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How Autotrader Works

How Autotrader Works

AutoTrader is one of the most popular online marketplaces for buying and selling used vehicles. This comprehensive guide will provide an in-depth look at how AutoTrader works, the costs involved, and tips for both buyers and sellers to have a smooth transaction.

Founded in 1997, AutoTrader has grown to become a leader in the used vehicle marketplace by connecting buyers and sellers through its online platform and mobile apps. With millions of vehicles listed from both dealers and private sellers, AutoTrader makes the process of finding, buying, and selling used cars accessible and efficient.

As the largest online automotive marketplace in North America, AutoTrader plays a key role in the used car industry. Its search tools, vehicle history reports, and secure payment processing help facilitate transactions between individual buyers and sellers as well as dealerships. AutoTrader aims to provide transparency, convenience, and peace of mind to all parties involved.

This guide will outline the end-to-end process of how to buy or sell a car on AutoTrader. We’ll cover creating an account, searching listings, contacting sellers, transaction costs, listing a vehicle for sale, communicating with potential buyers, and safely completing the sale. Whether you’re looking to find your next used car or want to sell your current vehicle, read on to learn how AutoTrader’s online marketplace works.

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How AutoTrader Connects Buyers and Sellers

AutoTrader is an online marketplace that connects car buyers and sellers through its extensive database of used vehicle listings. Sellers can create detailed listings for their vehicles, while buyers can search and filter listings based on their preferences.

At the core of AutoTrader is its searchable database of used car listings. This includes both dealer and private party listings across North America. Sellers create listings that include key details like make, model, year, mileage, price, location and photos. Buyers can search and filter this database based on parameters like price, location, make/model, mileage etc.

AutoTrader also provides tools to facilitate communication between potential buyers and sellers. Once a buyer finds a listing they’re interested in, they can contact the seller directly through AutoTrader’s messaging platform. This allows buyers to ask questions and negotiate pricing before committing to see the vehicle in person.

To help buyers evaluate potential vehicles, AutoTrader provides free vehicle history reports through partnerships with companies like Carfax and AutoCheck. These reports provide key details on accident history, ownership records, service records and more. Having access to vehicle histories helps buyers make informed decisions.

By combining a robust used car database, communication tools, and vehicle history reports, AutoTrader effectively connects buyers and sellers in the used car marketplace.


Creating an Account on AutoTrader

Signing up for an account on AutoTrader is easy and free as a buyer. You simply need to provide some basic information like your name, email address, and location. AutoTrader does not require extensive personal details or a credit card to search listings and contact sellers.

Selling on AutoTrader involves a more rigorous registration process to verify your identity and vehicle ownership. Sellers must provide contact information, driver’s license details, and VIN to confirm they legally own the car they are listing. AutoTrader also runs background checks on sellers to prevent fraud and ensure a safe marketplace. There is a $49 fee for sellers to list their vehicle after successfully completing the verification steps.

Creating an account as either a buyer or seller allows you to save searches, store favorite listings, communicate with other users, and access your transaction history. Having an AutoTrader account makes the car buying and selling process more efficient. Overall, signing up is quick and easy for buyers, while sellers undergo more steps to confirm their legitimacy and eligibility to list vehicles for sale on the platform.


Searching for Cars on AutoTrader

AutoTrader offers powerful search filters and options to help buyers find the perfect vehicle. You can search by make, model, year, price, mileage, location and more. Here are some tips for searching effectively on AutoTrader:


Use Specific Search Filters

The more filters you use, the more your results will match what you’re looking for. Filter by parameters like price range, mileage, number of previous owners, vehicle condition, fuel type and drive type.


Search Nationwide or By Location

You can search AutoTrader listings across Canada or filter by province or city. Searching nationally gives you more options. If looking locally, enter your postal code to see vehicles near you.


Utilize Search Tools

Use AutoTrader’s search tools like vehicle comparison, price analysis based on listings, and “Find My Perfect Car” questionnaire. This helps match you to suitable options.


Save Favourite Searches

Save customized searches to get notifications of new listings matching your criteria. Great for finding new options over time.


Research Sellers and Listing History

Click into seller profiles and listing histories to gauge legitimacy before contacting about a vehicle.

Using AutoTrader’s robust search functionality improves your chances of finding the right car efficiently.


Contacting Sellers on AutoTrader

Once you’ve found a vehicle you’re interested in on AutoTrader, the next step is to contact the seller. AutoTrader makes this easy by allowing you to message sellers directly through the platform.

