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Best Used Car Dealerships in Kelowna

Best Used Car Dealerships in Kelowna

Buying a used car can be a daunting task, but finding the right dealership makes all the difference. With so many options to choose from, it’s important to find a dealership you can trust to provide quality vehicles at fair prices. The wrong dealership could mean ending up with a lemon of a car, or feeling swindled into paying more than you should. This is especially important with used cars since you won’t have the same protections as buying new. The stakes feel high when making such a major purchase for your family. That’s why researching the best used car dealerships in Kelowna is a smart first step for getting peace of mind with this decision.

Kelowna has numerous used car lots to choose from, but they aren’t all created equal. This guide will explore the top options for used car dealerships in Kelowna based on reputation, selection, prices, and more to help you find the perfect pre-owned vehicle. With the right dealership, you can drive away confident you found a great used car at a fair price.

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What to Look for in a Good Used Car Dealership

When shopping for a used vehicle, finding the right dealership is key. There are several factors that set reputable and reliable used car dealerships apart from the rest. Here are the top things to look for when choosing where to purchase your pre-owned car or truck:


Large Vehicle Selection

A quality used car lot will have a wide variety of makes, models, body styles, and years to browse. A dealership with a large, frequently updated inventory gives you more options to find the perfect vehicle. Look for lots with 100+ used cars and trucks available.


Competitive Pricing

Reliable dealers price their vehicles competitively based on condition, mileage, demand, and current market value. They should be willing to negotiate fairly to earn your business. Be wary of lots that seem abnormally cheap or won’t budge on inflated prices.


Good Reputation

Dealerships with a strong reputation for fair prices, quality vehicles, and excellent service tend to be more trustworthy. Check online reviews, Google ratings, and the Better Business Bureau before visiting a used car lot.


Transparent Vehicle Histories

Reputable used car dealers will provide vehicle history reports from Carfax or AutoCheck for each car they sell. This transparency ensures there are no title issues or accidents in the car’s past.


Financing Options

Many buyers need financing to purchase a used car. Quality dealers offer flexible financing through third-party lenders to get customers approved. They’ll work to find competitive interest rates and payment plans.


Professional Customer Service

From the sales staff to the financing department, excellent service makes the car buying experience smooth and stress-free. Knowledgeable, friendly staff are focused on the customer’s needs rather than pressuring for a sale.


Reputation is Key

When buying a used car, reputation is everything. You want to find a dealership with a solid reputation for fair pricing, quality vehicles, and excellent customer service. Online reviews and ratings from sites like Google, Facebook, and dealership rating sites can give you a good sense of a dealer’s reputation.

Look for used car lots with consistently high ratings and positive reviews praising things like the dealership’s no-pressure sales approach, wide selection, reasonable pricing, and transparency about any issues or history with their vehicles. Reviews from local community members referencing specific salespeople or dealership owners by name are also a good sign.

Avoid any dealerships with concerning reviews mentioning pushy sales tactics, vehicles in poor condition, or hidden fees. If you see consistent complaints about misleading advertising or salespeople being dishonest about vehicle history, it’s best to steer clear.

In addition to online reviews, you can get a feel for a used car dealer’s reputation by chatting with friends, family, and neighbors. First-hand referrals and recommendations from people you trust often lead you to the most reputable dealers.

Taking reputation into account helps remove the risk and uncertainty from buying used. A dealership with a proven track record of high quality vehicles and satisfied customers will give you much more confidence during the shopping and purchasing process.


Wide Selection

One of the most important factors when shopping for a used car is having a wide selection to choose from. The best dealers have inventory with various makes, models, body styles, and budget ranges. This allows you to find the exact vehicle you’re looking for without having to visit multiple lots.

Top used car dealers in Kelowna will have anywhere from 100-300 vehicles in stock at a time. Their inventory is constantly changing week to week. You’ll have options ranging from popular models like Honda Civics and Toyota Corollas to SUVs, trucks, minivans and more.

Within each make and model, you’ll find choices of trim packages, mileage ranges, colors and transmission types. A wide selection means you don’t have to settle on a car that doesn’t perfectly match your needs and preferences.

Dealerships focused on a niche like trucks or luxury vehicles tend to have less overall inventory. But for most buyers, a dealer with diverse stock covering all makes and body styles is ideal.

