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Best Used Car Dealerships in Surrey

Best Used Car Dealerships in Surrey

When shopping for a used vehicle, the dealership you choose can make a big difference in your overall experience and satisfaction with the purchase. A top-notch used car dealership should have several key qualities that set it apart from the rest:

Wide Selection: The best dealerships offer an extensive inventory of well-maintained used cars, trucks, and SUVs from various makes and models. This gives you more options to find the right vehicle that fits your needs and budget.

Fair Pricing: Reputable dealerships price their used vehicles competitively based on factors like age, mileage, condition, and market value. They should be transparent about pricing and avoid pushy sales tactics.

Knowledgeable and Friendly Staff: A hallmark of a great dealership is a sales team that is knowledgeable about their inventory, upfront and honest, and committed to providing exceptional customer service. They should make you feel comfortable throughout the buying process.

Extensive Vehicle Inspections: Top dealerships put their used cars through thorough multi-point inspections to ensure they are in good working condition. This inspection process should be standardized and documented.

Certified Pre-Owned Options: Many manufacturers have certified pre-owned (CPO) programs for their gently used vehicles that meet strict criteria. CPO cars typically include extended warranties and additional benefits.

Warranty Coverage: In addition to CPO warranties, the best used car dealers offer their own warranty packages or protection plans to provide extra coverage and peace of mind.

On-Site Service: Dealerships with their own service centers allow you to have maintenance and repairs conveniently done at the same location. This can be a major advantage over private sellers.

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The Used Car Market in Surrey, BC

Surrey, located in the Metro Vancouver area of British Columbia, has a thriving used car market driven by a growing population and high demand for affordable transportation options. As one of the province’s largest cities, Surrey offers a diverse selection of used vehicles to cater to various budgets and preferences.

The city’s central location and proximity to major highways make it an attractive hub for used car buyers from across the Lower Mainland. With a mix of local dealerships, independent sellers, and online marketplaces, the used car landscape in Surrey is competitive, providing buyers with ample choices.

In terms of popular models, practical and reliable options like used Honda Civics, Toyota Corollas, and Ford F-150 trucks are in high demand. These vehicles appeal to Surrey residents due to their reputation for longevity, fuel efficiency, and versatility. Additionally, compact SUVs and crossovers, such as the Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4, are increasingly sought after as families seek more space and utility.

Pricing trends in Surrey’s used car market are influenced by factors like vehicle age, mileage, and overall condition. Well-maintained, low-mileage vehicles command higher prices, while older models with higher mileage offer more affordable options for budget-conscious buyers. It’s not uncommon to find used cars in the $5,000 to $15,000 range, with luxury and specialty vehicles at the higher end of the spectrum.


Top Used Car Dealerships in Surrey

When it comes to finding a quality used vehicle in Surrey, BC, several dealerships stand out from the crowd. These top-rated used car lots prioritize certified pre-owned vehicles, comprehensive inspections, transparent pricing, and outstanding customer service. From large auto groups to smaller family-run operations, here are the best used car dealerships to explore in Surrey.


1. Basant Motors

Basant Motors has made a name for itself as one of Surrey’s premier used car dealerships. This family-owned business prides itself on offering an amazing selection of certified and safety-inspected used vehicles at competitive prices. With a focus on transparency and customer satisfaction, Basant Motors has built a loyal following of buyers who appreciate the knowledgeable sales staff and hassle-free shopping experience.


2. Skyline Auto Group

As one of the largest used car dealerships in Surrey, Skyline Auto Group impresses with its vast inventory spanning all makes and models. But it’s not just about quantity – Skyline is known for its quality certified pre-owned vehicles that undergo rigorous multi-point inspections. Flexible financing options and a commitment to outstanding customer service make Skyline a top choice for used car buyers in Surrey.


3. BC Dealers Trade-In Centre

With a name that speaks for itself, the BC Dealers Trade-In Centre specializes in providing a huge selection of used vehicles acquired through trade-ins from dealerships across British Columbia. This translates to an ever-changing inventory and great value for buyers. While the showroom experience may be more low-key, the BC Dealers Trade-In Centre is a smart option for those primarily focused on choice and affordability.


1. Basant Motors

Basant Motors has established itself as one of the premier used car dealerships in Surrey, BC. With a vast selection of certified and safety-inspected vehicles, this dealership caters to buyers seeking quality and peace of mind. Their inventory spans various makes and models, ensuring there’s something for every preference and budget.