When contacting a seller, first introduce yourself and reference the specific vehicle listing. Ask any questions you may have about the vehicle’s condition, service history, features, etc. If satisfied with the seller’s responses, request to schedule a test drive.

AutoTrader allows you to message sellers through the listing page or their profile. Sellers are notified of new messages through email and push notifications on mobile. This facilitates quick communication to ask questions, negotiate price, and set up an in-person meeting.

When scheduling a test drive, choose a public place like the seller’s driveway or a nearby parking lot. Confirm the date, time, and location through AutoTrader messaging before the meeting. Test drives allow you to inspect the vehicle thoroughly and take it for a spin before deciding to make an offer.

AutoTrader’s messaging keeps all communications on record, which provides protection for buyers and sellers. Only proceed with a purchase if you feel comfortable with the seller after your messages and test drive.


Costs for Buyers on AutoTrader

One of the best things about buying a car on AutoTrader is that there are no fees for buyers to use the platform. You can search listings, contact sellers, and arrange test drives all completely free of charge. This gives buyers the ability to shop for their next car without any upfront costs or subscription fees like some other online car marketplaces charge.

While AutoTrader itself does not charge any fees to buyers, there are some payment processing charges to be aware of when you go to actually purchase a vehicle. If you decide to buy a car you found on AutoTrader, you’ll have to work out payment details directly with the seller. Most sellers accept wire transfers, cashier’s checks, personal checks, or cash. Using one of these traditional payment methods likely won’t incur any additional fees.

However, some sellers may also accept credit card or online payments through third party services like Paypal. These types of electronic payments will have processing fees in the 2-4% range in most cases. It’s a good idea to ask the seller upfront what payment methods they accept, so you can choose the one that works best for your needs and budget.

The lack of buyer fees combined with a wide selection of inventory makes AutoTrader a great free resource for shopping for your next car. Just be prepared for some additional payment processing charges when you go to seal the deal.


Listing a Car on AutoTrader as a Seller

Listing a car on AutoTrader is the first step sellers take to connect with buyers. Creating an effective listing and pricing your car competitively are important to selling quickly on AutoTrader. Here’s how the listing process works:


Creating a Listing

To create a listing, you’ll need to provide key details about your vehicle like the year, make, model, mileage, condition, features, and maintenance history. AutoTrader makes it easy by walking you through each step of listing creation. You can upload high-quality photos and even take 360 degree virtual tours to showcase your vehicle.


Pricing Competitively

Research similar vehicles in your local market to choose a competitive price. AutoTrader offers price analysis tools to see what comparable vehicles are listed and sold for. Price your car appropriately based on its condition, features and demand. Underpricing can mean missing out on money, but overpricing leads to lack of interest.


Advertising Add-Ons

AutoTrader offers paid upgrades like highlighting your listing, adding more photos, and promoting it across sites. Consider boosting high-value vehicles for $19-$99 to gain more visibility. Optional upgrades can help sell your car faster.

Creating a detailed listing and pricing to sell are the seller’s main steps on AutoTrader. Their platform simplifies listing your car yourself or with a dealer.


Receiving Offers and Communicating with Buyers

Once your vehicle is listed on AutoTrader, you’ll start receiving inquiries from interested buyers. It’s important to respond promptly to leads to maximize your chances of selling quickly. Here are some tips for effectively communicating with potential buyers:


Replying to inquiries

Set up email alerts so you’re notified immediately when a new inquiry comes in. Quickly respond confirming the car is still available and answering any questions the buyer may have. Provide more photos or details if requested. Giving fast, detailed replies shows you’re an engaged seller.

Be wary of scammers by avoiding requests to pay or ship the car sight-unseen. Insist on buyers seeing the car in person before any money transfers.


Arranging test drives

Test drives should occur in a public place like a supermarket parking lot. Never allow test drives without holding the buyer’s license. Photograph the license and text it to a friend before the drive. Limit drives to 10-15 minutes.

Sanitize the interior before and after drives. Wipe down the steering wheel, shifter, buttons, etc. Keep sanitizing wipes and disposable seat covers on hand. This shows you care about the car and buyer safety.


