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With over 20 years of experience under its belt, has established itself as the premier online destination for Canadian auto enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking to research your next vehicle purchase, stay up-to-date on industry news, or simply indulge a passion for all things automotive, has you covered.

Originally launched in 1997 as Autos, the site was acquired by Postmedia Network in 2014 and rebranded as Today, provides users with a comprehensive set of resources catered to the needs of the Canadian driver and car buyer.

In this in-depth guide, we’ll explore the many offerings of and showcase why it has become an indispensable resource for so many Canadians over the past 20+ years.

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Comprehensive New and Used Car Reviews offers one of the largest databases of expert vehicle reviews in Canada. Their team tests hundreds of new and used models each year, evaluating key criteria like performance, technology, comfort, utility, and value. These authoritative reviews provide all the details shoppers need to narrow down their choices.

In addition to expert reviews, the site allows everyday owners to submit real-world reviews along with ratings, reliability information, owner costs, and photos. This data helps provide a complete picture of ownership.


Latest Auto Industry News and Analysis

The editorial team closely follows developments across the automotive industry and provides timely news articles and commentary. From new model unveilings to executive interviews to insights on trends, their up-to-the-minute reporting keeps readers informed.

The site also offers long-form features that take deeper dives on topics like the future of self-driving cars, the rise of electric vehicles, and how technology is transforming the driving experience. These articles incorporate interviews with leading experts across the auto, tech, and academic sectors to provide in-depth analysis and perspectives.

Some examples of recent industry news and features include:


  • An exclusive first-drive review of the 2023 Toyota Prius hybrid days after its global reveal.
  • An interview with the Ford CEO as the automaker invests billions in EV and battery production.
  • An investigative feature on how semi-conductor shortages are disrupting vehicle production.
  • A news report covering GM’s announcement of an electric Silverado pickup truck.
  • A feature exploring how over-the-air software updates are changing how vehicles get improved.


The team attends major auto shows worldwide to provide live coverage of the latest concept cars and future models. They also report from the annual Consumer Electronics Show to showcase how technology is impacting the auto industry.

With journalists stationed across Canada, also provides localized perspectives on how national news and trends impact car buyers and enthusiasts in each province.


Car Research and Buying Guides offers numerous resources to guide buyers through the vehicle research and purchase process. Their Best Buys section highlights top recommended new and used models across all body styles and price ranges. Experts select the standout vehicles after extensive testing and analysis. Best Buys are updated annually to account for the latest offerings.

The site also features an auto loan calculator to estimate monthly payments. Users can enter the vehicle price, trade-in value, down payment, loan term, interest rate and sales tax to calculate their estimated payment amount. This helps shoppers determine if a vehicle fits within their budget.

For financing guidance, provides tips on factors that affect loan approval such as credit score, debt-to-income ratio, and down payment amount. Their articles offer advice on finding the best loan terms and avoiding overpaying on interest.

When it comes time to negotiate with the dealer, has resources to help buyers get the best price. This includes fair price estimation tools and insider tips on timing your purchase, leveraging incentives, assessing fees, and more. For those new to haggling, their advice helps avoid overpaying.


Maintenance and Ownership Resources

For drivers who already own a vehicle, offers a wealth of resources to help them properly maintain their car or truck and get the most out of ownership.

Their maintenance section provides model-specific schedules outlining manufacturer recommended service intervals. This takes the guesswork out of when to change the oil, inspect brakes, replace filters, and more. They also provide DIY maintenance guides and videos for common tasks like changing wiper blades, replacing brake pads, and checking fluids.

To help owners understand real-world operating costs, allows drivers to submit their own fuel economy data. By crowdsourcing MPG reports from actual owners, visitors can get a better idea of expected fuel costs compared to sometimes overly optimistic estimates from the manufacturer.

The site’s community forums enable owners to get peer advice on troubleshooting issues, locating repair shops, and finding parts and accessories. With dedicated forums covering all major brands, owners can get insights from other drivers familiar with their specific vehicle.

Between the maintenance schedules, MPG data, how-to guides, and community forums, empowers drivers to keep their vehicles in optimal condition while maximizing long-term value.


Expert Opinions and Analysis

One of the most valuable assets offers is the wealth of knowledge from their team of experienced automotive journalists across Canada. These industry experts provide insightful opinions, analysis, and commentary across the site.

In-depth vehicle reviews are written from the perspective of seasoned reviewers who evaluate the driving experience first-hand. They highlight performance attributes, assess interior ergonomics, and provide their expert opinion on how each vehicle stacks up to the competition.

