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Best Used Car Dealerships in Halifax

Best Used Car Dealerships in Halifax

Buying a used car can feel like navigating a minefield. You want a quality vehicle but don’t want to break the bank or get saddled with a lemon. Thankfully, Halifax offers many reputable options for finding an affordable and reliable used car. This comprehensive guide will provide insider tips to help you score the perfect used vehicle at the best possible price in Halifax.

We’ll overview the top used car dealerships in Halifax like Steele Auto and O’Regan’s Automotive to help you find options. You’ll get advice on the optimal timing for buying used and whether to go dealer versus private sale. Most importantly, you’ll learn insider negotiation strategies to maximize savings off the sticker price.

By the end of this guide, you’ll feel empowered to find and purchase your ideal used car while avoiding headaches and getting the lowest price. Let’s get started!

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Why Buy Used in Halifax?

Buying a used car in Halifax has many advantages over purchasing new. With a huge selection of quality used vehicles available, you can find reliability and value at a fraction of the cost.

The top reason to buy used is the savings. Even a 2-3 year old used car has already taken the big depreciation hit, so you avoid that major expense. Used cars can cost 40-60% less than new, saving you thousands of dollars.

Halifax has no shortage of used car inventory. As a major city and port, there is constant turnover in vehicles. This gives you access to a wide range of makes, models, body styles, and prices – far more selection than just what’s on a dealer’s new car lot.

Finally, today’s used cars are very well-built and last longer than ever. Many come with remaining factory warranty coverage too. So you can get a lightly used, like-new vehicle that still has years of life left, for substantially less than new.


Top Halifax Used Car Dealers

Halifax is home to some of the top used car dealers in Nova Scotia. With a wide selection of makes, models, and prices, these dealers have built strong reputations for quality vehicles and excellent customer service.


Steele Auto Group

As Atlantic Canada’s largest auto dealer, Steele Auto Group offers one of the biggest selections of used cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs in the Halifax area. With multiple dealership locations, Steele maintains over 2,000 used vehicles in stock at any given time. Their online inventory makes browsing easy, and they have a reputation for fair, no-haggle pricing.


O’Regan’s Automotive

Operating in Halifax for over 50 years, O’Regan’s Automotive has become a trusted local name in used vehicles. With two locations in Halifax and additional used car dealerships in Dartmouth and Bridgewater, O’Regan’s offers a wide range of makes and models to choose from. Their sales team is known for being helpful and not too pushy.


Hayden Agencies

In business for over 30 years, Hayden Agencies provides another excellent choice for Halifax used car buyers. Their selection includes all the major brands, and they have a reputation for reliable, safety-inspected vehicles. Hayden’s offers financing assistance and has an on-site service department as well.


Race Auto Group

Race Auto Group operates a 15,000 square foot Halifax dealership with a large inventory of used vehicles. In addition to sales, they also provide financing, rentals, repairs and parts under one roof. Race Auto Group has built a strong reputation in the local community over the past decade.


Portland Street Honda

Part of the O’Regan family, Portland Street Honda is a reliable choice for used Honda vehicles. As an authorized Honda dealer, they offer certified pre-owned Honda cars and SUVs complete with vehicle history reports and manufacturer warranties. Their no-haggle pricing and knowledgeable staff make shopping easy.


Steele Auto Group

Steele Auto Group is one of Halifax’s most well-known and reputable used car dealerships. Founded in 1967, they have grown to become Atlantic Canada’s largest auto dealer for both new and used vehicles. With 5 locations across Halifax and Dartmouth, Steele Auto Group has established itself as a trusted destination for quality pre-owned vehicles at fair prices.

As Halifax’s top-selling dealership, Steele maintains a huge selection with hundreds of used cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs in stock. Their massive inventory ranges across all makes and models, domestic and import, with a focus on popular options like Honda, Toyota, Ford, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Nissan, and more. Whether you’re looking for an economy car, family sedan, pickup truck, or luxury SUV, chances are Steele Auto Group has multiple options to test drive.

Steele Auto Group has built a reputation for offering the best prices in a no-haggle environment. Their used vehicles are competitively priced using real-time market data and thoroughly inspected to ensure quality. Many come with extended warranty options for added peace of mind. Between their pricing, selection and customer service, it’s no wonder Steele Auto Group is most buyers’ first stop when shopping for used cars in Halifax.