Closing the Sale Safely on AutoTrader

Once you’ve found the right vehicle on AutoTrader and negotiated a price with the seller, it’s time to close the deal. This is when you’ll meet in person to inspect the vehicle, take a test drive, sign paperwork, and exchange payment. Here are some tips for a safe and smooth sale closure using AutoTrader:


Choosing a Meetup Location

When meeting a seller from AutoTrader, always choose a public location like a bank parking lot or busy shopping center. This allows you to test drive safely and avoids inviting strangers to your home. Try to meet during daylight hours as well for added security.

Some police stations may allow you to conduct exchanges in their parking lots too. Call ahead to check. This deters any fraud since you’re right outside a police station.


Inspecting the Vehicle

Thoroughly inspect the vehicle before handing over any money. Check for issues with the interior, exterior, undercarriage, engine, tires, and more. Take it for an extensive test drive. Don’t feel rushed – take your time.

If possible, bring along an experienced mechanic to identify any problems. This is especially important for used vehicles without a warranty.


Exchanging Payment Safely

Avoid paying cash, which is risky. Use a cashier’s check, money order, or cashier’s check for payment instead. This provides a paper trail. Or pay electronically through AutoTrader’s secure system if available.

Only provide payment once the seller signs over the title. Never pay before inspecting the vehicle and test driving.

Get copies of all paperwork like the bill of sale and title transfer documents before handing over payment. Also be sure to collect keys, owner’s manuals, service records, and any extras included in the sale.

Following these tips will help ensure a smooth, secure vehicle purchase when closing the deal on AutoTrader.


Seller Costs and Fees on AutoTrader

One of the biggest benefits of selling your car on AutoTrader is that the costs are very low compared to other selling platforms. AutoTrader only charges sellers a one-time $49 fee to create a listing.

This $49 listing fee allows you to include up to 24 photos and a full description of your vehicle. It also covers listing your car across both and to maximize exposure.

In addition, AutoTrader provides sellers with a free AutoCheck vehicle history report to include with the listing. This provides buyers with assurance that your car has a clean history.

While the $49 covers the basics, AutoTrader does offer optional upgrades sellers can add:


  • Featured Listing – Puts your car at the top of search results for $99.
  • Basic Video – A video walkaround of your car for $39.
  • Premium Video – A professionally produced video for $299.
  • Display Ads – Extra ads on AutoTrader to increase visibility starting at $49 per month.


Overall, AutoTrader aims to provide an affordable listing fee for private party sellers. The $49 covers everything you need to effectively market your car online to buyers.


Using AutoTrader’s Private Seller Exchange

AutoTrader’s Private Seller Exchange is an optional service that provides extra security and convenience for private party transactions on the platform.

With the Private Seller Exchange, both the buyer’s and seller’s identities are verified by AutoTrader. The vehicle’s registration and title are also confirmed to be clear and valid. This prevents issues like odometer fraud, title washing, and stolen vehicles from entering the exchange.

Once identities and the vehicle are verified, AutoTrader acts as a secure third party to handle payment. Buyers pay through the exchange, then the funds are held until the sale is complete. This means sellers don’t have to handle large cash payments or worry about fraudulent checks.

After inspecting the vehicle in-person, buyers can accept delivery through the AutoTrader app. The funds are then released to the seller. This ensures both parties are satisfied before money changes hands.

The Private Seller Exchange also provides arbitration support in case any issues arise after the sale. Overall, it provides an extra layer of protection for buyers and sellers doing private party transactions through AutoTrader.


Pros of Buying on AutoTrader

One of the biggest advantages of buying a car on AutoTrader is the wide selection of vehicle listings available. With millions of new and used cars listed by both dealers and private sellers across Canada, buyers can search through a massive inventory to find the exact make, model, year, color, mileage and features they want.

AutoTrader makes it easy to narrow down options with their advanced search filters and vehicle comparison tool. Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or need help deciding, you’ll be able to browse suitable options efficiently.

Another major pro is that AutoTrader provides free vehicle history reports from Carproof on every car listed. As a buyer, you can get important information on a car’s background including accident history, ownership records, liens and more. Having access to vehicle history gives you greater confidence and transparency in assessing any car you’re considering.

Overall, the wide selection of inventory and included vehicle history reports make AutoTrader a great platform for finding and learning about cars available for purchase across Canada.


Cons of Buying on AutoTrader

While AutoTrader provides a convenient online marketplace for buying used vehicles, there are some potential downsides for buyers to be aware of.


