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Best Used Car Dealerships in Montreal

Best Used Car Dealerships in Montreal

Buying a used car can be a great way to get a quality vehicle while saving money, but finding a reputable used car dealership is key. Montreal has many options when it comes to used car dealers, but not all of them provide the same level of service and vehicles. This article will outline the top used car dealerships in Montreal based on reputation, selection, pricing, and more to help you find the best fit for your needs.

When shopping for used cars in Montreal, buying from a reputable dealer saves money without sacrificing quality. By considering factors like reputation, selection, pricing, and certifications, you can identify dealers with fair prices for well-inspected vehicles. These dealers also offer a quality buying experience. This guide will highlight the top used car dealerships in Montreal to turn to, plus provide tips to negotiate the best deal.

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What to Look for in a Used Car Dealership

When researching used car dealers in Montreal, there are a few key factors to consider:



Dealerships with positive reviews and few complaints typically offer good customer service and quality vehicles. Look at online review sites and local recommendations to get a sense of a dealer’s reputation. High ratings and numerous recommendations are a good sign.


Vehicle Selection

A large, frequently updated inventory with detailed listings gives you more options to find the right car. Look for dealers that showcase hundreds of vehicles across various makes and models. Regular inventory refreshes and comprehensive details on each vehicle are ideal.


Pricing & Negotiations

Dealers with fair, transparent pricing tend to offer better deals with less haggling. Look for no-haggle pricing policies and upfront discounts online. Dealers who post fair prices create a smoother, quicker buying process.



Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles have passed rigorous inspections and often include extended warranties. CPO cars cost more but come with peace of mind. Many top dealers have high numbers of CPO vehicles after thorough vetting and certification.


Top 10 Used Car Dealerships in Montreal

Based on reputation, selection, pricing, and certifications, here are the top 10 used car dealerships in Montreal:


  1. Auto Publique Mirabel

Auto Publique Mirabel has an extensive selection of used vehicles from various brands. Their online inventory makes it easy to browse and they have fair pricing with no haggling. Many customers praise their friendly service.


  1. Montreal Auto Prix

This dealership provides used cars at some of the best prices in Montreal. Their website highlights current promotions and they offer services like car loans and buybacks. Customers compliment their transparent dealings.


  1. Automobile Kerback

In business for over 50 years, Automobile Kerback has earned a reputation for quality vehicles and service. Their online reviews consistently mention the great deals and attentive staff.


  1. HGregoire

With dealerships across Quebec, HGregoire maintains a huge selection of makes and models. They emphasize no-haggle pricing and also sell many Certified Pre-Owned vehicles.


  1. Spinelli Dealerships

This group operates dealerships for brands like Volkswagen and Nissan with used and new vehicle options. Their website highlights online specials and their service centers have positive reviews.


  1. Entrepôt Auto Durocher

Located in Mirabel, Entrepôt Auto Durocher carries a wide range of used vehicle makes and models. Customers praise their transparent pricing and low-pressure sales approach.


  1. Lombardi Honda Montréal

Lombardi Honda Montréal carries a selection of used Honda vehicles that undergo inspections. Many customers single out their reasonable pricing and attentive sales staff.


  1. John Scotti Automotive Group

This luxury dealership group offers premium brands like Ferrari, Maserati, and Rolls-Royce. Their selection includes rare, exotic vehicles not found elsewhere.


  1. Audi Anjou

Audi Anjou provides a range of certified pre-owned Audi models. Customers often compliment their professionalism and transparency during the buying process.


  1. BMW Montreal Centre

BMW Montreal Centre carries an assortment of certified pre-owned BMWs. They regularly receive praise for their customer service and car selection.


What Makes These Dealerships Stand Out

These top-rated dealers stand out for positive factors like:


  • Stellar online reviews and local recommendations
  • Huge inventories of quality used vehicles
  • Fair, no-haggle pricing policies
  • Many Certified Pre-Owned vehicles
  • Great customer service throughout the buying process


In addition, many of these dealers have awards for things like customer satisfaction and community involvement.


Tips for Getting the Best Deal

Once you’ve selected a top used car dealer in Montreal, here are some tips to get the best deal:


Get pre-approved financing to strengthen your negotiating position. By having financing already secured through your bank or credit union, you show the dealer you are serious and ready to buy. This gives you more leverage to negotiate a lower price since the dealer knows you have financing ready.

