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Best Used Car Dealerships in Steinbach

Best Used Car Dealerships in Steinbach

Steinbach is a small city in southern Manitoba, Canada. With a population of just over 15,000, Steinbach offers a quieter pace of life compared to nearby Winnipeg. Many residents commute to Winnipeg for work, but enjoy Steinbach’s community feel and lower cost of living.

When it comes time to purchase a used vehicle in Steinbach, there are several reputable local dealerships to choose from. Used cars offer an affordable option for many Steinbach residents, with lower prices and often still plenty of life left. This blog post will highlight the top options for finding your next used car in Steinbach.

We’ll provide an overview of the major used car dealers in the area, along with tips for getting the best deal. Whether you’re looking for trucks, SUVs, or sedans, this guide will help you find the ideal used car in Steinbach.

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Stone Bridge Auto

Stone Bridge Auto is a popular local used car lot in Steinbach offering a wide variety of makes and models. With an ever-changing inventory, Stone Bridge keeps their selection updated regularly to provide customers plenty of options to choose from.

You’ll find all types of vehicles at Stone Bridge Auto, including sedans, SUVs, trucks, and vans spanning many brands. Their lot makes it easy to shop across models and find the perfect used car for your needs. No matter what you’re looking for, the variety at Stone Bridge Auto gives you lots of selections all in one place.

In addition to frequently refreshing their used car inventory, Stone Bridge Auto offers flexible financing options. Their finance team can help you explore different payment plans and terms to fit your budget. This combination of selection and financing makes Stone Bridge Auto a go-to destination for your next used car in Steinbach.


Fairway Ford Steinbach

Fairway Ford Steinbach has been serving the community for over 45 years and is known as the go-to Ford dealership in the area. As a long-standing and reputable Ford dealer, they have an extensive selection of quality used Ford trucks and SUVs.

You can browse their online used vehicle inventory on their website, which details pricing, vehicle details, and high-quality photos. Fairway Ford Steinbach stocks all the most popular Ford trucks and SUVs such as the F-150, Escape, Explorer, and Expedition. Many of their used Ford inventory comes from trade-ins, so you can be assured these vehicles were previously owned by local Manitobans.

The knowledgeable sales staff at Fairway Ford Steinbach can help you find the right used Ford truck or SUV to suit your needs. And they have competitive pricing across their pre-owned inventory. If you’re looking for a reliable and capable used Ford vehicle in the Steinbach area, Fairway Ford Steinbach is an excellent dealership to check out.


Harvest Honda

If you’re looking for a certified used Honda vehicle in Steinbach, Harvest Honda should be on your list. As an official Honda dealership, Harvest Honda offers Honda Certified Used vehicles that come with extended warranty coverage, roadside assistance, a rigorous inspection process and more. Their certified used Hondas give buyers peace of mind thanks to the Honda certification.

Beyond just used Honda inventory, Harvest Honda has earned a reputation for excellent customer service across Steinbach. Their award-winning service department will make sure your vehicle is properly inspected and repaired to get you back on the road safely. The Harvest Honda team aims to provide a comfortable, no-pressure sales process as well.

The Harvest Honda showroom offers a wide selection of used Honda models to test drive. Their online inventory details pricing, features and photos to help narrow down your choices. Whether you’re looking for a used Honda Civic, CR-V, Odyssey or other model, Harvest Honda likely has options. Schedule a test drive to experience their certified used Hondas yourself.


Funk’s Toyota

One of the most popular options for finding used Toyotas in Steinbach is Funk’s Toyota. Located just south of Winnipeg along Highway 12 in Steinbach, Funk’s Toyota boasts one of the largest inventories of new and used Toyotas in southern Manitoba.

As an authorized Toyota dealership, Funk’s has access to a constant flow of trade-ins and off-lease Toyotas. This means their used car lot is always stocked with a huge selection of models like the Toyota Corolla, Camry, RAV4, Highlander, Tacoma, and more. With hundreds of used Toyotas to browse on their website or in-person, you’re very likely to find the model, year, and feature set you’re looking for.

In addition to volume, Funk’s Toyota also offers peace of mind with their certified used vehicle program. Every certified used Toyota has passed a 160-point inspection and includes a comprehensive warranty. This provides that extra reassurance when buying used. And with competitive financing rates, Funk’s aims to get customers approved for the used Toyota of their dreams.

The combination of massive selection and Toyota’s renowned reliability makes Funk’s a go-to destination for used car shoppers in the Steinbach area. Take a short drive down Highway 12 or browse online to begin your used Toyota search today.


