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Best Used Car Dealerships in Chilliwack

Best Used Car Dealerships in Chilliwack

The used car market in Chilliwack offers an abundance of options for savvy buyers. With reputable dealerships and competitive pricing, purchasing a pre-owned vehicle is often the smarter choice over buying brand new. You can find a wide selection of makes, models, body styles and price ranges to suit your needs and budget. This guide will highlight the top-rated used car dealers in Chilliwack and provide insider tips to help you negotiate the best deal. We’ll also look at the key advantages of buying used versus new and what to look for when choosing a dealership.

When shopping for used cars in Chilliwack, you’ll have no shortage of dealers to choose from. Brands like Toyota, Honda, Ford, GM, Chrysler, Hyundai, Kia, Nissan, Volkswagen and more are all represented by reputable local dealers with large certified pre-owned inventories. Later in this guide, we’ll spotlight the highest rated used car dealers based on online reviews, selection, prices and customer service.

Purchasing pre-owned makes good financial sense for many buyers. Depreciation is highest in the first two years of ownership, so buying used can save you thousands over a new model. Used vehicles also tend to have lower insurance rates. With proper research and inspection, you can find a quality used car that will provide years of reliable service. This guide will make it easy to find the right used vehicle at the best possible price.

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Benefits of Buying Used

Purchasing a used vehicle offers many advantages over buying new. Here are some of the top benefits of buying a pre-owned car:


Lower Upfront Costs

The most obvious perk of going used is the lower price tag. Even a 1 or 2 year old used model can cost significantly less than the latest version, saving you thousands on the purchase price. This makes it easier to find a high-quality vehicle while staying within your budget.


Usually Better Value

Used cars depreciate quickly in the first 2-3 years. This means you can get a like-new vehicle for a fraction of its original MSRP. Mileage will be low and you’ll still get useful life out of it, making a used car excellent value.


Wider Selection of Makes/Models

With pre-owned, you are not limited to only the latest model year. You can find a wider variety of makes, models, colors, configurations, and features to choose from. This flexibility makes it easier to find the perfect car for your needs.


Still Get Warranties

Many certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles come with extended manufacturer warranties. This protects you from expensive repair bills down the road. Even without CPO, dealers may offer third-party warranties to give you peace of mind.


West Star Motors

West Star Motors has been serving the Chilliwack area for over 20 years, establishing itself as one of the most trusted and reputable used car dealers in the Fraser Valley. With a massive selection of over 300 used vehicles in stock at any given time, West Star Motors has something for every budget and need.

All of their vehicles go through a rigorous 150+ point inspection and reconditioning process. They have one of the largest certified pre-owned inventories in the area, with competitive financing rates and extended warranty options. The professional sales staff is trained to provide excellent customer service and make the car buying process transparent and stress-free.

West Star Motors is conveniently located off Highway 1 in Chilliwack, with business hours from 9am to 6pm Monday to Saturday. This massive dealership has a huge service center and parts department to keep your vehicle running smoothly for years to come. With competitive pricing, huge selection, financing options and their solid reputation, West Star Motors is absolutely one of the best options for your used car purchase in Chilliwack.


O’Connor Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM

O’Connor Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM is a top-rated dealership known for its huge selection of new and used vehicles. They recently moved to a brand new 25,000 square foot facility on Young Road, giving them the space to stock over 200 vehicles onsite. As an authorized retailer of Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and RAM vehicles, O’Connor has an unrivaled inventory of these popular brands.

On top of new and used sales, O’Connor also has a full-service center for maintenance, repairs and customization. Their expert technicians can handle anything from oil changes to engine replacements. The service center uses only factory authorized parts to protect your vehicle’s warranty.

O’Connor frequently runs promotions to give customers the best possible deal. Right now they are offering 0% financing for select models. They also have a wide selection of certified pre-owned vehicles that come with extended warranty coverage for added peace of mind. With competitive pricing, a huge selection, and exceptional service, O’Connor is a top choice for your next Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep or RAM vehicle.


Jay Jay Canada Auto

Jay Jay Canada Auto is a family-owned used car dealership that has been serving the Chilliwack area for over 15 years. They offer an extensive selection of makes and models, with over 150 used vehicles in stock. As a smaller operation, Jay Jay Canada Auto focuses on providing exceptional customer service and building lasting relationships with clients.