Consider buying at the end of the month/quarter when salespeople need to meet quotas. As monthly or quarterly sales goals approach, salespeople are often more motivated to make a deal. Knowing this timing could help you score a better bargain.

Bring along someone who knows cars to inspect choices before purchase. An objective set of eyes can spot issues or wear you might miss in your excitement about a model. This prevents later regret and repairs.

Ask about and negotiate any additional fees beyond the listed price. Doc fees, conveyance fees, dealer prep fees and more can quickly add hundreds to the bill. Don’t be afraid to question them and try to get them removed or reduced.

Test drive your top choices back-to-back to compare effectively. Driving similar models consecutively makes differences in ride quality, acceleration, turning radius and more readily apparent. You’ll get a better sense of which is the best fit.



Finding the right used car dealership is crucial when shopping for your next vehicle. The reputable dealers on this list offer great selections, fair pricing, and a quality buying experience. By considering these top used car dealers in Montreal and negotiating smartly, you can drive away confident you found both a great vehicle and a great deal.

In summary, focus your search on dealers with excellent reputations, large inventories, fair pricing, and certified pre-owned options. Do your research to find the best match for your budget and preferences. Once you’ve selected a top dealer, negotiate firmly but fairly to get the best possible deal. With the right preparation and persistence, you can find the perfect used car in Montreal.

Now that you know where to find the top used vehicle dealers in the city, it’s time to start shopping for your next ride. We wish you the very best in finding the ideal car at the perfect price from a dealer you can trust. Happy hunting!

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Questions About The Best Used Car Dealerships in Montreal

The top used car dealerships in Montreal include Montreal Auto Prix, Automobile Kerback, Spinelli Dealerships, HGregoire, and Auto Publique Mirabel. These dealers offer a wide selection of makes and models, competitive pricing, financing options, extended warranties, and professional sales and service staff. Customers praise their no-pressure sales approach, transparent pricing, and overall great buying experience.

When shopping for a used car in Montreal, focus on condition, mileage, maintenance records, accident history, number of previous owners, and fair market pricing. Carefully inspect the vehicle inside and out, take it for a lengthy test drive in various conditions, have it inspected by a trusted mechanic, verify ownership and accident history through a Carproof report, and negotiate the best possible price compared to similar vehicles.

Strategies to get the best used car deal in Montreal include shopping at the end of the month when dealers push to hit quotas, avoiding overpaying for unnecessary extras like rustproofing and fabric protection, negotiating based on fair market value rather than the sticker price, trading in your old vehicle, having pre-approved financing in place, and being willing to walk away if you can’t agree on a fair price. Flexibility on color, trim packages and other options can also help secure a better deal.

When purchasing a used vehicle in Quebec, you’ll need to sign a bill of sale, obtain a vehicle ownership transfer form, and register the vehicle under your name to get license plates. The bill of sale should clearly state the purchase price, identify the vehicle by VIN number, be dated and signed by both buyer and seller. You’ll also need valid ID and proof of insurance to legally drive the vehicle off the lot.

Common fees to expect when purchasing a used car in Montreal include tax (14.975% of the purchase price), registration fee ($31.50), license plate cost (around $246 for a passenger vehicle), safety and emissions testing fee (around $100 total), documentation fee (average of $399 but can negotiate), and tire recycling eco fee ($5-$25 depending on the vehicle). There may also be admin or documentation fees charged by the dealership.

Key questions to ask the salesperson when buying a used car include: How many previous owners were there? Has the car ever been in an accident? Why is the current owner selling? Do you allow independent inspections? Is there any remaining factory warranty? What maintenance has been performed and are records available? Does the price include licensing and registration fees? Is the price negotiable? Be sure to test drive the vehicle extensively as well.

Red flags that a Montreal used car dealer may be shady or disreputable include refusing to let you test drive the vehicle, lack of vehicle history reports, unwillingness to negotiate price, pressure tactics, not allowing independent inspections, bad online reviews mentioning tactics like bait and switch, lack of licensing and credentials, and very low prices compared to similar vehicles. Trust your instincts when shopping.

