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Best Used Car Dealerships in Laval

Best Used Car Dealerships in Laval

Laval is an excellent place to find a quality used car at a great price. With a wide selection of dealerships to choose from, you’re sure to find the right vehicle to fit your needs and budget in Laval.

In this guide, we’ll cover the top used car dealerships in Laval based on factors like selection, pricing, financing offers, services, and customer satisfaction. We’ll spotlight dealerships known for having extensive inventories, great deals and incentives, excellent service departments, and top ratings and reviews.

Whether you’re looking for an affordable daily driver or a certified pre-owned luxury car, read on to discover the best places to buy your next used vehicle in Laval and get insider tips for scoring an awesome deal.

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Toyota Montréal-Nord

One of the top dealerships for selection and value in Laval is Toyota Montréal-Nord. This Toyota dealership located on Boulevard Henri-Bourassa E has an extensive inventory of Toyota and Lexus models to choose from. You’ll find a great selection of used Toyotas like the Camry, Corolla, RAV4, and Highlander. For used luxury vehicles, Toyota Montréal-Nord offers a wide range of certified pre-owned Lexus sedans, SUVs and hybrids.

What makes Toyota Montréal-Nord stand out is their offerings of one-owner trade-ins and fleet vehicles. These cars and trucks often have lower mileage and come with service records from regular maintenance. The dealership gets many late model trade-ins from original owners who purchased their Toyota new and are now upgrading. Their fleet vehicles for sale are well-maintained former company cars and trucks. Both provide great value for used car shoppers in Laval.


HGrégoire Laval: Extensive Inventory of Used Vehicles

One of the largest used car dealerships in Laval is HGrégoire Laval, with an inventory of over 3000 pre-owned vehicles. This extensive selection means you’re likely to find the make and model you’re looking for at HGrégoire Laval.

As a high volume dealer, HGrégoire Laval receives frequent trade-ins and off-lease vehicles across all brands. Their lot is stocked with everything from practical sedans and family SUVs to sports cars and luxury vehicles. Whether you’re looking for an affordable used Honda or Acura, a capable truck like a RAM 1500 or Ford F-150, or a premium model from BMW, Mercedes or Lexus, you can browse them all at HGrégoire Laval.

In addition to popular models, you may also discover some rarer finds amongst their diverse used vehicle inventory. And with over 3000 pre-owned cars, trucks and SUVs in stock, you’re sure to have plenty of options to choose from at this Laval dealership.


Auto Shelby Laval

Focusing exclusively on used vehicles, Auto Shelby maintains a vast and affordable selection of cars, trucks and SUVs. As one of the top used car dealers in Laval, Auto Shelby boasts an inventory of over 500 pre-owned vehicles at any given time. Their selection includes popular models from makes like Toyota, Honda, Ford, Chevrolet, Hyundai, and more.

With a commitment to offering the lowest prices in town, Auto Shelby provides exceptional value to used car shoppers. Their online inventory makes it easy to browse and search for the perfect car or truck. Once you find one you like, their no-haggle pricing means you can avoid frustrating negotiations. Their financing department can also help customers with credit challenges get approved for affordable loans.

In business for over 20 years, Auto Shelby has earned a reputation for quality used vehicles at unbeatable prices. Their ASE-certified technicians thoroughly inspect each car before it hits the lot. All vehicles come with a 3-month power train warranty for added peace of mind. With an ever-changing inventory, Auto Shelby gives used car buyers plenty of affordable options.


Chomedey Toyota Laval: Service Specials and Toyota Quality

Another excellent used car dealership in Laval is Chomedey Toyota Laval. As a Toyota dealership, they specialize in used Toyota and Lexus vehicles. Their pre-owned inventory includes a wide selection of Toyota cars, trucks, and SUVs known for quality and reliability.

In addition to stocking affordable and well-maintained used Toyotas, Chomedey Toyota Laval offers great service incentives for buyers. One of their best deals is a complimentary first oil change with any used car purchase. This saves you money right off the bat. They also provide complimentary car washes with service appointments to keep your new used Toyota looking its best.

The service department at Chomedey Toyota Laval has Toyota-trained technicians and uses genuine Toyota parts for all repairs and maintenance. This ensures your used Toyota will continue to run smoothly for years to come. With their focus on service specials and Toyota expertise, Chomedey Toyota Laval is a top choice for your next used car in Laval.


