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Best Used Car Dealerships in Kamloops

Best Used Car Dealerships in Kamloops

Buying a used car can be a daunting process. With so many options to choose from, it can be challenging to find a quality used vehicle at a fair price. Used cars have the stigma of being unreliable money pits, so it’s understandable to feel hesitant about making such a big purchase decision. However, with the right research and preparation, you can find the perfect used car that fits your needs and budget in Kamloops. This guide will provide tips to help you locate and choose a reputable used car dealership with quality inventory. We’ll also highlight some of the top-rated lots in Kamloops known for great customer service, transparent pricing, and making the used car buying process smooth and straightforward.

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Research Online For Dealership Reviews

One of the best ways to evaluate used car dealers in Kamloops is to search for reviews online. Start by looking up dealer names on sites like Yelp, Google, and Facebook to find customer ratings and reviews. Pay attention to the overall star rating for each dealer, which can give you a quick glance at their reputation. Look through the detailed reviews as well – these will highlight specific experiences customers have had at the dealership, including commentary on pricing, vehicle quality, financing, staff professionalism and more. Sort reviews by recency and read the newest first, since things may have changed at a dealership over time. Searching “[dealer name] reviews” and “Kamloops [dealer name]” can also help surface more relevant results. If you don’t see many reviews for a certain dealer, that could be a yellow flag as well. Taking the time to research reviews will give you valuable insight into dealers’ business practices before you even step foot on a lot.


Check Dealership Websites

One of the best ways to research used car dealerships in Kamloops is to browse their websites. Most dealerships have detailed websites showcasing their current vehicle inventory, pricing, financing options and more. Spend time looking through the inventory on a dealer’s site to get a feel for the types of used vehicles they carry. Pay attention to details like mileage, year and trim level. Many sites allow you to filter inventory based on criteria like price range or vehicle type. Check if they offer specials on certain models. Also look for online payment calculators to get an idea of potential monthly payments on vehicles you’re interested in. Examine the available financing options, whether it be in-house financing, third party loans or leasing deals. Reputable dealers will be transparent about pricing and financing terms on their sites. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the internet sales team with any questions as you research.


Ask For Local Recommendations

One of the best ways to find a reputable used car dealer is to ask for recommendations from locals who have experience buying in the area. Friends, family, coworkers, neighbors and other members of the community can provide first-hand insight into dealers with quality vehicles and excellent customer service.

Reach out to your personal network and ask if anyone has recently purchased from a used car lot in Kamloops. Find out which dealerships they had the best experiences at and which ones they would recommend or advise avoiding. Listen for factors like fair pricing, pressure-free sales tactics, vehicle condition and responsive post-purchase service.

You can also turn to local Facebook groups, Reddit forums and other online communities to crowd-source opinions on the top used car dealers in the city. Kamloops residents who have shopped around will offer helpful suggestions on lots with the best deals and highest satisfaction.

Leveraging word-of-mouth referrals from people in Kamloops can help guide you towards reputable dealers known for pleasing customers. The locals have valuable insights as to which used car lots live up to their stellar reputations.


Visit The Dealership In Person

Once you’ve done your online research on Kamloops used car dealers, the next step is to visit the lots in person. This allows you to assess the professionalism of the sales staff, see the condition of vehicles first-hand, and get a feel for the overall customer experience.

Pay attention to how neat, organized, and clean the dealership appears. Are the cars detailed and arranged nicely? Is the customer lounge comfortable and welcoming? Do employees greet you promptly and treat you with respect?

Observe how the salespeople interact with customers. Are they pushy and aggressive or do they allow you to browse at your own pace? Professional staff will be knowledgeable about inventory and willing to answer questions without applying high-pressure tactics.

You can learn a lot about a dealership’s reputation by experiencing how they treat customers face-to-face. A disorganized, messy facility or rude staff should raise some red flags. Seek out dealers known for making the car buying process smooth and stress-free.


