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Best Used Car Dealerships in Port Coquitlam

Best Used Car Dealerships in Port Coquitlam

With over 1 million used vehicles sold each year in British Columbia alone, buying a pre-owned car is more popular than ever. However, not all used car dealerships operate the same when it comes to pricing, vehicle selection and customer service. Finding the right dealer can make all the difference in getting a great used car without any hassles. This article covers the top-rated used car dealers in Port Coquitlam, BC to help you shop smarter.

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What to Look for in a Used Car Dealership

When shopping for a used car, finding a reputable dealership is key. Here are some of the top things to look for:


Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

Certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles go through rigorous inspections and often come with extended warranties. This provides added peace of mind when buying used.


Vehicle History Reports

A vehicle history report details any previous accidents, repairs, ownership records, and mileage. Reputable dealers will provide these reports to show the vehicle’s history.


Competitive Pricing

A good dealership will price their vehicles competitively based on condition and market value. Compare pricing online to ensure you’re getting a good deal.


Knowledgeable Sales Staff

The sales staff should be experts on the inventory and provide detailed information about each vehicle’s history, features, and value.


Good Online Reviews

Dealerships with high ratings and positive reviews often provide excellent customer service during and after the sale.


Onsite Financing Options

Many dealers offer competitive financing right at the dealership, which simplifies the buying process.


Warranties on Used Vehicles

Reputable dealers will often provide a warranty on their used vehicles to cover repairs for a certain time period.


Wide Selection of Makes/Models

A large, diverse inventory with various makes and models makes it easier to find the right used vehicle.


Tricity Mitsubishi Overview

Tricity Mitsubishi should be at the top of your list when searching for a used car dealership in Port Coquitlam. This family-owned business has built up an outstanding reputation in the community over the years. They specialize exclusively in Mitsubishi vehicles, so you can expect their sales staff to be extremely knowledgeable about the brand’s models, features, and reliability.

As a Mitsubishi dealer, Tricity has access to a wide selection of used vehicles taken in trade. You’ll find all types of models ranging from practical Lancers to rugged Outlanders. Since they focus solely on one make, their inventory turns over rapidly which means fresh pre-owned Mitsubishi choices.

Tricity provides a one year powertrain warranty on their used vehicle offerings for added peace of mind. This covers the engine, transmission, drive axles, and other major components. Having this level of coverage provides assurance that your purchase will be reliable for years to come.

Between their dedication to Mitsubishi vehicles, family-oriented business, and included used car warranty, Tricity Mitsubishi is absolutely worth considering for your next pre-owned purchase in Port Coquitlam.


West Coast Toyota Overview

West Coast Toyota is one of the top used car dealers in Port Coquitlam and a great option for finding a reliable pre-owned Toyota. As an authorized Toyota dealership, they offer the Toyota Certified Used Vehicle program which includes thorough inspections and extended warranty coverage.

All Toyota certified used vehicles at West Coast Toyota undergo a 125+ point inspection by factory trained technicians. This comprehensive inspection covers everything from the engine and transmission to the interior and exterior. If any issues are found, they are repaired to meet Toyota’s high certification standards.

In addition to the rigorous inspection, Toyota certified used vehicles come with extended warranty coverage. This includes a 1-year/unlimited km comprehensive warranty and up to 7 years/140,000 km powertrain warranty. This provides great peace of mind when buying a pre-owned Toyota.

West Coast Toyota also offers manufacturer backed warranties on many non-certified used Toyota models. Their expert staff can go over the different warranty options to help you choose the right coverage for your budget and needs.

Knowing that a used Toyota has passed thorough inspections and comes with strong warranty protection gives buyers confidence in the vehicle’s reliability. This makes West Coast Toyota a great option for finding a high-quality used car in Port Coquitlam.


Variety Auto Sales Overview

Variety Auto Sales has been providing quality used cars to customers in Port Coquitlam for over 20 years. This experienced dealership has earned a reputation for low pressure and no haggle sales. Customers appreciate their transparent pricing with no hidden fees or extra costs added at the end.

At Variety Auto Sales, you can browse their selection of used vehicles without being approached by pushy salespeople. Their philosophy is to allow you to shop at your own pace and connect with a salesperson only when you are ready. There is never any pressure to make an immediate buying decision.

In addition to the no extra fees policy, Variety Auto Sales offers competitive pricing that is comparable or lower than other used car lots in the area. The advertised price is the price you pay, without last minute dealer add-ons. This upfront pricing model has built trust with Port Coquitlam used car shoppers over the past two decades.

Between the tenured staff, transparent sales process, and focus on value, it’s clear why Variety Auto Sales has become a top choice for used car buyers in Port Coquitlam. Their selection changes frequently as trade-ins come in, so check back often if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for right away.


