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Best Used Car Dealerships in New Westminster

Best Used Car Dealerships in New Westminster

Purchasing a used car can be one of the most daunting yet exciting experiences for a consumer. On one hand, you get the freedom and convenience of having your own vehicle at a fraction of the cost of buying new. But finding the right used car that meets your needs and budget takes effort and careful research.

That’s why selecting the best used car dealership is so critical to get this major purchase right. The right New Westminster dealer makes the car buying process smooth, rewarding and even fun. But the wrong one can mean ending up with an unreliable lemon or paying too much. This guide will equip you with the knowledge to find a quality used car dealer that exceeds your expectations.

With so many dealerships to choose from in the New Westminster area, it pays to understand what sets the great ones apart. You want a dealer that offers a large selection of top makes and models, performs rigorous inspections, has strong customer service and provides flexible financing. Taking the time to research dealers, ask the right questions and negotiate will lead to driving off the lot happy in your next used car.

Let’s explore the finest used car dealers New Westminster has to offer, what defines a great dealer, smart questions to ask, and tips to get the best possible deal. With the right dealer relationship, your car buying experience will be smooth, rewarding and even fun.

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Top Used Car Dealerships in New Westminster

New Westminster has many excellent used car dealerships to choose from. Here are some of the top options to check out:


Kabani Auto

Kabani Auto is a family-owned and operated used car dealership that has served New Westminster for over 15 years. They offer a wide selection of makes and models, with an emphasis on later model used vehicles. Kabani Auto has a reputation for transparent pricing, quality inspections, and excellent customer service.


Haus of Cars

Haus of Cars provides a unique used car buying experience, with a cozy showroom in a heritage home. They focus on higher-end pre-owned luxury vehicles. Expect to find brands like Audi, BMW, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover and Porsche. Haus of Cars is known for white glove service.


Caprice Auto Centre

Operating in New Westminster for over 10 years, Caprice Auto Centre has a large inventory of used vehicles priced competitively. They source trade-ins locally and from auctions to provide a wide selection. Caprice Auto Centre’s friendly staff aims to make the buying process smooth.


SilverFox Auto Sales

SilverFox Auto Sales lives up to its name with a focus on later model used cars and trucks in excellent condition. Their inventory is carefully inspected and reconditioned. SilverFox Auto Sales has built a reputation on transparent dealings and quality vehicles.


Euro Pacific Motorcars

Euro Pacific Motorcars specializes in premium European used vehicles. Their inventory consists primarily of Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Land Rover and other high-end brands. Many of their cars are low mileage one-owner trade-ins. Expect white glove service.


Star City Motors

In business for over 15 years, Star City Motors provides a wide selection of used vehicles at reasonable prices. Their focus is on customer satisfaction through transparent dealings. Star City Motors offers financing and extended warranty options.


Inline Motors

Inline Motors has a large inventory of used cars and trucks, including less common brands. Their focus is affordable prices and flexible financing options. Inline Motors provides vehicle history reports on all cars and has an in-house service department.


SJS Auto Sales

SJS Auto Sales offers online listings of their used vehicle inventory, which includes cars, trucks, vans and SUVs. They emphasize fair pricing and quick credit approvals. SJS Auto Sales has a reputation for quality vehicles and knowledgeable staff.


Westminster Toyota

While not exclusively a used car dealer, Westminster Toyota maintains a wide selection of Toyota certified pre-owned vehicles. These cars and trucks pass rigorous inspections and include extended warranty coverage. Westminster Toyota is known for customer satisfaction.


What Defines a Great Used Car Dealership

When shopping for a used car in New Westminster, finding a dealership you can trust is key. There are several factors that set great used car dealerships apart from the rest.

A great used car dealer should have a large selection of inventory so you can find the right vehicle for your needs. They should offer competitive pricing compared to other local dealers on similar makes and models. You want to get the best value for your money.

The dealership should also have a strong customer service reputation and trustworthy sales team. Read reviews and talk to people you know to find a dealer known for transparent transactions and standing behind what they sell.