O’Regan’s Automotive

O’Regan’s Automotive is a long-standing local dealer with multiple locations across Halifax and Dartmouth and a wide range of makes and models to choose from. They have been selling quality used vehicles in Nova Scotia since 1957. With over 60 years of experience finding customers the right used car at the right price, O’Regan’s has built a reputation as one of the most trusted names in used cars in Halifax.

O’Regan’s has two used car dealership locations in Halifax – one on Kempt Road and another on Windmill Road. They also have a third location in Dartmouth Crossing. Between the three dealerships, O’Regan’s has one of the largest inventories of quality used cars, trucks, vans and SUVs in Halifax, with hundreds of vehicles available.

Their selection includes a diverse range of makes and models from Toyota and Honda to Ford and Chevrolet. You can find certified pre-owned vehicles as well as more budget-friendly options. Their online inventory makes it easy to browse and search for exactly what you’re looking for. Once you find a vehicle you like, you can book a test drive right on their website.

In addition to sales, O’Regan’s provides a full suite of services at their dealerships. Their service departments are equipped to handle maintenance, repairs, inspections, oil changes and more. Their finance experts can help you explore purchase and lease options if needed. O’Regan’s aims to provide a complete used car buying experience under one roof.

With rock-bottom pricing, a huge selection, and excellent customer service, it’s no wonder O’Regan’s has been one of the top choices for quality used vehicles in Halifax for over half a century.


Hayden Agencies

Hayden Agencies is one of the most well-known and reliable used car dealers in Halifax. They have been operating in the city for over 30 years, building a reputation for quality used vehicles. When shopping for pre-owned cars in Halifax, Hayden Agencies is a dealership you can trust.

With over three decades of experience buying and selling used cars, trucks, and SUVs, Hayden knows how to pick out the cream of the crop. Their selection of inventory is always changing, but you can consistently find a wide range of makes and models on their lot.

Reliability and longevity are hallmarks of Hayden Agencies. By sticking around for so long and taking care of their customers, they’ve become a Halifax institution. When you buy from Hayden, you know you’ll be getting a solid used vehicle at a fair price from a dealer who plans to be around to honor any warranties and provide service.

If you’re looking for quality, selection, and a dealership with deep roots in the community, put Hayden Agencies on your list of top used car dealers to check out in Halifax.


Race Auto Group

Race Auto Group is another reputable option for buying quality used cars in Halifax. This dealer has been serving the area for over 25 years and has earned a strong reputation for its used vehicle selection, financing assistance, rentals, and repairs.

When shopping the used inventory at Race Auto Group, buyers can expect to find a wide variety of makes and models. The knowledgeable sales staff can help you find the right used car to fit your needs and budget. They work with customers to get them financed, even those with poor credit or no credit history. This makes them a great option for first-time car buyers in Halifax.

In addition to used car sales, Race Auto Group provides rental cars for those in need of temporary transportation. Rental rates are affordable, and the dealer offers a range of sedan, SUV, and truck options. They also have an on-site service center for used car repairs and maintenance.

The service technicians at Race Auto Group are factory trained and can handle anything from oil changes and brake jobs to major engine and transmission repairs. They use quality OEM parts to ensure repairs are done right the first time. This gives buyers even more confidence in the used vehicles purchased from Race Auto Group.

With their focus on used cars, financing, rentals, and service, Race Auto Group covers all the bases car buyers in Halifax need. They simplify the process of finding, affording, and maintaining the right used vehicle.


Portland Street Honda

Portland Street Honda is a well-known used car dealer in Halifax specializing in certified pre-owned Honda vehicles. As an authorized Honda dealer, Portland Street Honda provides access to a wide selection of certified used Honda cars, SUVs, and trucks that have passed Honda’s rigorous certification process.

To qualify for Honda’s certified pre-owned program, a vehicle must be less than 6 years old with fewer than 80,000 miles. It undergoes a 150+ point inspection and receives any needed repairs to meet Honda’s high standards. Certified used Hondas also come with extended warranty coverage, roadside assistance, a CARFAX vehicle history report, and more.