Visiting a dealer’s website beforehand is the easiest way to browse their current selection. This gives you an idea of what’s available before heading to the lot. Just keep in mind that inventory is always changing.

The best used car dealerships in Kelowna stand out for the sheer volume and variety of quality pre-owned vehicles they have in stock. With so many great options to see, you’re that much more likely to drive off the lot satisfied.


Competitive Pricing

When shopping for a used car, you want to find the best deal possible without overpaying. Competitive pricing is key – you want a dealership that provides fair offers and doesn’t try to rip you off. The last thing you want is to pay too much for a used car simply because the dealer overinflated the price.

The top used car dealers in Kelowna price their vehicles fairly based on market value. They work to offer competitive pricing across their inventory. This gives you negotiating power as a buyer to potentially get an even better deal.

With the right knowledge and preparation, you can negotiate the price down further at dealerships like Elite Auto Centre and Harmony Honda. Come armed with average pricing data on the specific make and model you want. Be willing to walk away if you can’t get the price within a reasonable range.

Getting pre-approved financing also improves your leverage in negotiating. When a dealer knows you are ready to buy if the price is right, they will be more motivated to sharpen their pencil and offer you the most competitive deal possible.

By selecting a reputable dealership that prices fairly and leveraging your position as a buyer, you can drive away knowing you scored an great price on your used vehicle in Kelowna.


Transparent History

When buying a used vehicle, knowing the full history is crucial. You’ll want to find a dealer that provides detailed records on previous maintenance, previous owners, accidents, and more. A reputable used car lot will be completely transparent about the background of each vehicle in their inventory.

Maintenance records allow you to see exactly what repairs and service the vehicle has undergone. Were oil changes done regularly? Have major components like the transmission been replaced? This info helps you identify potential issues or signs of a well-cared for car.

The number of previous owners can also be telling. More owners in a short period of time could indicate issues down the road. However, one or two owners who kept the vehicle long term is a good sign.

Accident history and the extent of damage is key. Minor fender benders generally aren’t too concerning. However major collisions, especially those that compromised the frame or required extensive repairs, are red flags. When possible, get an inspection from a trusted mechanic.

At reputable dealers like Elite Auto Centre, detailed vehicle histories are provided on every car on their lot. You’ll have all the info needed to make an informed decision.


Financing Options

When buying a used vehicle, having financing pre-arranged can give you leverage when negotiating and save you time at the dealership. The best dealerships will have dedicated finance teams that can help customers with getting approval and finding the best loan terms for their budget and credit situation.

Getting pre-approved for an auto loan before visiting dealerships takes the stress out of wondering whether you’ll qualify and removes financing contingencies from the purchasing process. With a pre-approval letter in hand, you can focus your negotiations on the purchase price of the vehicle rather than financing terms.

Good used car dealers will work with customers of all credit types to find competitive interest rates and flexible loan terms to make the vehicle affordable. Having an in-house financing team or relationships with trusted lenders allows them to get customers approved at rates they may not find on their own.

The top used car dealerships in Kelowna will lay out all the financing options clearly, so customers understand interest rates, down payments, and monthly payments before signing. There should be no surprises or hidden fees when it comes time to finalize the loan agreement.

A reputable dealership won’t use financing as a profit center but rather as a way to facilitate customers getting a great used vehicle that fits within their budget. Finding the right financing makes the dream of owning that ideal car finally possible.


Professional Service

When shopping for a used car, the level of professional service you receive can make or break the experience. The best dealerships employ staff that are knowledgeable, patient, and truly aim to match customers with the right vehicles. They invest time getting to know your needs and preferences, instead of rushing you through a sale.

Look for salespeople that listen more than talk. They should ask thoughtful questions to understand how you plan to use the vehicle, without being overly pushy or applying pressure. Test drives should be thorough and unrushed, allowing you to fully experience the vehicle on different road conditions.

Top used car dealers also excel at customer support, before and after the sale. They provide detailed explanations of all paperwork and financing terms, avoiding surprises down the road. Their service departments work diligently to fix any issues that may arise post-purchase. And they make the process of trading in your old car or scheduling maintenance appointments hassle-free.

Buying from a dealer with exceptional customer service gives you peace of mind. You’ll know they cared about finding the perfect car for your needs, not just making a quick sale. And you’ll have a go-to resource if any problems come up after driving the vehicle off the lot.