Entrepôt Auto Durocher: Service Incentives on Used Cars

Located in Mirabel, Entrepôt Auto Durocher provides exceptional service incentives when you purchase one of their quality used vehicles. This dealership maintains a large inventory of used cars, trucks and SUVs from various makes and models. Their selection ranges from practical family sedans to luxury rides. Vehicles that once leased or owned by a single driver make up much of their stock.

What really sets Entrepôt Auto Durocher apart is the outstanding service perks offered. When you buy a used car from them, you’ll get complimentary car washes anytime you bring your vehicle in for scheduled maintenance. No need to pay extra for a wash when you get your oil changed or new tires installed. They also provide customers with a free loaner car when having service done. You won’t be stuck waiting around the service department or trying to coordinate rides. Instead, enjoy the convenience of a complimentary loaner vehicle while your car is being repaired.

Between the savings on service costs and the large used car selection, Entrepôt Auto Durocher is a dealership worth checking out in Laval. Their service incentives make car ownership more affordable.


Autos Deal Fabreville

Known for their used car financing services, Autos Deal Fabreville helps customers get approved for loans and leases at great rates. This dealership works closely with lenders to secure competitive financing options for your next used vehicle. Their finance experts will find the best loan or lease terms tailored specifically for you.

With access to financing from major banks and credit unions, Autos Deal can get customers with all credit profiles driving away happy. Even if you have had credit challenges in the past, the skilled finance team will work hard to help you get approved. They have relationships with many lenders that specialize in second chance financing.

In addition to attractive financing rates, Autos Deal Fabreville provides quick and streamlined approvals. You can even get pre-approved online by submitting some basic information. The dealership aims to make the financing process fast and hassle-free.

So if you need financing assistance to get into the used car of your dreams, Autos Deal Fabreville has the lending resources and expertise to make it happen. They work diligently to get each customer the best loan or lease terms. With competitive rates and a commitment to customer service, this Laval dealership is a top choice for used car financing.


Spinelli Dealerships

With locations across Montreal, Spinelli offers competitive used car pricing thanks to high sales volumes. This group operates dealerships for brands like Volkswagen, Kia, Nissan, and Infiniti. Their massive inventory allows them to sell vehicles quickly, passing on savings to customers.

As one of the highest volume dealership groups in Quebec, Spinelli can afford to price their used vehicles aggressively. Their sales team focuses on moving inventory out the door rapidly, meaning you can often score an excellent deal on both popular models and luxury vehicles.

In addition to their Laval location, Spinelli has dealerships in spots like Lachine, Pointe-Claire, and Saint-Constant. Visit any of their stores and let them know you are shopping around – Spinelli’s sales associates work hard to earn your business with their best offer.

With a vast and changing used car selection, Spinelli gives buyers plenty of choice without having to visit multiple dealers. And their discounted pricing makes it possible to score savings shopping their volume operation. For the best deal, be sure to test drive your desired models at Spinelli.


Mercedes-Benz Laval for Certified Pre-Owned Luxury

If you’re looking for a certified pre-owned luxury vehicle in Laval, Mercedes-Benz Laval should be at the top of your list. As an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealership, they offer a wide selection of CPO Mercedes-Benz models, including sedans, SUVs, coupes, and more. When you buy a CPO Mercedes from them, you can expect manufacturer-backed extended warranty coverage, a rigorous inspection process, and vehicles that meet Mercedes-Benz’s high standards for quality.

In addition to CPO Mercedes-Benz inventory, Mercedes-Benz Laval maintains an impressive selection of other used luxury vehicles. You can find pre-owned models from brands like Audi, BMW, Lexus, Infiniti, Land Rover, Porsche, and others. Each luxury used vehicle they sell undergoes a thorough reconditioning process so you can drive off their lot with confidence. Their expert sales and finance teams are accustomed to working with luxury used car buyers to make the process seamless.

The team at Mercedes-Benz Laval wants each customer to find their perfect vehicle. Browse their online used vehicle inventory, schedule a test drive, and consult with their product experts to explore financing options for a used luxury vehicle that fits your needs and budget.


Volvo Laval: Used Volvo Cars and SUVs

If you’re looking for quality used Volvo vehicles, Volvo Laval is the dealership for you. They specialize in pre-owned Volvo cars and SUVs, giving you a great selection to choose from. The expert staff at Volvo Laval has extensive knowledge about Volvos that they use to help match customers with the right used Volvo model.

Volvo Laval takes pride in their Volvo expertise and commitment to customer service. Their sales team will take the time to listen to your needs and preferences to guide you towards used Volvos that suit your lifestyle and budget. Test drive a few different models like the XC90 SUV or S60 sedan to experience Volvo’s renowned safety, performance, and Scandinavian design.