The benefit of buying a certified used Honda is getting the reliability and quality of the Honda brand with the affordability of a used vehicle. Portland Street Honda’s certified inventory includes popular models like the CR-V, Civic, and Accord. Their online search tool allows you to browse available certified used Hondas and get price quotes easily.

In addition to competitive pricing, Portland Street Honda offers flexible financing options to get you into your ideal certified used Honda. Their financing experts can find financing solutions even for buyers with poor credit. This makes certified used Hondas accessible to more buyers in the Halifax area.

For anyone looking for a reliable, late-model used Honda backed by the manufacturer, Portland Street Honda should be a top contender. Their selection of Honda certified used vehicles spans a range of body styles and budgets.


When to Buy Used in Halifax for the Best Deal

Timing your used car purchase strategically can help you score an even better deal in Halifax. Dealerships typically have sales quotas to hit at certain times of the month or year, so they may be more motivated to wheel and deal during specific periods. Here are the best times to shop for maximum savings:


End of the Month/Quarter – Salespeople are eager to hit their monthly and quarterly quotas before time runs out. Stop by in the last week or two of a month or quarter and see if you can take advantage of their sense of urgency with better pricing.

Holiday Weekends – Many dealers run promotions around long weekends and holidays to get more customers through the doors. Memorial Day, Canada Day, and Labor Day weekends are great times to shop.

December to February – Winter is the slowest season for car sales in Canada. Dealers will be more flexible on pricing so they can keep up momentum. Less inventory also means more negotiating power for you.

Right When New Models Arrive – When new model year vehicles hit the lot, dealers are anxious to sell off last year’s models still in stock. Ask what older stock they have for a good value.

End of Day – Salespeople who haven’t met their daily goals will be eager to make a deal as closing time nears. Stop by an hour or two before they close up shop.

Weekdays – Weekends are busy times for dealers. Weekday and evening hours tend to be slower, so salespeople have more time to focus on negotiating with you.


Buying Used vs Dealer

When buying a used car in Halifax, you have two main options – purchase from a licensed dealer or buy privately from an individual. Both routes have their pros and cons.

The main benefits of buying from a used car dealer include:


  • Access to a larger selection of makes, models, years, colors, features etc. Dealerships have extensive used vehicle inventories.
  • Peace of mind from warranties and certification programs. Many dealers offer certified pre-owned vehicles with extended warranty coverage.
  • Easier test drives and vehicle inspections. Dealerships allow test drives and have repair facilities for inspections.
  • Financing assistance. Dealers can provide financing options and sometimes special rates.
  • Legal protections. Nova Scotia has laws governing dealership sales, lemon vehicles etc.


However, there are some potential downsides to dealerships as well:


  • Higher prices. Dealers have overhead costs that lead to higher pricing.
  • Pressure tactics. Some dealers use aggressive sales tactics.
  • Murky histories. Dealers may try to hide issues in a vehicle’s past.
  • Focus on profit. A dealer’s priority is making a sale rather than finding you the perfect car.


On the other hand, some benefits of a private sale include:


  • Lower prices. You can often get a better deal buying directly from a previous owner.
  • Learn car history. Speaking directly with the previous owner provides insight.
  • No pressure. Negotiating with an individual is generally low pressure.
  • Find rare deals. Private sellers may list unique vehicles not at dealers.


But some drawbacks of private sales are:


  • Smaller selection. Each seller only has one vehicle to choose from.
  • No legal protection. Private sales are as-is with no guarantees.
  • No financing help. You’ll need to arrange your own financing.
  • Test drives difficult. Individuals may not allow extended test drives.


Overall, both options are viable ways to find a great used car in Halifax. Weigh the pros and cons of each to decide what will work best for your situation.


Getting Quotes

One of the best ways to ensure you get the lowest price on a used car in Halifax is to get multiple quotes. Don’t just go to one dealership and accept their first offer. Contact at least 3-5 dealerships to inquire about pricing on the specific used vehicle you want. Let each dealer know you are shopping around for the best deal. This creates healthy competition between dealerships wanting to earn your business.

When comparing quotes between dealers, be sure to get the full out-the-door price in writing, including all fees and taxes. Don’t just look at the base price of the used car itself. The total bottom line price is what really matters. Armed with multiple dealer quotes in hand, you’ll have all the information you need to negotiate the absolute lowest price.