Elite Auto Centre

When it comes to finding the best used car dealership in Kelowna, look no further than Elite Auto Centre. This dealership stands out from the competition thanks to its stellar reputation, expansive selection of vehicles, competitive pricing, detailed vehicle histories, flexible financing, and top-notch customer service.

Elite Auto Centre is consistently rated as one of the top used car dealers in the Kelowna area. They have earned a reputation for integrity through transparent business practices and delivering exceptional value to customers. Online reviews praise their no-pressure sales approach and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure customers drive away happy.

With an inventory of over 150 used vehicles at any given time, Elite offers one of the largest and most diverse selections in Kelowna. Their lot is stocked with a wide range of makes and models to suit any budget or lifestyle need. From fuel-efficient compacts to family SUVs and trucks, there are plenty of options to choose from.

In addition to great selection, Elite Auto Centre offers very competitive pricing across their entire inventory. Their direct-to-consumer business model allows them to price vehicles well below other dealers in the area. And their no-haggle pricing policy means you don’t have to worry about being pressured into paying more than a vehicle is worth.

Transparency is a top priority at Elite Auto Centre. Before being listed for sale, every vehicle undergoes a thorough 150+ point inspection and reconditioning process. Complete vehicle history reports are provided so customers can make informed decisions. This detailed information helps build trust in the buying process.

Elite also has flexible in-house financing options to help make vehicles affordable for every budget. Their financing experts work hard to secure car loans and leases for all credit types. Pre-approvals can be completed online in minutes, and tailored payment plans are crafted for each customer’s individual needs.

From the sales floor to the finance office, Elite’s staff is professional, knowledgeable and committed to delivering exceptional service. Many customers comment on the relaxed, no-pressure environment and how the staff takes the time to properly educate them throughout the buying journey.


Harmony Honda

Harmony Honda is another top choice for used car buyers in Kelowna. This dealership has an extensive inventory, with over 150 used vehicles in stock spanning all makes and models. Even though they specialize in Honda vehicles, their selection is diverse enough to have something for everyone.

One major advantage of shopping at Harmony Honda is their vehicle trade-in program. If you have a used car you’re looking to sell or trade, they make the process smooth and convenient. Their appraisers thoroughly inspect your current vehicle and provide a fair value, which you can put towards your next used car purchase.

Harmony Honda also offers an easy online application for getting pre-approved financing. By submitting some basic details, you can get pre-qualified for financing before you even step foot in the dealership. This gives you more negotiating power, knowing what rates and terms you already qualify for.

With over 150 used cars, trucks and SUVs in stock, plus perks like their trade-in program and online financing applications, it’s clear why Harmony Honda is a top used car lot in the Kelowna area.


Buy Direct Truck Centre

For a massive selection of trucks, SUVs and vans, Buy Direct Truck Centre is an excellent choice for used vehicle shoppers in Kelowna. With over 150 trucks and SUVs in stock, they offer one of the largest inventories of light-duty trucks and utility vehicles in the region. As their name suggests, their direct to consumer pricing eliminates the back-and-forth haggling process, so you can get a fair price right away without the hassle.

In addition to their expansive truck and SUV selection, Buy Direct Truck Centre has an in-house financing team ready to help customers secure auto loans. With financing experts on staff, they can guide buyers through the financing process and work to find competitive interest rates from a wide range of lending institutions. This financing assistance makes it easier for customers to get approved for a loan and drive home in their ideal used truck or SUV.

For shoppers focused on trucks, vans or SUVs, Buy Direct Truck Centre is tough to top. They combine a massive selection of popular truck and utility vehicle models with upfront pricing and financing assistance. For your next truck or SUV, they should be one of the first dealerships you visit in Kelowna.


Russo Auto Sales

Another great used car lot option just outside of downtown Kelowna is Russo Auto Sales. With a massive lot size, this dealership boasts one of the largest inventories in the region. Their selection ranges from economy cars to luxury brands, with makes like BMW, Mercedes, Lexus and Audi often found on the lot. Inventory is constantly updated as vehicles sell off quickly at Russo’s competitive pricing.

As primarily a used car dealer, Russo Auto Sales has cultivated great relationships with lenders to help arrange financing for customers. Their finance experts work hard to try and secure car loans for all credit situations. Russo’s also has an on-site service center to inspect and repair vehicles before they hit the lot.

