as promised by the dealership (ensure no new accidents were added recently).


– Schedule any immediate service, repairs or warranty work required within the specified time frames indicated in the contract.


– Obtain insurance coverage starting as of the official vehicle sale date and provide proof of valid insurance to the licensing office when transferring the car’s title.


– Go through all on-board vehicle controls, settings and electronic features while still under warranty period to identify any potential issues covered under the dealer guarantee.

Reputable online used vehicle sellers delivering to the Charlottetown region include:


– – Offers free local test drives and delivery of company-inspected used cars bought completely online. Includes 5-day money back returns.


– Carbuyer Canada – Nationwide dealer network focused on fully online used car sales, including in PEI. Transparent pricing and home test drives available.


– Canada Drives – Pre-negotiated prices on a huge online used vehicle inventory with delivery options to Charlottetown. Completely contactless purchases.


– Tread Auto – Online used car retailer that handles test drives plus free delivery within 150kms of dealership locations, including Charlottetown. No-haggle pricing.


– – Private sellers market used vehicles on Canada’s largest online car classifieds site. Search local Charlottetown listings. Remote purchases involve more risk than dealers.


Convenience of home delivery needs to be weighed against inability to physically inspect vehicles before online purchase. Balance cost savings against higher risks.

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