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Best Used Car Dealerships in Swift Current

Best Used Car Dealerships in Swift Current

Buying a used vehicle is one of the most important purchases you can make. With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming trying to find the right car or truck at the best price. Fortunately, Swift Current and the surrounding area is home to several high-quality used car dealerships. This guide will provide an in-depth look at the top-rated used car dealers in Swift Current and offer helpful tips for finding your perfect used vehicle.

The goal of this comprehensive article is to outline the very best used car dealerships in Swift Current based on reputation, selection, pricing, and service. Whether you’re looking for an affordable sedan, a reliable pickup truck, or a family-friendly SUV, you’re sure to find the ideal vehicle from one of Swift Current’s reputable used car retailers. With the right research and preparation, you can drive away happy and confident in your major used car purchase decision.

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Why Buy Used in Swift Current?

Purchasing a used vehicle is an excellent option for Swift Current residents looking to find a quality car, truck or SUV at a more affordable price point. There are several compelling reasons why buying used makes sense in Swift Current.

First and foremost, used vehicles offer substantial savings over the cost of brand new models. By letting someone else take the depreciation hit of driving a new car off the lot, used car shoppers benefit from much lower prices. The average used car price in Swift Current is 40-60% less than a comparable new model. With a used vehicle, you get excellent value for your money.

You can also find reliable transportation in a used car or truck. Many lightly-used models still have plenty of life left if properly maintained. Certified pre-owned vehicles come with extended warranty coverage for added peace of mind. For buyers on a budget, an older used vehicle with lower miles can be a smart choice.

Finally, purchasing used opens up a much wider selection of makes and models to choose from. Swift Current’s dealerships offer a constantly changing inventory of used vehicles. You’re sure to find something to suit your needs whether you want an SUV, pickup truck, sedan or other vehicle type. Overall, buying a quality used car is a savvy financial decision.


Top Used Car Dealerships in Swift Current

Swift Current has several excellent used car dealerships to choose from. Here is an overview of the top 4 based on reputation, selection and customer satisfaction:


Cypress Motors

Cypress Motors is a family-owned Ford dealership that has served the Swift Current community since 1966. They have a great selection of used Ford trucks, SUVs and cars. As a Ford dealer, their technicians are Ford factory-trained and ASE-certified to inspect and repair vehicles. Cypress Motors offers competitive financing and leasing options. Reviews praise their fair pricing, friendly service and community focus.


Standard Motors

With a large inventory of used trucks, cars and SUVs, Standard Motors specializes in Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep and Ram vehicles. Their technicians thoroughly inspect and recondition all used vehicles before sale. They have affordable pricing across a range of reliable used models. Customers appreciate the helpful yet non-pushy sales team.


O’Brians Automotive

O’Brians Automotive focuses on providing exceptional customer service. They offer quality used vehicles at below market pricing, specializing in trucks and full-size SUVs. Their ASE-certified technicians perform 150+ point inspections on all vehicles. O’Brians has earned a great reputation for transparent dealings and making the car buying process easy.


Gauvin Motors

Operating since 1976, family-owned Gauvin Motors specializes in mid-size sedans and small SUVs. Their used inventory receives a mechanical inspection and reconditioning before sale. They have a good selection of vehicles priced under $10,000. Gauvin Motors also offers daily rental cars for travelers.


Cypress Motors

Cypress Motors is a family-owned Ford dealership that has been operating in Swift Current since 1966. With over 50 years of experience selling quality Ford vehicles, they have established a stellar reputation in the community.

At Cypress Motors, you’ll find a great selection of used Ford trucks, SUVs, and cars. From rugged F-150 pickups to spacious Ford Explorers, they carry all the top models. Their ASE-certified technicians thoroughly inspect each vehicle and perform any needed repairs before it hits the lot. This ensures every used Ford is in excellent mechanical condition.

In addition to their inventory, Cypress Motors offers competitive financing and leasing options to help make your used car affordable. Their finance team will work to get you pre-approved for on-site financing at rates to fit your budget.

