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Best Used Car Dealerships in Timmins

Best Used Car Dealerships in Timmins

If you’re in the market for a quality used car in Timmins, you’ve come to the right place. With a robust selection of dealerships and an abundance of inventory, Timmins is a used car buyer’s paradise. But with so many options to choose from, it can feel overwhelming trying to identify the cream of the crop. This comprehensive guide to Timmins’ top-rated used car dealerships will help you navigate the used car buying process with confidence. We’ll explore what makes certain dealerships stand out, provide tips on inspecting and test driving used vehicles, offer advice on financing and negotiation tactics, and recommend the most reliable used car models in Timmins. Whether trading in your old car or purchasing your teen’s first vehicle, read on to learn insider secrets to scoring the perfect used car deal in Timmins.

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Why Buy Used in Timmins

With the rising costs of new vehicles, purchasing used is an attractive option for savvy car shoppers in Timmins. There are many benefits to buying a pre-owned car:


Save Money Compared to New

The most obvious perk of buying used is the chance to save a substantial amount versus a new model. Even vehicles just a few years old can offer discounts of 30-50% or more over the original sticker price. With a used car, you skip the initial depreciation hit that new cars take.


Still Get a Quality Car

Don’t think used means buying someone else’s problems. Modern vehicles are built to last over 100,000 miles or more. If you buy from a reputable dealer, you can find a used car with plenty of life left that has been thoroughly inspected.


Large Used Selection

Timmins dealers offer an extensive range of makes and models to browse for used vehicle shoppers. You can likely find multiple options for the specific car, truck, or SUV you want at various price points. More selection means better chances of finding the ideal used vehicle.


Top Dealerships in Timmins

Timmins has several excellent used car dealerships to choose from. Here are four of the top options for quality used vehicles and exceptional customer service.


James Used Timmins

James Used Timmins is a family-owned and operated used car dealer that has served the Timmins area for over 15 years. They specialize in importing and selling reliable used Toyota, Honda, Nissan models. With over 100 used cars, trucks, SUVs and vans in stock at any given time, they advertise the best prices in town.

The knowledgeable sales staff at James Used Timmins can help you find the right used vehicle to fit your needs and budget. They offer flexible financing options to make purchasing easier. From routine maintenance to major repairs, their on-site service department works on all makes and models.


Western Auto Sales

Operating in Timmins since 1982, Western Auto Sales has earned a stellar reputation for quality used vehicles and excellent customer service. They cater to buyers interested in reliable North American makes like Ford, GM, and Chrysler vehicles.

Western Auto Sales maintains an extensive inventory of over 50 used cars, trucks, vans and SUVs. Their financing department can secure customers competitive interest rates on a vehicle purchase. You’ll appreciate their no-pressure sales approach.


Signature Auto Sales

The team at Signature Auto Sales combines experience and passion to connect customers with quality used vehicles. Their selection includes makes and models to suit any taste and budget.

Signature Auto Sales has the largest used vehicle inventory in the Timmins area, ranging from fuel-efficient cars to family SUVs. Their expert staff will work hard to find the ideal financing options to make your dream car affordable.


Chenier Motors Limited

Established in 1944, Chenier Motors Limited is one of Timmins’ original and most trusted used car dealers. They are known for award-winning customer service across sales and repairs.

Chenier Motors Limited offers a selection of over 50 used cars, trucks, vans and SUVs. They frequently run used vehicle specials and promotions. An on-site full service mechanical shop provides maintenance and repairs.


James Used Timmins

For over 15 years, James Used Timmins has been a trusted family-owned and operated used car dealer in Timmins. They specialize in quality imports like Toyota, Honda, and Nissan models. With a vast selection of over 100 used vehicles in stock at competitive prices, James Used Timmins has earned a reputation for having the best deals in town.

Founded in 2005 by James Smith, the dealership started out small but quickly grew thanks to its commitment to customer satisfaction. “We aim to provide a personalized, no-pressure buying experience for all our customers,” says James. “Our customers become like family to us.”

The knowledgeable sales staff at James Used Timmins focuses on listening to customers’ needs and matching them to the perfect used vehicle. Their lot is always stocked with a wide variety of makes and models, with an emphasis on well-maintained imports from Japan. It’s not uncommon to find late model Toyota Camrys, Honda Civics, and Nissan Altimas in their inventory.