Country Auto Sales Overview

Country Auto Sales is a top choice for used car shoppers in Kamloops. This family-owned and operated dealership has been serving the community for over 15 years. They have a wide selection of makes and models on their lot, from fuel-efficient compacts to rugged trucks and SUVs. What really sets Country Auto Sales apart is their focus on customer service. Reviews often praise the friendly staff and no-pressure sales approach. Customers feel they can browse the inventory at their own pace without being hassled. The sales team takes time to listen to buyer needs and matches them with the right vehicle and financing options. Country Auto Sales has an in-house financing department to help make purchasing easier. Overall, they’ve built a reputation in Kamloops for fair pricing, quality vehicles, and excellent service.


Totem City Motors Overview

Totem City Motors is one of the top choices for quality used vehicles in Kamloops. This dealership stands out for its exceptionally large inventory of late-model used cars, trucks, SUVs and more. With over 100 vehicles in stock at any given time, you’re likely to find the perfect pre-owned vehicle for your needs at Totem City Motors.

What really makes Totem City Motors unique is their transparent, haggle-free pricing. Vehicles are clearly priced upfront, so you don’t need to negotiate or worry about hidden fees. The dealership prides itself on a stress-free and straightforward sales process. You can even get pre-approved for financing online before you visit the lot.

Customer reviews consistently praise Totem City Motors for their selection, pricing and customer service. It’s one of the highest rated used car dealers in the Kamloops area. If you’re looking for an easy, pleasant experience finding your next used vehicle, Totem City Motors is a top contender.


AB Car Sales Overview

One of the top used car dealerships in Kamloops is AB Car Sales. They market themselves as a premium preowned vehicle dealer, with an emphasis on quality late-model SUVs and cars. When browsing their inventory online or visiting their lot, you’ll notice they have a wide selection of higher-end makes and models to choose from.

As a premium used car dealer, AB Car Sales puts extra effort into ensuring their vehicles are in excellent condition before being offered for sale. All their preowned cars and trucks go through a thorough inspection and reconditioning process first. This gives buyers confidence they are getting a quality used vehicle that has been checked over bumper to bumper.

In addition to premium vehicles, AB Car Sales also offers competitive pricing and financing rates to customers. Their prices are fair based on vehicle conditions and they work to secure customers the best possible auto loan terms. Between their focus on premium used cars and competitive financing, AB Car Sales aims to make the car buying process smooth and satisfying.


Other Notable Used Car Lots

In addition to the top-rated dealers above, there are several other used car lots in Kamloops worth checking out:


KWA Auto

KWA Auto is a small, family-owned used car dealership known for excellent customer service and wholesale pricing. As a smaller operation, they specialize in working with first-time car owners to find reliable used vehicles.


Mitchies Auto Sales

Operating in Kamloops for over 15 years, Mitchies Auto Sales provides a wide selection of used cars, trucks, and SUVs. They have an on-site service department for inspections and repairs.


Auto Motion Motors

Auto Motion Motors has a large inventory of quality used cars and vans. The knowledgeable sales staff focuses on finding the perfect vehicle for each customer’s needs and budget.


Tru Market

Voted one of Kamloops’ top used car dealers for many years, Tru Market provides premium pre-owned vehicles of all makes and models. Their lot changes inventory frequently.


What to Look for at a Great Used Car Dealer

When evaluating used car dealers in Kamloops, pay attention to key factors that indicate a reputable, high-quality dealership. Some top signs to look for include:


Professional Facilities and Staff

A great used car lot maintains clean, organized facilities and has smartly dressed, courteous salespeople. Disorganization or pushy, disheveled employees are red flags. Look for dealerships where the staff is professional and willing to listen to your needs.


Fair, Competitive Pricing

Make sure to compare the prices at various dealers to get a sense of reasonable rates based on factors like vehicle condition, mileage, and demand. Avoid dealerships that seem to price vehicles way above average for your area. The best ones price competitively and offer deals.