In addition to their pre-owned inventory, Volvo Laval provides top-notch service for Volvo vehicles. Their Volvo factory trained technicians can handle any maintenance or repairs your Volvo may need. You’ll also find a good selection of OEM and aftermarket Volvo parts to keep your car running smoothly.

For the best selection of quality used Volvos in Laval, Volvo Laval has you covered. Visit their dealership or browse their online inventory to find the right Volvo car or SUV for you. Their Volvo experts will ensure your used Volvo purchase is a great experience.


Getting the Best Deal on Your Next Used Car in Laval

Once you’ve narrowed down the used car dealerships and models you’re interested in, it’s time to negotiate the best possible price. Here are some tips for getting the lowest price on your next used car purchase in Laval:


Negotiation Tips


– Do your research on fair market prices before you start negotiating. Use online price guides and local market data to determine a reasonable offer.

– Be ready to walk away if you can’t get close to your target price range. Don’t fall in love with a specific car.

– Point out any flaws or needed repairs to ask for a lower price. But don’t overreach or get nitpicky.

Offer to pay in cash or get your own financing if the dealer won’t come down enough. This removes their financing profits.

– Negotiate the final price, not monthly payments. Dealers can adjust loan terms to make payments seem smaller.


Questions to Ask


– Why are you selling this used car? Listen for red flags like major repairs needed.

– What is the lowest price you’ll accept today? Get them to name the rock-bottom figure.

– Does this price include safety certification and licensing? Don’t forget these extra fees.

– Are there any warranties or service plans included? See if they’ll extend coverage.


Financing Options


– Get pre-approved financing from your bank or credit union before negotiating. Then you can secure the best rate.

– Consider using the dealer’s financing if they can beat your pre-approval rate. Compare all terms carefully.

– Put down at least 20% if financing to get the best rates. Put down more to lower your monthly payment.

– Negotiate the selling price first before discussing financing and interest rates.


By arming yourself with negotiation strategies and financing knowledge, you can confidently aim for the lowest price and best deal as you shop the top used car dealers in Laval.


What to Look for When Test Driving

Test driving a used car is one of the most important steps before making your purchase. When test driving, pay close attention to any issues or problems that could signal larger mechanical issues or safety hazards. Here are some key things to check:


Warning Signs of Problems


– Strange noises from the engine, transmission, suspension or brakes. Listen for knocking, grinding or squeaking sounds.

– Vibrations in the steering wheel, seat or vehicle body. This can indicate wheel balance or suspension issues.

– Smoke coming from the exhaust. Look for blue, black or white smoke which can mean issues with oil burning, worn rings or head gasket leaks.

– Difficulty shifting gears smoothly. Gear shifts should be quick and smooth.

– Pulling in one direction when braking. The vehicle should stop straight without veering.


Checking Condition


– Acceleration – Press the gas pedal down fully to test pickup and response time.

– Braking – Come to a quick, safe stop to check braking ability. Brakes should respond right away.

– Steering – Turn the wheel completely left and right. Verify smooth turning and precise handling.

– Suspension – Drive over bumps and potholes. Listen for rattling or bouncing after.

– Gauges – Check if temperature and fuel gauges are accurate and working properly.

– Controls – Test all buttons and switches for lights, wipers, radio, AC, seat adjustments.

– Fluids – Look under the hood to check all fluid levels including oil, transmission, brake and coolant.


Questions to Ask About Used Car History

When buying a used car, it’s important to learn as much as possible about the vehicle’s history. Asking the right questions can help you avoid buying a used car with hidden problems.

Here are key questions to ask the seller about a used car’s history:


Accident History

Has the car ever been in an accident? Ask for details on any accidents – when they occurred, the type of damage, and whether repairs were done properly at a licensed body shop. Accidents can cause lasting issues, so it’s best to know the full history.


Previous Owners

How many previous owners has the car had? More owners can mean more wear and tear. Try to find a car with only one or two previous owners. Ask why past owners sold the car to spot any red flags.


Service Records

Does the seller have maintenance and service records? Review records to see if the car has had regular oil changes, tune-ups, and other service at the recommended intervals. Gaps in service could indicate neglect.

Ask to see invoices from service visits. This can help you verify the work was done and spot any recurring issues. Detailed records show a car was cared for.

A used car with a clean history, few owners, and comprehensive maintenance records gives you greater peace of mind. Take the time to ask plenty of questions upfront to avoid buying a used car lemon.