No Inspection by AutoTrader

One of the main cons of buying on AutoTrader is that the company does not inspect or verify the condition of vehicles before they are listed for sale. This means buyers will need to thoroughly inspect any vehicle themselves or have a trusted mechanic do so before purchasing. AutoTrader also does not check for accident history or mechanical issues. The onus is on the buyer to do their due diligence.


Need to Vet Sellers

Since AutoTrader has an open marketplace, buyers will need to vet any private sellers on their own. This includes looking up seller reviews if available, checking their online presence, and ensuring they are the legal owner of the vehicle. For dealers, buyers should research the dealership’s reputation and confirm they are a licensed business. There is more risk when purchasing from an unknown seller versus an established dealership.

Overall, buyers need to be cautious and savvy when evaluating both vehicles and sellers on AutoTrader. Taking the time to properly inspect and research purchases can help avoid buying a lemon.


Pros of Selling on AutoTrader

There are several key advantages to selling your car on AutoTrader as opposed to other platforms or private sale methods. First, AutoTrader provides access to the largest audience of car buyers in Canada. With millions of monthly visitors searching for their next vehicle, listing on AutoTrader exposes your car to more potential buyers than anywhere else online. The sheer size of their buyer base makes it very likely your car will sell faster on AutoTrader compared to other websites or local classifieds.

AutoTrader also offers flexible advertising options to give your listing more visibility. As a seller, you can upgrade to featured or spotlight ads that will place your car at the top of search results and vehicle category pages. Sellers can also add a range of upgrades like extra photos, custom text and headers, and vehicle history reports. While advertising is optional, paying for promoted listings greatly improves the chances of connecting with serious buyers willing to pay your asking price.

Overall, AutoTrader gives sellers the unbeatable combination of the largest buyer audience along with powerful advertising tools. Listing a car on AutoTrader makes finding an interested buyer who will pay top dollar far more likely compared to other selling alternatives.


Cons of Selling on AutoTrader

While AutoTrader provides a large marketplace of buyers, selling on the platform does come with some drawbacks. Here are some of the main cons to consider as a seller:


Self-Managed Process

Unlike trading in your car to a dealership, selling on AutoTrader requires you to manage the entire process yourself. This includes creating the listing, communicating with prospective buyers, scheduling test drives, and negotiating. For some sellers, this extra work may not be worth the potentially higher selling price.


Listing Fee

AutoTrader charges a $49 fee to create a listing that will be advertised across their site and partner sites. While this fee provides great exposure, sellers have to pay it regardless of whether the car actually sells. And you may need to relist if it expires before finding a buyer.

Some sellers feel the listing fee cuts into their potential profits, especially if they go on to sell for less than expected. However, paying for placement on a high-traffic site like AutoTrader can be worth it to maximize visibility.



In conclusion, AutoTrader is one of the most popular online marketplaces for buying and selling used vehicles in Canada. This comprehensive guide has provided an in-depth look at how AutoTrader works for both buyers and sellers.

To recap the key points, AutoTrader connects buyers and sellers through its large database of vehicle listings from both dealers and private parties. Buyers can search listings, contact sellers, and make secure payments online. Sellers can create listings, communicate with interested buyers, and close sales safely. There are costs involved for sellers to list vehicles, but the platform streamlines the overall transaction.

For buyers, the main benefits of using AutoTrader are the wide selection, vehicle history reports, and secure payment processing. Drawbacks could be not inspecting a vehicle thoroughly enough before purchase. For sellers, AutoTrader makes it easy to advertise to a huge audience, but fees must be paid.

Overall, AutoTrader is a reputable online marketplace that can facilitate excellent experiences for both buyers and sellers of used vehicles. With the tips provided in this guide, Canadians can feel confident using AutoTrader to either find their next car or sell their current vehicle.

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Questions About Autotrader

Autotrader operates similarly in Canada as it does in the US. It is an online marketplace that connects car buyers with sellers, including both private sellers and dealerships. Autotraders allows sellers to create listings for their vehicles which include photos, details about the car, and their asking price. Interested buyers can search through Autotrader’s database of vehicle listings across Canada to find the right car for them. They can then get in touch with the seller directly to ask questions or negotiate a deal.


Autotrader makes money by charging fees to dealerships and some private sellers to list their vehicles. Dealers pay monthly subscription fees based on how many listings they want active at a time. For private sellers, they can choose to list their car for free which allows it to show up in searches, or pay a fee (around $50) for enhanced exposure and placement in search results.