One of Basant Motors’ standout qualities is their commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction. The knowledgeable sales staff takes the time to understand each buyer’s unique needs, guiding them through the process and ensuring they find the perfect vehicle. Customers consistently praise the dealership’s no-pressure approach and the staff’s willingness to go the extra mile.

Basant Motors’ rigorous inspection process sets them apart from many other used car dealerships. Every vehicle undergoes a comprehensive multi-point inspection by certified technicians, ensuring that any potential issues are identified and addressed before the car hits the lot. This attention to detail provides buyers with added confidence and peace of mind.

Furthermore, Basant Motors offers competitive pricing on their used vehicles, often undercutting nearby dealerships and private sellers. Their transparent pricing policy and willingness to negotiate fair deals have earned them a loyal customer base throughout Surrey and the surrounding areas.

To top it off, Basant Motors provides various warranty options to protect buyers’ investments. Depending on the vehicle’s age and mileage, buyers can opt for extended warranty coverage, ensuring that unexpected repair costs are minimized. This added layer of protection further solidifies Basant Motors’ reputation as a trustworthy and customer-centric dealership.


2. Skyline Auto Group

Skyline Auto Group is one of Surrey’s premier used car dealerships, offering an extensive selection of high-quality pre-owned vehicles across multiple locations. With a vast inventory spanning various makes and models, Skyline caters to diverse needs and budgets, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

One of Skyline’s standout features is its commitment to providing competitive financing options. The dealership works with a network of lenders to secure favorable terms and interest rates, making it easier for customers to afford their dream car. Whether you have excellent credit or a more challenging financial situation, Skyline’s finance experts are dedicated to finding a solution that works for you.

Customer satisfaction is a top priority at Skyline Auto Group. The knowledgeable and friendly sales staff takes the time to understand each customer’s unique requirements, guiding them through the process and ensuring they find the perfect vehicle. Additionally, Skyline’s commitment to transparency and honesty has earned them a stellar reputation in the Surrey community.

With multiple locations across the Vancouver area, including Surrey, Skyline Auto Group offers unparalleled convenience. Whether you live in the heart of the city or the surrounding suburbs, there’s likely a Skyline dealership within a reasonable distance, making it easy to browse their inventory and take advantage of their services.


3. BC Dealers Trade-In Centre

When it comes to an extensive selection of used vehicles, BC Dealers Trade-In Centre is hard to beat. This Surrey dealership boasts one of the largest used car inventories in the area, offering hundreds of pre-owned cars, trucks, SUVs and more from a wide range of makes and models.

What sets BC Dealers Trade-In Centre apart is its focus on providing quality trade-in vehicles at competitive prices. The dealership acquires many of its used cars and trucks from trade-ins at new car dealerships across British Columbia. So while the inventory is always changing, you can typically find well-maintained, lower mileage options from recent model years.

Each vehicle on the lot goes through a comprehensive multi-point inspection to ensure safety and reliability. BC Dealers Trade-In Centre also provides free vehicle history reports from reputable sources like CARFAX, so you can review issues like past accidents, ownership history, open recalls and more. This transparency helps give buyers peace of mind about a used car’s past.

The sales staff at BC Dealers Trade-In Centre is knowledgeable and low-pressure, ready to help you find the right vehicle for your needs and budget. Many customers rave about the straightforward, no-hassle buying experience at this dealer. Whether you’re looking for a used family SUV, commuter car or work truck, BC Dealers Trade-In Centre likely has a great fit at a fair price.


4. A1 Auto Surrey

A1 Auto Surrey stands out as one of the top used car dealerships in the region, offering an impressive selection of quality pre-owned vehicles at competitive prices. With a focus on customer satisfaction, this dealership has built a reputation for its knowledgeable and friendly sales staff.

One of the standout features of A1 Auto Surrey is its extensive inventory, which includes a wide range of makes and models to suit various budgets and preferences. From reliable sedans and fuel-efficient hatchbacks to rugged trucks and spacious SUVs, you’re sure to find a vehicle that meets your needs.

Pricing is another area where A1 Auto Surrey shines. The dealership prides itself on offering fair and transparent pricing, ensuring that customers get the best value for their money. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly option or a higher-end vehicle, A1 Auto Surrey has something to fit your budget.

