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Is Legit?

Is Legit?

Buying a car is an expensive undertaking that often requires taking out a loan, which can be especially challenging for those with poor credit history or low credit scores. advertises itself as a company that works with Canadians of all credit backgrounds to match them with affordable car financing options. However, with numerous predatory “no credit check” car loan services operating online, it’s crucial to verify the legitimacy and reputation of a lender before providing personal information or signing any paperwork.

This article aims to take an in-depth look at to determine if they are a scam or a reliable way for Canadians to secure auto financing. We’ll examine the company’s background, reviews and ratings from customers, fees and interest rates, the application process, how they compare to other bad credit car loan providers, and tips for getting approved. By the end, you’ll have a better understanding of whether is a legitimate service worth considering for your car financing needs.

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What Is is a Canadian company that specializes in helping individuals with all credit situations secure auto financing. Founded in 2010, the company has positioned itself as a go-to resource for Canadians seeking car loans, regardless of their credit history or scores.

One of the primary services offered by is a free online pre-approval process. This allows potential borrowers to submit their information and receive a preliminary assessment of their eligibility for a car loan without any obligation or impact on their credit score. The company advertises that it works with lending partners to match applicants with suitable financing options, even for those with poor, limited, or no credit history.

According to, the company has assisted thousands of Canadians in obtaining the car loans they need to purchase their desired vehicles. The company’s website and marketing materials emphasize its commitment to helping individuals from all credit backgrounds find affordable financing solutions. Reviews and Reputation

One of the best ways to evaluate the legitimacy and customer satisfaction of any company is to analyze reviews and ratings from verified users. For, there are a number of reputable third-party review sites that provide insight into the experiences of past customers.

On Feefo, an independent review platform, has an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars based on over 5,000 reviews. The vast majority of reviewers report a positive experience getting approved for an auto loan through’s service. Common praise includes the easy online application process, helpful customer support, and getting matched with lenders despite having poor or no credit history.

TrustAnalytica, another major Canadian review aggregator, gives an overall score of 4.2 out of 5 based on their analysis of over 1,000 user reviews. Their report highlights’s ability to work with borrowers across the credit spectrum and secure affordable financing options.

Digging into some of the individual user reviews provides additional context. A common theme is appreciation for’s ability to connect borrowers with lenders when other options were unavailable due to poor credit. Many reviewers mention getting approved for loans despite bankruptcy, consumer proposals, or other derogatory marks on their credit report.

That said, there are some negative reviews as well. A few customers complained about higher than expected interest rates, though this is often par for the course with subprime auto loans. Others mentioned communication issues or unfriendly customer service reps. However, these types of complaints seem to be the exception rather than the norm based on the overall high ratings.

Beyond just reviews, appears to have legitimacy as an established business. They have an active presence on social media and have been operating for over a decade, assisting thousands of Canadians. While not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, they have a decent rating and no outstanding complaints or issues flagged.


Fees and Interest Rates at

One of the biggest concerns when getting a car loan, especially for those with poor credit, is the overall cost including fees and interest rates. doesn’t directly provide loans themselves, but rather connects borrowers with lending partners. As a result, the exact fees and rates can vary based on the specific lender and the applicant’s credit profile.

However, does provide some insight into the general range of costs borrowers can expect. For those with credit scores below 600, which is considered subprime or bad credit, interest rates from their lending partners typically range from 9.99% to 29.99% APR. The better your credit score, even if still considered “poor,” the lower the interest rate you’ll likely qualify for.

In addition to the interest charges, may allow its lending partners to charge lender fees which can add to the overall cost of the loan. These fees can include loan administration fees up to $499 as well as additional charges like a lien registration fee.

It’s important for borrowers to carefully review the loan estimates and final contract details before signing. Make sure to look at the total amount being borrowed, the APR, loan term length, and any additional fees rolled into the loan amount. Comparing offers from multiple lenders can help ensure you’re getting a reasonable rate given your credit situation.


The Application Process with

The application process with is designed to be simple and straightforward. It begins by filling out a free online pre-approval form on their website. This initial form asks for basic personal and financial information such as your name, address, income, and employment details.