Make sure the dealer has a quality inspection and reconditioning process before putting vehicles up for sale. They should thoroughly check for issues and repair any problems discovered to ensure you’re getting a solid used car.

Reputable used car dealers will provide some type of warranty or protection plan to give you peace of mind. Even basic powertrain warranties can help protect you from expensive repairs down the road.

Finally, a good used car dealer will have flexible financing options to make purchasing more accessible. They should be able to provide financing assistance or work with your lender to get you a reasonable rate and terms.

By looking for used car dealers in New Westminster that check these key boxes, you’re more likely to have a satisfying experience and drive away happy.


Questions to Ask a New Westminster Used Car Dealer

Before purchasing a used vehicle, it’s important to ask the right questions to any New Westminster used car dealer you are considering. This helps you evaluate if they are the right fit for you and ensures you make a wise investment. Here are some key questions to ask:


How long have you been in business? An established dealer that has been around for many years likely has a solid reputation in the community. This demonstrates they provide good customer service and quality vehicles that keep people coming back.

Where do you source your used car inventory? Understanding where they obtain their used car stock from is insightful. Do they work with auctions, trade-ins, lease returns, etc.? Asking this shows their business practices.

Do you provide vehicle history reports? Reputable used car dealers will have detailed vehicle history reports from sources like Carfax. This transparency allows you to verify the car’s background and previous ownership.

What is your inspection and reconditioning process? A thorough inspection and reconditioning process indicates the vehicles are checked over and remediated before being sold. Find out the details on their process.

Do you offer any kind of warranty or protection plan? Many used car dealers provide some type of warranty or added protection plan you can purchase. This provides peace of mind in case issues arise down the road.

What financing and payment options are available? Even if you plan to pay cash, it’s good to understand all the financing offers available so you can make the most informed decision. They may be able to find you a great rate.


By asking these questions to used car dealers in New Westminster, you gain key insights into their business, practices and inventory. This allows you to find one that is reputable, transparent and meets your needs as a car buyer.


Getting the Best Deal on a Used Car in New Westminster

Buying a used car can be a major investment, so it pays to take steps to secure the very best deal. Here are some top tips for negotiating and finding savings when purchasing your next pre-owned vehicle in New Westminster:


Shop at Certain Times

Timing your purchase right can mean big savings. Dealerships tend to offer their best promotions and incentives at the end of the month or quarter as they work to meet sales quotas. Shopping on these key dates gives you more leverage to negotiate the lowest price.


Consider Certified Pre-Owned

While a bit pricier than regular used cars, certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles come with extended warranty coverage, rigorous inspections, and manufacturer backing. The extra peace of mind may be worth the cost, especially if you can negotiate a good discount on a CPO model.


Negotiate the Price

Never accept the sticker price on a used car. Dealerships build in room for negotiation, so be prepared to haggle on the final drive-away price. Have comparable listings ready to cite and make an offer below asking to ultimately reach an agreeable middle ground.


Get Quotes from Multiple Lenders

If financing, get rate quotes from banks, credit unions and online lenders beyond just what the dealership offers. With pre-approval and competing offers in hand, you can negotiate the best possible interest rate and terms on a loan or lease.


Purchase Added Protection Plans

While not required, purchasing an extended warranty or maintenance plan can provide peace of mind and hedge against future repair costs. Only opt for coverage that fits your needs and budget.


Do Your Research

Before visiting any used car dealership in New Westminster, it’s important to do your homework first. Here are some tips for researching used car dealers to find the best ones:


Read online reviews sites like Google, Facebook, Yelp, and DealerRater to see what current and past customers have said. Look for dealerships with consistently positive feedback and few complaints. This can give you a good sense of their reputation for things like quality vehicles, fair pricing, and good customer service.

Ask for referrals from friends, family, neighbors or coworkers who have had good experiences buying used cars in New Westminster. Word-of-mouth recommendations from people you trust are very valuable. Ask what they liked about the dealer, what kind of inventory they had, and if they would go there again.