All vehicles at Jay Jay Canada Auto come with a full vehicle history report from CarProof. This provides peace of mind that you’re getting a quality used car without any hidden surprises. They have vehicles that fit a wide range of budgets, from more expensive low-mileage cars to very affordable older models.

Financing options at Jay Jay Canada Auto are flexible, even for those with poor credit. Their in-house financing team works to get customers approved for a car loan they can afford. With interest rates starting at just 4.99%, buying a used car here is very accessible.

As a smaller dealership, Jay Jay Canada Auto doesn’t have the high overhead costs of a big franchise operation. They pass these savings directly on to customers with bargain pricing across their entire inventory. The knowledgeable sales staff aims to make the car buying process hassle-free and help each customer drive away happy.


Atwals Auto

Atwals Auto has been serving Chilliwack for over 30 years. They specialize in a wide selection of luxury brands and imported vehicles from Japan and Europe. With a massive inventory of over 400 vehicles, you’re sure to find the perfect ride at Atwals.

Atwals puts every vehicle through a rigorous 150+ point inspection to ensure quality and reliability. All vehicles come with a comprehensive vehicle history report so you can buy with confidence. Extended warranties and additional coverage options are available to give you peace of mind with your purchase.

The knowledgeable sales staff at Atwals will take the time to understand your needs and match you with the ideal vehicle. They offer flexible financing options through major banks and lenders to get you the best possible rate. Atwals aims to make the car buying process straightforward and hassle-free.

With luxury brands like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus and Audi, along with top imports from Japan, Atwals has an unrivaled selection. Their vehicle inspections, warranties and financing options provide a stress-free buying experience. For quality, selection and service, Atwals Auto is a top choice for your next used vehicle.


Bannister GM Chilliwack

Bannister GM Chilliwack is a leading GM dealership known for its exceptional selection of new Buick and GMC vehicles as well as quality pre-owned models. As an official GM certified service center, their expert technicians are factory-trained to service GM vehicles to strict manufacturer standards. Their service department uses only genuine GM parts for repairs and maintenance.

In terms of inventory, Bannister GM Chilliwack offers an extensive selection of new 2024 and 2023 Buick and GMC trucks, cars, crossovers and SUVs. Popular new models include the GMC Sierra 1500 pickup, GMC Yukon SUV, Buick Encore small crossover and Buick Envision compact SUV. They also stock an impressive lineup of used vehicles across all makes and models. With over 100 pre-owned cars, trucks and SUVs in stock, you’re sure to find a high-quality used vehicle to fit your needs and budget.

The knowledgeable sales staff at Bannister GM Chilliwack provides excellent customer service to help you find the right new or used vehicle. They take the time to listen to your needs and preferences to match you with the perfect car. The dealership also offers flexible financing options and current incentive offers to save you money. For added convenience, you can shop their entire inventory online, get pre-approved for financing, value your trade-in and schedule test drives.


Chilliwack Volkswagen

If you’re looking for the reliability and engineering of a Volkswagen at an affordable price, Chilliwack Volkswagen should be on your list. They offer a great selection of certified pre-owned Volkswagens, so you can get into a lightly used VW that still has factory warranty coverage. Volkswagens are known for their German engineering and build quality, so you can feel confident in getting many years of use from one of their CPO models.

In addition to their selection of used inventory, Chilliwack Volkswagen frequently has new lease specials available on VW models. Leasing through them is a great way to get into a new Volkswagen for an affordable monthly payment. At lease end you can simply turn the vehicle in, or purchase it outright if you wish.

The service department at Chilliwack Volkswagen is factory trained and equipped to properly maintain and repair your VW. They stock OEM parts to keep your car running right. Their location off Hwy #1 makes them easy to get to for sales and service needs.

With their focus on the Volkswagen brand, years of experience, and central location, Chilliwack Volkswagen is absolutely a leading choice for your used car shopping needs in the Fraser Valley.


MCE Motors

MCE Motors focuses on offering quality used cars to customers in Chilliwack. They carefully inspect each vehicle and only sell those that meet their high standards. This gives buyers confidence in the condition of the cars on their lot. MCE Motors provides extended warranty options to give you peace of mind with your used vehicle purchase. They work with lenders to provide low interest financing, making it easier for customers to afford the car they want. You can even start the financing process online by submitting a credit application on their website.