Here are the main steps for a private seller to sell their car on Autotrader in Canada:


  1. **Create an account** – Go to and click “sell my car”. You’ll need to create an account.


  1. **Enter vehicle details** – Provide info like make, model, year, mileage, location etc. Upload photos too.


  1. **Set your price** – Research prices and set an asking price for your vehicle. You can adjust this later.


  1. **Pay service fee (optional)** – For enhanced exposure, pay the $50+ fee. Or choose free listing.


  1. **Interact with buyers** – Once your ad is live, interested buyers will contact you. Answer questions, negotiate, and arrange test drives.


  1. **Complete the sale** – When you’ve agreed on a price, complete the sale directly with the buyer. Get payment and sign over ownership.

For vehicles purchased through Autotrader’s Private Seller Exchange, the available payment options are:


– **Wire transfer** – Funds wired directly from the buyer’s bank account.


– **Certified check** – The buyer can provide a certified bank check.


– **Secure electronic payment** – Autotrader facilitates a secure credit card or online payment.


For vehicles purchased directly from a private seller without using the Exchange, payment arrangements are made directly between buyer and seller. Common options include cash, e-transfer, certified check, bank draft or wire transfer.

Yes, Autotrader Canada provides free CARFAX Canada vehicle history reports on every used vehicle listed for sale by a dealer. For private seller listings, buyers can purchase a report from CARFAX Canada for around $20-25.


These reports provide detailed information on a vehicle’s ownership history, accident history, open recalls, service records and more. Having access to vehicle history gives buyers important insights and peace of mind before purchasing a used car.

Yes, Autotrader Canada offers a free Instant Cash Offer tool to give you an estimated value for your car. All you need to do is provide details on your vehicle like make, model, year, mileage etc.


The tool will instantly search through used car sales data and give you a cash price that dealers are willing to pay for your vehicle. This gives you a good idea of your car’s trade-in value before listing it for sale yourself on Autotrader.


Keep in mind Instant Cash Offers are not formal appraisals, so the pricing is an estimate. But it’s a useful starting point to understand your car’s resale value.

If selling your car directly to an individual buyer on Autotrader Canada, take these safety precautions:


– Meet the buyer in a public place like a bank parking lot


– Do not let the buyer take the car for a test drive alone. Accompany them.


– Carefully verify the payment funds before releasing the signed ownership


– Remove all personal belongings from the car before sale


– Ask to see the buyer’s driver’s license to confirm identity


– Trust your instincts – if anything seems suspicious, do not proceed with the sale


Autotrader also offers a Private Seller Exchange program to facilitate safer used car sales through secure payment methods and verified buyer screening.

Autotrader Canada charges car dealerships monthly subscription fees to list their inventory online. The cost varies based on factors like:


– Number of vehicle listings

– Level of exposure wanted

– Additional advertising products used


Entry-level plans start around $450/month for 50 basic listings with limited exposure. Higher-tier plans offer more listings (500+), maximum exposure, priority placement in search results, custom advertising options, and more for over $2,000/month.


There are also one-time fees for supplementary products like vehicle history reports, display advertising, and promoted social media posts. So total costs for dealers can range quite widely depending on services utilized.

No. Autotrader Canada requires that all vehicles listed for sale on their platform be located within Canada. Sellers must also have a valid Canadian address and phone number associated with their account.


Attempting to list a vehicle located in the United States on would violate their terms of use. The website focuses specifically on facilitating transactions within the Canadian used car market.


However, Autotrader does operate for vehicle listings located within the United States. Canadian buyers can use this site to search for and import vehicles from the USA if desired.

Yes, you can sell salvage, rebuilt and branded title vehicles on Autotrader Canada as long as full disclosure is provided in the listing. The vehicle status such as rebuilt, salvage, or branded title must be clearly indicated along with an explanation of the vehicle’s history.


Photos of any damage or repairs made should be included too. Listing these types of vehicles for sale is allowed by Autotrader, but buyers should know exactly what they are getting into before purchasing. Failing to fully disclose vehicle history issues like major damage, floods, etc could result in your vehicle being removed from the site.