Check out the dealer’s rating and any complaints with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB grades dealerships from A+ to F based on factors like time in business, complaint volume and how complaints get resolved. Look for dealers with an A or B BBB rating.


Test Drive Multiple Vehicles

Test driving multiple used car options is a critical step in finding the right vehicle. You’ll want to test drive 3-5 vehicles that meet your needs to properly evaluate condition, performance, comfort and more. Here are some tips for test driving used cars:


  • Take each car on a 20-30 minute test drive that includes highway driving and local streets.
  • Have the dealer or salesperson accompany you and answer any questions.
  • Pay attention to how the engine sounds and feels at multiple speeds.
  • Test acceleration and braking performance.
  • Evaluate steering, cornering, and handling.
  • Check all controls and electronics like lights, wipers, radio, etc.
  • Assess ride comfort over bumps and uneven roads.
  • Consider cabin noise levels and seat comfort.
  • Make sure there are no odd smells or smoke indicating issues.
  • Have a second person come along to get a second opinion.


Taking the time to properly test drive multiple used car options will help you better evaluate condition and make the right choice. Focus on performance, comfort and test driving enough vehicles to make an informed decision.


Have a Mechanic Inspect Before Buying

One of the most important steps to take when buying a used car is to have it inspected by an independent and trustworthy mechanic before making the purchase. This will help you identify any issues with the vehicle early on, before you sign on the dotted line. An inspection by an objective third party mechanic can give you peace of mind that you’re not buying a lemon.

A mechanic will be able to thoroughly evaluate the major systems and components of the car, including the engine, transmission, brakes, suspension, electrical components, etc. They have the skills and diagnostic tools to uncover problems that may not be obvious to the average car buyer, like leaks, worn parts, previous damage or flood exposure.

A pre-purchase inspection will cost around $100-$200. While this is an added expense, it is well worth it to protect your investment and avoid potentially costly repairs down the road. The mechanic can provide an objective assessment of the car’s condition and highlight any issues that need addressing. This gives you the information you need to either negotiate with the dealer for repairs or walk away from the sale if the problems are too major.

Having a used car checked over by an independent mechanic before purchase is strongly advised. Don’t rely solely on the dealer’s word or even a test drive. Spend the extra money upfront to avoid major headaches and expenses later on. Identify any problems under the hood and gain peace of mind that you’re making a solid investment in your next used car.


Review the Vehicle History Report

One of the most important steps when buying a used car is reviewing the vehicle history report from Carproof or Carfax. These comprehensive reports provide a complete record of the car’s life and can reveal critical details you need to know.

A vehicle history report will show how many previous owners the car had, whether it was ever in an accident or had major repairs, if it was imported from another country, and more. Look for the following key details:


  • Accident history – Was the car ever in a collision? How much damage occurred?
  • Insurance claims – Were any claims filed for damage by previous owners?
  • Odometer readings – Does the current mileage make sense given the car’s age?
  • Number of owners – More owners can mean more wear and tear.
  • Maintenance records – Were oil changes and major services done on time?
  • Import history – Was the car brought in from another country?


Reviewing the vehicle history report from Carproof or Carfax lets you make an informed decision and avoid buying a used car with hidden problems. Be wary of any dealer that won’t provide this important record. It’s well worth paying the fee to access the full report yourself for peace of mind.


Understand the Dealership’s Financing Options

When buying a used car, it’s important to understand the financing options available to you. Dealerships often offer financing through partnerships with banks and lenders. While this may seem convenient, it’s wise to compare interest rates from other sources as well.

Get rate quotes from your bank or credit union. Online lenders like Lightstream and PenFed are also worth checking out. They typically offer lower interest rates which could save you thousands over the loan term. Crunch the numbers to see:


  • Dealer financing rate: 6.5%
  • Credit union rate: 4.2%


On a $15,000 used car loan over 5 years, the dealer’s rate would cost a total of $18,335 with interest while the credit union would be $16,817 – a savings of $1,518. Even a small rate difference really adds up, so compare all options.