Customer service is a top priority at A1 Auto Surrey, and the knowledgeable sales staff is dedicated to providing a hassle-free car-buying experience. They take the time to understand your specific needs and preferences, guiding you through the process and answering any questions you may have.

In addition to their commitment to customer service, A1 Auto Surrey also places a strong emphasis on vehicle inspections. Every vehicle in their inventory undergoes a thorough multi-point inspection to ensure its safety and reliability. This attention to detail provides peace of mind for buyers, knowing that they’re investing in a vehicle that has been thoroughly vetted.


5. OpenRoad Auto Group

The OpenRoad Auto Group is one of the largest dealership networks in the Greater Vancouver area, with locations spanning Surrey, Richmond, Burnaby, and Vancouver. While primarily known for new vehicle sales of brands like Honda, BMW, and Toyota, OpenRoad also boasts an extensive selection of used cars, trucks, and SUVs across their various lots.

With their “One Price” policy and no-haggle pricing, OpenRoad aims to make the used car buying experience more transparent and hassle-free. Each pre-owned vehicle goes through a rigorous multi-point inspection to ensure quality. You’ll find well-maintained options from recent model years as well as older, higher-mileage vehicles to fit different budgets.

Customer reviews frequently highlight OpenRoad’s knowledgeable sales staff and wide array of inventory to choose from. The group also offers rotating used vehicle specials and incentives to sweeten the deal. Whether you’re looking for a recent trade-in or an affordable commuter car, OpenRoad’s sizeable network is worth exploring.


6. MS Motor Limited

MS Motor Limited has solidified its reputation as a trusted used car dealership in Surrey, BC. With a focus on quality over quantity, their used vehicle inventory is carefully curated to meet high standards. Each pre-owned car, truck, or SUV undergoes a comprehensive multi-point inspection to ensure reliability and peace of mind for buyers.

What sets MS Motor Limited apart is their commitment to customer satisfaction. The knowledgeable sales team takes the time to understand each buyer’s needs and budget, making tailored recommendations without high-pressure tactics. Their transparent pricing and fair negotiations foster a positive car-buying experience.

For added buyer confidence, MS Motor Limited offers warranty coverage on select used vehicles. Their certified pre-owned program provides extensive warranty options to protect against unexpected repair costs. Customers can upgrade to extended warranty plans for long-term coverage as well.

With a reputation for honesty and a focus on building lasting relationships, MS Motor Limited has earned a loyal customer base in Surrey. Many buyers return for their next vehicle purchase, a testament to the dealership’s dedication to delivering exceptional service and quality used cars at competitive prices.


What to Look for When Buying Used

Purchasing a used vehicle requires diligent research and a keen eye for quality. Several key factors should be top of mind to ensure you drive away with a reliable ride that meets your needs and budget. Here’s what to prioritize when shopping for a pre-owned car, truck or SUV:


Vehicle History Report: Never buy a used car without first getting a detailed vehicle history report. This crucial document reveals any past accidents, major repairs, ownership history, open recalls and more. It’s an essential tool for vetting a used vehicle’s condition and detecting any potential issues.

Thorough Inspection: In addition to the history report, you’ll want to have any used car you’re seriously considering inspected by an independent, certified mechanic you trust. They can identify current or potential mechanical problems that may have been missed. A pre-purchase inspection protects you from inheriting a lemon.

Mileage and Age: Two key factors that heavily impact a used car’s value and lifespan are the mileage on the odometer and the vehicle’s age. Higher mileage vehicles have more wear and tear. But mileage means less than how well the car was maintained. A 10-year-old car with 50,000 miles could be in worse shape than a 15-year-old vehicle with 100,000 miles that had regular service done.

Features and Amenities: Take stock of the included features and amenities to ensure the used vehicle meets your needs and wants. From tech and infotainment to safety to convenience features, you’ll want to get the most value aligned with your priorities and budget.

Warranty Coverage: The peace of mind that comes with warranty coverage is very valuable when buying used. See what remains on any original manufacturer warranties and consider purchasing an extended warranty, especially for higher mileage vehicles.


Get a Vehicle History Report

One of the most important steps when buying a used car is to get a vehicle history report. These detailed reports can reveal crucial information about a car’s past that isn’t always obvious from looking at it. A good vehicle history report will show you if the car has ever been in an accident, had any major repairs, or suffered from fire or flood damage.