The ideal mileage for a used car depends on its age, but a good rule of thumb is under 60,000 miles for a 5-year old vehicle, under 100,000 miles for a 10-year old vehicle, and under 150,000 miles for a 15-year old vehicle. Focus more on vehicle condition and maintenance records rather than just mileage alone. Well maintained vehicles with higher mileage can be better buys than low mileage vehicles that were poorly maintained.

The best way to test drive a used car is to spend at least 15-20 minutes driving in different conditions. Take the vehicle on the highway, local roads, up and down hills, accelerate hard, brake hard, turn left and right, operate all functions from headlights to radio and phone connectivity, listen for unusual engine or transmission noises, and pay attention to steering, acceleration and braking feel. The test drive is the best way to uncover issues.

Thoroughly inspecting a used car yourself before purchase means checking under the hood for leaks or damage, the exterior for body damage or paint imperfections, the tires and brakes for wear, headlights and taillights for cracks or moisture, the interior for stains, damage or odors, and operating all accessories from power windows to climate controls and radio. Feel for vibrations at high speeds, take tight turns to check steering and suspension, and look underneath for rust.

Key used car buying questions include: Why are you selling the car? How many owners has it had? Has it ever been in an accident? What is the maintenance history and are records available? Are there any mechanical issues or problems? Has all scheduled maintenance been performed? Is the price negotiable? Do you allow independent inspections? May I take the vehicle for an extended test drive? Your questions will uncover important details.


When test driving a used car, listen for odd noises from the engine, transmission, suspension or brakes, check that all electrical functions work properly, ensure the vehicle accelerates, brakes and steers straight, watch the temperature gauge for overheating issues, smell inside the cabin for musty odors indicating leaks, take both tight and sweeping turns to assess ride quality, and accelerate hard to test the transmission. The test drive helps spot problems.

To legally transfer ownership when buying or selling a used vehicle in Quebec, you need to complete and sign a transfer of ownership certificate known as a Quebec Vehicle Registration Title. Both buyer and seller must sign this form and fill in details like names, addresses, date of sale, vehicle details, odometer reading, and sale price. Failure do this means you have not legally transferred ownership.

Unlike in some provinces, Quebec does not have a specific cooling off period or ability to return a used car simply because you don’t like it or changed your mind after purchase. However, if the dealership made misleading claims about the vehicle’s condition that you can document or prove, or if the contract was signed under duress, you may have some recourse depending on the situation.

Important steps after buying a used car in Montreal include transferring registration and insurance into your name, taking the vehicle for servicing as needed based on mileage, having any undisclosed mechanical or maintenance issues addressed by the selling dealer, fixing minor cosmetic flaws like small dents or scratches, reviewing maintenance requirements for that specific make and model, and familiarizing yourself with all the vehicle’s features and controls.

Major extended warranty providers on used vehicles sold by Montreal dealers include Lubrico, Carchex, APCO, ACC Warranty, and Protect My Car. Coverage can range from basic powertrain components to bumper-to-bumper protection for a longer period, with options like roadside assistance also available. Shop around for the best rate based on the age, mileage and reliability history of your specific used vehicle.

Key service history questions for used vehicles include: Do you have maintenance records and receipts for all work done? Who performed the maintenance work? Were genuine and OEM parts used for repairs? Have there been any major repairs, replacements or mechanical issues? When is the timing belt/chain due to be replaced? Does it have a clean emissions test history? Were recommended services done based on age/mileage? The service history gives insight into reliability.

Typical after-sale services offered by Montreal used car dealers include helping with registration and transfers, warranty coverage, complimentary first oil changes or inspections, loaner vehicles for servicing, multi-point inspections of all vehicle systems, detailing and paint touch ups, discounted parts and labor rates in their service departments, road hazard tire warranties, and trade-in offers for future vehicle purchases. Ask about available after-sale services and support.

Used car loan terms from Montreal lenders typically range from 12 months up to a maximum of 84 months, also known as 7 years. The longer the loan term, the lower the monthly payment but the more interest you pay over time. Avoid loan terms exceeding 5 years on used vehicles, as you don’t want to still be making payments long after the car has been paid off. Terms from 24-60 months are ideal for buyers with good credit.

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