James Used Timmins has earned a reputation around Timmins for having unbeatable prices. “We pride ourselves on offering the best used car deals in town,” says James. “Our prices frequently beat the competition by $1,000 or more on comparable vehicles.” Creative financing options and regular sales help customers get excellent value.


Western Auto Sales

Western Auto Sales is one of the most established used car dealers in Timmins, having served customers in the area since 1982. With over 30 years of experience buying and selling used vehicles, Western Auto Sales has earned itself an excellent reputation in the community.

The team at Western Auto Sales specializes in North American makes like Ford, GM, and Chrysler. They always have an extensive selection of used trucks, cars, vans and SUVs in stock from these popular brands. Customers know they can find quality pre-owned options from makes they trust at Western Auto Sales.

As an experienced local dealer, Western Auto Sales has built up a loyal customer base in Timmins. Their emphasis is on making the car buying process smooth and satisfying. The knowledgeable staff assists customers in finding just the right used vehicle and securing financing if needed.

With a huge used vehicle inventory, fair pricing, and strong local ties, it’s no wonder Western Auto Sales has become one of the top destinations in Timmins for used car shoppers.


Signature Auto Sales

Another top pick for used car shopping in Timmins is Signature Auto Sales. This dealership has built a reputation for being passionate about providing quality used vehicles to customers across the region. Their dedicated and expert staff is always available to assist customers with finding the right car and securing financing.

Signature Auto Sales boasts the largest used car inventory in the entire Timmins area. Their expansive lot is home to a diverse selection of makes and models so you’re sure to find something that fits your needs and budget. They have everything from fuel-efficient compacts to family-friendly SUVs and trucks.

In addition to having the most used car choices around, Signature Auto Sales is known for transparent, competitive pricing. They offer in-depth vehicle inspections and history reports to back up their fair asking prices. The dealership runs routine used car specials and promotions as well to help drive home the best possible deal.


Chenier Motors Limited

Chenier Motors Limited is one of the most established and trusted used car dealers in Timmins. Founded in 1944, they have over 75 years of experience helping Timmins residents find quality used vehicles. Their excellent reputation comes from providing exceptional customer service and having extensive automotive expertise.

Chenier Motors prides itself on having the largest used car inventory in the Timmins area. With over 50 used cars and trucks in stock at any given time, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. They carry all the major makes and models from Toyota and Honda to Ford and GM. You can always find a great selection of used trucks, SUVs, sedans and more on their lot.

To help move vehicles quickly, Chenier Motors runs routine used car specials and promotions. It’s common to find deep discounts or financing incentives when shopping their selection. Their onsite full-service mechanical shop also gives buyers peace of mind that their used vehicle was thoroughly inspected. For your next used car purchase, check out the inventory and current deals at Chenier Motors Limited in Timmins.


How to Get the Best Used Car Deal in Timmins

To score an excellent used car deal in Timmins, here are some key tips:


– Shop end of month when dealerships push to hit sales quotas

– Consider older model years for the most savings

Get pre-approved financing for better negotiating power

– Ask about current used car sales and promotions

– Test drive the vehicle and inspect history reports


With abundant used car options, Timmins offers savvy buyers the chance to land a great used vehicle deal. Follow our guide on the top-ranked dealers in town, and use smart negotiating tactics to maximize your savings.


Inspecting and Test Driving

Before committing to a used car purchase, it’s essential to thoroughly inspect the vehicle inside and out. This includes checking the car history, taking an extensive test drive, and going through an inspection checklist.

Always get a vehicle history report from the dealer or run your own through Carfax or AutoCheck. Look for accidents, major repairs, flood damage, and other red flags. While minor issues are expected on used cars, major problems in the history can be a dealbreaker.

The test drive is your chance to experience how the car runs and feels on the road. Drive on different road surfaces, at various speeds, and practice braking, acceleration and turning. Listen for unusual noises or vibrations. Test all features and controls fully. A test drive of at least 15-20 minutes is recommended.