Once you submit the pre-approval form, will pull your credit report and score from the major Canadian credit bureaus (Equifax and TransUnion). This allows them to get an accurate picture of your current credit situation and match you with lenders who are willing to work with your credit profile.

After reviewing your information, an finance specialist will follow up with you, typically within 1-2 business days. They will discuss potential loan options based on the lenders and interest rates you pre-qualify for. At this stage, you can ask any questions and decide if you want to proceed with a full loan application.

If you choose to move forward, will require additional documentation to verify your identity, income, and employment. This may include submitting items like pay stubs, bank statements, proof of residence, and a copy of your driver’s license. Once they have all the necessary documents, they will submit your full application to their network of lenders.

Within a few days, you should receive final loan approval details including the interest rate, loan amount, monthly payment, and terms. claims to be able to work with all credit situations, even scores as low as 500 or less. However, those with poorer credit will likely face higher interest rates and less favorable terms.

If you accept the loan, you can then finalize paperwork and proceed with selecting and purchasing a vehicle from a dealership that partners with The entire process from initial application to driving away can take around 1-2 weeks in many cases.


How Compares to Other Bad Credit Car Loan Options

For Canadians with poor credit scores or limited credit history, is far from the only option for securing auto financing. There are a number of other companies and services that specialize in helping consumers with bad credit get approved for car loans.

One major competitor is Canada Drives, a similar online platform that matches applicants with a network of dealerships and lenders across Canada. Like AutoCreditDeals, Canada Drives advertises approvals for all credit situations and free online pre-approvals. However, Canada Drives has a more robust online vehicle inventory that allows you to shop for specific makes and models before getting pre-approved.

Another alternative is Car Loans Canada, which claims to work with over 300 lenders to find auto financing for any credit score. Car Loans Canada offers similar services to AutoCreditDeals, including free online pre-approvals, but their website is less user-friendly and lacks the educational resources found on

If you prefer a more hands-on approach, you could also try working directly with a local “buy here, pay here” used car dealership that specializes in subprime auto loans. These types of dealerships handle the financing in-house and are more willing to work with customers with poor credit histories. However, interest rates and fees at buy here, pay here lots are typically higher than what you’d get through an online service.

Compared to these options, AutoCreditDeals stands out with its simple pre-approval process, wealth of educational content on car loans and credit, and partnerships with reputable lenders across Canada. While interest rates and loan terms will still depend on your individual credit profile, AutoCreditDeals provides a user-friendly way to explore multiple potential lenders and loan products side-by-side.


Tips for Getting Approved for a Car Loan with Poor Credit

Having poor credit can make it challenging to get approved for an auto loan, but there are steps you can take to improve your chances. Here are some tips for getting approved for a car loan with bad credit:


  1. Save for a larger down payment. Putting more money down shows lenders you have more skin in the game and can help offset the risk of lending to someone with poor credit. Aim to put down at least 10-20% of the vehicle’s value.


  1. Get a co-signer. Having someone with good credit co-sign your loan can increase your approval odds. Just be aware that the co-signer is equally responsible for repaying the debt if you default.


  1. Opt for a less expensive vehicle. Lenders see lower-cost cars as less of a risk. Shopping for a used vehicle or a less expensive new model can boost your approval chances.


  1. Polish your credit report. Request your credit report and dispute any errors. Pay off any outstanding debts or delinquencies you can afford to resolve before applying.


  1. Shop around for lenders. Don’t just apply with the first lender you find. Get pre-approved offers from multiple sources, including banks, credit unions, online lenders, and dealerships. Compare rates and terms.


  1. Consider getting a secured car loan. With a secured loan, you put down a refundable deposit that reduces the lender’s risk. The deposit amount is based on your credit, but it can help you get approved.


  1. Demonstrate stable income and employment. Lenders want to see you have the means to make your monthly payments. Having a steady job and income sources can improve your approval chances.


Conclusion: Is Legit and Worth Considering?