The knowledgeable team at Russo aims to make the car buying journey simple and stress-free. They offer transparent, no-haggle pricing so you can focus your efforts on test driving the many options on their lot to find the perfect vehicle. Russo Auto Sales has built a reputation for having some of the nicest high-end used vehicle inventory among Kelowna dealers.


Tips for Getting the Best Deal

When looking for the best used car dealership in Kelowna, there are some tips and tricks you can use to get the best possible deal.

First, try to shop at the end of the month when dealers are pushing to meet their monthly sales quotas. They will be more motivated to wheel and deal to get a few more sales before the month wraps up. Even getting a deal for a couple hundred dollars off can make a difference.

Second, be sure to bring someone with you who can inspect the vehicle. Have them look for any issues with body work, mechanical components, electronics and more. Their trained eye may spot something you miss. If issues are found, use that as leverage when negotiating the price down.

Next, have financing pre-approved before visiting the dealership. That way you have bargaining power if they try to steer you into their own financing offers, which are often at higher rates. Knowing your budget and credit score ahead of time takes financing off the table during negotiations.

Finally, take any vehicle you are seriously considering for an extensive test drive. Make sure to test all features and functions thoroughly. Drive on the highway, in stop-and-go traffic, on hills and over rough terrain. Any issues that come up during the test drive become points to use when bargaining for a lower price.


How to Identify Problems

When shopping for used cars, it’s important to thoroughly inspect each vehicle for any issues or problems. Here are some tips on what to look for and questions to ask yourself during your inspection:


Check fluid levels: Make sure oil, coolant, brake fluid, and transmission fluid levels are all filled to the proper point. Low fluid levels can indicate leaks or other problems.

Inspect tires: Uneven tire wear or bald tires suggest alignment issues or worn suspension parts. Make sure there is adequate tread depth.

Test all functions: Turn signals, lights, wipers, radio, seat adjustments, and climate control should all be in working order. Pay attention to any strange sounds or behavior.

Look for leaks: Check under the car for any dripping oil, coolant, or other fluids which may indicate a leak from the engine, transmission, or elsewhere.

Assess the exhaust: Dark smoke from the tailpipe could mean issues with valves, rings, or other internal components. Be wary of any strange exhaust noises.

Check suspension and steering: Push down on each corner to check shocks and struts. The steering wheel should have minimal free play when turning left to right.

Take it for a test drive: Pay attention to transmission shifting, brake feel, engine noise, steering, and acceleration. The car should drive smooth and steady at all speeds.

Ask about service records: A complete maintenance history will give you insight into how well the previous owner cared for the vehicle.


Carefully inspecting each used car and looking for any issues can help you avoid buying a problematic vehicle. Take the time to thoroughly check it over or have a trusted mechanic inspect it before purchasing. Addressing problems upfront will save you headaches down the road.


Take it for a Test Drive

The test drive is one of the most important parts of buying a used car. You’ll want to spend at least 15-20 minutes driving the vehicle to get a good feel for how it handles. Here are some things to check during the test drive:


Length of Drive: Don’t just drive around the block. Take the car on the highway and drive for at least 15-20 minutes to allow the engine to warm up and get a feel for how it performs at high speeds.

Road Conditions: Drive on different road surfaces like hills, bumpy roads, gravel, etc. See how the suspension handles and listen for any new rattling noises that appear.

Check the Controls: Test every button and switch in the cabin during your test drive. Make sure all lights, turn signals, wipers, radio, seat adjustments, mirrors, and climate controls are functioning properly.


Pay close attention to the car’s performance and any potential issues during the test drive. It’s better to identify problems now rather than after you’ve purchased the vehicle. Don’t feel pressured to make a decision on the spot after the test drive. Take your time to evaluate the car thoroughly.



In conclusion, finding the right used car dealership in Kelowna requires looking at factors like reputation, selection, transparent pricing, financing options and great service. By keeping an eye out for red flags during test drives, bringing someone knowledgeable along, and being pre-approved for financing, you can negotiate the best possible deal.