Strong Customer Service

Pay attention to how the dealer treats you during test drives and throughout the buying process. Good customer service is critical for addressing any issues with the vehicle after purchase. Make sure the dealer is responsive and helpful before committing to buy.


Clean Facilities

One of the first things to look for when visiting a used car dealership lot is how clean and well-maintained the facilities are. A dealership that takes pride in its appearance and upkeep is more likely to take good care of its inventory as well. When you drive onto the lot, look to see that the area is free of debris and all the vehicles are washed and detailed. Pay attention to see if the cars are parked neatly in rows or haphazardly crammed together.

Also take note of the condition of the dealership showroom. Is it modern and welcoming or outdated and dingy? Are the sales desks tidy and the floors vacuumed? The cleanliness and organization of the showroom reflects on the professionalism of the dealership. You’ll get a good first impression if the waiting area is comfortable and the restrooms are clean. A cluttered and dirty facility may be a red flag for poor management.

The ideal used car lot has paved parking, freshly painted lines, and landscaping features like trees, shrubs, and flowers around the perimeter. Well-kept grounds signal that the dealer cares about aesthetics and puts effort into maintenance. When you see a pristine lot and showroom, it creates confidence that the vehicles have been properly cared for too.


Carfax Reports

One of the most important things to look for when buying a used vehicle is a detailed vehicle history report. Most reputable dealerships provide these reports from Carfax or a similar provider. The reports give you insight into the car’s history including any previous accidents, maintenance records, title issues and more. A clean report can give you peace of mind that the car has no major red flags. Check that the car’s VIN number on the report matches the vehicle you are looking at. A vehicle history report is a must, especially when buying from a private seller. If a dealer doesn’t provide one, you may want to reconsider doing business with them.


Fair Pricing

One of the most important factors when shopping for a used vehicle is fair pricing. You’ll want to make sure the asking price of any car or truck you’re considering is in line with its condition, features, mileage and market value.

A trustworthy dealership will price their vehicles reasonably based on careful assessment. They won’t try to inflate costs unnecessarily. As the buyer, take time to research fair pricing for the specific used vehicles you’re interested in.

Check sites like Kelley Blue Book and NADAguides to see the estimated value for the make, model, year and mileage. Compare this to the asking price at the dealer. Also, look at pricing for similar vehicles at other local lots and online listings.

If the dealership is pricing a certain car far above its estimated value and similar vehicles, that’s a red flag. A reasonable price aligned with condition and mileage demonstrates an honest, customer-focused dealer.


Financing Options

One important factor to consider when purchasing a used vehicle is financing. Many dealerships offer in-house financing options that can make buying a used car much easier. With an in-house loan, the dealership itself provides the financing for your vehicle purchase. This allows you to complete the entire sale at one location, without having to secure outside financing beforehand.

In-house financing provides several advantages for used car buyers in Kamloops. Dealerships can often offer lower interest rates than banks or other third-party lenders. They may also have more flexible approval requirements, making loans accessible to those with limited credit history. Since the dealer handles the entire financing process, it streamlines the purchasing experience.

Look for Kamloops used car dealers that advertise in-house financing programs on their websites. When you find an appealing vehicle, inquire about getting pre-approved for a loan right at the dealership. They will assess factors like your income, credit score, and down payment amount to determine the loan terms. With in-house financing, you can drive your next used car home the same day.


Responsive Customer Service

One of the most important factors when buying a used car is the level of customer service you receive after the sale. The dealership you choose should provide responsive support and helpful guidance whenever you need assistance.

Pay attention to how the sales staff treats you during the purchasing process. Do they seem genuinely interested in helping you find the right vehicle? Or are they pushy and only interested in making a quick sale?

A quality dealership will have service advisors readily available to answer any questions you have about your newly purchased used car. Whether it’s how to pair your phone via Bluetooth or when to schedule the first oil change, they should provide useful advice and quick responses.

You want to feel confident that any issues that come up will be handled promptly by the dealership’s service department. Things like mysterious dashboard lights, squeaky brakes, or clunking noises under the car may require a trip back to the mechanic.