Based on the available information and reviews, appears to be a legitimate service that can help connect Canadians with poor or no credit to auto financing options. While there are some negative reviews and complaints, the overall sentiment seems to be that is a reputable company that provides a valuable service for those struggling to get approved for a car loan through traditional lenders.

That said, it’s important for potential borrowers to carefully review the terms and interest rates of any loan offers they receive through or other similar services. Loans for those with bad credit tend to come with high APRs and less favorable terms, so it’s crucial to understand the full costs and ensure the loan is truly affordable.

For Canadians with poor credit seeking an auto loan, can be a viable option worth considering. However, it’s also recommended to explore alternatives such as getting a co-signer, saving for a larger down payment, or working on improving your credit score before applying. Additionally, be sure to compare offers from multiple lenders to find the best rates and terms available based on your specific credit situation.

Ultimately, while isn’t a scam, it’s still important to do your due diligence and carefully weigh all of your options before committing to any car loan, especially if you have less-than-ideal credit. With some patience and diligent research, it is possible to find an affordable auto financing solution even with poor credit history.


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Questions About Auto Credit Deals

Yes, is a legitimate business registered in British Columbia, Canada and specializes in helping Canadians get car financing regardless of their credit situation.


Auto Credit Deals has been operating since 2010 and has received mostly positive reviews online from customers and industry experts. They seem to be transparent in their operations and disclosures. Their website and services appear professional and helpful for Canadians looking to purchase a vehicle.

Auto Credit Deals works with all credit types – good credit, bad credit, and no credit. Their lending partners provide financing options tailored to each applicant’s unique credit profile.


Whether you have stellar credit or need to rebuild your credit history, Auto Credit Deals aims to match you with a lender that can approve your application. They have options for those with recent bankruptcies, consumer proposals, collections, late payments, and more.

Yes, Auto Credit Deals does soft credit checks as part of the online application process to match applicants with the right lending partners. This will not negatively impact your credit score.


Once matched, the lending partner will likely do a hard credit inquiry. Multiple hard checks within a short timeframe are treated as a single inquiry by the credit bureaus when applying for an auto loan.

Yes, the Auto Credit Deals pre-qualification process is free and without obligation. If approved, you will pay interest on the loan but there are no hidden fees or charges to use their service.


You can submit the quick online application form to check your eligibility and estimated rates. If matched with a lender, you can review the terms and decide if it meets your needs – no commitments upfront.

The Auto Credit Deals approval process is convenient and fast. Simply fill out the online form with some basic personal and financial details. Auto Credit Deals will then match you with up to 4 lenders to choose from, often in minutes.


Next, select your preferred lender and continue the application directly with them. If approved, you can shop for your dream car knowing exactly what you can afford. The whole process often takes less than an hour!

Auto Credit Deals works with lenders that finance cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, motorcycles, RVs, boats, ATVs, snowmobiles, and more. As long as it has a vehicle identification number, they likely have a lender option.


So whether you’re looking for a reliable used sedan or a brand new fully-loaded pickup, Auto Credit Deals aims to help all Canadians get the wheels they want at rates they can afford. Electric and hybrid vehicle loans also available.

To pre-qualify for financing on Auto Credit Deals, you’ll need to provide some basic personal information like:


– Full legal name

– Date of birth

– Social Insurance Number

– Current home address

– An estimate of your gross monthly income

– Desired loan amount


You’ll also need to answer questions about your employment status, housing situation, and credit history. The online form takes 5-10 minutes to complete.

Yes, applying directly through the Auto Credit Deals website is the quickest and easiest way to get matched with lending partners. The online form only takes a few minutes.


You can browse vehicle listings while you wait to get matched. Once approved, you’ll know exactly what you can afford so you can start shopping for your next car right away.

You don’t need any documents to start the pre-approval process on Auto Credit Deals. If matched with a lender, they may request documentation like recent pay stubs, government ID, proof of address, references, and more.


Have your documents ready to make the final approval as smooth as possible. Lenders need to verify details like income, employment, and identity before they can approve and issue a loan.