Eagle Ridge GM Overview

Eagle Ridge GM is another great option for finding certified pre-owned vehicles in Port Coquitlam. As a GM dealership, they offer a wide selection of GM certified pre-owned cars and trucks that come with the peace of mind of manufacturer backing. All GM certified pre-owned vehicles undergo a rigorous 125-point inspection and reconditioning process, which includes a powertrain warranty. Eagle Ridge GM has earned a reputation for transparent, upfront sales with no hidden fees or pressure. Their pricing is based on the Canadian Black Book, an independent guide used by the industry to determine fair market value for used vehicles. This ensures customers get competitive pricing without having to haggle. Between the certified pre-owned vehicles and no-nonsense sales approach, Eagle Ridge GM is a top choice for used car buyers looking for quality and value.


Get Pre-Approved Financing

One of the best ways to get the upper hand when negotiating at a used car dealership in Port Coquitlam is to have your financing pre-approved before you even step foot on the lot. This takes away the dealer’s leverage when it comes to financing offers and interest rates. Without a pre-approved loan, the dealership can present you with inflated financing rates from their partners, making the vehicle seem more expensive than it really is. Having your own financing lined up ahead of time forces the dealership to focus just on the sale price of the vehicle.

Getting pre-approved financing shows you have done your homework and are serious about purchasing. Dealers know they have to be competitive with your pre-approved rate and terms. It also indicates you have the means to purchase the vehicle, rather than just browsing. Dealers tend to take customers with financing already secured more seriously.

To get pre-approved, check with your bank or credit union first, as they likely offer the lowest interest rates. You can also get quotes from online lenders like Capital One, Lightstream, and Bank of America. Only do a soft credit check at this stage which won’t impact your score. Once you have a pre-approved loan, you can shop at dealers with confidence and negotiate the best out-the-door price.


Test Drive the Vehicle

Test driving a used car is one of the most important steps when shopping around. It allows you to get a real feel for the vehicle and make sure it meets your needs before committing to a purchase.

When test driving a used car, there are a few key things to look out for:


  • Listen for any unusual engine noises or vibrations that could indicate mechanical issues.
  • Test all controls including lights, turn signals, wipers, radio, and heat/AC to ensure they are functioning.
  • Pay attention to steering – it should turn smoothly without any pulling or vibration.
  • Test brakes to make sure they stop the car evenly and securely.
  • Accelerate to highway speeds to check engine performance and transmission shifting.
  • Check suspension by driving over bumps – it should be smooth without rattling noises.
  • Assess comfort and visibility by adjusting seats and mirrors.
  • Drive at least 15-20 minutes to allow the engine to warm up and get a feel for overall drivability.


Taking a test drive allows you to thoroughly inspect a used vehicle from the inside out. Don’t skip this step – test driving can alert you to issues not detectable through just a visual inspection. It also helps confirm that a used car truly meets your needs before purchasing.


Review Vehicle History Report

Reviewing a vehicle history report is a crucial step when buying a used car. This report provides vital information about the car’s past that can indicate potential problems or signs of abuse.

Here are the key things to look for in a vehicle history report:


  • Number of previous owners – More owners can mean more wear and tear.
  • Accident history – Any reported accidents may reveal underlying damage.
  • Odometer readings – Gaps or rollbacks in mileage can signify fraud.
  • Title issues – A “salvage” or “rebuilt” title indicates major prior damage.
  • Maintenance records – Consistent service is a good sign.
  • Location history – Multiple states may increase likelihood of issues.
  • Open recalls – Outstanding safety recalls should be fixed before buying.


Watch for these red flags when reviewing a vehicle history report:


  • Large gaps in ownership – Could indicate car was sitting unused.
  • Failed emissions or safety inspections – Points to potential problems.
  • Rental/fleet vehicle history – More wear from multiple drivers.
  • Odometer rollbacks – Strong sign of fraud.
  • Salvage/junk titles – Car was totaled in serious accident.
  • Flood damage – Can cause ongoing electrical and mechanical issues.


A comprehensive vehicle history report from sources like Carfax or CarProof can help uncover any issues with the car’s past. Review this vital information carefully before purchase to avoid buying a used car with hidden problems.


Negotiate the Price

Negotiating the price on a used car can seem intimidating, but going in prepared with reasonable offers and pricing information can help you get the best deal.

Here are some tips for negotiating the price on a used car in Port Coquitlam:


  • Research the vehicle’s market value – Use pricing guides like the Canadian Black Book to understand the average price for that make, model, year and mileage.
  • Get pre-approved financing – This gives you negotiating power if you already have financing lined up.
  • Make a reasonable first offer – Offer around 10-15% below asking price to start the negotiation.
  • Point out any flaws – Note any body damage, mechanical issues or missing features to ask for a lower price.
  • Be ready to walk away – Don’t get emotionally attached to a car. Being willing to walk away gives you leverage.
  • Ask about discounts and incentives – Dealers may offer discounts or incentives that can lower the price.
  • Negotiate the final price, not monthly payments – Focus on getting the purchase price down, not just the monthly payment.