Two of the top providers of vehicle history reports in Canada are CarFax and AutoCheck. Both companies compile data from various sources like insurance companies, police reports, inspection stations, and more to build a comprehensive history on each vehicle. The reports will typically show:


  • Current and previous ownership details
  • Open recalls or outstanding safety defects
  • Odometer readings to check for rollbacks
  • Registration and importation records
  • Accident history and damage reports
  • Lien status and records
  • Maintenance and repair documentation


Getting a vehicle history report is an essential step that can save you from buying a used car with costly hidden problems. Most reputable dealerships will provide a free report, but it’s also wise to pay for your own from a third-party provider to get the full, unbiased history.


Have the Car Inspected

Before finalizing any used car purchase, it’s crucial to have the vehicle thoroughly inspected by a qualified third-party mechanic. While dealerships may provide vehicle history reports and conduct their own inspections, an independent pre-purchase inspection (PPI) can reveal underlying issues that the seller may not be aware of or disclose.

A comprehensive PPI typically costs between $100-200 in Surrey, but this small investment can save you from costly repair bills down the road. During the inspection, the mechanic will thoroughly examine the vehicle’s major components, including the engine, transmission, suspension, brakes, electrical systems, and body condition.

Some key areas to pay close attention to during a used car inspection include:


  • Engine compression and leaks
  • Transmission operation and fluid condition
  • Suspension components and steering system
  • Brake system and pad/rotor thickness
  • Tire condition and tread depth
  • Electrical components and battery health
  • Fluid levels and condition (oil, coolant, etc.)
  • Body and frame integrity, rust or accident damage


If any significant issues are found during the inspection, you can use this information to renegotiate the price or walk away from the deal altogether. A clean bill of health from an independent mechanic can provide peace of mind and confidence in your used car purchase.


Negotiating the Best Deal

While it’s tempting to accept the sticker price, negotiating can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your used car purchase. Here are some tips for getting the best deal at a Surrey used car dealership:


Do Your Research

Before stepping onto the lot, research the vehicle’s value using pricing guides and listings for similar makes, models, years, and mileage. Know what constitutes a fair price so you can negotiate effectively.


Time Your Purchase

Dealers need to move inventory at certain times of year and may be more willing to negotiate at the end of a month or year when they’re trying to hit sales targets.


Get Quotes from Multiple Dealers

Having competing offers gives you leverage and allows you to pit dealers against each other for your business. Let them know you’re shopping around for the best price.


Negotiate Fees and Add-ons

Don’t just focus on the vehicle price – additional fees for documentation, advertising, and add-ons can inflate the total cost. Question and negotiate each fee to get the best overall deal.


Secure Financing Elsewhere

Getting pre-approved for a loan from a bank or credit union gives you more negotiating power. Dealers may offer better rates to earn your financing business.


Don’t Be Afraid to Walk Away

If the dealer refuses to budge from an unreasonable price, be prepared to walk away. They may call you back with a better offer to secure the sale.


Dealer vs Private Sale – Pros and Cons

When shopping for a used car in Surrey, you’ll need to decide whether to purchase from a dealership or a private seller. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to weigh the pros and cons carefully.


Buying from a Dealership:



  • Warranty: Most dealerships offer some type of warranty or guarantee on their used vehicles, providing peace of mind and protection against major issues.
  • Vehicle History: Reputable dealerships will provide a detailed vehicle history report, so you know exactly what you’re getting.
  • Financing Options: Dealerships can arrange financing, making it easier to get approved and potentially qualify for better rates.
  • Trade-In Value: If you have a vehicle to trade in, dealerships can provide a fair trade-in value to put towards your purchase.




  • Higher Prices: Dealerships typically charge more for their used vehicles to cover overhead costs and make a profit.
  • Sales Pressure: Some buyers may feel pressured by aggressive sales tactics at dealerships.
  • Limited Negotiation: While you can negotiate, dealerships may have less wiggle room on pricing compared to private sellers.


Buying from a Private Seller:



  • Lower Prices: Private sellers often offer lower prices since they don’t have the same overhead costs as dealerships.
  • More Negotiation Room: Private sellers may be more open to negotiating the price, especially if they’re motivated to sell quickly.
  • Avoid Sales Pressure: You can take your time and avoid the high-pressure sales tactics sometimes used by dealerships.




