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Best Used Car Dealerships in Selkirk

Best Used Car Dealerships in Selkirk

Buying a used car can be an exciting yet challenging process. With so many options to consider, it’s important to go in with the right information to make the best decision. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the key steps to finding and purchasing the ideal used car in Selkirk.

We’ll cover everything from determining your budget, researching makes and models, finding reputable local dealers, test driving, inspecting vehicles, understanding warranties, negotiating the final price, completing the sale, and transferring registration. Follow this advice to gain confidence and get the best possible deal on your next used car.

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Why Buy Used in Selkirk?

Purchasing a used car is an excellent way to save money upfront compared to buying new. With the right research, you can find a reliable used vehicle that fits your needs and budget in Selkirk. There are many advantages to buying used locally:


First, you save a significant amount on depreciation. New cars can lose 10-30% of their value in the first year alone. With a used car, the original owner takes that depreciation hit. This allows you to get a quality vehicle for thousands less than new.

Buying used also opens up more options to get a well-equipped, lower-mileage car you can afford. Focus your search on certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles, which combine the appeal of buying used with some new car perks.

At dealers like Steeltown Ford and Beausejour GM, CPO cars undergo extensive inspections and reconditioning. They also come with extended warranty coverage for added peace of mind. Overall, you can find a great used car value and still get a vehicle likely to provide years of reliable service.


Determine Your Budget

Before starting your used car search, it’s critical to determine the budget you can realistically afford. This involves deciding on a few key factors:


Monthly Payments

Consider your current income and expenses. How much can you allocate each month towards a car payment? Get pre-approved for financing based on the monthly amount you are comfortable with over a 3-5 year loan term.


Down Payment

In addition to the monthly payments, factor in how much you can put down upfront. Aim for at least 10-20% of the vehicle price if possible. The more you put down, the lower your monthly payments will be.


Get Pre-Approved Financing

Before visiting dealerships, get pre-approved for a car loan through your bank or credit union. This gives you bargaining power to secure the best interest rate. Let the dealer try to beat your pre-approval offer.

Knowing your budget range ahead of time lets you zero in on the right used car that fits your financial capabilities. Stick to this number as you search inventory and negotiate pricing for the best deal.


Research Makes & Models

Before visiting dealers, spend time researching different makes and models to narrow down your top choices. Focus on vehicles that are known for reliability, safety, and fitting your needs and budget.

Use resources like Consumer Reports and J.D. Power to compare brands and models on:


  • Predicted reliability ratings based on surveys
  • Safety scores from crash tests and advanced driver aids
  • Ownership costs like insurance, maintenance, repairs
  • Performance ratings for things like acceleration, handling, braking
  • Comfort and interior ratings


Make a list of your must-have features, then compare models with the highest ratings in those areas. For used cars under $10,000 in Selkirk, some well-rated options to consider are:


  • Toyota Corolla
  • Honda Civic
  • Subaru Impreza
  • Ford Focus
  • Hyundai Elantra


This research will help you zero in on the models likely to best fit your needs and lifestyle before visiting dealerships. Test driving your top contenders is the final step to deciding which used car is right for you.


Selkirk Dealerships to Know

When looking for quality used vehicles in Selkirk, two dealerships stand out for their selection, pricing, and service.


Steeltown Ford

Steeltown Ford should be a top stop for shoppers seeking an affordable used Ford. Key reasons to consider Steeltown:


  • Large onsite inventory of Ford models in good condition
  • Typically well under $10k even for more recent model years
  • ASE certified technicians inspect and recondition all used vehicles
  • Provide CarProof history reports for peace of mind


With a great reputation and transparent sales process, Steeltown Ford makes it easy to find a quality used Ford that fits your budget.


Beausejour GM

For a wide selection of used GM vehicles, Beausejour GM is a dealership to know in Selkirk. Key advantages include:


  • Regularly stock late model used Chevys, Buicks, GMCs under $10,000
  • GM certified pre-owned vehicles come with extended warranty
  • Transparent pricing displayed online for easy browsing
  • Willing to negotiate fair deals to earn your business


With competitive used vehicle offers, Beausejour GM gives you more late model GM options to choose from in your price range.


Expand Your Search

Beyond those top two dealerships, contacting other area lots can uncover more used car options that meet your preferences and budget:


  • Selkirk Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram
  • Selkirk Chevrolet Buick GMC Ltd
  • Small independent dealers like Quail Auto Sales


Cast a wide net when comparing model availability, mileage, equipment, pricing and any current promotions across dealers. Checking multiple lots gives you more selection and bargaining power to negotiate the best possible deal.