Feature articles incorporate interviews and commentary from engineers, industry analysts, brand executives, and other thought leaders. These exclusive perspectives help make sense of emerging technologies and trends impacting the auto sector.

The editorial team also includes regional correspondents stationed nationwide. Their localized insights spotlight key developments, issues, and stories unique to provinces and cities across the country.

Columns and blogs from veteran journalists lend an insider’s take on the latest news and topics capturing attention across the automotive world and driving culture.

With their decades of combined experience testing vehicles, covering the industry, and building relationships, the team delivers trustworthy perspectives readers won’t find anywhere else.


Active Discussion Forums hosts one of the largest and most active automotive forums in Canada. With over 100,000 registered members, the community provides a valuable platform for owners to engage in discussions, ask questions, and share insights on all vehicle makes and models.

The forums are neatly organized into categories that cover different brands like Ford, Honda, Toyota, luxury makes, electrics, classics and more. Within each brand section, there are boards dedicated to specific models where owners can have focused discussions.

Beyond specific vehicles, forums feature boards on general topics like new car buying, maintenance, motorsports, off-roading, industry news, and regional discussions. This allows members to talk about all aspects of car ownership and auto enthusiast culture.

The active forums result in thousands of new discussions and replies every week. Whether you need advice on how to change your oil, want opinions on what new car to buy, or just feel like talking horsepower and specs, the community provides the perfect place to connect with fellow enthusiasts across Canada.


Spec Database and Comparison Tool

One of’s most useful features for shoppers is their comprehensive vehicle spec database. For virtually every make and model sold in Canada dating back over a decade, you can find detailed technical specifications covering all the key mechanical, performance, dimension, capacity, and feature details.

This allows you to look up the engine size, horsepower, fuel economy, cargo space, towing capacity, safety features and more on any vehicle you are considering. No need to dig through multiple sources to find the specs – they are all housed in one place on

Beyond just looking up model specs individually, their comparison tool lets you select multiple vehicles and see their specs stacked side-by-side for easy analysis. This makes it simple to directly compare things like horsepower, legroom dimensions, tow ratings and other factors between different models you are deciding between.

Whether you need to lookup details on a specific vehicle or make an informed comparison of multiple models across brands,’s spec database and comparison engine provides an invaluable research tool for car shoppers.


Localized Content for Canadians

As a Canadian-focused automotive site, tailors much of its content specifically for the Canadian market and readers. This includes using Canadian pricing in reviews rather than simply converting U.S. prices, which helps give buyers a more accurate picture of real-world costs. The site’s Best Buys section highlights top picks available in Canada, not just models popular in America. also focuses on issues relevant to Canadian drivers and regulations. For example, their winter driving section provides tips on preparing your vehicle for harsh Canadian winters. They offer advice on swapping to winter tires, maintaining battery health in cold weather, preparing emergency kits, and adjusting your driving habits on snow and ice. Their reviews also look at how well vehicles handle winter conditions.

With sections dedicated to news and analysis from each major Canadian market, readers can stay up to date on the latest developments in their local automotive scene. also covers major Canadian International Auto Shows like those in Toronto and Vancouver, allowing readers across the country to see the latest concept and production vehicles being unveiled in their backyard.

For Canadian buyers, the site provides up-to-date information on incentives, rebates, and financing offers available across different regions. This allows consumers to factor in potential savings when researching vehicles. also keeps readers informed on changing vehicle regulations and new technologies being mandated in Canada, like upcoming requirements for backup cameras and automatic emergency braking.


Multimedia Galleries and Videos

In addition to expert reviews and insightful articles, offers a wealth of multimedia content to engage visitors. This includes extensive photo galleries highlighting the latest vehicles and auto shows. For most new models, they capture interior and exterior images from multiple angles so shoppers can get a detailed visual overview.

Their video team produces in-depth test drive reviews and feature videos on major industry topics. Test drive videos take viewers along for a firsthand look at performance, handling, comfort and the overall driving experience. Videos incorporate both in-studio commentary and footage captured on real roads.

Many automakers provide with access to B-roll footage and virtual test drives using 360-degree cameras. These immersive videos allow website visitors to get behind the wheel of a vehicle model and explore the interior space without visiting a dealership. This brings major convenience for preliminary research.

With its continually updated galleries and wide range of videos, delivers engaging visuals to complement its authoritative reviews and reporting. For auto shoppers, the detailed photos and videos provide that added layer of insight to make informed buying decisions.