To recap, some of the top used car dealerships in Kelowna that check these boxes include:


  • Elite Auto Centre – Highly rated with great selection and prices
  • Harmony Honda – Extensive Honda inventory plus all makes/models
  • Buy Direct Truck Centre – Massive selection of trucks, SUVs and vans
  • Russo Auto Sales – Huge lot with luxury and economy vehicles


Finding the right dealership takes research, but will give you confidence you’re getting a quality used vehicle at a fair price. Test driving multiple options and being an informed buyer are key to landing the perfect car. With persistence and patience, you’ll drive off the lot satisfied knowing you found the ideal pre-owned vehicle.

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Questions About The Best Used Car Dealerships in Kelowna

The top rated used car dealerships in Kelowna based on Google reviews and local awards are Elite Auto Centre, Harmony Honda, August Mazda, Kelowna Toyota, Russo Auto Sales, and Kelowna Car Centre. These dealers have great selections of quality used vehicles at fair prices along with good customer service. When shopping for a used car in Kelowna, be sure to get a vehicle history report and have the car inspected before buying.

When buying a used car in Canada, here are some key things to look out for:


– Check the vehicle history report for accidents, claims, or damage

– Take the car for an independent inspection by a trusted mechanic

– Make sure all features and electronics work properly

– Look for signs of rust, paint work, or wear and tear

– Confirm servicing has been done as per the manufacturer

– Take it for a lengthy test drive on different road conditions

– Negotiate the best price and financing terms possible


Buying from a reputable dealership can help avoid issues, but still inspect thoroughly. Know your consumer rights for purchasing used vehicles in Canada.

Some important questions to ask when buying a used car in Kelowna include:


– How many previous owners has the vehicle had?

– What is the accident history and has the car had any major repairs done?

– Can I see the vehicle history and ownership records?

– Has regular maintenance been done as scheduled?

– Are there any outstanding recalls or issues I should know about?

– Why are you selling the car?

– Will you allow me to take the car for an independent inspection?

– Is the price negotiable and does it include licensing and taxes?

– What warranty coverage comes with the vehicle?


Asking the right questions upfront will help avoid buying a used lemon in Kelowna!

My top negotiating tips for buying a used car in Kelowna include:


– Shop late in the month or year when dealers push to meet sales quotas

– Get quotes from multiple dealers to leverage for a better price

– Point out flaws you found upon inspection to justify a lower price

– Be ready to walk away if you can’t get close to your target price

– Ask about any current cash rebates, incentives or promotions

– Try to get freebies thrown in like winter tires, roof rack etc.

– Get quotes from banks/credit unions to negotiate better financing

– Never negotiate only on monthly payments, focus on the total price

– Get all promises, warranties etc. in writing before signing


Know your stuff, set targets, negotiate firmly but fairly, and don’t rush!

The best places to find reviews for used car dealerships in Kelowna are:


– Google Maps – Dealerships have customer reviews and ratings here

– Facebook – Check dealers’ business Facebook pages for reviews

– Yelp, YellowPages – Features customer reviews of local businesses

– DealerRater – Website specifically for rating car dealers

– – Reviews of Canadian car dealers and lots

– Reddit – Try searching r/kelowna for dealership recommendations

– Ask friends, family for referrals on dealers they’ve used


Checking multiple review websites along with asking people locally will give you the best insight into a dealership’s reputation.

The most reliable car brands recommended for buying used vehicles in Canada are Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Subaru, Lexus, Acura, Hyundai and Kia according to Consumer Reports. SUV brands like Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4, Lexus RX also tend to have better long term durability and lower repair costs. When buying used, prioritize condition over brand name or mileage.

Luxury vehicles with the highest resale values when buying or selling used in the Kelowna market are Lexus, Acura, Infiniti, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW. More specifically, used Lexus RX, IS, ES vehicles along with Acura MDX, RDX and BMW 3 Series tend to retain value very well in the area. Checking Canadian Black Book values for your region can give you an accurate guide for resale prices.

Some popular electric and hybrid used vehicle options to find at dealerships around Kelowna include:


– Toyota Prius and Prius Prime

– Toyota Camry Hybrid

– Ford Fusion Hybrid/Energi

– Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid/Electric

– Kia Niro Hybrid/Plug-in Hybrid

– Chevrolet Volt Plug-in Hybrid

– Nissan Leaf Electric Vehicle

– BMW i3 Range Extender


There are also many used hybrid or EV options available through private sale in BC. Test drive different models to see if an electrified used vehicle is right for you.

