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Edmunds Car Site Explained

Edmunds Car Site Explained

Buying a car can be an intimidating process. With so many makes, models, features and prices to consider, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. This is why many Canadian car buyers turn to online automotive research platforms like to help guide their search.

While Edmunds is focused on the US market, it still offers Canadians a wealth of resources and information to leverage during the car buying journey. With detailed expert reviews, buying guides, pricing data and comparison tools, Edmunds aims to add transparency to the process so car shoppers can make informed decisions.

For over 50 years, Edmunds has provided car buyers the insights they need to feel confident and empowered when purchasing a vehicle. Now, savvy Canadian shoppers are discovering how they can tap into the Edmunds knowledge base to enhance their own research before visiting Canadian dealer websites or lots.

This guide will explore how Canadians can use Edmunds during the car buying process to gain an advantage and find the right car at the right price for them.

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What is Edmunds?

Edmunds is one of the most popular online automotive research and shopping platforms. The company first started in 1966 as a printed used car price guide. What began as a simple booklet evolved over the decades into a robust website and app that aims to make the car shopping process easier through education and transparency.

Today, Edmunds offers a wealth of resources for car buyers including expert reviews, pricing and deal analysis, comparison tools, buying guides and more. The goal of Edmunds is to arm consumers with the information they need to make smart decisions when purchasing a new or used vehicle.

Some of the key features that set Edmunds apart include:


  • In-depth car reviews written by qualified automotive experts
  • Accurate pricing information and analysis of current market deals and incentives
  • Proprietary valuation tools to determine fair purchase prices
  • Easy comparison of makes and models side-by-side
  • Buying guides and advice to navigate the car buying journey


With over 50 years of experience analyzing the automotive market, Edmunds has established itself as a trusted source that car shoppers continually turn to for education and insights. The evolution from printed guide to robust online resource demonstrates Edmunds’ commitment to advancing with technology to better serve customers.


Edmunds Research

One of the most valuable aspects of Edmunds for Canadian car buyers is the wealth of expert research available. Here are some of the key research features Canadians can leverage:


Expert Reviews

The Edmunds editorial team provides in-depth reviews on virtually every make and model available in North America. These reviews are based on extensive testing and analysis, providing details on performance, comfort, technology, safety, and overall ownership experience. Canadians can use these reviews to narrow down models and understand key strengths and weaknesses.


Fair Pricing Information

Edmunds offers a True Market Value® pricing tool to determine fair market value pricing on new and used vehicles. While tailored to the US market, this can still provide Canadians a benchmark for comparison when researching models. Edmunds also provides information on manufacturer incentives and rebates in the US, which gives Canadians insight into potential savings.


Used Car Valuations

For used vehicles, Edmunds offers instant appraisal values online based on factors like make, model, mileage, condition and styling. This can help Canadians understand used car prices and value differences between models. However, Canadians should compare Edmunds used valuations against pricing from Canadian sources.


Comparison Tools

Edmunds makes it easy to compare different vehicles side-by-side across a range of factors like pricing, fuel economy, performance stats, features, and ratings. This allows Canadians to see how models stack up and identify the pros and cons of different options during the research process.


Edmunds Buying Guides

One of the most useful parts of Edmunds for Canadian car shoppers are the buying guides. These provide advice tailored to different models and buying situations.

For example, Edmunds has guides for:


  • Buying a truck – covering topics like capability, configurations, and options.
  • Luxury vehicles – discussing reliability, maintenance costs, and features.
  • Electric cars – explaining range, charging, incentives, and considerations.
  • SUVs and crossovers – comparing styles, performance, seating, and cargo space.


The buying guides go in-depth on the factors to weigh for different vehicle types. This allows Canadians to learn the key points before visiting local dealers.

Edmunds also provides tips for getting the best deal. This includes advice on:


  • Negotiation strategies – like being flexible on colors/options and getting quotes from other dealers.
  • Timing your purchase – buying at the right time of year and understanding incentives.
  • Getting pre-approved financing – having your own financing lined up can give negotiation leverage.


While the actual purchase process differs in Canada, the insider tips can still help Canadians negotiate the price and financing. The guides highlight what matters most, so buyers don’t get distracted by dealer tactics.

Overall, the Edmunds buying guides arm Canadian shoppers with valuable knowledge before ever talking to a salesperson. Understanding the pros and cons of different models, smart negotiating, and savvy financing can help Canadians land the best car at the best price.


Edmunds Pricing Information

One of the most useful parts of Edmunds for car shoppers is the pricing information they provide. This includes:


MSRP Prices

For every new car model, Edmunds lists the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). This is the full “sticker price” set by the automaker without any discounts or incentives applied. Having the MSRP gives you a benchmark for how much dealers have marked up their listed prices.