Daily Newsletter and Social Media

In addition to the wealth of content on, they also provide a daily newsletter and active social media channels to keep auto enthusiasts plugged into the latest happenings. Readers can sign up for the newsletter, delivered conveniently to their inbox each morning. This email digest contains top stories from the news section, highlights new vehicle reviews and buying guides, provides auto industry analysis, and more. also has a strong presence on leading social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Their social accounts share breaking news updates, test drive videos, gorgeous auto photography, contests, interactive discussions with readers, and content tailored for each platform. With over 650,000 Facebook followers, 272,000 Twitter followers, and 195,000 Instagram followers, has cultivated engaged automotive communities on these networks. This allows constant interaction with their audience as stories develop.


National and Local Automotive Coverage provides coast-to-coast automotive news and reviews tailored specifically for Canadian drivers and enthusiasts. Their team of over 20 journalists stationed across the country deliver timely, relevant stories on the latest models, industry trends, regulations, and more.

For national news, has correspondents in major hubs like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver reporting on developments relevant to all of Canada. This includes big auto show unveilings, executive interviews, analyses of sales figures and trends, and insights from national groups like the Canadian Automobile Association.

In addition to national coverage, taps into a network of local reporters who provide region-specific articles and reviews. For example, their Alberta-based journalists test vehicles on rural roads and in snowy conditions unique to that province. Local reporters also cover topics like regulations in their jurisdictions, dealership openings, community events, and more.

This combination of national reporting and local insights enables to serve both a wide Canadian audience while still catering to the needs of drivers in specific provinces. Visitors can stay up-to-date on relevant stories in the automotive sphere no matter where they live.


Contests, Events and Promotions offers exciting opportunities for its readers to get involved through various contests, local events and promotional giveaways. These engaging offerings help connect the community and bring the content to life.

Giveaways are a popular fixture on Readers can frequently find contests to win amazing prizes like new vehicles, roadside assistance packages, the latest accessories and automotive products. The site makes entering most giveaways quick and easy through online forms. Winners are announced in articles and on social media.

In major cities across Canada, sponsors and participates in high-profile local car shows and enthusiast gatherings. Their presence at events like the Vancouver International Auto Show allows them to connect directly with readers. It also provides opportunities to showcase featured vehicles and new models. also frequently organizes exciting ride and drive events to allow readers to get behind the wheel of new vehicles. These immersive experiences take place at closed courses and challenging off-road sites, offering the thrill of testing vehicles in ways everyday driving can’t match. Attendees enjoy one-on-one access to manufacturer representatives as well.

By coordinating contests, attending auto shows nationwide and hosting interactive driving events, creates fun engagement pathways for automotive enthusiasts.


Responsive Mobile Experience

In today’s digital world, providing an excellent mobile experience is critical. offers a seamless experience for users on both iOS and Android devices through their mobile website and native apps.

The mobile site automatically detects your device and resizes content to fit your screen. Pages load quickly thanks to a lightweight design, and key site features remain easily accessible. You can read the latest articles, watch videos, access vehicle reviews and guides, participate in forums and more.

For power users, the app provides additional benefits. Available on both the App Store and Google Play, the app sends customizable alerts so you never miss important industry news. You can also save favorite articles and vehicles for quick access later. The app provides enhanced personalization like location-based content recommendations.

With mobile rapidly overtaking desktop usage, the ability to stay connected on smartphones and tablets is a must for an automotive site.’s mobile-friendly site and apps allow car enthusiasts to access timely, relevant content on the go.



In summary, offers an unmatched wealth of automotive information and resources for Canadian drivers. With its vast vehicle database, timely industry news, trusted reviews, and wealth of buying advice, has become an indispensable destination for researching and purchasing your next vehicle.

The site’s commitment to providing localized content specifically tailored to the Canadian market gives it a unique advantage in serving customers north of the border. From expert comparisons of winter driving performance to analysis of trade policy impacts, delivers insights not found on other international sites.

For auto enthusiasts wanting to indulge their passion, provides multimedia galleries, lively forums, contests and more to fuel their love of all things automotive. Visitors will also find an experience optimized for mobile, allowing access to’s wealth of content on the go.

With over 20 years of experience under its belt, has earned its reputation as Canada’s top source for automotive news, reviews and resources. For your next vehicle purchase or to simply stay immersed in the latest industry developments, make your first stop.