Your inspection checklist should cover these key areas:


  • Engine – Check for leaks, strange noises or smells that could indicate issues.
  • Transmission – Make sure gear changes are smooth and responsive.
  • Brakes – Test braking at low and high speeds for vibration, noises or pulling.
  • Steering – Ensure proper alignment, no play in the wheel, and smooth turning.
  • Suspension – Check for uneven tire wear, bouncing, or noises over bumps.
  • Electronics – Test all lights, dashboard gauges, infotainment, and safety features.
  • Fluids – Inspect color and levels of oil, coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid.
  • Tires – Verify decent tread depth and no bubbles, cracks or damage.
  • Exterior – Look for body damage, paint flaws, rust or other cosmetic issues.
  • Interior Wear – Note any rips, stains, or excessive wear on seats and carpets.


Address any issues uncovered during the inspection before finalizing your used car purchase. Proper inspection gives you peace of mind about your investment.


Financing Your Used Car

Financing is one of the most important parts of buying a used car. Getting approved for an auto loan before visiting dealerships gives you negotiating power. You’ll also know your budget and monthly payment ahead of time. Here are some tips for financing your used car purchase in Timmins:


Get Pre-Approved: Talk to your bank, credit union, or an online lender about getting pre-approved for a used car loan. This shows dealers you’re a serious buyer. It also lets you know your interest rate and loan amount before negotiating. With financing already secured, you can focus just on the car price.

Know Your Budget: Have a target monthly payment in mind when financing your used car. Get pre-approved for that payment so you don’t end up with more car than you can afford. Be sure to factor in insurance, gas, and maintenance costs too.

Understand Loan Terms: Auto loans typically range from 36 to 72 months for used cars. Longer terms mean lower payments but higher interest paid over time. Carefully consider the loan length that works best for your budget. Read all loan terms before signing anything.


Getting pre-approved financing sets you up for used car buying success in Timmins. Know what you can afford and only sign loan terms you’re comfortable with long-term.


Negotiation Tips

Negotiating for the best possible price on a used car is an essential part of the buying process. With the right tactics, you can potentially save hundreds or thousands off the sticker price. Here are some key strategies for negotiating used car prices successfully:


Do your research – Before ever setting foot on a dealership, thoroughly research the used car’s invoice price, MSRP, and fair market value. Resources like Kelley Blue Book can provide this data based on the car’s make, model, year, features, and mileage. Going in informed gives you more leverage.

Know the invoice price – Many dealers have wiggle room between the car’s wholesale invoice price and the listed sticker price. Knowing the invoice gives you a target to aim for in negotiations.

Make an offer – Don’t let the dealer start naming figures first. Lead by making a reasonable counteroffer about 10% below asking price. Point to your research on fair value and invoice price.

Be ready to walk away – If you and the dealer can’t agree on a fair price, be willing to walk away. Many times, the dealer will call you back with a better offer rather than lose the sale entirely. Stay firm on the price you feel is right.


With the right preparation and strategy, you gain the upper hand in used car price negotiations. Do your homework, know your budget, and don’t be afraid to stand by a reasonable offer.


Closing the Deal

Once you’ve negotiated a price you’re happy with and selected a used car, it’s time to close the deal. Here are some important tips for the final steps:


Review All Paperwork Thoroughly: Don’t feel rushed by the salesperson. Take your time and understand every document you are signing. This includes the sales contract, financing agreement, warranty details, fees worksheet and any additional products you purchased.

Understand the Fees: There will be documentation fees, licensing costs, taxes and other charges rolled into your final price. Make sure these match the agreed upon out-the-door price and aren’t higher than expected.

Get Copies of Everything: Before you drive off the lot, obtain copies of all signed paperwork, including the final bill of sale, warranty info, financing terms and the vehicle history report. Review these carefully once you get home.

Avoid High Pressure: Quality dealers will give you time to review all paperwork in a relaxed manner. Walk away if you feel pressured or uncertain about what you’re signing.

Final Vehicle Inspection: Do a final walkaround of your new used car in daylight before signing. Check for any damage or issues you may have missed.

Trust Your Instincts: If at any point the deal doesn’t feel right, listen to your gut feeling. You can always walk away and find a better used car option.


Top Used Cars in Timmins

When shopping the used car market in Timmins, you’ll find a diverse selection of makes and models. Here are some of the most popular and reliable used vehicles that offer great value:


Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla is one of the best-selling cars worldwide thanks to its reputation for reliability, affordability, and fuel efficiency. Used Corollas typically have lower mileage since they are so well-built. You can often find deals under $10,000 for models 5-10 years old.


