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Is Legit?

Is Legit? is an online platform that promises to make getting an auto loan in Canada easy and fast, even for those with poor credit. The company markets itself as a top choice for Canadians looking to finance a vehicle purchase or refinance an existing car loan.

At its core, is a lending marketplace that connects consumers to a network of lenders offering car loans. Rather than providing loans directly, the website acts as a middleman between borrowers and third-party lenders.

Some of’s key promises to customers include:


  • Easy online application process that can be completed in minutes
  • Fast loan approvals in as little as 24 hours
  • Ability to get approved for a car loan even with bad credit or bankruptcy
  • Delivery of the purchased vehicle directly to the customer’s location anywhere in Canada
  • Access to a large inventory of new, used, and certified pre-owned vehicles

With tempting claims like instant approvals, poor credit acceptance, and hassle-free delivery, has positioned itself as a convenient one-stop shop for Canadians seeking car financing. But with limited public information available, many consumers are left wondering – is actually legit?

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The Rise of Online Auto Lending in Canada

In recent years, Canadians have witnessed a surge in online auto lending platforms promising fast approvals and convenient financing options. As consumers increasingly turn to digital solutions, these web-based lenders have capitalized on the demand for streamlined car loan processes.

Traditional lending avenues, such as banks and dealerships, have faced stiff competition from these tech-savvy newcomers. Online lenders boast user-friendly applications, automated decisioning, and the ability to connect borrowers with a network of lenders, all from the comfort of their homes or on the go.

This digital disruption has been driven by several factors. First, many Canadians, particularly younger generations, prefer the convenience and transparency of online transactions. Second, the increasing prevalence of alternative credit data and fintech innovations have enabled lenders to assess risk more accurately, opening doors for borrowers with non-traditional credit histories.

Furthermore, the online auto lending market has flourished due to the growing need for vehicle financing. With the rising costs of living and the desire for personal transportation, many Canadians turn to loans to make car ownership more attainable. Online lenders have stepped in to fill this gap, offering a range of financing options, including those tailored to borrowers with poor or limited credit histories.

As this digital lending landscape continues to evolve, platforms like have emerged as prominent players, promising to simplify the car loan process for Canadians nationwide. However, with the convenience of online lending comes the need for heightened scrutiny and consumer vigilance to separate legitimate providers from potential scams or predatory practices.


Red Flags to Watch For with Online Lenders

While online auto lenders can offer convenience, there are some potential red flags to be aware of when using their services. One major issue is the lack of transparency around interest rates and loan terms until after you apply. Some lenders advertise low rates prominently, only to turn around and offer much higher rates to customers with poor credit.

Another concern is high-pressure or aggressive sales tactics employed by some online lending companies. This could include repeated calls and emails urging you to accept a loan offer before you’ve had time to review the terms carefully. Reputable lenders should allow you to make an informed decision without undue pressure.

You’ll also want to watch out for lenders with complaints about delivering vehicles in poor condition, failing to honor promised warranties or return policies, or other issues after the loan is finalized. Always review a lender’s customer reviews and complaint histories before signing on the dotted line.

While not a deal-breaker on its own, a lack of clear contact information, physical address, or regulatory licensing details on the lender’s website could be a yellow flag. Legitimate companies have nothing to hide and should be transparent about who they are and how they operate.


Who Owns and Operates

While little is publicly known about the leadership team behind, the website states that the company is run by “a dedicated team of financial services professionals.” It emphasizes their commitment to helping Canadians secure auto financing, even those with poor credit histories.’s Reputation and Customer Reviews

One of the biggest question marks around is their online reputation and customer reviews. As an online-only auto lender without physical locations, they don’t have the same local presence and track record as a traditional bank or dealership.

Notably, does not have a listing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or any reviews on third-party sites like Trustpilot. This lack of visibility makes it harder for prospective borrowers to gauge their customer service and lending practices.

The company does link to some positive customer testimonials on their website from clients who were able to get approved for an auto loan. However, these testimonials are handpicked by Getgoing and lack verification.

Looking at other online forums and review sites, there are mixed reports from customers who have used Getgoing’s services. Some praise the easy application process and fast loan decisions. Others complain about high-pressure sales tactics from dealer partners, lack of transparency on rates/fees, and issues with the delivery process.