Here are the key steps if you want to get an instant offer on your car’s value from an Autotrader dealer:


  1. Visit and click Sell My Car. Select Instant Offer


  1. Enter details about your car – make, model, year, mileage, etc


  1. Confirm your vehicle and contact info, then submit


  1. Instantly receive a cash price offer from a local dealer


  1. If happy with the offer, continue the online process with the dealer


  1. Schedule an inspection appointment for them to verify your car’s condition


  1. Complete the sale and transaction paperwork with the dealership


  1. Get your cash payment on the spot!

When you create a private seller listing on Autotrader Canada, the ad is automatically set to expire after 30 days if you selected the free listing.


For paid listings under the Basic, Silver, or Gold packages, your vehicle ad will remain active for 60 days after the original posting date.


Once your listing expires, it will no longer appear in search results on Autotrader. But the listing can easily be renewed for another 30 or 60 days if your vehicle has still not sold by the initial expiry date. Simply log in and re-post your ad.

The Autotrader Canada iOS and Android mobile apps provide the same core functionality as the desktop website. Key features accessible on mobile or web include:


– Search millions of new and used car listings

– Filter search results by location, price, make + model

– View full vehicle details like photos, mileage, options

– Save favorite vehicles and searches

– Contact sellers directly from their listing

– Get directions to the seller’s location

– Access free CARFAX Canada reports

– Sell your car – create listings to sell your vehicle


The apps do feature slightly streamlined interfaces with vehicle search, saving favorites, and contacting sellers prioritized upfront. But overall, you can accomplish the same tasks through either the Autotrader mobile apps or website experience.

Autotrader Canada itself does not offer any direct seller protection programs. Vehicle transactions arranged via the marketplace are handled directly between third-party buyers and sellers.


However, Canadian private sellers do have certain legal protections when selling a used vehicle depending on provincial consumer protection laws regarding sale contracts, deposits, misrepresentation, and more.


Sellers listing vehicles through Autotrader’s Private Seller Exchange can take advantage of secure electronic payments and screened buyers. But otherwise, sellers are responsible for safely facilitating transactions themselves.

Yes, as the owner of a listing on Autotrader Canada you have full control to edit details or remove your vehicle ad. Simply log in to your Autotrader account and access My Garage / My Listings.


From there, select the vehicle listing you wish to alter. You can change info like the photos, mileage, description, features, condition, price and more. Save any edits made to republish an updated ad.


If you sold your car or want to remove the listing for any reason, select Delete listing from the menu. The vehicle will no longer display to buyers searching Autotrader listings.

Regular individuals selling their personal used vehicles do not require any special licensing or qualifications to list cars for sale on Autotrader Canada. Anyone can create private seller listings as long as they legally own the vehicle.


However, if you wish to sell multiple vehicles for profit as a business on Autotrader Canada, you must register as a dealer. Dealer listings require a registered GST number and you may need additional provincial licensing depending on volumes sold. Vehicle dealers must also pay monthly subscription fees for dealer listings.

Autotrader employs a few methods to help drive new customer leads to dealership listings on their marketplace:


**Search Engine Marketing** – They buy Google/Bing ads to direct high-intent car buyers to relevant Autotrader vehicle listings and dealer websites


**Recommendation Engine** – Their vehicle search tool provides personalized recommendations to website visitors to expose them to optimal inventory based on their search queries and behavior


**Email Newsletters** – Emails are sent to subscribed car buyers showcasing inventory listings that may interest them


**Social Media Marketing** – Autotrader manages dealership social media profiles and runs paid ads showcasing vehicle inventory to targeted audiences


This marketing exposure helps send qualified buyers to dealer listings, generating more leads and sales.

No. Autotrader Canada explicitly prohibits the copying or scraping of their vehicle listings without permission. This includes both private seller and dealer listings.


Their terms & conditions state that all listing content and data is owned by Autotrader and protected by copyright. This means web scrapers, vehicle aggregators, and other companies cannot directly take vehicle details from Autotrader Canada to republish on their own sites without consent.


Autotrader may take legal action against sites that scrape or copy listing content without authorization. Companies must instead pay to license Autotrader’s dealer inventory data legally through their publisher program.

No, vehicles currently on a lease contract cannot be listed for sale on Autotrader Canada. The leasing company or bank financing your lease still owns the car during your contract term, so you do not have legal rights to sell it outright yourself yet.


Attempting to list a leased vehicle for sale could get your Autotrader account suspended. You must first complete your entire lease, buy out the residual value early, or negotiate a lease takeover before actually owning the car free and clear. Only then can you legally sell a previously leased car on Autotrader or other sites.

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