With their commitment to quality used cars, thorough inspections, warranty options and flexible financing, MCE Motors is a great option when shopping for pre-owned vehicles in Chilliwack. You can feel good about driving away in a reliable used car from their dealership.


SMS Motors Chilliwack

SMS Motors Chilliwack is a used car dealership known for its wide variety of pre-owned vehicles. With hundreds of cars, trucks, and SUVs in stock, you’re sure to find options to suit your needs and budget. SMS Motors provides detailed vehicle history reports from CarProof on every car they sell, giving you peace of mind about past accidents or issues.

The experienced sales team at SMS Motors aims to make the car buying process straightforward and pressure-free. They will answer your questions thoroughly and help you determine which used vehicle is the best fit. There are no pushy sales tactics here!

In addition to sales, SMS Motors provides top-notch detail and repair services to keep your new-to-you ride looking its best. Their on-site service department can handle maintenance, repairs, detailing, and more. You can even view their entire used car inventory online and apply for financing before you visit the dealership.

With all of these benefits, it’s easy to see why SMS Motors Chilliwack is a top choice for your next used vehicle. Their selection, vehicle histories, knowledgeable staff, and on-site services make car shopping truly hassle-free.


Tips for Choosing a Dealership

With so many options, it can be tricky to choose the right used car dealership in Chilliwack. Here are some tips to help you make the best decision:


Look at online reviews – Search for dealerships on Google, Facebook, and other sites. Read recent reviews to get a feel for the customer service and overall experience. Look for consistent positive feedback over many years.

Consider certified pre-owned – Certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles come with extended warranties and go through rigorous inspections. Dealerships like West Star Motors and O’Connor Dodge have large CPO inventories.

Ask about financing terms – Even if you plan to pay cash, get quotes from the dealer’s financing partners. Negotiate rates and compare terms to other lenders.

Test drive vehicles – Take any car you’re seriously considering on a lengthy test drive in different conditions. Make sure you feel comfortable driving it.

Inspect history reports – Reputable dealers provide vehicle history reports from CARFAX or similar providers. Review to check for accidents, repairs, and ownership history.


Doing research ahead of time and knowing which factors are important to you will lead to a great used car buying experience.


Questions to Ask Dealerships

Before purchasing a used vehicle, you’ll want to ask the dealership some key questions. This will help you gain important information to make the best decision.


About Warranties, Inspections, and History Reports

Ask if the vehicle comes with any remaining factory warranty. Also inquire about options for extended warranties or service contracts the dealer offers. You’ll want to know if the vehicle passed a rigorous inspection and certification process. Request to see a vehicle history report from Carfax or a similar provider. This will inform you of any previous accidents, flood damage, or other major issues.


Financing Terms and Preapprovals

Even if you plan to finance, make sure you have been preapproved for an auto loan beforehand from your bank or credit union. This gives you bargaining power to negotiate the best rate through the dealer. Ask what financing terms and rates they can offer so you can compare. Be wary of low rates that seem too good to be true.


Fees and Additional Costs

Dealers will charge fees on top of the vehicle price, such as documentation or delivery fees. Ask for an itemized list of every fee and confirm there are no hidden costs. Negotiate to reduce or remove unnecessary fees.


Cancellation Policies

Find out what the dealer’s cancellation policy is if you change your mind. There is sometimes a short window where you can cancel with a full refund. Understand any penalties or fees if you cancel after that grace period.



Ask where you can take the vehicle for service and maintenance after purchase. Some dealerships provide free servicing for a period of time. Inquire about costs for regular maintenance visits. Ensure you’ll have convenient access to qualified technicians.

By asking the right questions upfront, you’ll gain all the details to make an informed decision about purchasing a used vehicle.


Checking Out and Test Driving

Before making any purchase, it’s critical that you thoroughly inspect the vehicle inside and out. Look for any cosmetic issues, damage, wear and tear, or problems under the hood. Review the maintenance records to see that regular service has been performed. Take the car for an extensive test drive under different conditions – highway, city streets, uphill, etc. Pay attention to any concerning noises, smells, or performance issues.

If possible, get an independent inspection from a trusted mechanic. They will be able to provide an unbiased assessment and catch any problems the dealer may have missed. Expect to pay $100-$200 for this peace of mind. You can also pay the dealer to allow the car to be independently inspected, but know that their goal is to sell the car. Consider getting a vehicle history report to check for accidents, recalls, ownership records and more. While not foolproof, this can help avoid buying a lemon.