On Reddit, there are multiple threads from Canadians warning about bad experiences at specific dealerships that work with Getgoing’s lending network. While not directly related to Getgoing, this points to potential issues with partner dealers that could reflect poorly on the company.

Overall, seems to have a mixed bag of reviews and an unclear online reputation. While not an outright scam, there are enough red flags that consumers should proceed with caution and read all the fine print carefully before signing any loan agreements.


How the Loan Process Works on

To get a better understanding of how legitimate is, it’s important to walk through the actual process of applying for and securing an auto loan through their platform. While the steps seem straightforward on the surface, there are some potential red flags to be aware of.

The loan process at begins with filling out a short online application form with basic personal and financial information. This includes details like your name, date of birth, residential status, employment, income, and an estimate of your credit score. Getgoing states they can approve applicants with bad credit, no credit, bankruptcy, and other financial challenges.

Once your application is submitted, Getgoing’s system will quickly match you with potential lenders in their network who are willing to provide you with a loan offer. The company claims you’ll receive a lending decision in as little as 24 hours, which is quite fast compared to traditional bank loan processes.

If approved by one of Getgoing’s lending partners, you’ll then be able to review the actual loan terms like interest rate, repayment period, down payment requirements, and any fees. This is the crucial step where the affordability and overall value of the loan is determined.

Unfortunately, Getgoing does not provide any examples of the rates or terms consumers can expect upfront on their website. This lack of transparency could result in unpleasantly high costs, especially for subprime borrowers with poor credit histories.

Assuming you accept the loan offer, the next step is selecting a vehicle from Getgoing’s available inventory, which they claim is regularly updated with new models from dealerships across Canada. However, reviews suggest the selection can be hit-or-miss depending on your location and budget.

Once you’ve chosen your vehicle, Getgoing coordinates having it delivered to you from the dealership it’s located at, even offering free delivery anywhere in Canada according to their website. Customer experiences with this process seem to be mixed based on reviews.

While Getgoing’s application and approval process is certainly fast and convenient, there are some concerning gaps in transparency around loan costs and vehicle availability that are worth noting. Proceeding with extra caution is advised.


Interest Rates and Loan Terms at

One of the biggest question marks around is their lack of transparency on interest rates and loan terms. Unlike many banks and credit unions that advertise their rates upfront, does not publicly list any specifics on the rates, fees, or terms you can expect when getting an auto loan through their service.

The reason for this lack of clarity likely comes down to the nature of’s lending model. Since they are not providing loans directly but rather connecting you with third-party lenders, the rates and terms will vary substantially based on your individual credit profile and the specific lender you are matched with.

That said, we can make some general assumptions about the types of rates and fees you might encounter, especially if you have poor or subprime credit. Subprime auto loans secured through third-party lenders like those on often come with higher interest rates in the 10-20% APR range. There may also be upfront fees like loan origination fees that can add to the overall cost.

Down payment requirements are another key consideration. Borrowers with poor credit may need to put down a larger down payment – potentially 10% or more of the vehicle’s selling price. This reduces the overall risk for the lender but also means you need to bring more cash to the table upfront.

Loan terms may also be less favorable through Getgoing’s lender network compared to what you could get at a credit union or bank. Shorter loan durations of 3-5 years are common, leading to higher monthly payments. Some subprime lenders also build in stricter rules around things like vehicle age and mileage limits.

Ultimately, the only way to know the exact rates and terms is to go through Getgoing’s application process and receive offers from their lending partners. But based on industry standards, borrowers – especially those with poor credit – should expect relatively high costs when securing an auto loan through’s third-party lender network.


Vehicle Inventory and Delivery at

One of the key selling points of is the promise of delivering vehicles anywhere across Canada. But what kind of cars can you actually find through their service? The inventory available changes frequently based on dealer supply, but typically includes a range of used cars, trucks, SUVs and vans from various brands and model years.

Unlike a traditional dealership lot, you can’t just browse Getgoing’s full inventory online before applying. Instead, you’ll start the loan application process first, get pre-approved for financing, and then Getgoing will show you vehicles that fit your budget and location preferences. Their website claims a constantly rotating inventory of over 5,000 vehicles to choose from.

If you find a vehicle you want through Getgoing, they’ll arrange to have it transported from the dealer partner directly to your address. Delivery is advertised as free within a several hundred kilometer radius, though fees may apply for more remote locations. The quoted delivery timeframe is around 1-2 weeks in most cases.