Buying from a dealership with a reputation for responsive customer service means you’ll have expert support for the lifespan of your used vehicle. Having your questions answered and problems solved after purchase provides invaluable peace of mind.



Finding the right used car dealership in Kamloops requires some research and effort upfront, but the payoff is worth it. You’ll be able to find a quality used vehicle that fits your needs and budget. Focus your search on dealers with excellent online reviews, transparent pricing, a good selection of inventory, and a customer-focused sales process. Ask friends for recommendations and visit dealer lots in person to get a feel for their professionalism.

In summary, the keys to finding the perfect used car dealership in Kamloops are:


  • Research online reviews and check out dealer websites first.
  • Ask locals and friends for recommendations on reputable dealers.
  • Visit lots in person to assess the sales staff and see inventory.
  • Look for fair prices, financing options, and great service.
  • Consider well-reviewed dealers like Country Auto Sales, Totem City Motors, and AB Car Sales.


Taking the time to research will lead you to a great used car buying experience in Kamloops.

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Questions About The Best Used Car Dealerships in Kamloops

The top rated used car dealerships in Kamloops include Country Auto Sales, Totem City Motors, AB Car Sales, KWA – Kamloops Wholesale Auto, Auto Motion Motors, and Tru Market. These dealers offer a wide selection of quality used vehicles at competitive prices, along with excellent customer service. Many have been voted the best used car dealers in Kamloops for several years running.

Some of the best places to find affordable, high-quality used cars in Kamloops are KWA – Kamloops Wholesale Auto, AB Car Sales, Auto Motion Motors, Country Auto Sales, and Totem City Motors. As more budget-focused dealers, they offer lower prices while still providing a good selection of makes, models, and vehicle types to choose from. Their online inventories make it easy to search for cheaper used cars that fit your needs and budget.


Several used car dealerships in Kamloops are renowned for their excellent reputations, including Country Auto Sales, Totem City Motors, AB Car Sales, and Tru Market. These dealers stand out for their quality vehicles, transparent pricing, exceptional customer service and support, and commitment to the local community. Their high levels of integrity and goodwill have earned them outstanding reputations over many years in business.

The most reliable used car dealers in Kamloops often have excellent online reviews, A+ ratings with the Better Business Bureau, longstanding presences in the community, dealership awards and recognition, and strong word-of-mouth referrals. Before visiting a dealer, read reviews on Google, Facebook, and dealer rating sites. Also, check their BBB profile. Reputable dealers will have a high volume of positive reviews and few to no major complaints.

Important questions to ask Kamloops used car dealers include:


– How long have you been in business?

– Where do you source your used vehicle inventory?

– Do you provide vehicle history reports for each car?

– Is there a warranty included? What are the coverage terms?

– Can I take the car for an independent inspection?

– What reconditioning and safety checks do you perform on used vehicles before sale?


Asking the right questions helps verify the dealer’s reputation and business practices.

Common fees to expect from Kamloops used car dealers include:


– Documentation fee to process sale paperwork (around $300-$500)

– Taxes

– Registration and title transfer fees

– Dealer preparation fees ($200-$800)

– Warranty costs if purchased

– Financing fees if taking out a car loan


Reputable dealers will be upfront about required fees so you can budget accurately. Get all quotes in writing before finalizing a used car purchase.

The most reliable used car brands recommended for Kamloops’ climate and terrain include Toyota, Honda, Subaru, Mazda, Hyundai, Kia, Nissan, Ford, and GM. These makes tend to produce long-lasting vehicles suited to handle Kamloops’ varied landscape and road conditions. Models by these automakers are abundant on the local used market too.

Buying from a licensed used car dealer in Kamloops has advantages like:


– Wider selection of makes/models to choose from

– Vehicle history reports and safety inspections

– Warranty and return policies

– Financing assistance

– Valid registration and ability to test drive


However private sales may have lower prices. Weigh the benefits against any cost savings when deciding.

