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Best Used Car Dealerships in Moose Jaw

Best Used Car Dealerships in Moose Jaw

Finding the right used car at the best price can be a challenging process. With so many dealerships and models to choose from, it’s tough to know where to start. This post will outline the top used car dealerships in Moose Jaw to help you find the right vehicle at the best price.

Buying a used car is all about finding value. You want to get the most car for your money while still finding a reliable vehicle that meets your needs. By shopping at reputable dealers in Moose Jaw and understanding the local market, you can score an affordable used car you’ll love.

We’ll cover the top-rated used car dealers in Moose Jaw, along with tips for getting the best deal and finding the perfect pre-owned vehicle. Whether you’re looking for an economy car, family SUV, work truck or luxury sedan, this guide will help you navigate the local used car market.

Let’s dive in and outline where to find quality used cars at fair prices in Moose Jaw.

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Why Buy Used in Moose Jaw?

Purchasing a used vehicle is often a smart financial decision compared to buying new. You can save a substantial amount of money by going with a gently used car, truck or SUV in Moose Jaw. Here are some of the key benefits of buying used:


  • Lower Upfront Cost – Used vehicles have already taken the big depreciation hit that comes in the first 1-3 years of ownership. You skip that initial drop in value and pay a lower price upfront.
  • Better Value – Mile for mile, used cars offer better value than new ones. You get a lot more vehicle for your dollar when purchasing pre-owned.
  • Wider Selection – With new cars, you’re limited to current model year vehicles. With used, you can shop multiple years, makes and models to find the perfect match.
  • Lower Insurance Premiums – Insuring a used car is cheaper than insuring a brand new one. Keep more money in your pocket each month.
  • Lower Registration Fees – Registration fees are based on the vehicle’s value. Used cars qualify for lower fees, saving you more.


In Moose Jaw and area, there are plenty of high-quality used vehicles to choose from that can save you thousands over buying new. Take advantage of the value offered by used cars, trucks and SUVs.


Tips for Getting the Best Used Car Deal in Moose Jaw

Finding a great used car at a fair price takes some savvy shopping. Here are some tips to ensure you get the best deal on a used car in Moose Jaw:


  • Shop dealership sales events for the best pricing. Dealers will often run promotions with reduced prices on certain models or discounts for the entire used inventory. Attending a sale weekend can score you big savings.
  • Consider certified pre-owned for peace of mind. CPO cars cost a little more but come with warranties, vehicle histories, and manufacturer backing. This extra assurance may be worth the price.
  • Negotiate a fair price based on condition and mileage. Research prices online for the make/model you want and use that to negotiate a fair asking price before addons. Point out any flaws or high mileage to ask for a lower price.
  • Get pre-approved financing to secure the best interest rates. By having financing already lined up through your bank or lender, you can negotiate purely on the car price without interest rate markups.


Using these tips can help you land the perfect used car at one of Moose Jaw’s top dealers without overpaying. Do your research, know your budget, and negotiate fairly to drive away happy.


O’Brians Automotive – A Leading Used Car Dealership

With 6 convenient locations across the city, O’Brians Automotive offers car shoppers the largest selection of quality used vehicles in Moose Jaw. Their massive inventory spans all makes and models, from practical sedans and family SUVs to sporty coupes and luxury brands. O’Brians maintains strong relationships with manufacturers, rental companies, and other sources to ensure a constant supply of late model, low mileage trade-ins and off-lease vehicles.

Their buying power allows O’Brians to offer exceptionally competitive pricing across their entire used inventory. Rather than haggling, you can expect upfront discounted prices that provide great value. Their finance department can secure loan approval ahead of your visit and present payment options that fit nearly any budget. With flexible terms for purchasing or leasing, O’Brians aims to make the financing process quick and hassle-free.

The knowledgeable sales team at O’Brians focuses more on finding the right vehicle for your needs than pushing specific models. They will listen to your must-haves, budget, and intended use to guide you towards options that check all the boxes. With their vast selection, you can test drive multiple vehicles in a single visit. O’Brians offers a low pressure sales experience where your satisfaction comes first.


Moose Jaw Ford Sales – Affordable Used Ford Vehicles

If you’re in the market for a used Ford vehicle in Moose Jaw, Moose Jaw Ford Sales should be at the top of your list. As a Ford dealership, they specialize in a wide range of pre-owned Ford models including cars, trucks, SUVs and more. You’ll find great deals on popular used Ford trucks like the F-150, F-250, Ranger, as well as SUVs like the Escape, Explorer, Expedition and Edge.