Taking the time to thoroughly vet the vehicle will help ensure you don’t end up with an unreliable car full of hidden issues. Test driving under varied conditions and getting a professional inspection can give you the confidence that you’re making a solid purchase.


Negotiating the Best Price

Getting the best possible price on your used car purchase requires preparation and negotiation tactics. Here are some tips to save money:


  • Know the car’s value beforehand – Research prices for the make, model, year and mileage so you know a fair price.
  • Be ready to walk away – Don’t fall in love with a car. Being willing to walk away gives you negotiating power.
  • Negotiate final price, not payment – Focus first on negotiating the final price, not the monthly payments.
  • Seek preapprovals for financing – Get preapproved by your bank or credit union so you can negotiate from a position of strength.
  • Offer below asking price – Offer less than the asking price and negotiate up as needed.
  • Use competing offers – Leverage offers from other dealers to get them to beat the price.


Follow these tips and you’ll be able to negotiate the very best price on your next used car.



In summary, Chilliwack has many great options when it comes to finding a quality used vehicle. Some of the top used car dealers in the area include West Star Motors, O’Connor Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM, Jay Jay Canada Auto, Atwals Auto, and Bannister GM. Focus your search on dealerships that offer certified pre-owned vehicles with vehicle history reports and extended warranty options.

The keys to getting a great deal on a used car include shopping at year end when dealerships are looking to clear out inventory, negotiating the final price including all fees, and thoroughly inspecting the vehicle before purchase. Take the car for an extensive test drive on different road conditions and have it checked by your own trusted mechanic.

Finding the right used car dealer for your needs depends on the vehicle brands you prefer and the buying experience you want. Look for dealerships with strong reputations, flexible financing, and professional staff. Use this guide to the top used car dealers in Chilliwack to start your search for the perfect pre-owned vehicle.

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Questions About The Best Used Car Dealerships in Chilliwack

Some of the highest rated used car dealerships in Chilliwack based on Google reviews and recommendations include:

  • West Star Motors – With over 15 years in business and Google 4.7 star rating with over 370 reviews
  • Jay Jay Canada Auto – Google 4.5 rating with over 80 reviews
  • Atwals Auto – Google 4.4 rating with over 170 reviews
  • O’Connor Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram – Google 4.6 rating with over 250 reviews
  • Murray Honda – Google 4.7 rating with over 140 reviews

These dealerships are known for their great selections of used vehicles, fair prices, excellent customer service and hassle-free buying experiences. Many customers highlight the transparent dealings, no pressure sales environment and overall great experiences buying used cars from these Chilliwack dealers.

You can find a very wide variety of makes, models, body styles and years when shopping the used vehicle inventory at Chilliwack dealerships. This includes:

  • Sedans – Honda Civics and Accords, Toyota Camrys, Nissan Altimas, Hyundai Elantras, etc.
  • Trucks – Ford F150s, Dodge Rams, GMC Sierras, Toyota Tundras, etc.
  • SUVs – Toyota Rav4s, Honda CR-Vs, Nissan Rogues, Jeep Cherokees, etc.
  • Minivans – Dodge Caravans, Toyota Siennas, Honda Odysseys, etc.
  • Luxury vehicles – BMW 3 Series, Audi A4s, Mercedes C Class, Lexus ES, etc.

You’ll find models ranging from 1-2 years old to over 10+ years old across a wide spectrum of mileage and prices. This gives used car shoppers tons of options to choose from.

Follow these steps when purchasing a used car in Chilliwack for the best experience:

  1. Research vehicles and prices – Use sites like AutoTrader to compare specs, options and pricing for the makes/models you’re interested in.
  2. Get pre-approved financing – Talk to your bank or local credit union to get approved for a car loan so you know your budget.
  3. Test drive your top choices – Take each car on your short list for an extensive test drive on varying roads.
  4. Have it inspected by a mechanic – Pay $100-$200 to have an independent mechanic check for issues.
  5. Review history reports – Carefully verify details on the free CarFax or AutoCheck Vehicle History report.
  6. Negotiate the best price – Be prepared to negotiate to get below listing price. Bring quotes from similar vehicles to justify your offer.
  7. Carefully review contracts – Don’t sign anything until you fully understand all fees, rates and terms.