It’s important to note that Getgoing itself doesn’t own or stock any vehicles. They are simply the matchmaker between you and one of the dealers in their Canada-wide lending network. This model allows them to facilitate loans on a wider range of cars, but it also means less transparency into the actual condition, histories, and pricing of each vehicle upfront.


Is Trustworthy for Bad Credit Loans?

One of’s major selling points is their promise to provide easy auto loans for borrowers with bad credit or poor credit scores. But can this online lending platform truly be trusted when it comes to bad credit car loans in Canada?

From the limited customer reviews available, it seems does work with subprime lenders that are more willing to finance borrowers with tarnished credit histories. However, the catch is that these bad credit auto loans likely come with significantly higher interest rates and fees compared to what a prime borrower would pay. does not publish any information upfront about the typical interest rates or loan terms offered through their network of lenders. This lack of transparency could be a red flag, as reputable lenders should be more open about the costs and criteria for their bad credit financing products.

There are also reports from customers of aggressive sales tactics and high-pressure financing pitches from some of the dealerships affiliated with Getgoing’s lending network. While this may not be directly Getgoing’s fault, it does raise concerns about the lending practices and ethics of their partner providers.

For borrowers with poor credit scores seeking a bad credit auto loan through, it’s crucial to read all of the fine print carefully. Make sure you fully understand the interest rate, loan term, fees, and total cost before signing any financing agreements. It’s also wise to get pre-approved offers from other subprime auto lenders and compare the overall costs to get the best deal possible.


Comparing Getgoing to Other Online Auto Lenders

When evaluating the legitimacy of, it’s helpful to compare it to other major online auto lending platforms operating in Canada. This allows you to benchmark Getgoing’s practices, rates, and customer experiences against the industry standards.

One of Getgoing’s top competitors is Canada Drives, a well-established lending network that has been featured across major media outlets. Canada Drives offers a more transparent loan process, providing interest rate estimates upfront based on your credit profile. Their vehicle inventory spans both new and used options from certified dealers across Canada.

Go Auto is another major player that allows you to apply online for direct auto financing in addition to connecting you with a dealership network. They clearly outline their qualification criteria on their website. While Getgoing keeps its lending partners largely undisclosed, Go Auto is upfront about working with reputable subprime lenders like Canada Drives and AutoMobile Club du Québec.

In comparing these lenders, Getgoing lacks the same level of transparency around its lending process, partners, and rates. There are also fewer independent customer reviews available to judge its reputation against competitors like Canada Drives or Go Auto. This lack of visibility makes it harder to assess whether Getgoing is truly offering competitive loan products, especially for bad credit borrowers.

However, Getgoing does have the advantage of allowing more flexibility to apply for multiple types of vehicle loans across different provinces through its lending partners. Its pre-qualification process is also fairly quick compared to completing full applications elsewhere. But overall, the limited public information means Getgoing may not be the most trustworthy choice compared to more established online lending platforms in Canada.’s BBB and Financial Authority Ratings

When evaluating the legitimacy of any financial company, it’s wise to check their standing with regulatory bodies and consumer protection agencies. Unfortunately, does not have an accredited profile with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) at this time.

The lack of a BBB rating makes it difficult to gauge Getgoing’s complaint history, transparency, and commitment to making things right. Most reputable lenders will pursue BBB accreditation to boost consumer confidence.

It’s also unclear if is registered or licensed with provincial consumer protection and financial regulatory authorities across Canada. Legitimate auto lenders need to comply with regulations in each province they operate to protect borrowers’ interests.

While not having these credentials isn’t an automatic red flag, it does mean there are fewer third-party vetting sources to confirm Getgoing’s business practices and customer satisfaction levels. Consumers may want to tread carefully without these typical credibility signals.

“Top Alternatives to in Canada”


Top Alternatives to in Canada

While offers a convenient online lending platform, Canadian consumers have numerous other options to consider when shopping for an auto loan. Here are some top alternatives that may be worth exploring:


Traditional Banks and Credit Unions – Major banks like RBC, TD, Scotiabank and credit unions often provide competitive rates on auto financing, especially for borrowers with good credit histories. As established lenders, they tend to have transparent terms and may offer discounts for bundling with other accounts.