You can also use an auto loan calculator to estimate monthly payments at different rates. This helps you budget and determine what is affordable based on your income and expenses. Don’t just look at the monthly payment amount – focus on the total 5-year cost.

By understanding dealership financing and comparing rates, you can make the best decision for your budget on a used car loan in New Westminster.


Negotiate the Best Price

One of the keys to getting a great deal on a used car is negotiating the price effectively. Here are some tips to help you negotiate the lowest price possible at a New Westminster dealership:


Do your research on fair pricing – Before you ever set foot in the dealership, research the fair market price for the specific used car you want. Check pricing guides like Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds to see the average price paid for that make, model, year and mileage. This gives you a solid baseline to negotiate down from.

Make a lower counteroffer – Many dealers will start high, so don’t be afraid to counter 20-30% below asking price. They expect you to negotiate! Have a target price in mind and offer thousands below it. Meet somewhere in the middle.

Avoid discussing monthly payments early – Dealers want to anchor you to a monthly payment first. But you’ll get a better overall deal by negotiating the purchase price. Don’t discuss financing until you’ve agreed on the final price.

Be willing to walk away – Don’t fall in love with one specific car. If the dealer won’t come down to your target price range, be willing to walk away. There are other great used car options out there for you.


With the right negotiation strategy, you can often save thousands off the sticker price. Do your homework, make reasonable counteroffers and use competition to your advantage. The more quotes you get from dealers, the better deal you can negotiate.


Carefully Review Before Signing

Before you sign anything, be sure to carefully review all the paperwork. This is your last chance to understand the full terms of the sale and financing before committing.

Make sure you understand the final out-the-door price with all fees and charges included. There should be no surprises here. Also confirm the APR, monthly payment, loan length and other financing terms if you’re not paying cash. What fees or penalties might apply for early payoff?

Find out what the cancellation policy is once you sign the contract. There is usually a short period where you can cancel with a full refund if you change your mind or find issues upon a detailed inspection. Know this cancellation window so you don’t miss it.

Finally, request copies of the sales contract, financing agreement, warranty information, vehicle history report and any other relevant paperwork. Go through these in detail before driving off the lot so you fully understand what you’re agreeing to.

Taking the time to carefully review before signing ensures no miscommunication or misunderstandings. You’ll drive away knowing exactly what you purchased and financed on your used car.


Consider an Extended Warranty

Once the manufacturer’s factory warranty expires, usually after 3 years or 60,000 km, you are responsible for any repairs or replacements needed on the used car. An extended warranty can provide invaluable protection and peace of mind by covering the costs of mechanical breakdowns and repairs.

Extended warranties on used cars pick up right where the factory warranty leaves off. They typically last 1-4 years and cover most major components like the engine, transmission, electrical system, air conditioning, steering, brakes, and more. Extended warranties can save you thousands in unexpected repair bills down the road.

When considering an extended warranty, be sure to compare offerings from different providers. Look at factors like length of coverage, deductibles, exclusions, claim limits, and repair facility options. Also confirm the warranty is transferable if you sell the vehicle. Reputable extended warranty companies like Endurance and CarShield offer different levels of protection to suit your budget and needs.

Getting an extended warranty on a used car gives you the reliability and protection you expect with a new vehicle. For a few hundred dollars per year, you can avoid the stress of unforeseen breakdowns and repairs after the factory warranty expires.


Register and Insure the Vehicle Properly

Once you’ve purchased your used car, there are still a few final steps to take care of before you can hit the road. It’s crucial that you properly register the vehicle and obtain insurance before driving it home from the dealership.


Here’s what you need to know about transferring registration and insurance:


Transfer Registration and Get New Plates

In most provinces, when a used vehicle is sold, the ownership must be transferred to the new owner along with new license plates. This is usually handled by the dealership, but make sure to confirm that the registration has been fully transferred into your name before driving off the lot.

The dealership will provide you with a signed transfer form and bill of sale as proof of purchase. You’ll need to bring these documents along with valid ID to your local registry office to complete the registration transfer. In BC, this must be done within 10 days of buying the used car.

