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Is Legit?

Is Legit?

When it comes to financing a car purchase, Canadians have many options to explore. One company that has garnered attention is Canada Auto Experts, an online platform that claims to connect customers with lenders and dealerships across the country. However, the legitimacy of this service has come into question, leaving many consumers wondering if Canada Auto Experts is a scam or a trustworthy provider.

A closer look at reviews and ratings for Canada Auto Experts reveals a mixed picture. On platforms like Yelp, the company has received numerous positive reviews from customers who praised the convenience and efficiency of the service. However, on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website, Canada Auto Experts holds a concerning low rating, indicating potential issues with transparency and customer satisfaction.

Digging deeper into the available information about Canada Auto Experts, it becomes clear that the company’s website provides limited details about its operations, ownership, and business practices. This lack of transparency can be a red flag, as reputable companies typically strive to provide comprehensive information about their services and background.

Furthermore, there have been reports from customers alleging hidden fees and unexpected charges associated with the financing deals facilitated by Canada Auto Experts. These claims align with common tactics employed by car loan scams, which often involve deceptive practices and a lack of clarity regarding the true costs involved.

When evaluating whether a company like Canada Auto Experts might be a scam, it’s essential to consider the typical characteristics of car loan scams. These scams frequently involve promises of low interest rates or easy approval, only to later reveal unfavorable terms or exorbitant fees. Additionally, some scams may involve identity theft or fraudulent practices, putting consumers at risk of financial and legal consequences.

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How Does Canada Auto Experts Work?

Canada Auto Experts operates as an online car financing marketplace, connecting customers across Canada with lenders and dealerships. Their process starts with an online application where you provide personal and financial information to get pre-approved for an auto loan.

Once pre-approved, Canada Auto Experts claims to match you with multiple lenders and dealers in your local area that are willing to finance your car purchase based on your credit profile. They tout an “extensive network” of partners to give customers more options.


Overview of Services

The core service offered by Canada Auto Experts is facilitating car loans through their online application and matching system. However, they also claim to provide other car buying services:


  • Trade-in valuations for your current vehicle
  • Help negotiating with dealers on pricing and rates
  • Assistance finding specific makes/models of cars
  • Bundling of financing, insurance, warranties, etc.


In essence, Canada Auto Experts positions itself as a one-stop-shop for all aspects of acquiring a new or used vehicle through financing.


Interest Rates and Loan Terms

Canada Auto Experts does not publish clear information about the interest rates or loan terms their lenders offer. Their website states that rates can vary based on your credit profile, income, and the vehicle you’re buying.

Some third-party review sites mention that Canada Auto Experts connects borrowers with rates anywhere from 4.99% to 29.99% APR. Loan terms can range from 12 to 96 months (8 years).

The lack of transparency around the actual rates and terms is concerning. Most reputable lenders are upfront about their rate ranges to allow customers to compare offers.


Fine Print and Contract Gotchas

Digging into the fine print of Canada Auto Experts’ services agreement reveals some potential gotchas for customers:


  • Application fees: There are reports of Canada Auto Experts charging fees (up to $399) just to process your loan application, regardless of approval.
  • Dealer kickbacks: The terms suggest Canada Auto Experts may receive compensation from dealers for referring customers.
  • Limited lender network: While they claim a large network of lenders, the fine print states they only work with a limited number of “participating” companies.
  • No obligation to find best rates: The contract explicitly states they have no obligation to find you the best possible rates or terms.


These types of clauses and fine print raise red flags about Canada Auto Experts truly acting in the best interests of consumers versus simply generating referral revenue.


Problems Reported by Customers

While Canada Auto Experts claims to offer competitive rates and transparent financing, many customers have reported issues with the company’s practices. One major complaint is misleading claims about interest rates and terms. Customers state that the rates initially advertised are much lower than what they end up being approved for, with some feeling misled about the true costs.

Another common problem cited in reviews is the pushy sales tactics employed by dealerships that work with Canada Auto Experts. Once approved through the online financing platform, customers are often pressured by dealership salespeople to purchase add-ons, upgrades, and more expensive vehicles than they originally intended. Some feel they were given the hard sell despite indicating they just wanted a straightforward car purchase.

Issues with loan terms and conditions are also frequently mentioned in negative reviews. Fine print details like penalties for early payoff, excessive fees, and unfavorable terms are often glossed over or not clearly explained upfront. Borrowers have reported being locked into loans with less favorable conditions than they were expecting based on the information provided by Canada Auto Experts.


Alternatives for Car Financing in Canada

While Canada Auto Experts claims to provide a convenient online car financing solution, there are several other options worth considering for Canadian consumers. One of the most straightforward approaches is to go directly to your bank or credit union for an auto loan. These traditional lenders tend to offer competitive rates, especially for borrowers with good credit scores.