Moose Jaw Ford Sales sources low mileage trade-ins and off-lease Ford vehicles, so you can often find cars with less than 50,000 km. Their inventory includes a range of years and trims, and their expert sales staff can help you find the right used Ford to fit your needs and budget.

In addition to great pricing, Moose Jaw Ford Sales offers excellent financing rates to make purchasing easy. Whether you want to finance or lease your used Ford, they have competitive rates and flexible terms to work with your budget. They also have great service and parts departments to keep your used Ford running smoothly once you drive it home.

For anyone seeking an affordable and reliable used Ford car, truck or SUV in Moose Jaw, Moose Jaw Ford Sales is an excellent dealership to work with. Their selection, pricing, financing options and Ford expertise make them a top choice for used Ford shoppers.


Prairie Auto Sales – Premium Used Cars

If you’re looking for a luxury model used vehicle in Moose Jaw, Prairie Auto Sales should be your first stop. As one of the city’s leading dealers for premium pre-owned vehicles, they specialize in sourcing high-end models across brands like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Lexus, Audi and more. You’ll find a range of luxury cars, SUVs and trucks that were previously well-maintained lease returns or trade-ins.

The team at Prairie Auto Sales takes great pride in pricing their luxury used inventory fairly based on condition and mileage. You won’t find inflated prices just because it’s a premium brand. And their non-commission salespeople are extremely helpful without being pushy. They’ll take the time to understand what you’re looking for and match you with the right vehicle.

From regularly receiving off-lease vehicles to having connections with new car dealers for trades, Prairie Auto Sales has access to an impressive selection of luxury used cars in Moose Jaw. Whether you’re looking for a fully-loaded SUV, sporty coupe or smooth sedan, browse their inventory online or visit their dealership. And be sure to ask about extended warranty options to protect your investment in a used luxury vehicle. For premium used cars priced right, Prairie Auto Sales is the top choice in Moose Jaw.


Knight Auto Group – Quality Cars Across Brands

Knight Auto Group operates three dealerships in Moose Jaw – Knight Honda, Knight Ford, and Knight Hyundai. This gives them access to a wide selection of popular models across brands. As part of a large auto group, they are able to offer competitive pricing on both new and used vehicles.

With three locations, Knight’s used inventory is extensive. You can find certified pre-owned and regular used vehicles ranging from compact cars to SUVs and trucks. Some of their most popular models include the Honda Civic, Ford F-150, and Hyundai Tucson.

The knowledgeable sales staff at Knight Auto Group aims to make the car buying process smooth and stress-free. They will work to get you the best value, whether you are trading in your current vehicle or buying without a trade. Their used car prices are fair based on mileage and condition.

Overall, the selection, pricing, and service at Knight Auto Group makes them a top choice for quality used vehicles in Moose Jaw. With three dealership locations, you’re sure to find the right car for your needs and budget.


Certified Pre-Owned Benefits

When shopping for used vehicles in Moose Jaw, considering a certified pre-owned (CPO) model can provide peace of mind and added protections.

CPO cars, trucks and SUVs go through rigorous inspections and reconditioning to meet manufacturer standards. This includes both mechanical and cosmetic refurbishments to ensure the vehicle is in excellent shape.

In most cases, CPO vehicles come with extended warranty coverage to protect against expensive repairs down the road. This typically includes both powertrain and bumper-to-bumper warranties that extend 1-2 years beyond the original new car coverage.

Certified used cars also undergo thorough multi-point inspections by factory trained technicians. Components like the engine, transmission, brakes, electrical systems and more are scrutinized to meet strict parameters.

Once approved, CPO models get fresh oil changes, new tires if needed, and any identified issues are repaired. This brings them to like-new condition before hitting the dealer lot.

For used car buyers wanting reassurance around quality and reliability, choosing a certified pre-owned vehicle is smart. The inspections, warranties and reconditioning provide peace of mind other used cars can lack.


Shopping for Used Safely

When shopping for a used vehicle, you’ll want to take steps to ensure you’re buying a reliable car that’s fairly priced. Here are some tips for shopping for used safely:


Get a Vehicle History Report

One of the most important things is to get a vehicle history report using a service like Carfax or Carproof. This will show you if the car has been in any accidents, how many owners it has had, service records, and more. Make sure any used car you’re considering has a clean history report.


Take a Thorough Test Drive

Don’t just take a quick spin around the block. Take at least a 15-20 minute test drive on different roads, at different speeds. Check for any unusual sounds, smells, or sensations that could indicate issues. Pay attention to steering, acceleration, braking, and transmission performance.