Invoice Pricing

Edmunds also provides dealer invoice pricing for new cars, which is what the dealer themselves paid the manufacturer for the vehicle. Knowing the invoice gives you insight into the dealer’s profit margin and can help when negotiating.


Incentives and Rebates

New car incentives like cash rebates and low interest financing offers are tracked by Edmunds as well. You can see any customer cash, discounted financing, or lease deals available on a given model. This shows you where the best savings opportunities lie when shopping for a new car.


Edmunds Car Rankings

One of the most useful parts of Edmunds for shoppers is their comprehensive new car rankings. Edmunds has an expert team that thoroughly tests and reviews hundreds of vehicles each year. Based on their objective testing data and subjective driving impressions, they rank vehicles within different classes and categories.

Here are some of the key new car rankings that Edmunds compiles:


Best Sedans

The sedan category remains popular for its blend of comfort, efficiency, and practicality. Edmunds sedan rankings for 2022 put the Honda Accord at the top, with the Toyota Camry and Kia K5 also earning spots in the top 3.


Best SUVs

For shoppers looking at SUVs, Edmunds ranks the Honda CR-V as the best compact SUV. The Kia Telluride takes the crown for the best midsize SUV. And for larger SUVs, the Audi Q7 earns the top spot.


Best Trucks

Truck buyers have lots of choices too. The Ford F-150, Ram 1500, and Chevrolet Silverado 1500 make up Edmunds’ top three picks for best full-size trucks. For smaller trucks, Edmunds recommends the Honda Ridgeline.


Best EVs

Electric vehicles are growing in popularity and options. Edmunds picks the Tesla Model 3 as the best EV you can buy right now. The Ford Mustang Mach-E and Hyundai Ioniq 5 round out their top three.

These annual new car rankings provide a great starting point for Canadians to dig into the top models across vehicle types. While pricing and availability may differ compared to the US, the objective testing and scoring applies universally.


Edmunds Used Car Value

One of the most useful features Edmunds offers is determining the value of used cars. With its instant appraisal tool, you can get a free estimate of a used car’s trade-in value and market value.

To use the Edmunds instant appraisal, simply enter the vehicle’s make, model, year, trim, mileage, and condition. You’ll get an instant appraisal showing the trade-in range and market value range for that specific vehicle.

This gives you an idea of what price you can expect to get for your used car either as a trade-in at a dealership or if selling privately. The appraisal tool factors in current market conditions and price trends for used vehicles.

For example, you may see lower trade-in values right now due to high used car inventory levels coming off lease. Or higher private sale prices if demand is strong for a particular model.

Monitoring Edmunds used car values over time can help you decide the best timing for trading in or selling your vehicle. You may want to wait for used car prices to recover before trading in your used car.

The used car value data on Edmunds comes from analyzing actual sales transaction prices, so it reflects true market supply and demand. This makes it a more accurate indicator than estimates.

Having an independent used car value assessment from Edmunds gives you an information advantage when negotiating your trade-in value with a dealer too. You’ll know if their offer is fair or if you should push for more.


Using Edmunds as a Canadian Car Buyer

While Edmunds is focused on the US market, Canadians can still leverage the platform in their car buying journey. Here’s how Edmunds can be useful for Canadian shoppers:


Compare US and Canadian Prices

Canadians can use Edmunds to get a sense of pricing and deals available in the US market. While not directly applicable, it provides a reference point to compare against pricing and negotiations at Canadian dealerships. Savvy Canadian buyers can point to lower US prices on Edmunds as leverage when negotiating with Canadian dealers.


Leverage Reviews and Advice

The Edmunds editorial team provides detailed, expert reviews on a wide range of makes and models. This includes not just the latest impressions, but long-term road tests. Canadians can leverage these reviews to get unbiased opinions on vehicles and learn which features really matter in real world driving.


Limitations of Valuations

While Edmunds offers trade-in valuations, these should be taken as estimates only by Canadians. Their valuations focus specifically on the US market and conditions. The pricing may be higher or lower in Canada depending on demand, availability, and other market factors. Canadians should compare Edmunds valuations against pricing from Canadian sources for a more relevant picture.


Research Tips for Canadians

Canadians can use Edmunds as a primer for researching vehicles before visiting Canadian dealer websites and inventory. Edmunds offers the chance to get familiar with pricing, features, and reviews of a wide range of models. This early research gives Canadian buyers a solid base of knowledge before diving into options at local dealers.

However, it’s important to supplement any Edmunds research with a look at Canadian market specifics as well. While Edmunds provides excellent preliminary research, there are key differences between the US and Canadian car markets that must be understood.