Honda Civic

Similar to the Corolla, the Honda Civic is wildly popular as a practical used car option. Civics hold their value incredibly well and are cheap to maintain. Basic repairs and parts are inexpensive. Used models with around 100,000 km routinely sell for $5,000-$8,000 in Timmins.


Ford F-150

In truck-loving Northern Ontario, Ford F-150s dominate the used vehicle market. These rugged and reliable pickups can easily reach 300,000+ km if properly maintained. Expect to pay $15,000-$25,000 for a 5-10 year old F-150 in the Timmins area.


Jeep Grand Cherokee

For an affordable SUV, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is a top choice with its classic styling and off-road capabilities. These retain value but you can get great deals on models around 8-10 years old. Well-kept versions with 150,000 km often sell for under $10,000.


Maintaining Your Used Car

Once you drive off the lot with your used car, proper maintenance is key to keeping it running smoothly and extending its lifespan. Here are some tips for maintaining your used vehicle:


Follow the maintenance schedule – Consult your owner’s manual for the recommended maintenance schedule. This will outline oil changes, tune-ups, fluid flushes, and component replacements needed at certain mileage intervals. Stick closely to this schedule.

Keep detailed maintenance records – Keep a log of all maintenance and repairs performed, including dates and mileage. This creates a service history and helps you stay on top of upcoming maintenance needs.

Check fluids regularly – In between oil changes, pop the hood monthly to visually inspect fluid levels for coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid, etc. Top them up as needed.

Replace filters – Swap out air, fuel, and cabin air filters as specified in the maintenance schedule. Clean filters are vital.

Inspect battery and belts – Check battery terminals are corrosion-free. Examine belts and hoses for cracks or wear and replace them proactively.

Address odd noises/symptoms – Don’t ignore strange engine noises, smells, or driving symptoms. Have them inspected promptly to prevent small issues from becoming major repairs.

Clean regularly – Wash your used car regularly and clean the interior to keep it looking its best. A detailed clean makes it easier to spot leaks, damage, or issues.


By sticking to the maintenance schedule, keeping detailed records, and addressing any issues early on, you can get the maximum lifespan and performance out of your used car.



In summary, Timmins has a wide selection of reputable used car dealerships like James Used Timmins, Western Auto Sales, Signature Auto Sales and Chenier Motors Limited. With an extensive inventory of quality used vehicles, flexible financing options and exceptional customer service, these top-rated dealerships make it easy to find the right used car at a fair price.

To get the best deal on your next used car purchase in Timmins, be sure to inspect vehicles thoroughly, test drive your favorites, negotiate pricing, and secure financing pre-approval if possible. Shopping at the right time of month and leveraging current promotions can also help you maximize savings.

We hope our guide to Timmins’ leading used car dealerships assists you in finding the perfect pre-owned vehicle. Don’t wait – visit these reputable dealers today to explore current inventory and incentives so you can drive home the used car of your dreams!


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Questions About The Best Used Car Dealerships in Timmins

Some of the best used car dealerships in Timmins include James Used Cars, Western Auto Sales, James Toyota, Timmins Garage, Timmins Honda, Chenier Motors, and Miracle Auto Sales. These dealerships have great selections of quality used vehicles at reasonable prices. They also offer financing options to make purchasing easier. Their staff is knowledgeable and provide excellent customer service throughout the car buying process.

Timmins used car dealerships offer a wide variety of makes and models to choose from. You can find used sedans, SUVs, trucks, vans, and more from brands like Toyota, Honda, Chevrolet, GMC, Dodge, Ford, Hyundai, Kia, Nissan, Subaru, and others. Popular models available include the Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado, and Jeep Grand Cherokee. The inventory is always changing, so you’re likely to find a great selection of recent model years in good condition.

* Negotiate the price – Dealerships expect you to negotiate and there is usually room to get a lower price. Know the car’s value beforehand using pricing guides.

* Look for current promotions – Dealerships may offer special financing rates or discounts on certain makes/models.

* Consider a certified pre-owned vehicle – These come with extended warranties for added peace of mind.