Have a Mechanic Inspect It

Before finalizing a used car purchase, have a trusted mechanic do a pre-purchase inspection. They will be able to spot any problems or needed repairs that you may have missed. This will give you peace of mind that you’re not buying a lemon.

Following these tips will help ensure you find a quality used vehicle that suits your needs and budget.


Financing Your Used Car

Financing is a great option for many used car buyers to get a reliable vehicle while maintaining a reasonable monthly payment. With some planning and research, you can secure financing for your used car purchase on excellent terms.

The first step is getting pre-approved for financing before visiting dealerships. This allows you to know your budget and interest rate upfront rather than relying on the dealer’s financing offers. Online lenders like banks and credit unions often have the lowest rates for used car loans, sometimes under 5% for buyers with good credit.

When applying, request quotes for both the amount you need as well as a few thousand lower. This gives you flexibility to negotiate the purchase price without going over your budget. Having a pre-approval letter in hand puts you in a stronger position to negotiate the best possible deal.

Setting a used car budget is also key. Consider not just the monthly payment you want, but also insurance, fuel, maintenance, and repair costs. Aim to spend no more than 15% of your take-home income on total car expenses. This helps ensure it remains affordable even as other expenses come up.

By securing financing pre-approval at competitive rates and carefully budgeting, you can get an excellent used car loan to match your financial situation. This makes finding the right used car at the right payment much easier.


Top Used Models in Moose Jaw

When shopping for a used vehicle in Moose Jaw, some of the most popular models that provide great value are trucks, SUVs, and mid-size sedans. Here are some of the top options to consider in each category:



Trucks retain their value incredibly well and are always in high demand in the Moose Jaw area. Some top used truck models to look for include:


  • Ford F-150 – The perennial best-selling truck in Canada, known for capability, reliability and value retention.
  • Chevrolet Silverado 1500 – A mainstay of the truck market with impressive capability and comfort.
  • Ram 1500 – Ram trucks offer lots of features, a smooth ride and excellent towing power.
  • Toyota Tundra – Toyota’s full-size truck is hard-working, long-lasting and has a loyal following.



SUVs are immensely popular, especially in regions like Saskatchewan that experience tough winters. Some top used SUVs in Moose Jaw include:


  • Toyota RAV4 – A top-selling compact SUV acclaimed for reliability and value.
  • Honda CR-V – One of the most popular small SUVs thanks to its practicality and efficiency.
  • Ford Escape – An affordable compact SUV option with nice handling and cargo space.
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee – A mid-size SUV with serious off-road credentials.


Mid-Size Sedans

For those looking for a practical yet budget-friendly used car, mid-size sedans are a great option. Good choices include:


  • Toyota Camry – Renowned for excellent reliability and strong resale value.
  • Honda Accord – A perennial top seller combining comfort, efficiency and quality.
  • Hyundai Sonata – Well-equipped midsized sedan with lots of features for the money.
  • Kia Optima – Kia’s midsize sedan offers looks and features that rival luxury brands.


With such a wide selection of quality used vehicles available, you’re sure to find the right truck, SUV or sedan for your needs at dealers across Moose Jaw.



In summary, Moose Jaw has a robust used car market with reputable dealerships offering quality vehicles across brands and price ranges. O’Brians, Moose Jaw Ford, Prairie Auto Sales and Knight Auto Group emerged as top options with large inventories, fair pricing and excellent customer service. Whether you need an affordable sedan or a certified luxury SUV, there’s a great selection of used cars available.

To recap, key tips for finding the best used car deal in Moose Jaw include:


  • Research dealership reputations and inventory online
  • Get pre-approved for financing to strengthen negotiating power
  • Inspect vehicles thoroughly and/or opt for certified pre-owned
  • Negotiate a fair price based on condition and mileage
  • Take advantage of dealership sales and promotions


By following this guide and visiting the top-rated dealers in Moose Jaw, you can find the perfect used car to fit your needs and budget. Happy hunting for your next set of wheels!

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Questions About The Best Used Car Dealerships in Moose Jaw

The top used car dealerships in Moose Jaw include O’Brians Automotive, Moose Jaw Toyota, Moose Jaw Ford Sales, Prairie Auto Sales, and Band City Auto Sales. These dealerships have great selections of used vehicles at competitive prices. They also offer financing options to make purchasing easier. Their staff is knowledgeable and provide excellent customer service throughout the car buying process. Many customers recommend these dealers for finding high-quality used cars in Moose Jaw.