Some aspects to be aware of include:


  • Pricing shown on Edmunds reflects the US market and may differ from Canadian sticker prices
  • Incentives and financing offers will also differ between the two countries
  • Fuel economy testing methods vary, so MPG estimates may not match Canadian figures
  • Equipment, trim levels, and option packaging can vary even for the same make and model


By using Edmunds as a starting point rather than a definitive source, Canadians can learn the basics before comparing to dealer sites more specific to the Canadian market. This allows car buyers to enter the negotiation process armed with expanded knowledge.


Pricing Differences

One key area that Canadians need to be aware of is pricing differences between the US and Canadian markets. Edmunds provides excellent pricing information, but it is based on US MSRPs, incentives, and market conditions.

MSRPs in Canada are frequently higher than the same vehicle in the US. This is due to a variety of factors like transportation costs, tariffs, and differences in standard equipment. Canadians shouldn’t assume they will see the same MSRP as listed on Edmunds.

Additionally, the incentives and rebates available to US buyers often don’t apply to Canada. Edmunds frequently highlights the latest deals, discounts, and financing offers available, but those are generally only for the US market.

Canadians can still use Edmunds’ pricing information as a baseline, but will need to compare it to what Canadian dealers are advertising to understand the true pricing differences.


Fuel Economy Differences

One key difference for Canadians reviewing Edmunds fuel economy data is that testing methods differ between the United States and Canada. This means the published miles per gallon (MPG) ratings may not translate directly.

In the US, fuel economy testing follows the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) standards and involves laboratory tests to determine city and highway MPG ratings. In Canada, fuel economy testing follows the more stringent 5-cycle testing method outlined by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan).

As a result, while the EPA ratings provide a starting point, real-world fuel economy can vary in Canadian conditions. Driving style, terrain, weather, and other factors mean your actual MPG may differ from what Edmunds lists for a vehicle.

It’s a good idea as a Canadian to take the Edmunds fuel economy data as directional rather than absolute. Review the ratings to get a sense of the most and least efficient models, but know that your on-road economy could be 10-15% lower than the published EPA figures.


Feature and Options Differences

When researching cars on Edmunds as a Canadian buyer, it’s important to note that the availability of certain features and option packages can vary significantly between the Canadian and US markets for the same make and model. What comes standard on a base model in the US might be an optional upgrade in Canada, or an option package offered in the US may not be available north of the border.

For example, heated seats and steering wheels tend to be more commonly included in Canada even on lower trims, catering to our colder climate. Meanwhile, options like ventilated seats are sometimes limited only to top-end trims compared to the US. Equipment grouping and packaging strategies by automakers also differ based on the unique demands of each market.

There can also be major differences in standard and optional advanced safety tech between Canadian and US model trims. Canada has stricter regulations when it comes to requiring certain driver assist and collision avoidance features compared to the US. For instance, backup cameras have been mandated on all new vehicles in Canada since 2018, while this same regulation did not take effect in the US until 2022 models. Other safety systems like AEB and lane keep assist are also more commonly found standard on trims in Canada versus being optional extras in the US.

So when referencing Edmunds for safety tech availability, Canadians need to dig deeper into the Canadian trim specs, rather than assuming the same tech is included based on US info. Understanding where feature and option differences exist allows Canadian shoppers to make an accurate value comparison and determine what features they can realistically get on their budget.


Limitations for Canadians

While Edmunds offers a wealth of resources, it’s important for Canadians to understand the limitations when using the platform.

First, Edmunds focuses primarily on new and used vehicles for the US market. This means the pricing, deals, reviews, and recommendations are centered around models and trims sold in the United States.

For example, a certain vehicle make or model may not be available in Canada. Or the trim levels and option packages may differ between the two countries. What’s considered a good deal or value in the US may not translate directly to the Canadian market.

In addition, Canadians aren’t able to actually purchase a vehicle through Edmunds. While you can get recommendations and pricing information, you’ll have to visit a Canadian dealer’s website or showroom to complete the transaction.

The valuations, price analysis, and cost comparisons on Edmunds are based on US market data. They don’t necessarily reflect the asking prices, negotiations, and transaction costs found in Canada.

So when using Edmunds as a Canadian shopper, it’s important to understand you won’t be getting information tailored specifically to the Canadian vehicle market. The research on Edmunds provides an excellent starting point, but Canadians need to dig deeper into their local market specifics before making a purchase.



In summary, Edmunds offers a wealth of automotive research, reviews, pricing data, and buying advice that can benefit Canadian car shoppers even though it focuses on the US market. By understanding the key features of Edmunds, Canadians can use the platform to enhance their knowledge before visiting local dealerships.