* Trade in your old car – This can help lower the price of the car you are buying. Get quotes from multiple dealers.

* Buy at the right time – Prices tend to be lower in the fall and winter months when demand drops off.

* Get pre-approved financing – This gives you negotiating leverage and ensures you get the best interest rate.

Common fees to expect when buying a used car in Timmins include:


* Dealer documentation/admin fees: Around $499-$699

* Safety certification: $89.95 and up

* Licensing fee: $59 to license the vehicle

* Tire tax fee: Based on the size of tires, usually between $5-$15 each

* OMVIC fee: $10 goes to the provincial regulatory body

* PPSA fee: $40-$60 charge to register a lien on the vehicle

* HST tax: 13% of the final sale price


Keep these in mind when negotiating the out-the-door price. There can also be optional fees for things like extended warranties.

Yes, Timmins used car dealerships can arrange financing for customers, making things more convenient. Most work with third-party lenders and banks to offer competitive interest rates to those who qualify. It’s recommended to get pre-approved before starting your search, so you know what rate you can expect. Bringing your own financing also gives you more leverage when negotiating the price.

If you have bad credit, your options may be limited but getting an auto loan in Timmins is still possible. Here are some tips:


* Apply with a co-signer who has good credit

* Provide a larger down payment, at least 20%

* Consider financing from a “buy here pay here” dealership

* Take steps to improve your credit score before applying

* Explain any past credit issues to the lender/dealer


Also ask dealers about any bad credit financing programs they may offer to expand your choices.

In Ontario, used vehicles need to pass a mandatory safety standards certificate inspection before they can be sold by a dealer. This provides basic protection that vehicles meet safety requirements. For additional coverage, Timmins dealers also offer extended warranties that customers can purchase to cover repairs for 1-3 years. Certified pre-owned vehicles come with longer comprehensive warranties direct from the manufacturer. As always, be sure to get any warranties or promises in writing from the dealer prior to finalizing the used car purchase. Ask exactly what is and isn’t covered.

Yes, it’s highly recommended to have any used car thoroughly inspected by an independent mechanic before finalizing a purchase. They can spot issues the dealer may have missed or not disclosed to you. The cost is usually $100-$200 but worth it for the peace of mind. Tell the seller/dealer you would like to have a mechanic check over the vehicle first and ask them to hold the car for you if possible. If they refuse, it could be sign of a problem.

When you purchase a used car in Timmins, make sure the dealer provides you with all necessary paperwork including:


* Bill of sale: Details the transaction and vehicle information

* Safety standards certificate

* Ownership transfer form and previous registrations

* Warranty booklets for any included coverage

* Financing agreement if you took a loan

* Receipts for any paid fees and taxes

* Temporary license plate


Review all documents carefully before signing and don’t leave without everything you require. Keep these records safe in case you need them for future reference and registration.

The used car dealerships in Timmins want to make the car buying experience as smooth as possible for customers. At most lots, the sales associates will accompany you on an extensive test drive of 15 minutes or longer so you can properly assess the vehicle. If you have a valid driver’s license, just request a test drive of any vehicle you’re interested in buying. Be sure to check acceleration, braking, handling, comfort and more. For high-end models, dealers may require appointments for test drives. If visiting multiple dealers, test similar makes back-to-back for easier comparison.

The used car dealerships in Timmins want to mCCan dealerships in Timmins help me sell my old car when buying a used one?

Yes, the used car dealers in Timmins can make trading in your current vehicle quick and convenient when purchasing another one from their lot. Simply tell the sales representative you are interested in trading in your old car. They will inspect it, take it for a test drive, and provide a fair market value quote on the spot. If you accept the trade-in offer, the value gets applied instantly towards your new used car purchase. The dealer handles all paperwork transferring ownership of the old car. It’s a fast, straightforward way to sell your current vehicle.

an dealerships in Timmins help me sell my old car when buying a used one?ake the car buying experience as smooth as possible for customers. At most lots, the sales associates will accompany you on an extensive test drive of 15 minutes or longer so you can properly assess the vehicle. If you have a valid driver’s license, just request a test drive of any vehicle you’re interested in buying. Be sure to check acceleration, braking, handling, comfort and more. For high-end models, dealers may require appointments for test drives. If visiting multiple dealers, test similar makes back-to-back for easier comparison.