Test Drive Top Contenders

Once you’ve narrowed down the options, it’s time to test drive your top used car choices. Taking each for a spin lets you get a feel for how they handle, their comfort and features. Be sure to:


  • Drive in different conditions – highway, city streets, hills if possible
  • Have all passengers try the seats to evaluate room and comfort
  • Test acceleration and braking
  • Cycle through tech features, controls, steering and visibility
  • Assess noise levels and ride quality


This hands-on experience helps you determine if a particular model truly fits your needs. Don’t feel pressured into a quick test drive – take your time to evaluate each vehicle thoroughly.

In addition, it’s smart to have your own mechanic inspect any used cars you’re seriously considering. They can provide an objective assessment to uncover any issues not apparent on a test drive. The investment is well worth it for peace of mind about any expensive repairs needed.


Review Vehicle History

Before finalizing any used car purchase, it’s crucial to review the vehicle history report. In Canada, Carproof and Carfax are the main sources for these reports that provide vital information about a used car’s past.

What exactly do these vehicle history reports reveal? Key details include:


  • Number of previous owners
  • Odometer readings to check for rollbacks or gaps
  • Maintenance and repair records
  • If the car was previously used as a rental, fleet or lease vehicle
  • Accident and damage records, if any
  • Canadian vs. U.S. history if imported
  • Outstanding liens, theft or lemon history


Reviewing the vehicle history report protects you from buying used cars with hidden problems or shady backgrounds. Sellers at reputable dealers will provide these reports upfront. For private sales, you can purchase your own report based on the VIN.

Don’t gloss over the details – scrutinize the records for any red flags. Look into any odometer gaps, major collisions, flood damage, or extensive repairs. If anything seems suspicious, keep looking for a used car with cleaner history.

An accurate, problem-free vehicle history report gives you peace of mind about your upcoming used car purchase in Selkirk.


Negotiate the Best Deal

One of the keys to scoring a great used car deal is being ready and willing to negotiate with the seller. When shopping at a dealership, there is typically room to get the price lowered from the sticker or asking price. Go in armed with these negotiating tactics:


– Know your maximum budget in advance and stick to it. Determine the absolute highest price you can pay for the vehicle while still being comfortable with the monthly payments.

– Research fair market prices ahead of time using resources like Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book. This gives you a reference point to know if the asking price is high or already discounted.

– Make a lower counteroffer if their initial price is above your budget limit. Offer an amount around 10-15% less to start negotiations.

– Point out any flaws, high mileage, missing features to politely ask for a lower price. But don’t nitpick small things just to be difficult.

– Be ready to walk away if you can’t agree on an acceptable price within your budget. Don’t feel pressured into overpaying.

– Time your purchase at month end when salespeople are more motivated to make deals to meet quotas.


With the right preparation and persistence, you can negotiate the best possible used car price in Selkirk. Just stay focused on the maximum you’re willing to pay and don’t go over budget.


Inspect Before Buying

Before committing to purchase a used vehicle, it’s critical to thoroughly inspect it inside and out. Plan to spend at least 30-60 minutes doing a meticulous inspection. Bring along someone knowledgeable if possible. Here are key things to check:


  • Do a walkaround examining the exterior for any dents, scratches, mismatched paint, rust spots, accident damage. Look under the car for leaks.
  • Open the hood and check fluid levels, hoses, belts for condition. Look for any leaks or damage.
  • Check tires for wear and age, including the spare. Uneven wear can indicate suspension issues.
  • Turn on headlights, signals, brake lights, wipers to test function.
  • Sit in driver’s seat and adjust to your position. Test all controls and electronics. Are seats and upholstery in good shape?
  • Check back seat and cargo area. Lift cargo cover to inspect spare tire and tools.
  • Start the engine cold, listen for odd noises. Check that heat and AC blow properly.
  • Take it for an extensive test drive. How does it accelerate and brake? Note any vibrations, smells, sounds indicating problems.


Don’t rush this process and don’t let little issues slide. Use the inspection findings as leverage when negotiating price. If the dealer won’t fix issues or lower the price accordingly, be ready to walk away.


Understand Warranties

When buying used, it’s crucial to understand what warranty coverage, if any, comes with the vehicle. There are two main types to be aware of:


Manufacturer Warranties

Some used vehicles, especially certified pre-owned (CPO) models, come with remaining manufacturer warranty coverage. For example, a 2 year old CPO vehicle with an original 5 year/100,000 km powertrain warranty would have around 3 years/80,000 km left.

Manufacturer warranties provide peace of mind since they cover repairs due to defects. Just be sure to verify the remaining term and coverage details.


Extended Warranties

Dealers may offer extended warranties for purchase on used vehicles. These act as a service contract to cover repairs for an additional time period or mileage.