Highway Mazda

Highway Mazda is a local Steinbach Mazda dealership conveniently located right in the city. As an authorized Mazda dealer, they offer an extensive selection of new and used Mazdas for sale or lease.

If you’re looking for a sporty and stylish ride, Highway Mazda likely has the perfect Mazda for you. They carry all of the latest new Mazda models including the popular CX-5 SUV, Mazda3 sedan and hatchback, CX-9 family SUV, and the Miata convertible. For used Mazdas, you’ll find a variety of models and years to choose from.

In addition to the large Mazda inventory, another benefit of shopping at Highway Mazda is their competitive lease and finance rates. The knowledgeable finance team will work to get you approved for Mazda lease specials or excellent financing terms on your purchase. This makes it easy and affordable to drive home in your new or used Mazda.

As a local Steinbach dealership, the staff at Highway Mazda understand the needs of Manitoba drivers. They aim to provide a comfortable sales process without pressure. Test drive as many Mazdas as you’d like before deciding on the perfect one. Overall, with new and used Mazda options plus great finance rates, Highway Mazda is worth a visit for your next car.


Get Pre-Approved Financing

One of the best tips for getting a great used car deal in Steinbach is to have financing pre-approved before you start shopping. Having a pre-approval letter in hand puts you in a much stronger negotiating position with the dealership. Here’s why it’s smart to get pre-approved:


  • Stronger negotiating position – When you already have financing lined up, you remove the dealer’s ability to markup rates or steer you toward more expensive loan terms.
  • Know your budget and terms – Getting pre-approved lets you know the monthly payment and interest rate you qualify for. This allows you to shop only for cars that fit your budget.
  • Faster buying process – With financing pre-approved, the dealership can get right to drafting the sales paperwork since your loan is already secured.


To get pre-approved, check with banks, credit unions, or online lenders before visiting dealerships. Provide details on your income, expenses, and credit score to get personalized rates and terms. Then you can negotiate the best out-the-door price knowing that financing is handled.


Test Drive Options

Test driving is a critical step when evaluating used vehicles in Steinbach. Take your time during test drives to fully assess the fit, features, and comfort of different models. Here are some tips:


  • Drive at least 2-3 vehicles to compare your options side-by-side. Don’t decide after a single test drive.
  • Take longer test drives of 20-30 minutes. Short 5 minute test drives won’t reveal much.
  • Include highway driving to evaluate noise levels and acceleration.
  • Test all the tech features like Bluetooth, navigation, etc. Bring your phone to pair it.
  • Adjust the driver’s seat and steering wheel to find your ideal position.
  • Assess visibility out of the front, side, and rear windows.
  • Test drive with any passengers who will regularly be in the vehicle.
  • Focus on comfort such as seat cushioning, bolstering, and head/leg room.
  • Drive over bumps and rough roads to check the suspension.
  • Don’t feel rushed, drive at your own pace and use your full attention.


Leverage longer test drives to thoroughly evaluate how well each used vehicle meets your needs. Don’t decide until you’ve compared multiple options side-by-side.


Negotiate Out-the-Door Price

When negotiating on a used car purchase, it’s important to focus on the out-the-door price rather than monthly payments. Monthly payments can be manipulated in many ways, so you want to concentrate on the bottom line price first.

Avoid getting caught in the monthly payment trap. Dealers can stretch loans over longer periods and adjust interest rates to make the monthly payment seem affordable. Make sure to look at the total loan amount and full terms.

To get the best possible deal, negotiate the out-the-door price which includes taxes, fees, and any dealer add-ons. You have the most leverage before you commit to financing terms or monthly payments.

Don’t be afraid to push for a better price or walk away if you can’t get to an acceptable out-the-door price. There are plenty of used car options in Steinbach, so you can find another dealer willing to meet your target price.

By focusing on the full purchase price rather than monthly fees, you’ll be in a much better position to score an excellent deal on your next used car in Steinbach.


Consider Certified Used

When browsing used car inventory, keep an eye out for certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles. These go through rigorous inspections and come with excellent warranty coverage for added peace of mind.

To qualify for certified status, a used vehicle must pass a comprehensive certification checklist. This includes inspecting everything from the engine and transmission to the interior and exterior. Dealerships will often make any necessary repairs or replacements to get CPO cars up to strict standards.

In addition to the inspection, certified used cars come with extended warranty coverage to take the guesswork out of future repair costs. This typically includes bumper-to-bumper and powertrain warranties that can extend coverage for several years/kilometers beyond the original new car warranty.

Between the intensive inspection and extended warranty protection, certified pre-owned cars give buyers confidence in the vehicle’s condition. While they are priced slightly higher than non-certified used cars, the extra peace of mind and coverage is well worth it for many buyers.