  • No Warranty: Private sales typically don’t come with any warranty or guarantee, leaving you vulnerable if something goes wrong.
  • Limited Vehicle History: It can be harder to obtain a comprehensive vehicle history report from a private seller.
  • Financing Challenges: You’ll need to secure financing on your own, which can be more difficult without a dealership’s resources.
  • Higher Risk: There’s a higher risk of being misled or scammed by a private seller, so extra caution is required.


Ultimately, the decision between buying from a dealership or a private seller in Surrey comes down to your personal priorities. If you value peace of mind, warranties, and financing options, a dealership may be the better choice. If you’re primarily focused on getting the lowest possible price and are comfortable with more risk, a private sale could be the way to go.


Budgeting for a Used Vehicle

Before hitting the used car lots, it’s crucial to set a realistic budget for your purchase. While the sticker price is the most obvious cost, there are several other expenses to account for when buying a pre-owned vehicle. Here’s a breakdown of what to factor into your used car budget:


Down Payment: Most lenders require a down payment when financing a used car, typically 10-20% of the purchase price. Setting aside money for a larger down payment can help reduce your monthly payments and overall interest paid.

Sales Tax: Don’t forget to account for the sales tax on your used car purchase, which in British Columbia is 12% (GST + PST). On a $15,000 vehicle, that’s an additional $1,800 in taxes.

Registration & Licensing Fees: Transferring ownership and registering the vehicle will incur fees. Budget around $300-$500 for these in BC, depending on the car’s age and value.

Insurance: Get quotes from multiple insurers to estimate your annual insurance costs. Rates vary based on factors like driving record, vehicle type, coverage levels, and more. Many experts recommend setting aside 10% of the car’s value annually for insurance.

Maintenance & Repairs: Even a well-maintained used car will likely need some work done. Set aside $500-$1,000 for upcoming maintenance like oil changes, new tires, brakes, etc. Older, higher-mileage vehicles may require even more in repairs.


Once you’ve accounted for all these additional costs beyond the sale price, you can set a realistic overall budget range to ensure you don’t overstretch your finances. It’s better to buy a reliable, well-priced used car than an unaffordable one that becomes a money pit.


Surrey Used Car Buyer’s Checklist

Ready to start shopping for your next used vehicle in Surrey? Follow this handy checklist to guide you through the process:


  • Set a realistic budget: Determine what you can reasonably afford for the car payment, insurance, gas, maintenance, and any repairs. Don’t stretch your budget too thin.
  • Research prices and vehicle options: Use sites like Autotrader and Canadian Black Book to research pricing on the make, model, trim level and year you’re considering. Compare prices between dealers and private sellers.
  • Check vehicle history reports: Never buy a used car without first getting a vehicle history report from a provider like CarFax or CARPROOF. This reveals any past accidents, liens, and service records.
  • Take it for a thorough test drive: Test all the features, accessories, and drive at various speeds on both city streets and the highway. Note any issues or odd noises.
  • Get a pre-purchase inspection: Have your top prospective car inspected by an independent mechanic you trust. They can identify any underlying issues.
  • Review warranties and negotiate: Find out what warranties come with the vehicle and negotiate hard on the price, especially on dealer cars. Get quotes from a few places.
  • Secure financing if needed: Get pre-approved for a loan through your bank or credit union. Or see what rates the dealer can offer if their terms are better.


With diligent research, budgeting, and inspections, you can confidently find a reliable used car that fits your needs and budget in Surrey.


Find Your Next Ride in Surrey

With this comprehensive guide, you’re equipped with all the knowledge needed to confidently shop for your next used vehicle in Surrey, British Columbia. The city boasts a wealth of reputable dealerships offering certified pre-owned cars, trucks, and SUVs across various makes, models, and price points.

Take the time to visit the top-rated dealerships we’ve highlighted, such as Basant Motors, Skyline Auto Group, and BC Dealers Trade-In Centre. Their extensive inventories, knowledgeable sales staff, and commitment to customer satisfaction make them standout choices for your used car purchase.

Remember to prioritize dealerships that provide vehicle history reports, comprehensive inspections, and strong warranty offerings. These factors offer invaluable peace of mind and protection for your investment. Don’t hesitate to take any prospective vehicle for an independent inspection as well.