Evaluate the costs versus potential benefits. Extended warranties can provide added protection but read the fine print on exactly what’s covered and any deductibles or limitations.

Weigh the vehicle age, mileage, repair history and your own budget when deciding on an extended warranty. They make more sense on some vehicles than others.


Complete Purchase

Once you’ve negotiated the final price and are ready to drive home your new used car, it’s time to complete the purchase. Here are some tips for this last step:


Review all paperwork thoroughly – Don’t just skim and sign. Read the sales contract, financing terms, warranty info, etc. Make sure the agreed-upon price, trade-in value, fees, etc. match what you negotiated. Ask questions if you’re unsure of anything.

Pay deposit and arrange financing – You’ll likely need to put down a deposit or even pay in full if not financing. Make sure you have arranged financing ahead of time if needed. The dealership may also have financing options to explore.

With the right diligence throughout the buying process, you’ll feel confident driving off the lot in your “new” used car. Take a final test drive and inspect it before signing. Then complete the purchase knowing you got the best possible deal.


Transfer Registration

Once you’ve purchased your used car, there are just a couple final steps to make it officially yours. You’ll need to file paperwork to transfer the title and registration into your name.

The seller must provide you with a signed ownership transfer form to prove you now rightfully own the vehicle. Bring this to your local motor vehicle office along with the used vehicle information package the dealer provided.

Pay any associated fees and taxes to transfer the title and license plate to your name. You’ll receive new registration documents displaying you as the legal owner. Keep these in your glovebox in case proof of ownership is ever needed.

Make sure to update your insurance policy as well, providing them details on your new used car. Then you’ll be all set to hit the road and start enjoying your new ride!



In summary, being a smart shopper is the key to finding the best used car deal in Selkirk. Determine your must-have features, set a target budget, and take the time to research options across local dealerships. Once you’ve identified top contenders, inspect thoroughly, negotiate firmly, and don’t rush into a purchase you’re not comfortable with.

By following the steps outlined here for researching dealers, comparing pricing, having a mechanic inspect, and understanding included warranties, you’ll be well on your way to driving off the lot with confidence in your used car purchase. Patience and diligence will pay off with the right vehicle at the right price. Best of luck finding the perfect pre-owned car for your needs and budget!

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Questions About The Best Used Car Dealerships in Selkirk

The top used car dealerships in Selkirk include Steeltown Ford, Selkirk Chevrolet Buick GMC, Selkirk Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, and Beausejour GM. These dealers have a wide selection of makes and models to choose from, often at affordable prices. Their vehicles tend to be in good, like-new condition as they thoroughly inspect and recondition trade-ins. Many also offer certified pre-owned vehicles that come with extended warranties for added peace of mind.

You can find a variety of makes and models of used vehicles at Selkirk dealerships. This includes sedans, hatchbacks, coupes, SUVs, crossovers, pickup trucks, vans, and more. Popular models available used tend to be domestic vehicles like Ford, GM, and Chrysler brands. You may also find some imported makes like Toyota, Honda, Nissan, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz from recent trade-ins. There’s a good selection of vehicles to suit different budgets and needs.

Some more affordable used vehicles you can find at Selkirk dealers include:


– Compact cars like the Chevrolet Cruze, Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla in the $10,000 to $15,000 range

– Small crossover SUVs like the Ford Escape, Jeep Compass around $15,000

– Minivans like the Chrysler Town & Country, Dodge Grand Caravan under $10,000

– Midsize sedans like the Ford Fusion, Chevrolet Malibu around $12,000


Many reliable models 5-10 years old with under 150,000km can present good value. Dealers also often have budget vehicles under $5,000 for basic transportation needs.

Most major dealerships in Selkirk offer extended warranty options to purchase for additional coverage beyond the basic powertrain warranty. Many also stock certified pre-owned vehicles that come with longer comprehensive warranties around 5 years/100,000km for added peace of mind. Some smaller independent dealers may offer short term 30-90 day warranties on drivetrain components. Always clarify what protections or guarantees come standard or can be purchased extra.

Most dealerships can arrange third-party financing for qualified buyers looking to finance a used vehicle purchase. This includes options like bank loans, line of credit loans, and specialized car loan lenders that cater to all credit types. Interest rates can vary greatly however based on your credit score and down payment amount. Some dealerships also offer in-house financing, lease-to-own programs, or “buy here, pay here” payment plans on select vehicles in their used inventory.