So when browsing Steinbach used car dealers, keep an eye out for certified options. The rigorous certification process sets certified used cars apart, and helps justify the higher asking price.


Read Dealership Reviews

Once you have a shortlist of used car dealerships in Steinbach to visit, the next step is reading reviews of each one. Taking time to read what others say about their experience can provide valuable insight. Reputable dealers will have mostly positive reviews and high ratings. Here are some things to look out for:


Google Reviews – Most dealers today have Google Business profiles with customer reviews. Look for consistent 4+ star ratings. Pay attention to any recurring complaints or issues mentioned.

DealerRater – This site hosts reviews specifically for car dealers. Sort by lowest rated to see if any major problems are mentioned repeatedly.

Better Business Bureau – Check the BBB profile for each Steinbach used car dealer. This provides an overview of issues customers have had in the past.

Local Facebook Groups – Search Steinbach Facebook groups and read what residents say about dealers in town. Locals often share honest opinions and point out red flags.


By taking time to read reviews before visiting dealerships, you can avoid those with concerning complaints. Focus your search on used car lots with consistently satisfied customers and glowing reviews.


Ask For Service Records

When purchasing a used vehicle, it’s important to ask the dealership for service records of that specific car. Reviewing the full maintenance history allows you to verify there are no major mechanical issues or recurring problems.

Service records detail all the maintenance and repairs performed at that dealership. It will list oil changes, brake jobs, tire rotations, major repairs and more. This provides visibility into how well the previous owner took care of the vehicle.

Look for regular oil changes every 5,000-7,500 miles. Consistent maintenance indicates the car was properly cared for. Large gaps between services could be a red flag. Also verify that major components like the transmission, engine, or drivetrain have no concerning repairs.

By taking the time to thoroughly review service records, you gain peace of mind that no expensive issues are lurking beneath the surface. It also gives you room to negotiate on price if small problems are revealed. This inside information helps ensure you pick a reliable used car in Steinbach.


Top Steinbach Used Car Dealerships

When shopping for used cars in Steinbach, a few dealerships stand out as top options based on selection, pricing, and service.


Stone Bridge Auto

Stone Bridge Auto is a reliable local used car lot with a wide variety of makes and models. Their inventory is regularly updated online and they offer flexible financing options to get you driving your next car.


Fairway Ford Steinbach

As a Ford dealership, Fairway Ford Steinbach specializes in a great selection of used Ford trucks and SUVs. Their online inventory makes it easy to view pricing and they have a long-standing reputation in the community.


Harvest Honda

For a quality used Honda, check out Harvest Honda’s selection of certified pre-owned vehicles. Their service department has won awards and the sales process is low pressure and comfortable.


Funk’s Toyota

Just south of Winnipeg, Funk’s Toyota boasts a huge used Toyota inventory. They offer Toyota’s certified used program as well as competitive lease and finance rates.


Highway Mazda

Highway Mazda rounds out the top used car dealers with its inventory of new and used Mazdas. As a local Steinbach dealership, they often have great lease and finance deals.

By starting your search at one of Steinbach’s top used car dealerships, you can test drive the models you’re interested in and negotiate the best possible price.


Start Your Car Search

Now that you know where to find the top used car dealers in Steinbach, it’s time to start your search! Reach out to local dealerships to inquire about inventory, set up test drives, and get pre-approved for financing. Bring this guide with you when visiting lots to help negotiate the best deal.

Don’t forget to share this guide with friends and family in the Steinbach area who are also hunting for their next used car. By leveraging the tips and top dealerships listed here, you’re sure to drive away satisfied with your purchase.

Happy used car hunting in Steinbach! With numerous reputable options to choose from, you’re bound to find the right used vehicle at the right price point. Enjoy exploring different makes and models as you test drive your favorites. Stay focused on the out-the-door price and you’ll soon be behind the wheel of your next pre-owned car.



With a few reputable options to select from, Steinbach offers an easy place to find your next used car. Focus your search on dealers with plenty of online information and large inventories. Then test drive your favorites and negotiate the best out-the-door price possible.

Use this guide to find the ideal used car dealership in Steinbach for your needs. Steinbach has great options when it comes to reliable local used car dealers. By doing your research and using the tips in this guide, you can drive away confident in your next used car purchase.