At the registry, you’ll pay any applicable taxes and fees to transfer the title and registration into your name. You’ll also be issued new license plates to put on your used car, replacing the old plates which stay with the previous owner.


Obtain Insurance Before Driving Home

It’s against the law to drive a vehicle without active insurance, even if you just purchased it. That’s why it’s crucial to line up a new policy before taking ownership of your used car.

Contact your insurance provider as soon as you finalize the used car purchase. Provide them with details about the year, make, model, VIN and usage of the vehicle. Usually, you can add the used car to your existing policy or take out a new policy effective immediately.

Make sure to have either proof of insurance or the insurance policy documents with you when you pick up the used car. Review the coverage details and limits with your insurance agent. Then you can drive home safely and legally covered by insurance.

Taking care of registration and insurance requirements is the final step to enjoy your new used car purchase. With the paperwork completed, you can hit the road worry-free in your next reliable used vehicle.



Finding the perfect used car dealership in New Westminster requires doing thorough research, asking the right questions, test driving multiple vehicles, having a mechanic inspect any car you’re seriously considering, and negotiating the best possible deal. The extra effort pays off when you can drive away confident and satisfied with your next used car.

Here are some key takeaways when shopping for your next used car in New Westminster:


  • Look for dealerships with a great reputation, large selection, competitive pricing and strong customer service.
  • Take any car you’re serious about purchasing to an independent mechanic for a pre-purchase inspection.
  • Review the vehicle history report to check for accidents, damages or other issues.
  • Compare financing rates from multiple lenders to get the best deal.
  • Negotiate the final price focusing on the out-the-door price rather than monthly payments.
  • Carefully review all paperwork before signing and take your time.
  • Consider an extended warranty for added peace of mind.
  • Properly register and insure your vehicle right away.


Finding the right New Westminster dealership for you will ensure your used car buying experience is smooth, rewarding and exceeds your expectations. Do your homework, ask questions and focus on quality to end up with a great used car at a great price.

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Questions About The Best Used Car Dealerships in New Westminster

The top used car dealerships in New Westminster, BC include Caprice Auto Centre, Kabani Auto, SilverFox Auto Sales, Inline Motors, and Tala Auto Select. These dealers offer a wide selection of quality used vehicles at fair prices along with financing options. They have excellent customer reviews and many years of experience. When visiting these dealerships, expect a no-pressure environment with knowledgeable staff to help you find the right used car.

When shopping for a used car in New Westminster, be sure to:


– Check vehicle history reports for accidents, liens or stolen status


– Review maintenance records and have a mechanic inspect the vehicle


– Take the car for an extended test drive on various road conditions


– Check for signs of rust underneath and inside the wheel wells


– Look for fluid leaks under the engine and transmission


– Ensure all features and electronics are functioning properly


– Negotiate the best price and have sales agreements reviewed


Buying from a reputable dealer can provide added consumer protections. Be an informed buyer and don’t hesitate to ask questions or walk away if something seems amiss.

Used car dealers in New Westminster often offer on-site financing from third-party lenders to help make vehicles more affordable. Many have partnerships with major banks and credit unions to provide loans directly through the dealership with flexible terms and competitive rates.


Cash incentives, low interest rate promotions, extended warranties, and flexible payment schedules are commonly advertised at local dealers. Those with good credit have the most financing options, including longer loan terms up to 7 years. But some subprime lenders also cater to those rebuilding credit.


It’s wise to get pre-approved for financing from your bank or credit union before visiting dealerships too. This allows you to negotiate the vehicle price separately and compare interest rates.

Purchasing an extended warranty from your dealer or third-party provider for a used car in New Westminster can make sense. Factory warranties only last so long – typically 3-5 years or 60,000-100,000 km. Once they expire, repairs come out of pocket. Extended warranties protect against big, unexpected repair bills.


Key things to weigh when considering an extended warranty include the age/mileage of the vehicle, repair history, warranty cost vs. potential repair costs, exclusions, deductibles, and length of coverage. Getting quotes from various providers helps find the best rate too. If the vehicle is relatively new or you plan on selling it within the warranty period, it likely offers enough peace of mind to justify the price.