Online pricing from dealer websites can be useful, but isn’t always up-to-date or inclusive of fees. Calling dealerships directly and meeting in person will get you a more accurate and realistic quote. Have the dealership email you their formal quote for documentation. Come prepared with the exact used car make, model, year and mileage you want. The more precise you are, the better the quotes.

Getting multiple quotes takes a bit more time upfront, but saves you money in the long run. With a few quotes, you’ll gain significant bargaining power to knock thousands of dollars off the price of your used car purchase in Halifax.


Negotiation Tips

When negotiating for a used car in Halifax, it’s important to focus on the out-the-door (OTD) price rather than just the vehicle price. The OTD price includes all fees and taxes associated with the purchase. Don’t let the dealer distract you by only talking about the vehicle price. Keep bringing the discussion back to the bottom line OTD price.

Certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles can provide peace of mind but also limit your negotiation leverage. CPO cars cost more but come with extended warranties and are rigorously inspected. If considering a CPO vehicle, make sure the extra cost is worthwhile for your needs. Non-certified used cars typically have more room to negotiate on price.

Other tips for getting the best deal:


  • Get quotes from multiple dealerships to compare pricing
  • Look up fair market values online to estimate a reasonable price
  • Point out any flaws or wear-and-tear to ask for a lower price
  • Offer below asking price and meet somewhere in the middle
  • Mention competing offers to pressure the dealer to match
  • Ask about any wiggle room if the price seems firm


By focusing on OTD price, researching fair values, and leveraging competition, you can negotiate the very best deal on a used car in Halifax.



Even if you plan to pay cash for a used car, it can still make sense to finance your purchase rather than pay the full amount upfront. Here’s why:


Dealers make money on financing, so they are often more flexible on price if you finance through them or their partners. By agreeing to finance, you give the dealer an opportunity to earn back some of the profit they lost on the sale price. This means they may be willing to go even lower on the vehicle price.

Get pre-approved for financing even if planning to pay cash. This shows the dealer you have financing options, but are open to using theirs if they can beat your rate. Dealers want the financing profits and will negotiate harder knowing you could take your business elsewhere.

Pay attention to the out the door price rather than just the vehicle price. The out the door price encompasses everything – vehicle price, taxes, documentation fees, accessories, etc. Getting the best deal means focusing negotiations on lowering the total out the door price through financing discounts.

Once you’ve negotiated the lowest out the door price with dealer financing, you still have the option to pay in cash. There are no penalties for paying the loan off quickly or immediately. You get the savings from lower pricing, without financing interest or fees.

The bottom line is that financing gives you important leverage. Even if you can pay cash, look at financing to negotiate the absolute lowest price. You can always pay off the loan immediately after purchase if you prefer.


Getting an Independent Inspection

One of the most important steps when buying a used car is getting an independent inspection before purchase. An independent mechanic can thoroughly inspect the vehicle and identify any issues or problems the dealer may have missed or not disclosed. This protects you from buying a used car with hidden mechanical defects or excessive wear and tear.

Some reasons getting an independent inspection is critical:


  • Dealers mainly do cosmetic inspections and may overlook or downplay issues
  • Independent mechanics have no stake in the sale, so provide unbiased assessment
  • Inspections include test drives to find issues while operating
  • Mechanics use diagnostics to check parts like the transmission and engine
  • Brakes, tires, fluids, chassis and other key components are examined
  • Past accident damage or frame repairs can be identified
  • You avoid later repair bills and headaches from buying a faulty vehicle


The $100-$200 cost of an inspection is minor compared to the thousands it could save you from buying a used car with significant problems. When reviewing quotes from Halifax used car dealers, don’t decide on a vehicle until you’ve had it inspected by an independent mechanic you trust.


Avoiding Issues When Buying Used in Halifax

When purchasing a used vehicle, there are a few key things to watch out for to avoid ending up with a problematic car. Being diligent can help you avoid major headaches down the road.


Check the Title

One of the most important things is to carefully examine the title of any used vehicle you are considering. Make sure the title is clean and doesn’t have any liens or loans attached to it. If the previous owner still owes money on the car, their lender will have a lien, meaning they still technically own the vehicle. This could present major problems later if you buy the car, so be sure to verify a clean title upfront.