Making strategic offers can help in negotiating:


  • Make your first offer good for that day only to create urgency.
  • If they won’t go down to your offer, ask to meet in the middle.
  • Reject their counter offer and make another reasonable offer below it.
  • Accept their offer but ask to have add-ons like an extended warranty removed to save money.


With the right preparation and negotiation strategies, you can get the best possible deal on your next used car purchase in Port Coquitlam.


Read All Paperwork Carefully

When purchasing a used vehicle, it’s crucial to read all paperwork thoroughly before signing anything. This helps avoid any hidden fees or charges from popping up later.

Dealerships sometimes slip in extra fees that weren’t discussed upfront. Carefully review the purchase agreement, financing contract, warranty information, and any other documents line-by-line. Make sure you understand every charge and fee listed.

Watch for doc fees, preparation fees, administrative fees or other charges that seem excessive. Ask the salesperson to explain any fees that are unclear or seem too high.

Take your time going through the paperwork, even if the salesperson seems rushed. Don’t let them pressure you into signing before you’ve had a chance to fully review everything. It’s a major purchase – go through the paperwork carefully to ensure you know what you’re agreeing to.

If any fees or charges don’t make sense, speak up and ask for them to be removed or explained. Don’t sign anything until you’re 100% clear on what you’re purchasing and the total costs involved.


Opt for Certified Pre-Owned

One of the best ways to get added peace of mind when buying a used car is to purchase a certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle. CPO cars go through extensive inspections and reconditioning by the manufacturer before they are sold. This ensures any issues are fixed and the car meets strict standards before being offered for sale.

CPO vehicles also come with extended warranty coverage beyond the original new car warranty, which can provide thousands of dollars in potential savings on future repairs. For example, Toyota offers a 7 year/100,000 mile powertrain warranty on their CPO vehicles in addition to a 160-point inspection and vehicle history report.

Opting for CPO gives you the reliability and warranty of a new car with the cost savings of purchasing used. Certified pre-owned vehicles are often priced slightly higher than non-certified used cars, but provide added peace of mind that the vehicle is in excellent mechanical condition and covered for potential issues down the road.

When shopping the used car dealers in Port Coquitlam, be sure to ask about their certified pre-owned vehicle options. Dealers like West Coast Toyota and Eagle Ridge GM offer CPO vehicles backed by the manufacturer warranty. This added coverage and inspection rigor helps take the risk out of buying used.



In summary, finding a reputable used car dealership is key to getting a good deal on a quality pre-owned vehicle in Port Coquitlam. Focus your search on dealerships like Tricity Mitsubishi, West Coast Toyota, Variety Auto Sales, and Eagle Ridge GM that have excellent reputations, offer certified pre-owned vehicles, provide vehicle history reports, and employ a customer-focused sales process.

To get the best price when buying a used car, be sure to get pre-approved financing, take a thorough test drive, carefully inspect the vehicle history report, negotiate the price, read all paperwork meticulously, and opt for certified pre-owned if it’s available and fits your budget. Taking these steps will help ensure you find the ideal used car at the best possible price.

Don’t let used car shopping be a stressful experience. By picking a dealership with a great selection and a transparent, customer-focused sales process, you can feel confident you’re getting a good deal on a reliable used vehicle. Focus your search, do your research, and you’ll drive off the lot satisfied with your purchase.


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Questions About The Best Used Car Dealerships in Port Coquitlam

The tax when buying a used car in Port Coquitlam depends on the price of the vehicle. In British Columbia, buyers pay a provincial sales tax (PST) of 7% on used vehicle purchases under $55,000. On used cars priced above $55,000, buyers pay a 7% PST on the first $55,000 and a 15% tax on the remainder. There are no municipal or federal taxes applied to used car purchases in Port Coquitlam.

The main paperwork required when purchasing a used car in Port Coquitlam includes the bill of sale, vehicle transfer form, proof of insurance, and vehicle registration. The bill of sale outlines the details of the transaction such as the purchase price, vehicle identification number (VIN), and signatures of the buyer and seller. The vehicle transfer form officially transfers ownership from the seller to the buyer. Proof of insurance is also required before registering the used car.

Common fees to expect when buying a used car in Port Coquitlam include documentation fees, PST tax, registration transfer fee, tire levy fee and any dealer fees. Documentation fees range from $199-$699. PST tax is 7% of the purchase price up to $55,000. The registration transfer fee is $18. The BC tire levy fee is $5 per tire. Dealer fees vary but often range from 0-$699.

According to auto listing sites, the average price of used cars currently listed for sale by dealers in Port Coquitlam ranges between $15,000-$25,000. More affordable models average around $15,000 while certified pre-owned luxury vehicles average around $25,000. On sites like Craigslist, private sellers tend to list used cars in Port Coquitlam for $10,000-$20,000 on average.