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Questions About The Best Used Car Dealerships in Steinbach

The top used car dealerships in Steinbach include Stone Bridge Auto, Fairway Ford, Harvest Honda, Funk’s Toyota, Highway Mazda, and Ben R Auto Sales. Stone Bridge Auto has a wide selection of used trucks, SUVs, cars and vans. Fairway Ford offers 48 used vehicles in stock. Harvest Honda provides a large Honda certified pre-owned inventory. Funk’s Toyota serves customers from Winnipeg and surrounding areas. Highway Mazda sells new and used Mazda models. Ben R Auto Sales has affordable used cars for sale. When shopping for a used vehicle in Steinbach, be sure to test drive options, inspect history reports, negotiate prices, and compare financing terms at reputable dealers.

Common used vehicles found at Steinbach dealerships include:


– Pickup trucks from brands like Ford, RAM, GMC and Chevrolet

– SUVs models such as the Ford Escape, Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V, Nissan Rogue

– Sedans including the Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, Hyundai Elantra, Kia Forte

– Minivans and family vehicles like the Chrysler Pacifica, Dodge Grand Caravan, Toyota Sienna

– Luxury brands like Lexus, Acura, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz

– Commercial work vans and trucks for business uses


Since Steinbach serves nearby Winnipeg, you can find a diverse selection of makes, models, years and pricing. Dealers acquire used inventory through trade-ins, auctions and private sales.

When test driving and inspecting a used car at a Steinbach lot, be sure to:


– Review the vehicle history report for accidents, claims, ownership and mileage

– Check under the hood for fluid levels, leaks, corrosion and wear

– Assess the interior condition of seats, carpets, controls and test all accessories

– Look for exterior paint quality, body panel alignment, rust and damage

– Take the vehicle for an extensive test drive on various road conditions

– Have your mechanic do a pre-purchase inspection to assess mechanical components


Inspecting a used vehicle inside and out before purchase helps you avoid surprises down the road. Bring along someone knowledgeable to help identify any issues.

Important questions to ask used car sales staff at Steinbach dealers include:


– How long have you had this vehicle on your lot?

– Why was the previous owner selling this vehicle?

– Has this vehicle been in any accidents?

– What reconditioning and safety inspections were done since you acquired it?

– Are there any known mechanical issues or required repairs?

– Can I take this vehicle for an independent pre-purchase inspection?

– Do you provide free CARFAX or AutoCheck history reports?

– What warranties and return policies come with this vehicle?


Get as much information about the vehicle’s history, condition, policies and previous use before negotiating a used car purchase in Steinbach.

When purchasing a used car from a Steinbach dealer, fees and taxes can add several hundred or thousand dollars to the vehicle’s listed price. Common charges include:


– Provincial sales tax (PST) – 8% in Manitoba

– Federal goods and services tax (GST) – 5%

– Air conditioning tax – $100

– Dealer documentation fee – Around $500

– Licensing and registration costs

– Finance charges if you take a car loan


While fees are not negotiable, you can negotiate the price of the used vehicle to account for these extra costs. Having financing pre-approved also gives you leverage when dealing with the finance manager.

Tips for getting the best price when purchasing a used vehicle from Steinbach dealers:


– Shop end of month or year when salespeople need to meet quotas

– Compare similar vehicles at multiple dealers to leverage negotiations

– Point out flaws or issues to ask for a lower price

– Offer to pay in cash rather than financing

– Request free extras like winter tires, roof rack, service credits

– Negotiate the vehicle price before discussing monthly payments

– Secure pre-approved outside financing to strengthen bargaining power


Doing research, getting quotes and being willing to walk away puts buyers in the best position to negotiate used car purchases. Focus talks on the bottom line vehicle price first and foremost when dealing.

To help ensure you pick a reliable used vehicle at Steinbach dealerships:


– Review maintenance records and service history

– Opt for newer, low mileage vehicles still under factory warranty

– Choose single-owner trade-ins over former rentals or leases

– Inspect the engine, transmission, tires, brakes, belts and hoses

– Check for open recalls and have any completed prior to purchase

– Take advantage of certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle programs

– Purchase an extended auto warranty for component coverage

– Arrange for or require a pre-purchase inspection by your mechanic


Buying from reputable Steinbach dealers and thoroughly vetting used cars provide greater odds of scoring a reliable pre-owned vehicle.

There are pros and cons of buying used vehicles in Steinbach versus Winnipeg:


Reasons to Buy in Steinbach:

– Smaller town dealers tend to offer more personalized service

– Less competition from other buyers at smaller lots

– Lower pricing due to smaller overhead costs

– Easy to travel to/from Winnipeg for servicing


Reasons to Buy in Winnipeg:

– Much larger selection and inventory

– More ability to price shop across dealers

– Bigger dealers offer more on-site services

– Provides convenience for Winnipeg residents


When choosing between the two cities, see if making the hour commute is worth your time based on factors like selection, pricing, convenience and finance rates.