Following these tips will help you land the best used car at the best all-in price.

Here are 5 tips to get the lowest used car financing rates from Chilliwack dealers:

  1. Have a down payment of at least 10-20%
  2. Check your credit score and report for errors beforehand
  3. Get pre-approved financing from your bank or credit union
  4. Be flexible on loan term lengths, like 60-72 months
  5. Negotiate the interest rate directly with the finance manager

Having a sizable down payment, good credit, and getting pre-approved financing puts you in a strong negotiating position to qualify for low interest rates from dealership lenders, usually 2-5% on used cars.

Be wary of these common fees and extras offered by used car dealers:

  • “Documentation fee” – Can range $300-$800+ and is pure profit for the dealer.
  • Extended warranties – Typically overpriced for the coverage provided.
  • Dealer-installed extras – Like fabric protection and paint sealant with high retail markups.
  • Insurance extras – Added insurance coverage is usually unnecessary and overpriced.

Also watch out for artificially inflated prices on trade-ins. Some dealers will offer top dollar on your trade to build extra profit into the deal on the car you are buying from them. Be sure to negotiate the price of the car you are purchasing separately from any trade-in.


Yes, here are some common hidden fees charged by used car dealerships in Chilliwack:

  • “Admin fee” – Usually $499-$699 added into the out-the-door price.
  • “Conveyance fee” – Around $150-$300 can be buried in the paperwork.
  • “Fuel charge” – Some dealers will fill up the tank and charge a premium per litre.
  • “Safety certification” – This inspection fee can already be factored into pricing on some vehicles.

Always comb through the full price breakdown on the sales contract and question any charges that seem excessive or are not clearly explained. Some dealers load lots of profit into misc fees that can be negotiated out or reduced if identified.

There are good arguments on both sides. Larger franchise dealers often offer:

  • Larger used vehicle inventories
  • Competitively priced on popular models
  • More financing options
  • Good infrastructure and staffing for sales and service

Whereas smaller independent used car lots may provide:

  • Lower overhead passing savings to customers
  • More flexibility on negotiating price
  • Less pressure and more personalized service
  • Opportunity to find rare vehicles

We recommend visiting both types of dealerships, comparing options on specific vehicles of interest and going with the dealer providing the best all-around value and buying experience.

Insist on seeing a vehicle history report from CarFax or AutoCheck for every used vehicle you consider buying. This will list all accident damage reported to insurance companies, along with many other useful details about the car’s background.


Additionally, carefully inspect each vehicle yourself looking for:

  • Misaligned body panels or large panel gaps
  • Inconsistent paint texture or overspray
  • Mismatched wheels, tires, glass or mirrors

Also have your preferred mechanic put the vehicle up on a lift to inspect the undercarriage and frame closely for collision damage or repairs. Going through these steps will ensure you avoid buying a used car that has had major accident damage in its past.

Important questions to ask include:

  • Why are you selling this particular vehicle?
  • How many previous owners did this car have?
  • What service and repairs were done on this vehicle while in your possession?
  • Has this vehicle ever been in an accident?
  • Is this price negotiable?
  • What extras or fees are mandatory vs optional when buying this vehicle?

The answers you get will help determine if this car is a good value or potentially has issues that make it best to pass on. Don’t hesitate to dig for more details from the salesperson on the vehicle’s history and ownership.

An extended powertrain warranty providing coverage for at least 48 months or 80,000 km is recommended for most used car purchases. This protects expensive components like the engine, transmission and drivetrain from mechanical breakdowns.


Stick to warranties backed by the vehicle manufacturer or well-reviewed third party providers. Make sure you understand exactly what is and is not covered. Also confirm any warranty is fully transferable to subsequent owners, not just tied to the original purchaser.

BC’s Motor Vehicle Sales Authority regulates dealers and provides consumer protection for major defects known as BC’s “lemon law”. Vehicle owners can file a claim within 1 year or 20,000 km if:

  • New vehicle has a major defect that was not repaired after 4 attempts, or…
  • Used vehicle has a major defect that costs more than 20% of the purchase price to repair

If approved, the dealer will have to provide you with compensation in the form of a refund, replacement or cash settlement. So make sure to closely document any major mechanical, electrical or structural issues you experience with a recently purchased used vehicle.