Review Accident History

Carefully go over any vehicle history reports to check for accidents or damage. Even minor accidents can cause underlying issues, so you’ll want to know the full history. Reputable dealers will provide these reports, but you can also purchase your own through CARFAX or similar services. Look for inconsistencies, large gaps in ownership, or anything else odd that might indicate the car has issues.


Check for Liens

In addition to loans, also check that no other liens are attached to the car, like for unpaid taxes or fees. Just like with loans, a lien means the government agency technically still owns the car. Make sure any back taxes and fees have been fully paid before purchasing the used vehicle.



In summary, Halifax has many reputable options when it comes to finding your next used vehicle. By focusing your search on dealers like Steele Auto, O’Regan’s, Hayden, and Portland Street Honda, you can feel confident you’ll be getting a quality used car at a fair price.

Some key tips to recap when buying used in Halifax:


  • Shop late in the month or quarter to get the best deals
  • Get quotes from multiple dealers to compare pricing
  • Negotiate the out the door price, not just the vehicle price
  • Consider certified pre-owned vehicles with warranties
  • Take any used car to an independent mechanic for inspection first


By following the advice in this guide, setting your budget, inspecting vehicles thoroughly, and negotiating hard, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect used car in Halifax. Stick to reputable dealers, don’t settle for less than you want, and enjoy the search for your next set of wheels.

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Questions About The Best Used Car Dealerships in Halifax

Some of the best used car dealerships in Halifax include:


Steele Auto Group – They have a large inventory of new and used vehicles and are known for great customer service. They have a good selection of used cars, trucks and SUVs.


O’Regan’s Green Light Used Cars – This is one of the most well-established used car dealerships in Halifax. They have a good reputation and a large selection of quality used vehicles.


Hayden Auto – Hayden Auto has been selling used cars in Halifax for over 30 years. They have a wide selection and knowledgeable sales staff.


O’Regan’s Wholesale Direct Halifax – They offer good deals on used vehicles that they purchase directly from auctions. Customers have reported very positive experiences.


Halifax Auction Direct – This dealership specializes in finding deals at auctions and passing the savings onto customers. They have a large inventory of used vehicles.


Race Auto Group – Race Auto Group has a good selection of used cars, trucks and SUVs at their Halifax location. They are also known for great financing options and repairs.

When buying a used car in Halifax, be sure to:


– Get a vehicle history report to check for any accidents, damage or issues


– Have the car inspected by an independent mechanic before purchase


– Check under the hood for any leaks, damage or wear and tear


– Take the car for a thorough test drive to check handling, brakes, transmission etc.


– Check that all features and electronics work properly


– Carefully inspect the interior and exterior for any imperfections


– Ask about any existing warranties that may transfer to you


– Make sure all maintenance records are available


– Negotiate the best possible price


– Get all agreements with the dealership in writing before finalizing the sale

Some of the most reliable used car models you can buy in Halifax include:


– Toyota Corolla – Compact cars known for dependability and affordability


– Honda Civic – Well-built small cars with impressive fuel economy


– Subaru Outback – Sturdy AWD wagons and crossovers with safety features


– Toyota RAV4 – Top-selling small SUV with solid resale value


– Honda CR-V – Practical compact SUVs with lots of cargo space


– Mazda3 – Fun-to-drive compact cars that are sporty and efficient


– Toyota Tacoma – Capable midsize pickup trucks with durability


– Ford F-150 – Best selling pickup in Canada offering capability


When test driving used models, be sure to inspect condition closely and have a mechanic check it over. Consider certified pre-owned cars which undergo inspections and may include warranties.

When budgeting for a used car purchase in Halifax, you’ll generally want to set aside funds for:


– Vehicle Price – For a reliable used car, expect to spend $10,000 to $20,000+


– Taxes – In Nova Scotia, you must pay 15% HST on used vehicles


– Registration & Fees – Around $180 for registration, plates etc


– Insurance – Budget around $1500+ per year for decent coverage


– Financing – If financing, plan for interest charges over the loan term


– Inspections & Repairs – At least $100-$200 for a prepurchase inspection


Also factor in ongoing costs like fuel, maintenance, and repairs. Consider setting 10-20% of the vehicle price aside for unexpected repairs. Getting a recent-model used car can help minimize repair bills.