Reviews for Cypress Motors highlight their fair pricing, strong value, and friendly customer service. Many customers say they continue returning to purchase used vehicles because of the dealership’s honest approach and commitment to the community. It’s clear why Cypress Motors is considered one of the top used car dealers in Swift Current.


Standard Motors

Standard Motors is another excellent choice for used car buyers in Swift Current. With a large inventory of trucks, cars and SUVs, they have a wide selection to choose from. They specialize in Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep and Ram vehicles, so you’ll find many models from these popular brands.

All vehicles at Standard Motors undergo thorough inspections and reconditioning before being put up for sale. Their technicians check for any issues or problems, and take care of repairs, detailing, and mechanical work to ensure the vehicles are in good working condition. This inspection process gives buyers confidence in the quality of their used inventory.

When it comes to pricing, Standard Motors is known for having affordable and reasonable prices on reliable used models. They don’t overprice their vehicles. This makes them appealing for buyers looking to get good value on their purchase.

The Standard Motors sales team has developed a reputation for being helpful, patient and non-pushy. They aim to provide excellent customer service by listening to buyer needs, answering questions, and ensuring customers find the right vehicle for their budget and lifestyle. There is no high-pressure sales approach.


O’Brians Automotive

O’Brians Automotive focuses on providing exceptional customer service that sets them apart from other used car dealers in Swift Current. Their team takes time to listen to customer needs and ensure they find the right vehicle at the best possible price.

They have very competitive below market pricing on their used inventory. Rather than haggling over prices, their upfront discounted rates help build trust with customers.

O’Brians specializes in trucks and full-size SUVs. Their lot is filled with a great selection of pickups, SUVs, vans and other large vehicles. This makes them a top choice for buyers looking for these specific types of used cars.

All their vehicles undergo a rigorous 150+ point inspection by their ASE-certified technicians. This inspection covers all mechanical and electrical components to identify any issues before sale. It provides customers with confidence in the quality of vehicles on their lot.

With a great reputation for transparent dealings, O’Brians has become known for their honest sales practices. They provide all information upfront about a vehicle’s history and condition. This focus on integrity has earned them many positive reviews and repeat buyers over the years.


Gauvin Motors

Gauvin Motors is a family-owned used car dealership that has been serving the Swift Current community since 1976. With over 45 years of experience buying and selling used vehicles, the knowledgeable sales staff at Gauvin Motors can help find the right car for your needs and budget.

This dealership specializes in mid-size sedans and small SUVs, so you’ll find a wide selection of reliable, affordable models from Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, and more. The on-site inventory ranges from 50-70 used vehicles at any given time, giving buyers plenty of options to test drive before deciding.

In addition to their used car inventory, Gauvin Motors provides daily rental cars for travelers passing through town. Renting from a local dealer is often cheaper than big name rental companies. Gauvin Motors has compact and mid-size rentals available for delivery right to your location.

When it comes to pricing, Gauvin Motors focuses on value, with most of their used vehicle inventory priced under $10,000. They receive trade-ins and auction vehicles on a weekly basis, so the selection is always changing. Be sure to check their website or visit the dealership to see the latest models at affordable prices.


What to Look For When Buying a Used Car

When shopping the used car dealers in Swift Current, there are several things savvy buyers should watch out for:


Carefully Inspect Vehicle History Reports

Ask the dealer for a vehicle history report from a trusted provider like Carfax or AutoCheck. Review the report closely to check for any accidents, damage, or other issues in the car’s past that could indicate future problems or overvaluation of the vehicle.


Take Any Promising Vehicles for an Extensive Test Drive

Don’t just go around the block, take the car on the highway, over uneven roads, up hills, and make sure to test all the features. Get a feel for how the car handles and listen closely for any unusual noises that could signal issues.


Have Your Own Trusted Mechanic Do an Inspection Before Purchase

Don’t rely solely on the dealer’s inspection. Pay a reputable independent mechanic to give the car a thorough inspection before you agree to buy. They can catch issues the dealer may have missed.