Paying cash outright provides the most leverage when negotiating used car prices with Kamloops dealers. You can often secure the lowest price by eliminating dealer financing. However financing longer term (5-6 years) at low interest can help keep monthly payments affordable on pricier models.

To properly inspect a Kamloops used car yourself:


– Thoroughly test drive under varied conditions

– Review vehicle history report

– Check undercarriage and components for rust

– Assess all electronics and features

– Look for leaks, damage, paint flaws

– Hire a certified mechanic to inspect vehicle prior to purchase


Proper inspection helps avoid buying used cars with hidden issues.

Red flags when shopping Kamloops used lots include:


– No vehicle history reports provided

– Refusal to allow independent inspection

– No warranty or guarantees on vehicles

– High-pressure sales tactics

– Complaints about shady business practices

– Cracked or bald tires on vehicles

– Stained upholstery or carpeting


Multiple issues could indicate larger problems – shop elsewhere if you notice red flags.

Most Kamloops used car dealers allow some price negotiation on vehicles. Research fair market prices in advance using Edmunds, KBB, and NADA Guides’ pricing tools so you know a reasonable offer amount. Negotiate politely, supported by facts. Be reasonable in your asks and willing to compromise. Time negotiations when dealerships are less busy to secure the best deals.

Reputable Kamloops used dealers can provide:


– Assistance fixing problems missed during sale inspection

– Car servicing and maintenance at on-site repair shops

– Body repair services for minor dents/scratches

– Help obtaining replacement keys/fobs if needed

– Support transferring registration to new owner

– Referrals to third-party parts/service providers

– Priority access to future dealer trade-in offers


Choose a dealer providing good after-sale support.

The highest concentrations of quality used car dealerships in Kamloops are found on Victoria Street West, 13th Avenue, Tranquille Road, and Summit Drive. Key areas and malls hosting dealers include Sahali, Aberdeen, North Kamloops, Tranquille, Fortune Drive, and Summit Park.

Strategies for finding the lowest Kamloops used car prices include:


– Compare online inventory pricing across multiple dealers

– Calculate fair value using Edmunds/KBB to negotiate deals

– Look for dealers offering promotions, discounts, or coupons

– Shop at high-volume dealers for pricing economies of scale

– Purchase used rental or fleet vehicles with low mileage

– Buy previous model years for instant depreciation savings


Checking prices from multiple sources takes a bit more time but saves substantially on major used car purchases.

Yes, it is smart to have any used car inspected by an independent ASE-certified mechanic in Kamloops before finalizing a purchase agreement. They will undertake a thorough 140+ point inspection checking all vehicle systems and components for issues not detectable through a standard test drive. The small $100-$200 cost is worthwhile protection against buying a used lemon. Ask the seller to allow inspection during your negotiation.

Kamloops used car dealerships generally offer some type of warranty with vehicle purchases to provide buyers protection. Entry-level warranties only cover the power train for 30 days up to 5,000 kilometres. More premium options can cover additional systems for as long as 7 years. Always clarify the warranty terms with the dealer F&I representative so you understand coverage before signing. Extended third party warranties can supplement dealer coverage too.

Properly maintaining a used car bought in Kamloops involves:


– Following the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule

– Replacing fluids, filters, spark plugs, belts per guidelines

– Rotating tires every 10,000 – 15,000 kms

– Checking tire tread depths monthly

– Fixing any mechanical problems immediately

– Keeping the vehicle clean inside and out

– Storing records of all maintenance and repairs


Proper care preserves your investment and prevents major repair bills. Consult your owner’s manual.

Essential questions to have ready when phoning Kamloops used car lots include:


– Do you have [specific make/model] in stock?

– What interior and exterior colors are available?

– May I see a vehicle history report for that VIN?

– What warranty is included with purchase?

– Are there any existing mechanical or cosmetic issues?

– May I take the vehicle for an independent pre-purchase inspection?

– Is the price advertised online negotiable?


Being prepared with questions makes the process more efficient.

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