Online Lenders like Canada Drives and LendingArch – These are direct online lending platforms similar to but with more extensive reputations and reviews. Canada Drives and LendingArch both cater to a range of credit situations and allow borrowers to compare rates from multiple lenders.

Dealership Financing – Many car dealerships work with preferred lenders to provide on-site financing, which can be convenient for borrowers seeking a one-stop shopping experience. However, rates may be less competitive than banks or online lenders.

Personal Loan Providers – Companies like Fairstone and LoanConnect offer unsecured personal loans that can be used for auto purchases. While rates are often higher than secured auto loans, they provide more flexibility for using the funds.

Peer-to-Peer Lending – Platforms like Lending Loop connect borrowers directly with investors, potentially offering better rates than traditional financial institutions. However, the application and funding process tends to be more involved.


When evaluating against other lenders, borrowers should carefully compare interest rates, fees, loan amounts, terms and eligibility requirements to find the best fit for their needs and credit profile.


Special Offers and Promotions at

Like many auto lenders, Getgoing frequently promotes special limited-time offers and incentives to attract new customers. However, details on their current deals are not openly advertised on their website.

Some past promotions highlighted by Getgoing include:


  • 0% interest for the first 3 months – For a limited time, qualified buyers could get 0% APR financing for the first 90 days of their loan term.
  • No payments for 90 days – Similar to the 0% interest deal, this allowed customers to defer all payments for the first 3 months.
  • Gift cards with approved loans – Getgoing has offered Visa or Amazon gift cards valued at $250+ to borrowers who get approved and finalize their auto loan.


While these types of incentives can provide attractive short-term savings, it’s important to carefully review all the loan terms and conditions. Temporary interest rate reductions or deferred payments may simply result in higher costs over the remaining loan period.

Your best bet is to check directly with Getgoing for any active promotions when you submit your loan application. But be sure to compare the actual costs against other lenders to ensure you’re still getting a fair long-term deal.


The Pros and Cons of Using

While promises fast and easy auto loans for all credit situations, there are pros and cons to consider before using their service. On the plus side, their online application is quick and straightforward, and they claim high approval rates even for bad credit. Their network of lenders across Canada also offers the convenience of having cars delivered right to your door.

However, the lack of transparency around interest rates, fees, and loan terms is a major drawback. does not provide any details upfront, so you won’t know the true cost until after applying and receiving offers. There are also persistent complaints about high-pressure sales tactics from some of their dealer partners.

Additionally, has little public reputation or reviews to verify, despite claims of serving over 50,000 Canadians. While not outright illegitimate, the limited information makes it difficult to judge their credibility compared to more established lenders.

Ultimately, the pros of convenience and potential bad credit approval need to be weighed against the cons of opaque pricing, sales tactics, and an unproven track record. Proceeding with caution and having a healthy skepticism of their marketing promises is advised.


Final Verdict: Is Legit and Recommended?

After thoroughly evaluating from multiple angles, it’s clear that the company operates in a legitimate capacity as an auto loan connector platform. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best or most recommended choice for every Canadian seeking vehicle financing.

On the positive side, does provide a service that can be genuinely helpful for certain borrowers, especially those with poor credit who may struggle to get approved through traditional lenders like banks. Their network of specialized auto lenders caters to non-prime borrowers, giving an avenue to car ownership that these consumers may not find elsewhere.

Additionally, Getgoing’s online application process is certainly convenient and efficient compared to having to visit lenders in-person. For borrowers pressed for time or living in remote areas, the ability to get matched with local dealers online is a perk Getgoing offers.

That said, there are some significant drawbacks and red flags that should give mainstream borrowers pause before using Getgoing over more conventional auto loan sources. The lack of transparency around interest rates, fees, and full loan terms until after you apply is a major issue, as it prevents an apples-to-apples comparison of Getgoing’s offers versus what you may qualify for through a bank, credit union, or another online lending network.

Reports of high-pressure sales tactics and questionable practices at some of Getgoing’s partner dealerships are also concerning. While Getgoing itself may be operating above-board, their association with certain unsavory dealers could create issues for customers when it’s time for delivery and finalizing the deal.

Ultimately, is not an outright scam, but they likely should not be the first choice for borrowers with decent credit scores and the ability to shop around. Their service makes the most sense for non-prime customers with few other options. That said, even subprime borrowers would be wise to get quotes from multiple sources, including more reputable online lending platforms, before signing on with Getgoing.