Negotiate the Best Possible Price with Transparent Sales Staff

Do your research beforehand on fair pricing and negotiate firmly but fairly to get the best deal. Dealers more willing to be transparent on pricing and fees tend to offer the most competitive deals.


Opt for Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles That Come With a Warranty

Consider certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles that come with extended manufacturer warranties for added peace of mind. Just be sure to understand exactly what is and isn’t covered.


Assessing Condition

When shopping for a used car, it’s absolutely critical that you thoroughly assess the vehicle’s overall condition before making a purchase. Here are some key things to check:


Checking the Engine, Body, and Interior

Pop open the hood and inspect the engine bay – are there any leaks, corrosion, stripped bolts or issues that could suggest larger problems? Give the body a close look for scratches, dents, mismatched panels or paint that could indicate prior damage. Examine the interior upholstery and surfaces for excessive wear, stains or other problems.


Taking it for a Road Test

Go for an extensive test drive of at least 20-30 minutes, testing acceleration and braking performance. Listen closely for any odd noises or vibrations that could suggest mechanical issues. Make sure all accessories and features function properly during the drive.


Inspecting Fluids, Tires and Rust

Check that all fluid levels including oil, transmission, brake and coolant are at the proper levels. Examine tires for adequate tread depth and signs of damage or cracking. Look for any rust or corrosion, especially important in colder climates like Saskatchewan.

A thorough inspection and test drive will help you spot any potential issues or problems with a used vehicle before you make a major purchase.


Determining Value

When shopping for used vehicles, it’s important to determine the fair market value to negotiate a good deal. Here are some tips:


Research prices – Check sources like Kelley Blue Book, Edmunds, and Autotrader to find the typical listing price for the specific make, model, year, mileage and condition you’re considering. This gives you a baseline to start negotiations.

Negotiate fairly – Most dealers have some wiggle room on pricing. Aim to negotiate towards the lower end of the fair market value range, but don’t expect an unreasonably low price.

Consider extra fees – Beyond just the sale price, account for taxes, licensing, documentation fees and any dealer add-ons when determining the total value.


Getting pre-approved for financing also puts you in a better position to negotiate, as you know what monthly payments work for your budget. By determining value through research and negotiation, you can feel confident you’re getting a fair deal.


Financing Options for Used Cars in Swift Current

When shopping for a used car in Swift Current, you have several financing options to choose from to make your purchase more affordable. Carefully considering the pros and cons of each will help you make the best financial decision.

One popular option is to finance your used car directly through the dealership where you’re purchasing. Most dealerships can offer competitive interest rates and financing terms to qualified buyers. This makes the financing process quick and convenient. However, dealership financing often requires a higher down payment and shorter loan terms than a bank may offer.

Bank loans are another common way to finance a used car purchase. Banks and credit unions can provide longer loan terms, sometimes up to 7 years, allowing for lower monthly payments. Interest rates are often comparable to dealership financing. Pre-approval from your bank can also give you negotiating leverage when working out the final price at the dealership. The downside is the loan application and approval process takes more time.

Some dealerships work with third-party lenders to offer unique payment plans. These can include options like $0 down and payments as low as $99 per month. Keep in mind that creative payment plans often carry higher interest rates or significant balloon payments. Make sure you understand the total cost before signing.

Finally, paying cash upfront is always an option if you have sufficient savings. This allows you to avoid interest charges and pay off the car immediately. Save up an emergency fund first, then put excess cash towards a used car fund until you can comfortably afford the upfront cost. Shopping for an inexpensive used car that fits your budget makes this option more feasible.

By weighing the pros and cons of dealership financing, bank loans, specialized payment plans and cash payments, you can determine the best way to finance your next used car purchase in Swift Current.


Important Documents

When purchasing a used vehicle, there are several key documents you’ll want to carefully review. These documents provide important details about the car and protect both the buyer and seller during the transaction.


Bill of Sale

A bill of sale is a necessary document when buying or selling a used car privately. It includes key information like the vehicle’s make, model, year, VIN, odometer reading, purchase price, and signatures of both parties. Review the details closely and don’t finalize the sale without a bill of sale.