The in-depth expert reviews on Edmunds provide insights into reliability, performance, comfort, and capabilities across makes and models. This allows Canadians to research models typically popular in Canada that are also sold in the US. Additionally, the pricing information, deals data, and value analysis tools help provide a baseline to compare against local market prices.

However, Canadians need to keep in mind limitations like differences in configurations, fuel economy testing, and price ranges when applying Edmunds information to the Canadian market. The research on Edmunds serves more as a primer rather than directly applicable data. By combining the Edmunds knowledge base with visiting local dealer sites and price shopping, Canadians can become better informed buyers.

Overall, Edmunds aims to bring transparency and empowerment to car shoppers. While adjustments need to be made for the Canadian market, Edmunds still offers advantages to Canadians over typical manufacturer sites. The expertise helps car buyers gain confidence and satisfaction that they are making the best choice for their needs and budget.


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Questions About

Edmunds is an American online platform that provides automotive inventory, expert reviews, ratings, and other car-buying resources. While largely focused on the US market, some of Edmunds’ research and reviews may still be useful for Canadian car shoppers looking to buy a car originally sold in the US. However, pricing, incentives, and availability may differ in Canada.

No, Edmunds does not directly sell cars in Canada or anywhere. It is primarily an automotive research and shopping platform, not a dealership. Edmunds allows users to search dealer inventories and connect with sellers, but transactions happen directly between buyers and third-party dealerships.

Unfortunately Edmunds’ appraisal tool and pricing data like True Market Value are specifically tailored for the US market, so they may not reflect an accurate value for your car in Canada. Canadian sites like Canadian Black Book or Car Cost Canada may provide better valuations.

Yes, Edmunds’ in-depth expert reviews can still provide helpful insights on performance, features, and reliability of a particular make and model, even for cars sold in Canada. However, availability of trims/options and pricing may vary. Always cross-reference with Canadian market reviews when available.

No, any incentives or rebates displayed on Edmunds are limited to the US market. Dealers and automakers offer different promotions in Canada. Check sites like Unhaggle or manufacturer websites to find Canada-specific rebates.

Unfortunately Edmunds’ car loan services and rate comparisons only apply to US lenders, not financing offers in Canada. Instead, use Canadian sites like Loans Canada or dealership financing to find the best rate on a car loan.

Edmunds’ long-term road tests provide helpful insights, but most are conducted in warmer southern US climates. Make sure to also reference Canadian drive reviews (like from The Globe and Mail) to get performance info better tailored to colder weather and road conditions.

While Edmunds reviews may sometimes note a vehicle’s winter/snow capability, tire recommendations are focused on the US market. For winter driving in Canada, always equip your vehicle with a proper set of winter or all-weather tires, as per provincial regulations.

Some top Edmunds-rated vehicles for snow and winter driving worth considering in Canada include the Subaru Outback, Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, Nissan Rogue, Audi A4 Quattro, BMW 3 Series xDrive, Volvo XC60 T5, and Mercedes Benz GLA 250.

All prices displayed on Edmunds (MSRP, invoice, TMV) are based on US dollar amounts and do not reflect Canadian pricing. Make sure to use Canada-specific sites to find pricing and market values for your locality.

No, unfortunately Edmunds does not offer any French language services on their website or apps. It is only available in English. For French automotive reviews, try sites like Guide de l’auto or Le Guide de l’auto.

Some bestselling vehicles and top searches among Canadian Edmunds visitors include mid-size trucks like the Ford F-150, Honda Civic and CR-V, Toyota RAV4, Nissan Rogue, Subaru Outback and Forester, Hyundai Elantra and Kona, Volkswagen Tiguan, and Tesla Model 3.

Yes, Edmunds has some useful winter driving tips – like slowing down, allowing extra stopping distance, avoiding sudden acceleration/braking, and taking turns slowly. But be sure to also consult official Canadian guidelines for the best winter driving practices to follow in your province.

Some top alternatives to Edmunds focused on the Canadian car buyer market include Unhaggle, Canadian Black Book,, CARFAX Canada,, Yahoo! Autos Canada, The Globe and Mail Drive, and more.

There is no dedicated Edmunds Canada customer service. You would need to contact Edmunds US support by phone (1-855-782-4711) or through their Help Center online. Support is only available in English. Be aware advice will be based on US market.

No, Edmunds is not a dealership and does not have any car lots or retail locations. It is solely an automotive research and shopping website. To find local dealerships near you, use sites like, Unhaggle, or Canada Drives.


For teen drivers, Edmunds suggests safe, affordable used cars like the Subaru Impreza, Hyundai Elantra GT, Kia Forte, Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, Mazda 3, and Volkswagen Golf. Ensure new drivers also take accredited driver training programs before licensing.

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