If financing a used vehicle through a Steinbach dealer, key tips include:


– Check current loan rates from banks/CUs to negotiate the best rate

– Apply for pre-approval so you only shop within your budget

– Require the final price in writing before agreeing to financing terms

– Review the contract carefully and avoid questionable extras

– Realize that dealer financing often requires you to negotiate two components – the vehicle price and APR rate

– Don’t focus solely on monthly payments. Total interest costs also matter


Understanding used car loan rates, having outside financing options and reviewing contracts diligently keeps Steinbach buyers in control of the financing process.

If financing a uWhat extended warranty options are typically available on used cars in Steinbach?

Used vehicles sold in Steinbach often come with these extended warranty choices to provide owners with protection beyond the factory warranty:


– Original Manufacturer Warranty – Extended coverage offered by automakers like Honda, Toyota, VW, etc. with certified pre-owned programs.

– Dealer Warranty – Added protection the selling dealer includes that covers certain vehicle components.

– Third-Party Warranty – Aftermarket vehicle service contracts from providers like Lubrico, Assurant, TWG, etc. with customizable terms.


Carefully examine warranty contract details like length of coverage, deductibles, exclusions, cancellations fees and reimbursement procedures before purchasing any extended protection. Verify any provider with the Better Business Bureau as well.

sed vehicle through a Steinbach dealer, key tips include:

– Check current loan rates from banks/CUs to negotiate the best rate

– Apply for pre-approval so you only shop within your budget

– Require the final price in writing before agreeing to financing terms

– Review the contract carefully and avoid questionable extras

– Realize that dealer financing often requires you to negotiate two components – the vehicle price and APR rate

– Don’t focus solely on monthly payments. Total interest costs also matter

Understanding used car loan rates, having outside financing options and reviewing contracts diligently keeps Steinbach buyers in control of the financing process.

Top tips for getting the lowest price on a used vehicle from Steinbach dealers include:


– Use free online price comparison sites like Unhaggle and Car Cost Canada to see what others paid for the same make/model

– Check current market values on Canadian Black Book and AutoTrader to estimate fair pricing

– Leverage competing dealer offers and quotes to negotiate discounts

– Ask for a lower price citing any flaws, high mileage, history issues or needed repairs

– Offer to pay in cash if possible since it saves the dealer third-party financing fees

– Purchase at month’s end when sales reps need to hit quotas

– Walk out if you don’t receive the deal you want and see if they call back


Preparation and willingness to negotiate rather than accepting the first offer are key to scoring the best used vehicle deal.

Small independent used car dealers provide benefits like:


– Greater likelihood of negotiating vehicle prices

– Less pressure and quicker buying experience

– Competitive rates from third-party lenders

– Personalized service from the owner


Franchise dealerships also offer advantages including:


– Large on-site inventories save time shopping around

– Certified pre-owned vehicles with warranties

– Streamlined on-site financing and insurance

– Brand-specific technology, parts, service departments


Consider selection needs, price importance and desired buyer experience when choosing between the two dealership types for used vehicles.

Reputable used car dealerships in Steinbach rely on vehicle history reports from:


– CarProof – Canada’s most comprehensive VHR provider with accident, registration, inspection and ownership data.

– CarFax – Leading American service with collision, flood risk and odometer accuracy information.

– AutoCheck – Affordable alternative VHR reports from Experian showing title issues, lemon history and more.


Quality Steinbach dealers will show buyers vehicle history reports from one or more services before purchase. Review details closely to verify mileage, location history and any reported problems.

Many used vehicle dealers in Steinbach offer customers these beneficial after-purchase services:


– Assistance fixing problems missed during inspections

– Car detailing and paint touch-ups

– Free oil changes and inspections

– Priority access to on-site repair shops

– Discounts on parts, labor or accessories

– Refinancing of loans/leases after 6-12 months

– Referral rewards programs


Check if your Steinbach dealer provides any after-sale perks or incentives that add value down the road. Developing an ongoing relationship with them can benefit customers.

Right after purchasing a used vehicle from a Steinbach dealer, smart next steps are:


– Review all sales documents and warranties thoroughly

– Change the car ownership and insurance over to your name

– Familiarize yourself with the new car by reading manuals

– Schedule an oil change, fluid top-up and inspection with your preferred mechanic

– Address any minor issues while still under short-term dealer warranties

– Consider buying an extended auto warranty for added protection

– Save records of all maintenance and repairs conducted


Being proactive those first few weeks reduces long-term headaches with your new used car. Reach back out to the selling dealer if any concerns emerge.

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