With a realistic budget in mind, a keen eye for quality, and the negotiation tips we’ve shared, you’re poised to drive away in a reliable used car that meets your needs and budget. The journey to finding your next ride begins today – get out there and start exploring the impressive used car selections available throughout Surrey.

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Questions About The Best Used Car Dealerships in Surrey

The top rated used car dealerships in Surrey based on reviews include Skyline Auto Group, Basant Motors, BC Dealers’ Trade-In Centre, and OpenRoad Auto Group. These dealerships have a wide selection of makes and models, good prices, and knowledgeable staff to help you find the right used vehicle. Make sure to read recent Google and Facebook reviews to see feedback from other customers on their experience.

When shopping for a used car in Surrey, there are a few things you’ll want to look out for:


– Carefully inspect the vehicle inside and out for any damage, wear and tear, or potential problems. Bring along a mechanically inclined friend if possible.


– Review the vehicle history report to check for accidents, number of previous owners, rental car history and any title issues


– Take the vehicle for an extensive test drive on different road conditions. Listen for any unfamiliar sounds.


– Have the vehicle inspected by an independent mechanic before finalizing the purchase


– Make sure all features and electronics are functioning properly


– Check that routine maintenance has been performed


– Know your budget and don’t overpay. Research prices for the make, model and year online before negotiating.

When purchasing a used car from a Surrey dealer, there is important paperwork you should thoroughly review including:


– The bill of sale outlining the final agreed upon price, vehicle details, warranty info, return policy etc.


– Financing agreement if you are not paying cash


– Federal and provincial sales taxes


– Safety standards certificate provided by the dealership proving the vehicle meets regulations


– Vehicle history report detailing any damage, accidents, number of previous owners etc.


– Mechanical inspection report from an independent mechanic


In addition, check the vehicle registration matches the VIN number and verify any extended warranty or additional protection plans if purchased. Review all paperwork carefully before signing.

Common fees to expect when purchasing a used car in Surrey include:


– Vehicle price – negotiate the best deal possible


– Taxes – 5% federal GST and 7% BC PST


– Documentation fee – covers admin costs, usually $399-$699


– Licensing and registration fees


– Safety standards certificate fee – $50-$150


– Financing fees if you take out a car loan


There may also be optional fees for extended warranties, protection plans, locking wheel nuts etc. Get written confirmation of all costs before closing the used car deal.

Important questions to ask the used car salesperson when shopping at Surrey dealerships include:


– How long have you had this vehicle on the lot?


– Why was the previous owner selling?


– Has this vehicle ever been in an accident?


– What condition is the engine, transmission and drivetrain in?


– Are there any leaks or check engine lights?


– What maintenance has been performed and are records available?


– Is the price negotiable? What’s your best offer?


– Is there any flexibility on fees like documentation charges?


– What warranty is included if any?


Asking thorough questions will help you determine if the vehicle suits your needs and catch any potential issues.

Most used car dealers in the Surrey area accept the following payment options:


– Cash – Most allow up to $10,000 cash payments


– Certified cheque – Safest option since funds are verified


– Debit/credit – Many accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX for a fee


– Bank draft – Guaranteed funds like a certified cheque


– Finance – Apply for dealer financing or external car loans


– Trade-in – Use equity from existing vehicle as down payment


– Third-party financing – Banks, credit unions, private lenders


Confirm which payment types are accepted before visiting the dealer to complete your purchase. Cash incentives may also be offered.

The typical used car buying process at Surrey dealerships includes:


  1. Research vehicles and prices online


  1. Visit dealer for test drives to narrow down options


  1. Inspect history report and maintenance records


  1. Take desired vehicle for an inspection by an independent mechanic


  1. Decide on vehicle you want to purchase


  1. Negotiate with salesperson on pricing and fees


  1. Review and finalize paperwork like bill of sale, financing agreement etc.


  1. Make payment and apply for registration and insurance


  1. Dealer performs final detailing and cleaning


  1. Take delivery of your new used vehicle!


Knowing what to expect will help streamline negotiating and completing all required purchase steps.

Used car warranty options from Surrey dealers will vary but commonly include:


– As-is/No Warranty – No protection beyond test drives


– 30-90 Day Powertrain Coverage – Covers engine, transmission etc.


– Certified Pre-Owned Warranty – Extensive coverage when buying certified used vehicles previously leased or owned by the manufacturer


– Optional Service Contracts – Added protection plans for 1-5 years covering more parts


– Limited Warranty – Basic coverage of some parts and labour from defects


Always clarify the warranty in writing so you understand exactly what components are covered under which circumstances before buying. Extended car warranties usually come with added fees.