Some good used car financing options in Halifax include:


– Dealership Financing – Many dealers will offer car loans through partnerships with lenders


– Bank Loans – Banks like RBC, Scotiabank, TD offer competitive auto loans


– Credit Unions – Local credit unions like Atlantic Central often have used car loan options


– Manufacturer Financing – Options like Honda or Toyota Financial Services (subject to approval)


– Online Lenders – Companies like Canada Drives help match borrowers to lenders


Consider getting pre-approved to strengthen your negotiating position with the dealership. Compare interest rates from multiple lenders before deciding. Average used car interest rates range from 5-15% based on your credit.

There are pros and cons to both options when buying a used car. Dealerships provide:


– Better selection across multiple brands, models, years


– Vehicle history reports and safety inspections


– Professional sales process and test drives


– Financing and extended warranty options


– May be more expensive than private sales


Buying through a private seller has benefits like:


– Potentially better pricing and value


– No overhead costs factored into pricing


– Can negotiate directly with owner


– Less pressure during sales process


No matter what, it’s smart to bring any used car to an independent mechanic for inspection first. Consider options from both dealers and private sellers to find the best deal.

To avoid buying flood damaged used cars:


– Get a vehicle history report from Carfax or CarProof which lists any flood damage


– Carefully inspect the interior for signs of water damage like mold or rust


– Check for mud or signs of water lines in the engine bay and trunk


– Look for fogging inside headlights and taillights


– Test all electronic systems extensively for any issues


– Review maintenance records and confirm regular upkeep


– Have a trusted mechanic do a pre-purchase inspection


– Walk away if the seller seems evasive about past damage


Buying from reputable dealerships can help minimize flood risk. But carefully vetting any used car yourself using vehicle histories, inspections and test drives is important.

For used cars in Halifax, common warranty options include:


– Original Manufacturer Warranty – New car warranties transfer to subsequent owners if time/mileage remains


– Certified Pre-Owned Warranty – Typically extend original new car warranty on certified vehicles


– Dealer Warranty – Some dealers offer 30-90 day limited warranties on their used cars


– Extended Warranties – Dealers can sell extra coverage for powertrain, electronics etc


– As-Is – Private sales may have no warranty coverage at all


– Third Party Warranties – Can buy additional coverage from providers like First Canadian


Be sure to confirm any warranty details in writing. Coverage can vary widely between vehicles. Extended warranties can provide peace of mind but read policies carefully regarding costs, exclusions etc.

Key questions to ask used car sales staff:


– Why are you selling this particular vehicle?


– How many previous owners did this car have?


– What is the maintenance and repair history?


– Has this vehicle ever been in an accident?


– Is there any existing warranty or protection plans?


– Can I take this car for an independent inspection?


– Is there any wiggle room on the asking price?


– What extras or fees are involved with purchase?


– Can you provide service records for this vehicle?


Listen carefully and gauge if the seller is transparent about the car’s history. Take notes and double check details like accidents, owners, and service intervals.

When purchasing a used car in Halifax plan for:


– HST – You must pay 15% harmonized sales tax


– Registration fee – $180.45 to license and register the vehicle


– Dealer documentation fee – Charged by some dealers for paperwork, can be negotiable


– Inspection cost – If an inspection is required, typically $100-$150


– Fuel charge – Dealers may fill the tank and charge for the fuel


– Financing charges – Interest payments if you take out a car loan


– Extended warranty – Optional but can add $1000+ for added coverage


– NS tire levy – $4.50 per new tire sold on a vehicle


Always verify exactly what fees apply before finalizing your used car purchase so there are no surprises. The taxes and registration will apply to most purchases.

When finalizing a used car purchase in Nova Scotia, make sure to get:


– Bill of sale – Details price paid, condition of sale, vehicle details


– Safety inspection certificate – Certifies car passes safety requirements


– Ownership transfer form – Transfers title from seller to buyer


– Sales contract – Legally binding agreement signed by buyer and seller


– Registration documentation – To properly register the vehicle in your name


– Proof of insurance – Required to license the vehicle


– Warranty documentation – Details any warranty coverage


– Financing agreement – Payment terms if purchasing through financing


Review all documents carefully before signing and make sure details match agreed upon sale terms. Keep copies of signed paperwork for your records.