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Questions About is one of Canada’s premier online automotive magazines, providing a wide array of content including but not limited to test drives, reviews, comparisons, news, and more. Owned by Postmedia, aims to be the top destination for Canadians looking to research and stay updated on all things automotive. offers a vast range of automotive content catered towards Canadian drivers and auto enthusiasts. Some of the content you can find includes:


– Car reviews and test drives of the latest models

– Side-by-side vehicle comparisons

– Car buying guides and tips

– Auto news covering the Canadian and global car industry

– Analysis and insights on new technologies and trends

– Local Canadian automotive content and information

– Car maintenance tips and DIY guides

– Videos including test drives, comparisons, overviews

Yes, provides expert reviews and test drives on all types of vehicles – whether you’re looking for information on sedans, SUVs, trucks, EVs, hybrids, performance cars, or commercial vehicles. Their team evaluates vehicles thoroughly and provides analysis on critical aspects like pricing, features, technology, fuel economy, interior space, driving dynamics, and more. offers in-depth professional reviews on individual models focused on giving buyers key details they need. They also provide head-to-head comparison tests between competitive vehicles, evaluating categories like power and performance, ride comfort, interior space, features and technology, value for money, and more to highlight key differences. Comparisons may be between vehicles in the same class or price range.

Yes, provides reviews, news and analysis on the latest electric vehicles available in Canada. Whether it’s battery-electric or plug-in hybrids, their experts evaluate factors like driving range, charging time, performance, interior space, tech features, pricing and incentives when reviewing EVs. This guidance keeps Canadian EV buyers well informed. has a team of experienced automotive journalists and experts across Canada that test drive and extensively evaluate vehicles first-hand. Review and comparisons incorporate both objective performance data collected during testing along with subjective driving impressions and analysis. This real-world testing data is the foundation of their reviews. reports on automotive news developments both within Canada and globally that are relevant to Canadian drivers and the auto industry. This includes new model launches, company earnings, executive changes, factory updates, business partnerships/acquisitions, sales figures, recalls, technology breakthroughs, regulations, and more across vehicle manufacturers and brands.

Yes, has a selection of DIY maintenance and repair guides to help Canadian drivers save money. Whether it’s step-by-step tutorials showing how to change fluids, replace brakes, swap a burnt-out headlight bulb or troubleshoot issues – they provide practical advice and tips for common service and repair needs. has an excellent YouTube channel with all kinds of automotive videos – from test drives giving you a POV look of the latest models, to comparison tests highlighting the differences between competitive vehicles in real world conditions. They also have videos focused on providing analysis and tips on topics like buying, maintenance, technologies and more.

Yes, aims to provide Canadians with automotive content tailored for them. This includes news and analysis on sales figures, EV incentives, regulations, and industry developments specifically for Canada. Vehicle reviews and comparisons also focus on trims and pricing relevant for the Canadian market. Local content showcases auto shows, events, and attractions across the country as well. covers automotive news, reviews and analysis tailored for all regions across Canada – from Vancouver to Montreal. Content showcases auto shows, industry developments, test drives, and attractions relevant for each province. Reviews also take into account factors like cold weather performance and capability important for Canadian drivers. publishes fresh, original automotive content daily to keep Canadian drivers constantly informed. New vehicle reviews, auto news stories, analysis pieces, videos, comparisons, and more are added on a regular basis by their team of journalists. Breaking news is also covered as major developments occur.

The target audience of is primarily Canadian auto enthusiasts, car buyers doing research, everyday drivers, and those simply looking to stay updated on the latest happenings in the automotive world. Content is tailored to be engaging and informative for this audience. can be easily accessed through their mobile-friendly website on any device with an internet connection. They also have native iOS and Android apps allowing you to access automotive content on smartphones and tablets on the go. Their YouTube channel makes videos easily viewable across platforms as well.

As one of Canada’s most popular online automotive publications, attracts over 7 million website visitors every month. Their YouTube channel has over 135,000 subscribers as well with strong viewership of their vehicle test drives and comparisons. These figures showcase the strong reader and viewer base relying on for automotive content.

No, is exclusively a digital publication allowing them to reach millions of readers efficiently online across Canada and enable innovative formats like test drive videos. However, content is occasionally featured and referenced in Postmedia newspaper publications like the National Post to expand reach.

Readers looking to contact can reach their editorial team through email at You can also interact with them via social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. For specific inquiries like providing tips, giving feedback, or exploring professional partnerships – include relevant details along with your contact info in your message.

The team behind includes experienced automotive journalists, editors, and content creators like Jil McIntosh, Brian Harper, Clayton Seams, Peter Bleakney and more. Supported by video production staff, developers and digital marketing teams, their combined professional expertise results in trusted Canadian automotive content.

Yes, as Canada’s top automotive publication, car reviews, comparisons, news and insights from are very influential in shaping car purchase decisions nationally. Positive reviews and recommendations reach millions of buyers monthly, significantly boosting awareness and sales for manufacturers. frequently has openings for talented automotive journalists, photographers, videographers, and digital content creators to join their team. These are incredible opportunities to turn your automotive passions into an exciting career while shaping conversations nationwide. Check their site for current openings.

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