The most reliable used car brands and models available at Surrey dealers according to consumer surveys include:


– Toyota – Corolla, Camry, RAV4


– Honda – Civic, CR-V, Accord


– Subaru – Outback, Forester


– Mazda – Mazda3, CX-5


– Hyundai – Elantra, Santa Fe


– Kia – Forte, Sorento


Focus your search on these makes and models known for fewer repairs and lower ownership costs in the used vehicle market based on strong initial quality.

Important questions to ask the salesperson when test driving a used car in Surrey:


– May I drive without you to better assess the vehicle?


– How many previous owners were there?


– Does the check engine light turn on at any point?


– How often was scheduled maintenance performed?


– Have there been any major repairs done?


– Does the air conditioning and heating work well?


– Are there any pending service needs I should know about?


– How is the ride quality and handling over bumps?


– Any issues when starting, accelerating or braking?


Thoroughly test driving the vehicle on highways and side streets and asking lots of questions will help you identify potential concerns.

When test driving a used car arranged by a Surrey dealer, important safety precautions include:


– Confirm valid insurance and driver’s license with salesperson


– Adjust mirrors, seat position and wheel to optimize visibility


– Wear your seatbelt and require passengers to do the same


– Turn off mobile devices and avoid distractions


– Follow all posted speed limits and traffic rules


– Assess acceleration and braking at different speeds


– Listen closely for any strange sounds or noises


– Check all interior electronics and features


– Inspect warning lights on the dashboard


– Be vigilant of road conditions and other drivers


Following precautions protects all vehicle occupants in the event unforeseen issues arise during the used car test drive.

When test driving a used car arranged through a Surrey auto dealer, be vigilant for these signs of excessive wear:


– Uneven tire wear indicating alignment or suspension issues


– Squeaking brakes or vibration when braking


– Leaking shocks or struts dampening ride quality


– Transmission hesitation or strange sounds when shifting


– Excessive exhaust smoke indicating engine troubles


– Dashboard warning lights or check engine light illuminated


– High mileage vehicles over 150,000 km


– Rust, dents, cracked glass and other collision damage


Carefully inspecting for these warning signs of wear will help you avoid purchasing a used lemon in the Surrey area!

On a used car test drive at Surrey dealers, technically assess:


– Engine power – Listen for knocking or pinging sounds


– Transmission – Evaluate smoothness of gear changes


– Suspension – Check for bouncing after bumps


– Steering – Feel for vibration indicating issues


– Brakes – Ensure straight stops without pulling left/right


– Electronics – Test lights, radio, power locks, windows etc.


– Gauges – Fuel, temperature, speedometer reading correctly?


– Fluids – Look under hood for any leaks


Paying attention to these technical items in addition to overall ride quality will help you spot problems.

Once reaching a tentative used car price with a Surrey dealer, ask:


– Does this price include all fees like documentation charges?


– Have you factored in any rebates or incentives?


– What is the out-the-door price with taxes and registration?


– What is the return and exchange policy if I change my mind?


– What scheduled maintenance is coming up that I should budget for?


– Are there any open safety recalls on this make and model?


– Can you provide a vehicle history report and safety inspection?


– Is there flexibility to have winter tires installed for free?


Clarifying the final price and knowing upcoming maintenance needs will prevent surprise charges after negotiations finish.

Carefully review your used car purchase contract from a Surrey dealer for:


– Total interest charges if financing


– Monthly payment amounts owed


– Balloon payments or final purchase option if applicable


– Length of warranty and coverage details


– Mileage limitations and associated fees


– Refund policy for cancelling an extended warranty


– Fees if you pay off a car loan early


Scrutinize the fine print to understand the full terms you are agreeing to. Get all verbal promises in writing before signing vehicle paperwork.

Main expenses post-purchase when buying a used car in Surrey include:


– Sales tax and registration fees if not included


– Insurance payments


– Interest charges if financing


– Safety checks and emission testing


– Regular maintenance like oil changes


– Future repairs outside of warranty coverage


– Replacement tires and brakes


– Cleaning supplies and small accessories


Leave wiggle room in your used vehicle budget for licensing, insuring, maintaining and personalizing your new ride!

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