Vehicle History

Used car dealerships can provide vehicle history reports from companies like Carfax or AutoCheck. These reports detail the car’s ownership history, accidents, recalls, service records, and more. Make sure there are no red flags that could indicate issues down the road.


Ownership Transfer

To legally transfer ownership from the seller to the buyer, you must complete registration paperwork. The seller must sign over the car’s title certificate, and the buyer submits title transfer documents along with applicable taxes and fees. This step varies by province but is required to register the car in your name.



You’ll need valid insurance before driving off the lot in your used car. Work with your insurance provider to switch the policy to the new vehicle, or shop around for the best rate if switching companies. Avoid any gaps in coverage during the ownership transfer process.


Test Drive Tips

Taking a thorough test drive is one of the most important steps when buying a used car. Here are some tips to make the most out of your test drive:


Daytime drives – Only test drive during the day so you can fully inspect the exterior condition and see any issues clearly.

Various road typesDrive on different road surfaces like highways, side streets, hills and tight turns. This lets you assess power, braking, transmission, suspension and handling.

Performance testing – Accelerate hard, brake firmly, take corners swiftly. Push the car to its limits safely to uncover any problems.

Second opinion – If possible, take someone along who knows cars well. A second set of eyes may spot issues you could miss alone.


Following these test drive strategies will help you gain key insights into the vehicle’s mechanical condition before purchase. Don’t be shy about thoroughly checking out a used car on the test drive.



Swift Current has several excellent options when it comes to finding a quality used vehicle. The top dealerships like Cypress Motors, Standard Motors, O’Brians Automotive, and Gauvin Motors all offer great selections of used cars, trucks, and SUVs that are thoroughly inspected and affordably priced.

When visiting these dealers, focus on assessing the condition and value of any vehicles you are interested in. Carefully inspect the vehicle history report and take it for an extensive test drive. You may also want to have your own trusted mechanic perform an inspection before purchase.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate to get the best possible price. Opting for certified pre-owned vehicles with a warranty can provide added peace of mind. By following these tips and working with one of Swift Current’s top-rated dealers, you’re sure to drive away happy in your perfect used car.


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Questions About The Best Used Car Dealerships in Swift Current

The top used car dealerships in Swift Current, Canada include Cypress Motors Ford, Standard Motors, O’Brians Automotive, Standard Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram, and Gauvin Motors. Cypress Motors is a family-owned Ford dealership with a wide selection of used vehicles at affordable prices. Standard Motors offers a variety of makes and models under $10,000. O’Brians is consistently voted the best used car dealership thanks to their customer service and risk reduction when buying used. Standard Dodge has over 40 used vehicles across cars, trucks and SUVs. Gauvin Motors provides used car rentals along with their dealership.

The used car dealerships in Swift Current have a diverse range of makes and models. You can find used Ford vehicles at Cypress Motors, used Hondas at Regier Honda, used Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram vehicles at Standard Dodge, and various imported used models at dealers like Standard Nissan, City Auto Sales, and Siman Auto Sales. There are also dealers that offer a wide variety of used vehicle makes such as Gauvin Motors, O’Brians Automotive, Standard Motors, and Plewis Auto Group. The most common body styles are sedans, SUVs, trucks, and minivans.

Tips for finding a good deal on a used car in Swift Current include: comparing prices across multiple dealers to negotiate the best rate, considering older model years as they tend to be cheaper, inspecting the vehicle thoroughly before purchase to avoid hidden issues, researching reliability ratings on makes/models, asking about any current dealer incentives or promotions to save money, checking industry pricing guides to determine fair market value, getting pre-approved financing to strengthen your negotiating position, and working with a trusted salesperson who can help find you the right car for your budget.

Some of the most reliable used car models typically available from dealerships in Swift Current are:


– Toyota Corolla, Camry, RAV4 – these have a solid reputation for dependability and longevity.


– Honda Civic, CR-V – Hondas are known for requiring lower-cost maintenance over time.