For the average Canadian with fair or good credit, sticking to more transparent and trustworthy lenders is highly recommended over rolling the dice with Getgoing’s hit-or-miss dealership partners and obscure loan terms. While Getgoing may be “legit” in a technical sense, it’s hard to give them a ringing endorsement compared to all the superior options available.

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Questions About

Yes, is a legitimate online auto financing company operating in Canada. Founded in 2014, GetGoing offers car loans and debt consolidation services to Canadians with bad credit or less-than-perfect credit scores. They have helped over 50,000 Canadians get approved for auto financing.


GetGoing operates nationally under different regional brand names like BC Auto Clearance, AB Auto Clearance, and Ontario Auto Clearance. They have an A+ rating on BBB and mostly positive customer reviews on sites like TrustPilot. Their website and services seem professional, transparent and compliant with Canadian regulations around lending and privacy.

GetGoing offers bad credit car loans, debt consolidation loans, and cash loans to Canadians with bad credit. Their specialty is helping people with bad credit, no credit, or past bankruptcies get approved for auto financing. They work with a nationwide network of dealer partners to provide customized loan terms to each customer based on their unique financial situation.


In addition to car loans, GetGoing also provides personal loans and debt consolidation loans. These loans can be used to consolidate high-interest credit card debts into one monthly payment. Cash loans are also available for unexpected expenses. GetGoing promises approval times within 24 hours.

GetGoing’s interest rates typically range between 10-30% depending on the applicant’s credit score and financial profile. They offer higher interest loans for people with bad credit compared to traditional banks. There can also be origination fees up to 10% of the loan amount.


It’s important to note that each customer’s rate will depend on factors like income, existing debts, credit score and the loan amount. GetGoing’s advertised rates start at 9.99%, but applicants with bad credit scores can expect higher rates. There may also be added fees like processing charges and prepayment penalties.


Customers should read the fine print carefully to understand the APR and total costs associated with the loan before signing. GetGoing offers personalized quotes during the application process so customers know the terms upfront.

Yes, GetGoing will check the credit score of all applicants as part of determining loan eligibility and interest rates. However, having bad credit or no credit history will not automatically disqualify you from getting a car loan with GetGoing.


GetGoing specializes in offering auto financing to applicants with less than perfect credit. They have flexible lending criteria designed for people declined financing from banks and traditional lenders.


While your credit score plays a role in the loan terms, GetGoing also considers other factors like your debt-to-income ratio, income stability and down payment amount. So they may still approve you for a higher interest car loan even with bad credit, bankruptcy or previous defaults if you meet other requirements.

GetGoing promises loan approval times within 24 hours for most applications. Once you complete the quick online application, GetGoing will match you with a customized loan offer from their network of dealer partners within 1 business day.


The fast approvals are possible because GetGoing uses an automated lending platform to assess applicant eligibility. As long as you provide accurate details on income, existing debts and credit history, you can know if you are pre-approved in less than 24 hours.


After selecting your preferred loan offer, you can also get delivery of your vehicle within days. GetGoing offers free nationwide delivery right to your doorstep.

To apply for financing from GetGoing, you’ll need your driver’s license, SIN card, recent pay stubs, proof of address, and details of existing debts. Having these documents ready will help GetGoing verify your identity and process your application faster.


Required documents include:


– Driver’s License

– SIN Card

– Recent Pay Stubs

– Proof of Address (utility bill, bank statement etc.)

– Details of Existing Debts (credit cards, loans etc.)


You may also need to provide references, job letters, or details of assets/down payment if requested. Bringing all documentation upfront results in quicker processing and faster approvals.

Yes, offering auto loans to Canadians with bad credit is GetGoing’s specialty. Even if you have been rejected by banks and other lenders, you still have a good chance of getting approved with GetGoing.


Due to its customized risk models, GetGoing can extend car loan offers to applicants with credit scores under 500. They work with people that have a history of slow payments, missed payments, defaults, consumer proposals and even bankruptcies.


While your credit score helps determine the interest rate and loan amount, it doesn’t automatically disqualify you. GetGoing also considers other aspects of your financial profile before making a lending decision.

GetGoing offers financing for new and used vehicles purchased through their nationwide network of certified dealer partners. On their website, you can browse inventory and find vehicles from major brands like Toyota, Honda, Ford, GM, Hyundai etc.