Another avenue is exploring other online lending marketplaces that connect borrowers with multiple lenders. Some reputable options in Canada include Canada Drives, Fairstone, and LendingArch. These platforms often provide more transparency around rates, fees, and terms than Canada Auto Experts, allowing you to compare offers from various lenders.

Of course, the simplest solution is to buy a car outright with cash if you have the financial means. This approach eliminates the need for financing altogether, saving you from paying interest charges. However, it requires a significant upfront investment, which may not be feasible for everyone. If you do choose this route, be sure to negotiate the purchase price aggressively, as dealers often offer better deals to cash buyers.


The Verdict: Is Canada Auto Experts Legitimate?

After extensively researching Canada Auto Experts and examining customer reviews, company information, and industry insights, the verdict on their legitimacy is mixed. While they appear to be an operating business facilitating auto financing rather than an outright scam, there are several significant concerns and red flags that prospective customers should be aware of.

One of the primary issues with Canada Auto Experts is their lack of transparency. Their website provides minimal information about the company itself, its history, leadership team, or specific lending partners. This lack of openness makes it difficult for consumers to properly vet the organization and its practices.

Moreover, numerous customer reviews and complaints point to misleading claims made by Canada Auto Experts regarding interest rates, loan terms, and overall costs. Many individuals report being quoted unrealistically low rates during the initial application process, only to be presented with much higher rates and fees when finalizing the loan at a dealership. Such bait-and-switch tactics are unethical and can put unsuspecting borrowers in difficult financial situations.

Another major concern is the high-pressure sales environment reportedly encountered at some of the dealerships partnered with Canada Auto Experts. Customers have described feeling pressured into unfavorable loan agreements or unwanted add-ons and extras. This raises questions about the vetting process for partner dealerships and whether adequate consumer protections are in place.

While Canada Auto Experts may be a legitimate business in the sense of not being an outright scam, the lack of transparency, potentially misleading practices, and issues with partner dealerships are significant drawbacks. Prospective customers would be wise to proceed with extreme caution if considering their services. In many cases, exploring alternative financing options directly with banks, credit unions, or more reputable online lenders may be the safer and more transparent route.


How to Find the Best Car Loan Rates in Canada

Finding the best car loan rates in Canada requires doing your homework and being a savvy shopper. Here are some tips to get you started on the path to securing a favorable auto loan:


Shop Around and Compare Rates

Don’t just go with the first lender you come across. Take the time to research and compare interest rates from multiple financial institutions, including banks, credit unions, and online lenders. Even a small difference in rates can translate to significant savings over the life of your loan.


Get Pre-Approved

Before you start shopping for a car, get pre-approved for a loan. This will give you a better idea of how much you can afford and put you in a stronger negotiating position at the dealership. Lenders will provide you with a pre-approval letter that states the maximum loan amount and interest rate you qualify for.


Negotiate the Interest Rate

Don’t simply accept the first rate a lender offers you. If you have good credit, you may be able to negotiate a lower rate, especially if you have other pre-approved offers to use as leverage. Remember, lenders want your business, so they may be willing to work with you on the rate.


Choose a Trustworthy Lender

While it’s essential to find a competitive rate, it’s also crucial to work with a reputable and trustworthy lender. Do your research and read reviews to ensure that the lender has a good track record of providing transparent and fair lending practices. Avoid lenders with a history of hidden fees, misleading claims, or poor customer service.


By following these tips, you’ll increase your chances of securing the best possible car loan rates in Canada, saving you money in the long run and making your vehicle purchase more affordable.

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Questions About is a car financing company operating in Canada that provides auto loans and helps consumers connect with dealerships. Based on research, they seem to be a legitimate company, although not accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Some customers have reported positive experiences getting vehicle financing through, but others have raised concerns over high interest rates or difficulty contacting the company after approval. It’s important to read the fine print and shop around when considering or any auto financing company. says they provide financing options for cars, trucks, SUVs, and minivans from dealerships across Canada. On their website, they feature vehicles from a variety of popular makes and models ranging from compact cars to luxury SUVs. So if you’re looking to finance most standard vehicle types, is likely able to assist with getting a loan or connecting you with a dealership, regardless of what type of automobile you need.

According to’s website, they work with consumers across all credit situations, including bad credit or no credit. Specific minimum credit scores are not advertised. However, customers posting online indicate approval with scores as low as the 500s up to applicants with scores in the good to excellent ranges. So they seem to cast a wide net when approving applications instead of limiting options to only those with the best credit.