Importance of Inspection Before Buying

One of the most important steps when buying a used car is getting a mechanical inspection done by a professional. An inspection can save you from buying a vehicle with hidden problems that could end up costing you thousands down the road.

A thorough inspection will check all of the major systems and components of the car including:


  • Engine – The inspector will check for leaks, noises, compression issues, and overall health.
  • Transmission – They’ll test for shifting smoothness, leaks, and abnormal sounds.
  • Suspension – They’ll inspect the shocks, struts, steering, and ensure proper wheel alignment.
  • Brakes – Brake pads, rotors, calipers and lines will be examined for wear and leaks.
  • Electrical – Battery, alternator, lights, and electrical connections are tested.
  • Fluids – All fluid levels and condition will be checked.
  • Exhaust – The exhaust system will be inspected for leaks and damage.


A full inspection will check over 100 components and systems on the vehicle. It’s the only way to fully understand the mechanical condition before purchasing. Avoid any used car that the owner won’t allow you to have inspected by your own trusted mechanic.


Extended Warranty Considerations

When buying a used car, you may want to consider purchasing an extended warranty for added protection beyond the manufacturer’s warranty. An extended warranty can provide peace of mind by covering repairs and components after the original warranty expires. Here are some key factors to weigh when deciding on an extended warranty:


Coverage Options

Extended warranties can range from basic powertrain coverage to bumper-to-bumper protection. Consider what components are prone to wear and tear on the make/model you’re purchasing. Also look at what’s covered under the original manufacturer’s warranty to determine what gaps you may want to fill.


Cost vs. Benefits

An extended warranty is an added cost, so determine if the price makes sense for your used vehicle’s age, mileage, and repair history. Compare plans from the dealer and third-party providers. Also consider whether you’d pay more in total for repairs and maintenance without the extended coverage. Weigh the peace of mind factor as well.

By understanding your coverage options and weighing costs, you can decide if an extended warranty is a smart choice when buying a used car in Laval.



To summarize, some of the top used car dealerships in Laval include Toyota Montréal-Nord for their Toyota and Lexus selection, HGregoire Laval for their massive used car inventory, and Mercedes-Benz Laval for certified pre-owned luxury vehicles. When visiting dealerships, be sure to test drive your favorite models, ask about the vehicle history, and get a mechanical inspection before purchase. Negotiating for the best out-the-door price and considering an extended warranty can also help you get the most value. With quality dealers and great selection, Laval offers many options for used car buyers.

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Questions About The Best Used Car Dealerships in Laval

Some of the top used car dealerships in Laval include Toyota Montréal-Nord, HGregoire, Auto Shelby, Chomedey Toyota, Entrepôt Auto Durocher, Mercedes-Benz Laval, HGrégoire Mitsubishi Laval, Spinelli Dealerships, Subaru de Laval, Volvo Laval, Auto Primo, Groupe Lauzon, and ALBI le Géant. These dealerships have great reputations for quality used vehicles at competitive prices. They also offer financing options to make purchasing easier.

You can find a wide variety of makes and models at Laval used car dealerships. Popular options include sedans like the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla. Also common are SUVs like the Ford Escape, Nissan Rogue, Toyota RAV4, and Subaru Forester. Trucks frequently seen include the Ford F-150, Ram 1500, GMC Sierra 1500, and Chevrolet Silverado 1500. Luxury brands like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Lexus and Acura can also be found.

Some tips for getting the best deal on a used car in Laval include researching prices online, getting pre-approved for financing, negotiating all fees, having the vehicle inspected, asking about any current promotions or incentives, trading in your old vehicle, and comparing quotes from multiple dealers. Being flexible on color and features can also help. Also, timing your purchase at the end of the month or quarter when dealers push to hit sales goals can give you more leverage to negotiate.

Common fees to expect when buying from a Laval used car dealer include tax, title transfer fees, documentation fees, dealer preparation fees, and licensing costs. You may also encounter charges for things like nitrogen filled tires, fabric protection, VIN etching services, or extended warranties. It’s important to clarify all fees upfront so you know exactly what is included in the final price. Negotiating fees can help lower the total cost.

Many Laval dealerships do offer warranties on their used vehicle inventory. Most provide basic powertrain warranties covering the engine and transmission for a certain time period or mileage. Extended coverage like bumper-to-bumper warranties are usually available for purchase too. Be sure to ask the dealer what warranty options come with the specific vehicle you’re interested in before buying. Having a warranty provides peace of mind down the road.