To check for liens or loans when buying a used car in Halifax:


– Ask to see the vehicle’s Nova Scotia Registration to confirm owner’s name


– Obtain a Carfax report which lists accident history plus any liens


– The seller can request a Used Vehicle Information Package from Access Nova Scotia to confirm lien status


– Call the Personal Property Registry to do a search for security interests registered on the car


– Ask the seller to provide a lien release letter from the financing company


– If purchasing from a dealership, the dealer will handle ensuring a clear title


Confirming lien or loan status is important to avoid assuming unpaid debts from the previous owner. If an outstanding loan exists, proceed with caution before finalizing the purchase.

Purchasing extra insurance coverage is something to consider when buying a used car. Additional products can include:


– Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) – Covers any shortfall between insurance value and loan amount if the car is totaled or stolen.


– Replacement Cost Coverage – Pays to replace the car with a brand new model if it’s written off due to an accident.


– Loss of Use – Provides coverage if you need a rental while your car is repaired after a claim.


– Extended Warranty Protection – Adds protection for auto repairs beyond the original warranty period.


Evaluate your existing coverage before deciding if added insurance makes sense. Compare costs to potential benefits. Just make sure required basic coverage like auto liability insurance is in place.

Key questions for private sellers:


– Why are you selling the vehicle?


– How long have you owned this car? Were you the original owner?


– What is the usage and maintenance history? Have records been kept?


– Has it been in any accidents or had any body work done?


– Are there any existing mechanical issues or problems?


– Can I take the car for an independent inspection by my mechanic?


– Is there any warranty or guarantee on the vehicle?


– Are you willing to negotiate price at all?


– Can you provide usage history documentation like oil change receipts?


Gauge the seller’s responses carefully for evasiveness or hesitation. Where possible, verify history and maintenance records. Arrange an independent inspection before purchase.

For a private used car purchase you can pay the seller using:


– Certified cheque – Safest option as funds are guaranteed by the bank


– Bank draft – Guaranteed form of payment from your bank account


– Secure electronic bank transfer – Convenient way to send verified funds


– Cashier’s cheque – Payment guaranteed up to authorized amount


– Cash – Convenient but not recommended for security reasons


– Paypal or Interac e-Transfer – Some sellers may accept these electronic payments


– Personal cheque – Should be avoided as funds could be declined


Get a detailed receipt from the seller indicating payment amount and vehicle details. Never pay full amount until you have the signed vehicle title in hand.

The choice between leasing or buying used comes down to factors like:


Leasing Pros:


– Lower monthly payments than financing

– Get a new car every few years

– Option to buy the car later if desired

– Dealer takes on depreciation risk


Buying Used Pros:


– No mileage limits or wear-and-tear concerns

– Build equity as loan balance goes down

– Freedom to sell or trade the car anytime

– No future obligation to make payments

– Generally lower overall cost than leasing


Weigh your budget, expected mileage needs, and plans for upgrading vehicles in the future. Crunching the numbers for both options can determine what works best.

Tips for negotiating a great used car deal:


– Research prices for similar vehicles using online tools and classified listings to establish fair market value


– Get pre-approved for financing so you can negotiate purely on vehicle price


– Point out any flaws or issues that should lower asking price


– Start lower than asking price and meet in the middle


– Pitch a firm counteroffer if their price is too high


– Request free extras like snow tires, rust proofing or an extended warranty to sweeten the deal


– Time your purchase at month’s end when sales staff need to hit quotas


Stay firm, reiterate benefits of your offer, but be willing to compromise. Maintain a friendly, professional tone throughout negotiations.

Great places to search used listings in Halifax include:


– – Extensive classifieds updated daily from dealerships and private sellers


– Kijiji Autos – Features local classifieds searchable by make, model, price and more


– Dealerships sites – Large dealer groups like O’Regan’s offer big used inventories


– Facebook Marketplace – Search locally or province-wide for private sale listings


– Used Car Superstores – Chains like Carzoos or Halifax Auction Direct have large on-site inventories


– Online car retailers – Sites like CanadaDrives allow browsing of used cars from various dealers


– Local newspapers – Check classified sections both print and online


Cast a wide initial net across multiple sites and dealers. Leverage search filters to zero in on specific models, budget etc. Check new listings daily as inventory turns quickly.

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