Pre-approvals through Auto Credit Deals only take a few minutes. Simply submit the online form and you will get matched immediately with lending options tailored to your credit profile.


Once you select your lender and submit a full application directly to them, final approval often only takes an hour or less. In some cases, you can get approved, shop for your car, and drive it home the same day!

Yes, Auto Credit Deals works with specialized lenders that provide bad credit auto loans with flexible terms. There are financing options available for credit scores below 500.


While the interest rates may be higher, getting approved for a car loan is possible even after a consumer proposal, bankruptcy, or years of missed and late payments. Auto Credit Deals aims to help all Canadians get driving again.

Interest rates through Auto Credit Deals lending partners typically range from 4.99% for good credit, up to 29.99% for bad credit situations. There are no hidden fees and you can avoid any prepayment penalties by choosing a no-penalty loan option.


The exact rate and loan details will depend on your unique credit profile. Auto Credit Deals matches you with lenders that provide rates tailored to your credit worthiness and financial qualifications. Apply online to see personalized rates.

No, Auto Credit Deals does not guarantee approval. They work with lending partners that advertise approval rates between 80-90%, but approvals are based on each applicant’s creditworthiness and ability to afford the loan.


If you have good credit, steady income, and a reasonable loan request, your chances are very good. Even with credit challenges, their wide network of subprime lenders provides many options to get approved. Apply online now to see if you pre-qualify.

Yes, Auto Credit Deals works with specialized lenders that provide second chance auto financing to those with past repossessions. Wait at least 1 year after the repossession before applying.


While interest rates are higher for borrowers with a repo on their record, Auto Credit Deals can match you with subprime lenders that may overlook your mistakes and get you driving again. Be prepared to provide details on the cause of the repo.

Auto Credit Deals provides coast to coast coverage, offering auto loans across all Canadian provinces and territories. No matter where you live, they likely have a lending partner to serve your area.


From Vancouver to Halifax, Whitehorse to Windsor, Auto Credit Deals has helped thousands of Canadians nationwide get approved for car loans. Apply online now to get matched with lenders that finance vehicles in your local community.

Auto loan terms through Auto Credit Deals lending partners typically range from 12 months up to 8 years. Choose terms as short as 1 year or as long as 96 months, depending on the amount financed.


Longer terms spread out the payments over time but cost more in interest. Work with your matched lender to select the ideal loan duration to fit your budget and financial goals. Terms may vary by lender.

Yes, Auto Credit Deals does offer 0% interest car loans through some of their lending partners. These incentives are only available to applicants with good credit scores above 700.


0% financing deals generally last for shorter terms of 2-5 years. Make sure to make your payments on time as interest rates spike to standard levels if you default on these promotional offers. Check eligibility online.

There are a few key signs a lender matched through Auto Credit Deals is legitimate versus a potential scam:


– They are a registered business with a real office location

– Their website is secure and professionally designed

– You can find positive reviews from recognized industry sources

– They disclose all rates, fees, and terms upfront

– No high pressure sales tactics or requests for large upfront payments


Auto Credit Deals thoroughly vets all network partners. Feel free to contact their customer service with any concerns about lenders before proceeding with applications.

While zero down payment approval is possible, most lenders in the Auto Credit Deals network require at least a small down payment. Save up 5-10% of the vehicle value for your down payment.


Putting some money down shows commitment, reduces risk for lenders, and leads to better interest rates. Consider saving up over the next few months or explore down payment assistance programs available to make financing more affordable.

If you miss multiple payments, the Auto Credit Deals lending partner has the legal right to repossess the financed vehicle as collateral on the defaulted loan.


Repossession is damaging to your credit score for 7 years. Avoid default at all costs. If you anticipate payment issues arising, immediately contact your lender to discuss options before falling behind on payments.

Unlike most car loan companies and banks, Auto Credit Deals specializes in helping Canadians with all credit situations – even bad credit or no established credit history.


Their online process provides fast pre-approvals and they match applicants nationally with a wide network of lenders including major banks, credit unions, and specialized subprime lenders. This opens up affordable financing options for applicants that might be declined elsewhere.

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