It’s highly recommended you thoroughly test drive and inspect any used vehicle inside and out before finalizing a purchase. Some things to look out for include:


– Driving smoothness, transmission shifting, brake feel

– Engine noises, knocking sounds, exhaust smoke

– Fluid levels, tire tread depth, wheel alignment

– Body condition – paint flaws, accident damage, corrosion

– Mechanical condition – leaks, worn parts

– Interior wear and tear, odors

– Electronic features working – lights, phone pairing, etc


Consider having a trusted mechanic do a pre-purchase inspection as well. It’s worth the peace of mind expense before committing to a major used vehicle purchase.

Important questions to ask the used car dealer include:


– How many previous owners did the vehicle have?

– What is the accident and damage history? Has it been repaired?

– What ongoing or upcoming maintenance is needed?

– Are there any mechanical issues or problems to be aware of?

– Can I see a vehicle history report like CarProof?

– Why was the vehicle traded in? How was the previous owner’s experience?

– How long was the vehicle in your inventory?


The more transparent the dealer is about the vehicle condition, the better idea you’ll have of what to expect down the road.

Common fees and taxes to budget for include:


– Canadian sales taxes – PST 8% (Manitoba) and GST 5%

– Dealer documentation fee – Average $500

– Licensing and registration fees – $100-$150

– Safety certification fee if needed – $80-$150


There may also be optional dealer fees for administrative costs, etching, nitrogen fills, etc that you may be able to negotiate out. Budget about 15% extra on top of the vehicle price.

Most Selkirk used car dealers accept major credit cards, debit/cash, bank drafts, and financing from third-party lenders. Some may also accept wire transfers or cashier’s checks. Many don’t handle large amounts of physical cash however. Confirm ahead what payment formats work best for their dealership before finalizing your used car purchase.

A few of the larger dealerships may be able to accommodate home test drives or local deliveries within reason. This includes dealers like Steeltown Ford and Selkirk Chevrolet Buick GMC. For home test drives, they would need to confirm valid insurance coverage first. There may be a nominal delivery fee within 10-20km as well. Reach out to their sales team in advance to discuss what type of accommodations could be arranged.

Effective negotiation strategies include:


– Research fair market value prices in advance on similar vehicles

– Get quotes from multiple dealers in the area to leverage

– Ask about any current sales promotions or discounts

– Point out any flaws or needed repairs to ask for a lower price

– Offer to pay in full or arrange outside financing for better deals

– Time visits at month end when staff need to hit quotas

– Start lower than expected to leave room to compromise


The more information you have as the buyer, the better position you’ll be in price negotiating with any Selkirk dealer.

Tips for ensuring a positive used car buying experience include:


– Research vehicles thoroughly in advance

– Test drive multiple options before deciding

– Inspect vehicles yourself or have a mechanic inspection

– Ask dealers lots of questions and clarify all details

– Check reviews for dealer reputation and customer service

– Negotiate pricing competitively but fairly

– Read all paperwork carefully before signing

– Confirm servicing details, warranties, etc before delivery


Taking your time with the shopping and buying process will help ensure you have no regrets or surprises down the road.

Most major dealers in Selkirk provide continued servicing and support even for vehicles purchased used that may still be under the original factory warranty. This includes scheduled maintenance, repairs, recall notices, answering questions, etc. They want to give you a good customer experience to build loyalty for future business as well. Reach out to the service advisor or salesperson you dealt with anytime you need help with your used vehicle purchased locally.

Some used dealer vehicle auction houses in or near Selkirk include:


– Adesa Public Auto Auctions – Winnipeg

– Manheim Winnipeg

– Richer Auctions – St Adolphe

– Mid-Canada Auto Auctions – Headingley


Dealers source many of their used inventory from closed auctions. While the auction process can be complex for individual buyers, you can sometimes get very good deals on used vehicles if properly prepared.

When test driving used vehicles with Selkirk dealers, recommended precautions include:


– Confirm valid insurance and driver’s license before providing copies

– Accompany any teens or companions on test drives

– Drive similar route each time for equal comparison

– Assess handling, acceleration, braking smoothness

– Listen for odd noises or vibrations

– Check all features – lights, signals, electronics, etc

– Examine paint closely under various lighting

– Take pictures of existing damage for records


Follow all traffic laws and don’t exceed reasonable speeds. Be very careful when evaluating any high-powered sports cars.

Helpful questions to have ready when contacting local used dealerships include:


– Do you have specific makes/models in my budget?

– Can you provide a history report for a vehicle?

– What warranty/guarantee options are available?

– Can I schedule an inspection or extended test drive?

– Is the price posted online negotiable?

– Are there any current sale prices or discounts?

– Do you have suitable financing options if needed?

– How is your dealership reviewing COVID safety protocols?


Having a list prepared makes initial research quicker and easier before visiting dealerships in person.

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