Some of the top-rated dealerships known for good deals and selection of used cars in Port Coquitlam include:


– Tricity Mitsubishi

– Eagle Ridge GM

– West Coast Toyota

– Metro Motors

– OpenRoad Auto Group

– Jim Pattison Hyundai Coquitlam


These dealers offer competitive pricing, a wide range of makes/models, financing options and great customer service when shopping for used cars.

The most popular types of used cars purchased in Port Coquitlam are:


– Compact cars – Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, Hyundai Elantra

– Mid-size sedans – Toyota Camry, Honda Accord

– Crossover SUVs – Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V

– Pickup trucks – Ford F-150, RAM 1500, GMC Sierra 1500


These reliable, fuel efficient models hold their value well and suit the needs of most drivers in the Port Coquitlam area.

There are pros and cons to buying from both private sellers and dealers in Port Coquitlam. Private sellers generally have lower prices but no financing options. Dealers offer certified pre-owned vehicles with warranties but charge extra fees. Consider cost, selection, test drives, financing terms and paperwork requirements when choosing private party vs dealer. Get any used car inspected first.

Key questions to ask when buying a used car in Port Coquitlam include:


– How many previous owners?

– What is the maintenance history?

– Has it been in any accidents?

– Why are you selling the car?

– Can I take it for an independent inspection?

– What warranty is included if any?

– What are the financing terms you offer?


Asking the right questions helps evaluate condition, value and ownership experience when searching for your next used car.

British Columbia has mandatory safety inspections required on used car purchases. Sellers in Port Coquitlam must provide buyers with either a valid BC Certificate of Inspection or receipt for repairs done less than 30 days before the sale. This ensures key components like brakes, steering, lights and seatbelts are in good working order.

British Columbia does not have used car “lemon laws” that provide buyers special protection. However, the provincial Sale of Goods Act requires sellers to ensure vehicles are fit for driving without issues for a reasonable period based on age and mileage. Test drives and independent inspections help buyers identify potential issues before purchasing a used lemon.

The best places to search used listings in Port Coquitlam include:


– Dealer websites

– Craigslist Vancouver


– Facebook Marketplace


– Kijiji Vancouver


These sites allow custom searches by location, price, make, model and other specifics when hunting for your ideal used car locally.

The best way to negotiate at Port Coquitlam dealerships is to compare online prices, determine invoice cost, get pre-approved financing, be ready to walk away and make your offer firmly. Highlight competitive vehicles you are considering, have your budget set and know the fair market value when negotiating used car purchases. Time end of month deals carefully as well.

Top tips to ensure you pick a reliable used car in Port Coquitlam:


– Get a vehicle history report

– Take an extensive test drive

– Have an independent mechanic inspection

– Check safety recall databases

– Look for regular maintenance records

– Favor lower mileage vehicles


Following these guidelines helps minimize the risk of buying an unreliable lemon.

Most franchised dealers in Port Coquitlam offer Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) used cars that come with extended warranty coverage. A CPO warranty protects against unexpected repair bills and often includes roadside assistance. Typical used car warranty terms from Port Coquitlam dealers are powertrain coverage for 6 years/120,000 km from the original in-service date.

Legally, anyone test driving a used car at a dealership in Port Coquitlam must show proof of a valid driver’s license and have at least $200,000 third-party liability insurance. Insurance follows the driver, so coverage can be through your own private policy or by purchasing dealer insurance for the test drive. This ensures you are protected in case of any accidents.

Used car financing options available in Port Coquitlam include:


– Dealer financing like 0% interest offers

– Bank/credit union auto loans

– Private financing companies

– Personal lines of credit

– Payment plans from used car dealerships


Shopping interest rates from multiple providers helps buyers get the best used car loan terms.

To check for open recalls on a used car in Port Coquitlam, enter the 17-digit vehicle identification number (VIN) at Transport Canada’s recall database online or the NHTSA recalls site. This VIN search shows outstanding safety recalls requiring free repairs from the automaker. Ask the seller to confirm all recalls have been addressed before finalizing any used car purchase.

Common used car scams in Port Coquitlam include:


– Odometer rollbacks

– Curbsiding (unregistered sellers)

– Fake online listings

– Title washing

– Engine light clearing

– Selling previously written off cars


Shop at licensed dealers, get used cars inspected, check vehicle history and verify seller identity to avoid used car scams.

Warning signs of an unreliable used car in Port Coquitlam:


– Check engine light is on

– Rust around wheel wells or undercarriage

– Milky oil, leaks or stains under car

– Mismatched tires or brands

– Uneven tire wear

– Strange noises when idling or test driving


Carefully inspecting any used car can help identify reliability red flags to avoid future repair headaches.

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