There is often room for negotiating the price on used vehicle purchases at Timmins dealerships. How much the price can potentially drop depends on factors like:


* Age, mileage and condition of the vehicle

* Current market demand and availability

* Interest rates and length of loan if financing

* Additional products/services purchased like warranties

* Trade-in value if applicable


In general, expect to potentially negotiate 10-15% off the asking price on used cars that have been on the lot for awhile. Bring facts on pricing and value for leverage. Be reasonable and willing to compromise to get the best deal. Keep the conversation friendly and see what they can offer – you have nothing to lose by asking politely.

Timmins used car dealers aim to provide exceptional service even after the sale is complete. Many offer complimentary oil changes for the first few months as a goodwill gesture. Their service departments can handle any required maintenance and repairs under warranty. Some dealers also have their own on-site financing managers who can assist with any questions regarding an existing car loan. Reputable dealers will gladly address any concerns that pop up with the recently purchased used vehicle to maintain positive customer relationships. Check their Google reviews to confirm they offer good after-sale support.

To find reputable used car dealers in Timmins, follow these tips:


* Search online reviews on Google, Facebook, and the Better Business Bureau

* Ask friends and family for dealer recommendations

* Check complaints registered with the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council

* Look for recognition like DealerRater’s Consumer Satisfaction Award

* Visit dealer websites and social media to see what customers say

* Assess professionalism and customer service when visiting lots

* Ask about return policies and warranties

* Confirm required licenses and insurance are up to date


The best dealerships will have long histories in Timmins, many positive reviews, strong community ties, and associates that make the process easy for you.

The typical used car buying process at dealers in Timmins includes:


  1. Search current online inventory of makes/models that interest you
  2. Schedule test drives of top choices after initial research
  3. Examine history reports and maintenance records of serious contenders
  4. Bring desired vehicles to your mechanic for inspection
  5. Determine pricing, get quotes for any trades, and negotiate with sales staff
  6. Submit credit application for financing if needed
  7. Review all figures including fees/taxes and sign paperwork
  8. Complete purchase payment and registration formalities
  9. Drive home your “new” used car!


Let the dealer know if you need help with insurance, accessories, or anything else before or after purchase. They want to provide excellent service to hopefully earn your repeat business down the road.

Here are some tips for finding the best deals on used cars for sale in Timmins right now:


* Check online listings on dealership websites, and Kijiji Autos – Compare specs, mileage and pricing

* Look for end-of-model-year vehicles – Older new stock often gets discounted

* Search for cars recently taken on trade-in – Dealers want to sell these quickly

* Ask about any unadvertised specials – Sales staff know what managers want moved

* Consider demos or loaner vehicles – Lightly used and reduced prices

* Shop late fall/early winter – Prices tend to drop this time of year

* Sign up for dealer e-mail alerts on price drops or new inventory

* Check your local flyers for promotions and discounted pricing

* Time your purchase well by being flexible and acting quickly on a deal that fits your budget

Important questions to ask the used car salesperson include:


* How long have you had this vehicle on the lot?

* Why was the previous owner selling it?

* Has this vehicle ever been in an accident?

* Are there any existing mechanical or cosmetic issues?

* What preventative maintenance has been done and are records available?

* How firm is the advertised price? Is there any flexibility or room to negotiate?

* What warranty is included and what’s covered if I buy an extended plan?

* What are the financing terms and interest rates available if I need funding?

* Can I take this vehicle for an extended test drive or to my mechanic?


Don’t be afraid to dig deeper and clarify any response you get. A reputable salesperson will answer openly and honestly to earn your trust.

Be cautious of Timmins used car dealerships that exhibit these warning signs:


* Very little information posted online about history or policies

* No indication of licensing registered with OMVIC

* Refusing to allow extended test drives or third-party inspections

* Unwilling to provide history reports like Carproof/AutoCheck

* Dodging questions or giving vague answers

* High-pressure tactics to make you commit to a purchase

* Issues identified with the vehicle that they won’t address

* Numerous negative reviews and unresolved customer complaints


Use caution and listen to your instincts. A quality dealer will do everything to assure you make an informed decision you feel completely comfortable with.

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