The used vehicles with the best safety ratings in Canada are:


– Mazda CX-5

– Subaru Outback

– Hyundai Tucson

– Toyota RAV4

– Honda CR-V

– Subaru Forester

– Kia Sportage

– Ford Escape


Focus your used car search on newer model years of these vehicles tested thoroughly by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI).

Advantages of buying used from a dealership in Kelowna:


– Get a vehicle history report

– Comes insured and safety certified

– Established business for accountability

– Service departments for support

– More financing options


Advantages of buying private:


– No overhead so potentially lower price

– Less talking/negotiating

– See how previous owner cared for car


Weigh the pros and cons of each for your situation. Dealerships provide more security, while private sales offer more affordability.

When buying a used car in Canada, make sure to get copies of all paperwork including:


– Bill of sale with vehicle details, price paid etc.

– Safety standards certificate

– Vehicle history report

– Ownership transfer form

– Sales contract for warranty, financing etc.

– Receipts for emission testing if required

– Instructions for outstanding recalls if any


Review all paperwork carefully before finalizing the used car purchase. Don’t forget to update the vehicle registration.

To check if a used vehicle in Kelowna has any outstanding liens or loans, you can:


– Ask the seller to show lien-free vehicle title

– Get a CarProof report which shows Canadian lien records

– Contact the Personal Property Registry to do a search

– Verify with Service Alberta’s Motor Vehicle Registry

– Ask the seller to provide a lien search letter


Never buy a used car without confirming it is free and clear of any liens. This helps avoid future hassles or legal issues.

The best way to test drive used cars in Kelowna includes:


– Drive at least 15-20 minutes in various conditions

– Take it on the highway, city streets, up hills

– Turn the wheel fully left and right while stationary

– Test electronics like radio, Bluetooth, wipers etc.

– Accelerate hard and brake firm several times

– Check for vibrations, noises, smoke etc.

– Examine while parked if it idles smoothly


Don’t rush – take enough time to properly evaluate the vehicle’s mechanical condition before purchase.

On average there is about 10-15% wiggle room in the asking price of used cars listed for sale by dealerships in Canada. Some tips to negotiate the best deal:


– Get quotes from multiple dealers on the exact same make/model vehicle

– Determine a fair price based on market value and condition

– Point out any flaws or issues that justify a lower price

– Be reasonable but firm on what you’re willing to pay

– Offer 10% under asking price and negotiate from there

– If financing, get pre-approvals to negotiate rates down too


With some competitive shopping and negotiation tactics, you can often save thousands off comparable used cars.

When budgeting to buy a used car in Kelowna, factor in:


– Taxes – 5% GST, 7% PST

– Government fees for registration transfer, inspections etc.

– Dealer documentation fees around $500-800 typically

– Extra options like winter tires, roof rack etc.

– Extended warranty cost if purchasing

– Interest charges if financing over months/years


There can be thousands in extra fees beyond just the vehicle price. Get written estimates from the dealership to determine your all-in budget.

Yes, dealerships have more wiggle room to negotiate used car prices than on brand new vehicles. Some tips to get them down:


– Offer 10-15% below asking price as a start

– Get quotes from other area dealers to justify your lower target

– Point out any flaws or wear-and-tear you notice

– Be willing to pay in cash vs financing

– Time your purchase well with sales goals/quotas

– Offer to buy extra warranties or services for a deal on price


With the right leverage and negotiation tactics, there is often a 10-20% discount possible on used car sticker prices.

The best used car warranty options in Canada are:


– Extended powertrain warranty for engine/transmission coverage

– Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) warranty from dealerships

– Added care warranty for extra inclusions like electronics

– Unlimited mileage warranties

– Minimum 12 months coverage for peace of mind

– $0 deductible when possible


Read the fine print to understand exactly what’s covered. Extended warranties provide protection but add cost. Evaluate your repair risk tolerance on used vehicles.


When buying used privately in Kelowna, you can ensure safety standards by:


– Meeting at and inspection facility for a pre-purchase inspection

– Reviewing any recent safety certification paperwork

– Getting a CarProof report to verify accident history

– Test driving thoroughly to check mechanical condition

– Evaluating wear on brakes, tires, shocks etc.

– Checking outstanding recalls are done

– Taking to your own mechanic after purchase


Without dealership assurances, private buyers must verify safety themselves or negotiate needed repairs.

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