You can find a wide variety of makes and models at used car dealerships in Moose Jaw. Popular options include Honda, Toyota, Ford, GM, Chrysler, Dodge, Audi, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Subaru, Volkswagen and more. Dealers have sedans, hatchbacks, coupes, trucks, SUVs and vans on their lots. You’ll also find vehicles in different price ranges – from budget-friendly models under $10,000 to luxury cars over $30,000. With such a great selection, you’re likely to find the perfect used car for your needs and budget in Moose Jaw.

The top used car dealers in Moose Jaw provide a full range of helpful services including:


– Vehicle inventory searches online so you can view selections before visiting

– Test drives to experience how vehicles perform on the road

– Car inspections and history reports to verify quality

– Financing assistance through lenders to help customers get approved

– Extended warranty options for added protection after purchase

– On-site service departments for maintenance and repairs

– Trade-in valuations to put value towards a new purchase


Relying on these dealer services takes the stress out of used car buying. You can shop smarter knowing the vehicles and dealers have been thoroughly vetted.

Tips for smart used car buying at Moose Jaw dealers include:


– Research vehicles, pricing and dealers online before visiting lots

– Test drive your top choices to evaluate comfort and performance

– Have a mechanic inspect the vehicle before finalizing a purchase

– Ask about ownership history and accident reports

– Inquire about financing terms and interest rates in advance

– Negotiate pricing and avoid high-pressure sales tactics

– Read all paperwork carefully before signing contacts

– Ask about return policies in case issues arise afterwards


Being an informed buyer is key. The right Moose Jaw dealer will welcome your questions and make you feel confident through every step of the process.

The best way to find affordable used cars priced under $10,000 in Moose Jaw is to search dealer inventory online and utilize filters if available. Most dealerships have sections clearly outlining vehicles by price range. Calling dealerships ahead of visiting can also help narrow options in your budget. Let them know what you’re looking for so they can share matches in stock. Expanding your search radius beyond Moose Jaw can also increase selections in this price range as well. Checking listings on classifieds sites is another option. While private sellers don’t offer services that dealers do, you can find well-maintained used cars affordably through individuals too. Cast a wide net and be patient to find the right car under $10K locally.

Important questions to ask Moose Jaw used car dealers include:


– How long have you had this vehicle in inventory?

– What inspection has been performed on this vehicle?

– Does this vehicle have any accident history or major repairs done?

– Can I take this vehicle for an independent inspection?

– Is there any warranty left or available for purchase on this vehicle?

– What type of financing options are available if needed?

– Is there wiggle room to negotiate the asking price?

– What is your return and exchange policy if issues arise shortly after purchase?


Asking the right questions upfront ensures there won’t be any unwanted surprises later about the vehicle history, quality or policies. Reputable dealers will provide transparent and thorough responses too.

The best places to read reliable reviews for Moose Jaw used car dealerships are:


– Google Maps – Dealers often have customer reviews about purchasing experiences

– DealerRater – Features reviews for local car dealers nationwide

– Facebook – Check dealers’ business pages for reviews

– – Includes dealer ratings and reviews for top brands

– BBB – Check the Better Business Bureau for complaints or accreditation

– Word of mouth – Ask locals and friends about dealer reputations


Reading the latest firsthand reviews will help you get a feel for the customer service and quality offered by various used car dealers in the Moose Jaw area. Identify dealers with top reviews to start your buying search.

Common fees to expect when buying a used car in Moose Jaw include:


– Taxes – Applicable PST provincial sales tax and GST goods and services tax

– Registration and title transfer fees

– Dealer documentation or admin fee – Covers costs of sale paperwork processing

– Safety certification fee if required – For inspection to confirm roadworthiness

– Extended warranty fee if purchased – For added component coverage

– Bank financing fees if applicable – Can include application, appraisal or documentation fees


Reputable dealers will fully disclose any fees so you know the total cost breakdown. There should be no surprise charges added at time of payment. Ask for a full estimate inclusive of taxes and fees beforehand so you can budget accurately.

Top used car dealers in Moose Jaw can provide customers with a range of financing options including:


– Direct in-house financing – Payment plans offered through the dealer directly

– Bank/credit union financing – Application assistance to external lending institutions

– Leasing – Monthly payments to use the vehicle then return or buy it out

– Cash incentives – Discount incentives for cash purchases rather than financing

– Trade-in financing – Putting equity of your current vehicle towards the purchase


The best dealers will work with multiple financial institutions to help customers secure used auto loans with low interest rates and affordable payment plans. They understand financing is what makes vehicles accessible for most buyers. Customers should compare financing offers to choose what works within their budget.