– Subaru Outback, Forester – Subarus perform well in colder climates and rugged terrain.


– Ford F-150, Escape – these trucks and SUVs have proven reliable over many years.


– Hyundai Elantra, Tucson – Hyundai offers lengthy warranties to better retain resale value.


Checking consumer reports and reliability ratings for the model year you’re considering can help determine durability. Getting a vehicle history report from the dealer provides added peace of mind.

Most Swift Current used car dealerships can arrange financing options including:


– Dealer financing – Many dealerships work with third-party lenders to offer loans directly to buyers with reasonable rates and terms. This simplifies the process into a one-stop experience.


– Bank/credit union loans – Pre-approval from your bank or local credit union may secure you a competitive interest rate. This gives you greater negotiating leverage when dealing with the dealership.


– Leasing – Leasing may lower the monthly payment on a high-end model. Just be aware of mileage limits and wear-and-tear clauses.


– Cash payment – Paying the full amount in cash maximizes your bargaining position and avoids financing charges. Saving upfront yields dividends.


– Trade-in value – The dealer may offer you credit for the trade-in value of your current vehicle that you can apply towards your next used car purchase.


– Low-interest promotions – Many dealers periodically offer low APR financing incentives to move used inventory. Check for specials that can save you money long-term.

Common fees and taxes to expect when purchasing a used car in Swift Current include:


– Sales tax – Either 5% GST or 5% PST applies on used passenger vehicle sales in Saskatchewan. Some dealers may quote prices pre-tax so budget for this.


– Documentation fee – Dealers tend to charge admin/documentation fees to process sale contracts. These typically range from $100-$500.


– Licensing and registration costs – Expect to pay charges for license plates and legally registering the vehicle locally in your name.


– Safety certification fee – Used vehicles in Saskatchewan require a mandatory safety inspection certificate prior to registration which costs around $80.


– Dealer prep fees – Some dealers may charge vehicle prep fees for cleaning, detailing, mechanical inspections or reconditioning prior to sale.


It’s important to ask the dealer to fully break down the “out-the-door” total cost before committing to finalize a used car purchase including all taxes and charges. This allows you to accurately compare pricing.

Important questions to ask the used car dealer include:


– How many previous owners did the vehicle have? Lower is generally better.


– What is the mileage and service history? Ask to see maintenance records if possible.


– Has the vehicle ever been in an accident? Get a vehicle history report for assurance.


– Are there any mechanical issues or damage repairs needed that I should know about? Test drive thoroughly.


– Why are you selling this particular vehicle? Listen for red flags.


– Can you provide references from prior customers I could speak to? Gauge their reputation.


– Is there any warranty coverage remaining? Certified pre-owned models often come with extended warranty.


– What are the terms and rates for dealer financing if I need assistance? Compare terms.


– Are there any outstanding safety recalls on this make, model and year that need to be addressed? Check databases for recalls.


Asking the right used car questions helps you make an informed purchasing decision.

When test driving a used car from a Swift Current dealer, come equipped with an inspection checklist including:




– Paint condition – Check for scratches, dents, rust, mismatched panels

– Tire tread depth – Should have 5-6mm minimum tread remaining

– Lights – Test headlights, brake lights, turn signals are working




– Seats and upholstery – Look for staining, tears, excessive wear

– Electronics – Check radio, Bluetooth, camera and other features

– Air conditioning and heating – Confirm both blow cold and hot air




– Engine noises – Listen for knocking sounds or hums indicating issues

– Braking – Ensure brakes don’t make noises and stop the vehicle straight

– Steering system – No vibrations or pulling when driving straight

– Suspension system – Even ride height side-to-side without bouncing


Going through this checklist on a test drive makes it easier to spot potential problems with any used car. Bringing a mechanic friend or asking for a third-party inspection before purchase is also recommended.