Exact interest rates and terms offered by are not publicly listed and likely depend on individual factors like credit score, income, and the vehicle purchased. Some customer reviews cite rates ranging anywhere from 5% up to 29.99% for bad credit applicants. Loan repayment term lengths on their website show options spanning 12 months up to 84 months (7 years). So expect a wide variety of rates and terms when financing through, with shorter lengths and lower rates going to buyers with better credit histories.

Like most financing companies, likely charges certain fees that buyers should be aware of. These may include origination fees, documentation fees, or prepayment penalties. Based on online customer complaints, one area to pay special attention to is interest back-charging if you pay off your loan early, which could add hundreds or thousands in unexpected finance charges. Be sure to carefully review all loan documents before signing to clearly understand associated fees. operates as an auto financing broker, not a direct lender. This means they work to match applicants with dealers and lending partners that provide the actual vehicle loans. So if approved, your loan will ultimately be held by whichever third-party dealer or lender you end up working with, not themselves. The company earns commission for generating these auto finance leads.

According to customers,’s application process involves submitting your basic personal and financial information through their website to check qualification. If approved, a loan specialist reaches out to discuss available vehicles and connects you with partnering local dealerships. You can then shop for cars and finalize details directly with the dealer. The dealer arranges final financing terms, which must still be approved after selecting the car you want. appears to be headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with additional offices reported in Toronto and Montreal. As a nationally operating online brokerage, they can arrange financing through dealerships located anywhere in Canada regardless of province. Reaching local branches may require contacting the Alberta headquarters.

Wait times to receive an initial approval decision on financing seem to range from less than 24 hours up to several business days after completing’s online application. However, the full process of getting matched with a dealer, shopping for a vehicle, negotiating your auto purchase deal, and securing a finalized loan offer could take weeks in total. Timelines vary pending credit checks, selected car, and individual dealer promptness.

No, does not directly finance vehicles for customers. As a broker, they connect applicants to lending sources for auto loans, which always involve purchasing from a dealership. Direct financing options without a dealer as intermediary are not advertised. Their website specifically says they partner with dealerships rather than lending to consumers directly.

Third-party brokers like may provide more flexible approval requirements and options for those with past credit issues compared to banks. However, banks and credit unions likely offer lower interest rates on average. Weighing loan costs against more lenient approval odds are the main trade-offs when choosing between bank vs broker financing. Dealers matched by brokers also receive part of the broker’s earned commission through referral agreements.

If interested in a broker-assisted auto loan, other large companies operating in Canada include,, and Additional options beyond brokers include financing directly through a dealership, securing a personal loan from your bank, using a line of credit, or paying cash. Compare all available lender interest rates and fees before deciding, as cheaper alternatives likely exist. requires applicants to be Canadian residents at least 18 years of age with a valid driver’s license and proof of income. You must qualify for auto insurance to purchase a financed vehicle. Approval decisions evaluate credit history, current income and expenses, employment status, existing debts, and the specific car selected. Qualification standards are designed to be more flexible than banks.

Details on the website do not outline any specific limits on mileage or vehicle locations that qualify for their financing program across Canada. High mileage cars certainly may impact loan terms and be costlier to finance, but there are likely no firm policies restricting eligibility by miles. And offered inventory seems dependent more on partnering local dealer’s selections rather than corporate restrictions.

Ideal vehicles for financing tend to be modestly priced, reliable models with good fuel economy from mass market brands. These balance affordability for buyers alongside projected resale value that protects the lender’s interests. Models typically favoured by financial institutions include compact sedans and hatches from Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, and certain Volkswagen or Chevrolet vehicles fitting this description. advertises working with all credit ranges, but a minimum score needed for their financing is not publicly listed. Industry analysts suggest applicants typically need a FICO equivalent score around 550-650 for third-party subprime auto financing, albeit sometimes lower. Approval odds increase above 650. Each application involves assessing many factors beyond just your credit score as well.

Special discount interest rates, deferred payments, or promotional offers are not mentioned on their website. They function as a basic approval broker without advertising ongoing rate sales events, rebates, or incentives. However, the independent dealers they partner with may run specials that could provide savings versus standard pricing. This allows some potential for deals tied to specific cars.

As a commission-based broker, does not charge direct fees to customers for getting financing, outside any costs baked into your loan’s interest rate from their lending partner. Dealer fees still apply when purchasing your vehicle. Income is derived from commissions paid by dealers and upstream auto lenders. But no documentation, application, or origination fees for their broker services appear disclosed. does not publicly share its overall vehicle financing approval percentage rates. As a specialised broker catering to applicants across all credit ranges, approvals are likely higher than typical banks. Exact odds depend greatly on your specific financial profile. Anecdotally, customers cite approval experiences ranging from quick and seamless for some to unexpectedly denied after initial pre-approval for others.

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