Purchasing an extended warranty from a Moose Jaw used car dealer provides added peace of mind protection. These service contracts cover repair costs for an additional period of time or mileage once the original factory warranty expires. Depending on the coverage purchased, they can pay for issues ranging from minor repairs to major components. Extended warranties help cushion the cost of future breakdowns and maintenance after buying used. However they add to the total purchase price. Consider your budget, the vehicle age and past reliability before deciding. Reputable dealers allow customers time after the sale to review warranty options and purchase if desired.

Canada does not have clear “lemon laws” regarding used cars the way some countries do. However, there are consumer protections under the Competition Act and Sale of Goods legislation. These require businesses like Moose Jaw used car dealers to provide vehicles matching advertised condition without defect. If issues arise shortly after sale, customers have the right to return for a full refund or exchange. Dealers also cannot misrepresent vehicle history. Beyond this, it is difficult to obtain replacements or refunds for “lemons”, underscoring the need for thorough inspections pre-purchase from any used car dealer. Checking return policies is also wise before buying used in Canada.

If you discover significant problems with a used car purchased from a Moose Jaw dealer, first document everything and contact the sales manager to discuss options. Dealers want to rectify issues to maintain reputations. If the dealer is not cooperative, contact AMVIC which is the automotive consumer watchdog in Alberta. You can file official complaints of deceptive business practices which they investigate. Consulting with a lawyer is another recourse to review if the Competition Act was violated by misleading advertising about vehicle condition. Checking if the dealer provides in-house financing can also help in negotiating a return or exchange if needed. While rare with reputable dealers, these are options if sold an unsuitable “lemon” used car in Moose Jaw.

The highest concentration of top-rated used car dealerships in Moose Jaw are located on Thatcher Drive East near Manitoba Street. This includes:


– O’Brians Automotive

– Band City Auto Sales

– Prairie Auto Sales


Other well-known used car dealers with great selections found throughout Moose Jaw include:


– Moose Jaw Toyota on 9th Avenue Northwest

– Moose Jaw Ford Sales on High Street West

– Knight Honda and Hyundai on Saskatchewan Street West


Checking both Thatcher Drive and other major streets in Moose Jaw will give you plenty of used vehicle options across various brands to find what you need.

Most used car dealerships in Moose Jaw are open 6 days a week with hours that accommodate both early birds and night owls. Typical hours are:


Monday to Friday: 9 am to 9 pm

Saturdays: 9 am to 6 pm

Sundays: Closed


Many dealers are open later – some until 9 pm – at least a few nights during the week for added convenience. Hours can vary by dealership, with some open longer and others closed Sundays. Calling ahead is wise, but luckily there is plenty of availability after standard work hours to accommodate busy schedules while shopping for used vehicles in Moose Jaw.

The typical process when purchasing from used car dealerships in Moose Jaw includes:


  1. Search inventory online to generate a list of vehicles of interest
  2. Call or visit dealerships to ask questions and test drive top picks
  3. Have a mechanic you trust complete a pre-purchase inspection
  4. Check history through Carproof reports provided by the dealer
  5. Get financing pre-approval if needed before negotiating price
  6. Finalize purchase paperwork including bill of sale
  7. Pay applicable taxes/fees and complete registration changeover


Reputable local used car dealers will walk you through each step so you know what to expect during the buying journey.

After buying a used car, the best Moose Jaw dealers continue providing excellent service by offering:


– Assistance scheduling first service visit

– Oil change discounts and coupons

– Recall notifications for safety-related repairs

– Parts & service discounts for routine maintenance

– Priority appointments for customers

– Courtesy shuttle services to drop off/pick up your vehicle

– Access to loaner cars while servicing when available

– Car care tips from knowledgeable technicians


Relying on their professional after-sale servicing makes ongoing used vehicle maintenance simple.

Top-rated used car dealers in Moose Jaw provide customers with reputable extended warranty options from leading providers like Lubrico, Assurant and WSBC. Coverage terms of 1-4 years are offered for added protection beyond factory warranties. Extended warranties can cover everything from electrical, steering, brakes, drivetrain and more based on your selected plan. Getting quotes on extended auto warranties from local dealer partners ensures you get competitive rates on coverage from trustworthy providers. Dealers can advise what level of protection makes sense for the age and mileage of the specific used vehicle purchased.

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