Every used vehicle purchased from a dealer in BC requires transfer of the vehicle’s Certificate of Title. When registering ownership change, ICBC performs several key verifications including:

  • Confirming the VIN matches details on the title
  • Checking police databases for stolen or written off statuses
  • Reviewing title history and previous ownership transfers

This protects against stolen, rebuilt or salvaged vehicles being sold by dealerships. Still be sure to also carefully inspect the VIN tags on the car for signs of removal or alteration.

These proven tips will maximize your savings when negotiating used car prices:

  1. Research fair market prices first
  2. Get quotes from multiple dealers on same vehicle
  3. Point out comparable listings at lower prices
  4. Offer 10-15% below asking price to start
  5. Negotiate final price without trade-ins muddying deal
  6. Make dealers compete with best offer in writing

Being informed on actual values, getting multiple dealers bidding for your business and negotiating only the purchase price are all key strategies to knock off 15-20% or more from inflated sticker prices that still leave dealers with strong margins.

Carefully review this paperwork first:

  • Sales contract – All fees, price, rates should be clearly listed
  • Warranties – If included, read what is and isn’t covered
  • Vehicle history reports – Any accidents or issues?
  • Financing terms – Interest rates, payment schedule, early repayment fees
  • Insurance quote – Confirm rates for desired coverage

Fully understanding these key documents protects against signing a deal with hidden surprises or costs down the road. Don’t rush this process and make sure every piece of paper makes sense before signing.

In most cases, buyers do not have an automatic right in BC to return a used car after purchase simply because they changed their mind or found problems after the sale.


However, if the dealer misrepresented details about the vehicle or failed to disclose known material defects, you may have grounds for returning the vehicle and getting a full refund under specific consumer protection laws.


This is why a thorough test drive, inspection and asking lots of questions beforehand is so important. Assume any used car purchase from a dealer is final so you must do diligence upfront.

Finding Chilliwack’s best used car prices takes a bit of searching across dealer websites, local classifieds and car listing aggregators. We recommend checking:

  • Dealer websites for monthly specials and clearout offers
  • Craigslist for private sellers discounting for quick sales
  • Facebook Marketplace where locals often list good deals
  • and for dealer price comparisons

Setting up custom searches on these sites for the makes, models and years you want makes it easy to spot discounted listings as soon as owners post them. Checking these various channels regularly improves your odds of finding one of those too good to pass up used car deals.

Hiring an independent mechanic to put the vehicle up on a lift and thoroughly inspect all systems is the best way to confirm mechanical condition before buying used.


On your test drive, also listen closely for any strange engine noises, pay attention to transmission shifting smoothness, brake responsiveness and check that electronics all function properly.


Review the vehicle’s full maintenance records from previous owners as well. Look for regular oil changes and dealer servicing according to factory recommendations.


Between your test drive, mechanic inspection and verified maintenance records, you can feel confident on any used car’s mechanical shape before buying.

Ask these questions:

  • How many previous owners did the car have?
  • What condition was the car in when traded in?
  • Has it ever been in an accident?
  • Why was the car traded in or sold?
  • What major repairs or service has the car required?

Document the answers you get. Where possible, reach out to previous owners as well to ask about their experiences with the vehicle, common problems, operating costs and reasons for selling. These insights will reveal much about a used car’s history.

Pay attention to:

  • Any hesitations, knocks or strange engine sounds
  • If the transmission shifts smoothly between gears
  • Responsiveness and even braking when stopping suddenly
  • Uneven tire wear patterns that indicate suspension issues
  • Lights/electronics functioning and clear dash warning lights

Also ensure windows go up and down smoothly, the heat and AC blow strongly, steering feels tight and solid and there are no worrisome vibrations at highway speeds. Stay vigilant throughout your 20-30 minute test drive.

Paying $100-$200 for a comprehensive used vehicle inspection by a qualified mechanic before purchase is strongly recommended.


This should include putting the car up on a lift and closely inspecting:

  • Engine and transmission condition
  • Steering, suspension and driveline components
  • Brakes, tires and wheels
  • Exhaust and emissions systems
  • Electrical and computer systems

Also request they road test the vehicle for at least 20 minutes checking power, handling, comfort and dashboard warning lights. This independent inspection protects against buying used cars with hidden mechanical defects.

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