The banks and credit unions offering some of Swift Current’s best used car loan rates include:


– Innovation Credit Union – Rates as low as 3.99%

– Affinity Credit Union – Used auto loans from 4.79%

– Conexus Credit Union – Pre-owned vehicle rates from 3.99%

– Bank of Montreal – Used car loans starting at 4.99% fixed APR

– Royal Bank of Canada – Competitive variable and fixed rate auto financing

– TD Canada Trust – Offers “Lendwise” used car loans typically under 10%

– Servus Credit Union – Flexible terms on used car loans as low as 5.15%


Rates can vary depending on individual credit scores and history. Pre-approval letters from these institutions give negotiation power when dealing with dealers while saving money long-term on interest. Compare terms across multiple lenders to find the best used car loan rates. Credit unions are member-owned co-ops focused on community service.

Key questions to ask if purchasing a used car online from a Swift Current dealer’s website include:


– Do you offer virtual video walkarounds of vehicles upon request? Ask to see a detailed tour highlighting any flaws.


– What is your policy if the vehicle doesn’t match the online description after delivery? Understand refund or return procedures.


– How frequently do you get new used inventory? Can you notify me of new models that meet my criteria? Sign up for alerts.


– Does the online price include all fees and taxes? Get an accurate total drive-away cost.


– Who handles the third party delivery? Understand the transport process and timing estimate.


– Can I take the vehicle for an inspection at a local shop within 7 days after delivery? Inspect thoroughly upon arrival.


– Do you provide CARFAX history reports for vehicles on your site? Review details and service records.


– Is there flexibility on price if I pay cash and handle DMV registration myself? Explore ways to save.


Buying a used car online can save time but carries risk buying blind. Asking lots of questions upfront ensures you get the right car at the right price. Test drive locally or have a mechanic inspect the vehicle as soon as possible after delivery.

The major extended warranty providers offering plans to Swift Current used car buyers include:


– Protect My Car – Coverage options up to 10 years/200,000km

– Lubrico Warranty – Repair protection packages tailored for used vehicles

– Endurance Warranty – Accept vehicles with up to 200,000km odometer reading

– Carchex – Month-to-month used car warranty plans

– OEM Certified Pre-Owned Warranty – CPO models get manufacturer warranty extensions

– Aftermarket Dealer Warranties – Dealers may include their own repair coverage plans


Getting an extended auto warranty can provide peace of mind by covering expensive transmission, electrical and engine repairs after manufacturer warranties expire. Compare policy term lengths, price, reimbursement rates and exclusions before deciding which is the best used car extended warranty option for your needs.

Some Swift Current used vehicle dealerships offer leasing options including:


– Used Car Lease Takeover – You assume someone’s existing lease contract at lower payments.

– Certified Pre-Owned Lease – Special CPO lease terms with warranty coverage.

– Third-Party Leasing Companies – Companies like FlexDrive tailor used car lease deals.

– Dealer Lease Buyback Financing – Dealers arrange flexible short-term leases on used cars.

– Bad Credit Leasing Assistance – Specialists work to secure leased vehicles for lower scores.


The benefits of leasing a used car include lower monthly payments, vehicle warranty protections, and the option to upgrade cars more regularly. Downsides are mileage limits, wear-and-tear charges, and no equity ownership. Calculate the total cost of payments and negotiate the best offers from dealers or lease brokers. Consider purchase financing if planning to keep vehicles longer term.

Tips for getting the best price when buying a used car from Swift Current area dealers:


– Compare quotes online/in-person across multiple dealerships in town or nearby. Leverage competing offers.


– Calculate fair market value using industry price guides like Black Book and CARFAX Values.

– Ask about price flexibility for fast sales, season clearance events, Black Friday deals, or year-end blowouts.

– Bundle your deal with trade-in value on your old car or special financing rates.

– Time your purchase well by shopping end of fiscal quarters or years when salespeople need numbers.

– Pay cash if possible as it gives you maximum negotiating leverage.

– Build rapport with salespeople and pit them against each other on quotes.

– Walk out if you don’t get satisfactory pricing and see if they call you back with a better offer.


Doing research, showing knowledge, having financing pre-approved, and employing some creative negotiating tactics can help you score the absolute best price from Swift Current used car lots.

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