Don’t be shy about asking questions when test driving a used car. Important things to inquire about include:


– Has the car ever been in an accident? What repairs were done?


– Why are the current owners choosing to sell the vehicle?


– Does everything function properly – heat, A/C, radio, power windows/locks, etc?


– Have there been any major repairs done or systems replaced?


– Does the engine make any unusual noises or is the transmission shifting smoothly?


– Is routine maintenance up to date? May I see service records?


– How’s the gas mileage? What type of driving is it best suited for?


– How are the tires? Brakes? Are new ones needed soon?


Getting honest answers to questions like these now prevents headaches later. Don’t rush the test drive – spend enough time to evaluate performance.

The CarProof report offers very comprehensive vehicle history information and is typically sufficient on its own when buying a used car in Canada. CarProof reports detail Canadian registration, accident and damage records, liens, U.S. history, open recalls, Canadian police reported thefts, and maintenance records when available.


However, CarProof focuses specifically on the Canadian vehicle market. For even greater peace of mind, having a Carfax report run in conjunction with CarProof can provide additional details on the vehicle’s history within the U.S.


So while the CarProof report is extremely informative for most buyers, if the vehicle you’re considering has spent any time registered in the United States, having both reports available is wise.

The harsh Canadian winters demand vehicles that can handle snow, slush, and ice with competence. The best used cars for winter driving in Canada typically have all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive systems, plenty of ground clearance, advanced traction/stability control features, and good all-season or winter tires.


Top used vehicle types to consider for winter include:


– Crossover SUVs like the Subaru Outback, Toyota RAV4, and Honda CR-V


– Pickup trucks such as the Ford F-150, Ram 1500, GMC Sierra 1500


– AWD cars including the Subaru Impreza, Legacy or WRX


Test driving vehicles of interest on snowy surfaces helps evaluate real-world winter performance too. Prioritize safety – advanced safety features like electronic stability control and anti-lock brakes are hugely beneficial.

Avoid buying a flood damaged used car by:


– Checking CarProof and Carfax vehicle history reports for flood, salvage or rebuilt titles


– Looking for signs of water damage like musty odors, rust, corrosion, water stains, mildew, fogging inside lights


– Inspecting upholstery, carpets and spaces under the dash for dampness, mud or signs of mold


– Testing all electrical components extensively for flickering lights or malfunctions


– Reviewing service records closely for any major repairs or replaced parts


– Having a trusted mechanic conduct a pre-purchase inspection focusing on the above


Buying from a reputable dealer that discloses any flood history upfront is also key. Be very cautious of any great deals on used cars for sale by an individual. Trust your instincts – if you suspect flood damage, move on.

When purchasing a used car from a dealer in New Westminster, expect to pay additional fees above the vehicle’s sale price including:


– Federal goods and services tax (GST) – 5% of the purchase price


– Provincial sales tax (PST) – 7% (vehicles under $55,000) or 10% (vehicles $55,000-$125,000) of the purchase price


– Dealer documentation fee – can range $495-$895+


– Licensing and registration costs


There may also be added costs for an extended warranty, a security etching, or other aftermarket products depending on what’s being promoted. Get a complete breakdown of all fees in writing first. Some dealers advertise pricing including just GST while others list +PST – this makes comparison shopping tricky.

You should always check for open safety recalls on used vehicles before purchase. Transport Canada lists all current safety recalls online by both make and model year. Their search tool lets you easily look up the exact vehicle to confirm no outstanding issues.


Many vehicle history reports like CarProof also clearly state if a vehicle has any manufacturer safety recalls that haven’t been performed. If the report shows an open recall, print the details to bring to the selling dealer’s attention. They should make any necessary repairs per the recall notice prior to purchase at no cost.


Staying informed on recalls and ensuring they are addressed is vital for your safety as vehicles with outstanding recalls could fail catastrophically while in operation.