Benefits of buying from a certified pre-owned (CPO) dealer include getting an extensively inspected vehicle that meets certain standards, warranty coverage that is better than most used cars, favorable financing rates, new ownership perks like roadside assistance, vehicle history reports assuring no issues, and enhanced peace of mind. Certified used cars cost more than non-certified but deliver more consumer protections and assurances of quality.

Getting pre-approved financing from your own bank or lender before visiting dealerships can give you bargaining power to negotiate the best interest rate. However, dealerships often offer manufacturer-sponsored low-interest financing too, especially on certified pre-owned vehicles. Compare all financing offers and terms to see which gives you the best overall deal based on interest rates, down payments, and monthly payments before deciding.

Important paperwork to thoroughly review when buying a used car from a Laval dealer includes the bill of sale, financing agreement if applicable, warranty coverage information, ownership history reports, accident reports, registration documentation, insurance documentation, terms and conditions forms, and any information on extras like warranties purchased. Reviewing all documentation protects you and ensures you are making an informed purchase.

Some good questions to ask the used car salesperson in Laval include – Why are you selling this particular vehicle? How many previous owners were there? What is the maintenance history? Has it been in any accidents? Why is it priced lower than similar models? What repairs have been made? Is there any existing damage I should know about? Have all scheduled maintenance and recall repairs been completed? You want as much info as possible on the vehicle’s background before purchasing from the dealer.

Yes, you should absolutely test drive any used vehicle before buying from a Laval dealer or any dealer. Take it on the highway, over bumps, brake hard, accelerate fast, and turn the steering wheel completely to both sides while stationary. Listen for odd noises and make notes of any concerns to address later. Observe if the vehicle drives straight without pulling. A thorough test drive helps you determine if this is the right vehicle for you before finalizing a purchase.

To check if a used car from a Laval dealer has any liens against it, ask to see a recently dated lien search paper from the provincial motor vehicle department. This will state all liens associated with the car’s VIN. You can also get your own lien search report. Having outstanding liens on the vehicle means the bank has claim to it until they are paid off. Make sure no liens exist.

If you encounter issues with a used car purchased from a Laval dealer, first utilize any warranty coverage that exists, if applicable. Notify the dealer right away of problems – most aim to make things right to maintain good customer service. You also have certain rights under Quebec’s consumer protection laws regarding refunds or exchanges in some cases. As a last resort, consulting a lawyer may help resolve disputes.

To find online reviews for used car dealers in Laval, check sites like Google, Facebook, and Yelp. also has a dealer reviews section. Check both positive and negative reviews to get balanced feedback. Look for recent reviews within the past 1-2 years for relevancy. See how the dealer responds to any negative reviews as well. Online reviews help identify reputable Laval used car dealerships known for good customer service and can inform your buying decision.

When test driving a used car from a Laval dealer, inspect things like – Are the brakes responsive without noises when stopping? How is the acceleration? Does the steering wheel vibrate when driving? Are there any warning lights illuminated on the dash? Do all interior functions and electronics work properly? Use all the features to identify any issues. Check for exterior damage too. Make notes to investigate any concerns later.

The maintenance records you should request from a Laval used car dealer when buying a vehicle include – oil change history, tune-ups, brake repairs, tire replacements, scheduled manufacturer maintenance checks, emission test records, fluid flushes, belt/hose replacements, and details on any major repairs. Having documentation that regular maintenance was performed tells you more about how the previous owner(s) cared for the vehicle.

When inspecting a used car on a Laval dealer’s lot, look for exterior damage like dents, scratches, misaligned panels or large gaps, rust, and accident repairs. Check interior wear and tear too. Assess all electronic functions and mechanical operations. Review the tires tread depth and wheel condition. Check under the vehicle for leaks. Getting down and looking over the entire car helps reveal existing damage or deficiencies.

Before visiting used car dealerships in Laval, know the exact make, model and year vehicle you want and research fair pricing. Get pre-approved financing and determine monthly payments you can afford. Gather documents like driver’s license, proof of insurance, and down payment method. Check current market inventory online so you don’t waste time. Test driving your top choices helps identify the best option. Dealers take more seriously those who’ve done preparation beforehand.

Tips to help negotiate the best used car deal in Laval include – Shop at month/quarter end when salespeople need to hit quotas, mention offers from other dealers to see if they’ll beat them, point out flaws needing repairs to ask for a lower price, negotiate one thing at a time (price, trade-in, financing), appear ready to walk away if you don’t get the deal you want, and secure your offer in writing before committing to anything. Know your budget limit and don’t go over it no matter what deal is offered.

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