Since GetGoing partners with dealers all across Canada, they can arrange delivery of your chosen vehicle for free right to your home once financing is secured. You also have the option to pick up the vehicle from the dealership directly.


GetGoing promises access to vehicles priced competitively with flexible terms tailored to your budget, so you don’t need to settle for a car you don’t want.

No, currently GetGoing only finances vehicles purchased through their approved dealer network. If you found a used car listing from an individual seller, GetGoing would not be able to provide financing for that purchase. Their lending programs are designed around their existing dealer partnerships.


However, GetGoing allows customers to browse inventory and select cars available through partner dealerships across Canada. There are thousands of new and used models to choose from at competitive rates. GetGoing can deliver any vehicle from dealer stock once financing is secured.

The GetGoing loan application process is quick and fully online. The steps are:


  1. Visit Select your region and start the application
  2. Enter your details: Provide personal/employment info. Takes less than 10 minutes.
  3. Get matched: GetGoing matches you with customized loan offers from their lending partners
  4. Review terms: Compare loan details like rate, fees & payments before accepting
  5. Sign agreement: Docu-sign loan agreement digitally if you accept offer
  6. Take delivery: GetGoing ships vehicle to your door once financing clears or arrange dealer pick-up


Throughout the process GetGoing guides you through each step. And their team is available by phone and email if any questions come up.

GetGoing offers flexible payment options including: pre-authorized bank withdrawals, post-dated cheques, and direct online payments, depending on your preference.


When your loan agreement is finalized, you choose an available payment schedule that aligns with your pay cycle, such as weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments. GetGoing then automatically withdraws each payment amount from your bank account or you can pay manually through online banking.


There are no extra fees for setting up automatic payments, although late or missed payments may incur penalties depending on your loan’s terms. Customers can log in to their GetGoing account to manage payments.

Yes, GetGoing allows customers to trade-in their current vehicle or use it as a down payment towards your next car purchase. The value of your trade-in will be determined by the partner dealership and then deducted from the total purchase price of your new car before calculating financing terms with GetGoing.


Having a trade-in vehicle or sizeable down payment improves chances of loan approval and can help reduce interest rates. Make sure to disclose trade-in value early in the application process so it can be factored by GetGoing when finding suitable financing options.

GetGoing has mostly positive customer reviews on sites like TrustPilot, Google, and Facebook, with over 850 reviews averaging 4 out 5 stars. Happy customers praise the quick and easy application process, great customer service and range of vehicles available.


They appreciate that GetGoing specializes in financing applicants with less than stellar credit who struggle with traditional lender approvals. Most negative feedback involves higher interest rates which is typical for bad credit loans. There are few complaints about application or approval experiences.


Based on reviews, GetGoing delivers on promises of fast approvals and access to financing for people declined elsewhere. Interest rates are as expected for borrowers with bad credit or low scores.

If you miss payments on your GetGoing auto loan, penalties can include: late fees, increased interest rates, repossession of the vehicle, and negative impacts to your credit. Under the typical loan agreement:


– Late fees around $50 can apply for payments 5+ days past due

– Interest rates may compound after consecutive late payments

– Vehicles can be repossessed after 90+ days overdue

– Missed payments are registered on your credit file, further damaging scores


If you anticipate payment challenges due to job loss etc., immediately contact GetGoing for assistance restructuring payment plans before defaults occur. This can help avoid further credit damage.

Yes, GetGoing allows for early loan payoffs without financial penalties. As with most car loans, there are no early repayment fees for paying your principal ahead of schedule. This lets you save on total interest expenses.


Make sure to double check the fine print of your signed loan agreement for details on pre-payment. But GetGoing advertises flexibility to pay more or pay off your entire auto loan early with no hidden costs.


Paying off loans quicker is recommended for borrowers with bad credit as it can help rebuild your credit score over time. GetGoing provides online account tools to manage payments.

Yes, GetGoing provides auto financing to applicants nationwide though they operate regional sites for the main provinces of Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta. Loans are open to all residents meeting eligibility criteria regardless of which province you live in.


On the GetGoing website, simply choose your applicable region during initial signup. The application and approval process remains the same country-wide. GetGoing works with dealers Canada-wide allowing customers to find and finance vehicles in any province or territory.


So whether you are in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal or elsewhere in Canada, you can apply for GetGoing loans. Delivery is free to any verified Canadian address.

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