You want to be able to fully assess how a used car performs when test driving, but safety should also be a top priority:


– Ensure tires have sufficient tread depth and proper inflation


– Confirm headlights, brake lights, signals, wipers are functioning


– Check seat belts for wear and proper operation


– Adjust mirrors, head restraints and the driver’s seat for good visibility and control


– Keep both hands firmly on the wheel and your eyes steadily scanning the road


– Drive defensively watching the speed limit and other motorists


– Assess braking smoothness in low risk areas before attempting hard stops


Having a licensed passenger along to help evaluate the vehicle while you focus solely on driving is wise as well. Never let a salesperson pressure you into driving dangerously.

The requirements to legally sell used vehicles to the public in New Westminster include:


– Maintaining a registered car dealership business license from the B.C. Ministry of Public Safety


– Holding a motor dealer certificate personally from the Vehicle Sales Authority of B.C.


– Having valid certification under the Salesperson Licensing Certification Program


– Carrying minimum business liability insurance


– Complying with the Business Practices & Consumer Protection Act plus additional laws governing consignment sales, disclosure rules, record keeping, etc.


This formal licensing ensures used car dealers meet ethical sales practices and provide certain protections to consumers through provincial regulation – unlike transactions involving private individuals.

Buying a used car from a licensed dealer registered with the Vehicle Sales Authority of B.C. has more legal protections than transactions with a private seller. These include:


– Clear compensation fund coverage if dealer fraud is committed


– Mandatory disclosure rules on vehicle history, damages, defects


– Ability to report issues for investigation into business practices


– Assurance dealer meets licensing education requirements


– Required record keeping for resolving disputes/complaints


Additionally, many dealers provide short term warranties, allow test drives, have newer certified vehicles, and enable financing. Private sales are solely between the buyer and seller. So weighing risks against savings when evaluating options is important.

Be alert for the following clues that can signal odometer fraud:


– Mileage seems unusually low for the car’s age


– The digits on the odometer are unevenly spaced or misaligned


– There are smudges or scratches near the numbers


– The dashboard appears overly worn for the mileage


– Service records and history reports show inconsistent readings


– The check engine light is on suggesting computer tampering


When test driving, listen for noises and feel for vibration that may indicate higher mileage. Be very wary of vehicles being sold well below market value without good cause. Perform thorough due diligence and walk away from any deal that seems questionable.

A key way to uncover whether a used car was previously written off or had salvage or rebuilt status is through vehicle history reports like CarProof and Carfax. These reports detail any past structural damage accidents along with associated repairs and claims payouts that would indicate the car had been written off by insurers.


The reports also clearly state if the vehicle has ever carried a rebuilt, salvage, or non-repairable title. Major red flags include gaps in the ownership history or registration data as this can signal efforts to hide salvage history. Additionally, having a mechanic conduct a pre-purchase inspection capable of detecting shoddy repair work is prudent.

Important questions to ask the used car dealer include:


– Why are you selling this particular vehicle?


– Has this vehicle ever been in an accident or had major repairs done?


– Is this vehicle still covered under the original factory warranty?


– Does this vehicle have any outstanding safety recalls I should know about?


– Can you provide service records and previous ownership history?


– What reconditioning work have you done to prepare this vehicle for sale?


– Will you allow the vehicle to be independently inspected by my mechanic?


– Is there any wiggle room on the asking price? What can you offer as far as financing/warranties?


Listen carefully to the dealer’s responses for hesitations or vagueness as this can hint at underlying issues. Reputable dealers will answer openly and be eager to earn your business.

While licensed dealerships remain a popular choice for the protections and convenience they offer, alternatives for finding used cars include:


– Private sellers listing vehicles online via, Kijiji, Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace


– Police auctions and seized vehicle sales, often requiring upfront payments


– Rental car companies selling off older fleet vehicles


– Company fleet vehicle resales through online auction sites


– Bank repossession auctions after vehicles are seized from owners behind on payments


Each option carries differing risks in terms of vehicle condition, history, and financing availability. Inspection before purchase and checking reports is critical no matter the source. Weigh the pros and cons relative to your budget when evaluating channels.

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