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Is Legit?

Is Legit?

In today’s digital age, the convenience of online shopping has extended to even major purchases like vehicles. Online auto brokers have emerged, promising to simplify the process of finding and financing a new or used car. However, with this convenience comes the need for heightened caution and due diligence. Before entrusting personal information and financial details to any online platform, it’s crucial to verify its legitimacy and trustworthiness thoroughly.

When it comes to purchasing a vehicle, the stakes are higher than with most online transactions. Cars represent a significant financial investment, often requiring legal paperwork, financing arrangements, and long-term commitments. Dealing with an unscrupulous or predatory auto broker can have severe consequences, potentially leading to financial loss, legal troubles, or even outright scams.

This is why it’s imperative to thoroughly vet any online auto broker before engaging their services., a Canadian-based platform, has garnered both positive and negative reviews, raising questions about its legitimacy and practices. In this comprehensive analysis, we’ll dive deep into, examining its operations, customer experiences, and reported issues, to determine whether it can be considered a trustworthy service for Canadian car buyers.

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What is is an online automotive broker operating in Canada that aims to streamline the car-buying process for consumers. The company serves as a middleman, connecting potential buyers with a network of dealership partners across the country. Rather than visiting individual dealerships, allows customers to browse vehicle listings from multiple dealers on a single platform.

One of the key services offered by is facilitating financing options, including for those with poor or no credit history. The company partners with lenders and financial institutions to provide loan and leasing solutions tailored to individual needs and circumstances. This appeals to buyers who may have difficulty securing traditional auto financing.

Through its partnerships with dealerships nationwide, features an extensive inventory of new and used vehicles from various makes and models. Customers can search for specific vehicles based on criteria such as location, price range, and desired features. Once a suitable match is found, facilitates the transaction between the buyer and the respective dealership partner. Reviews on Trustpilot

One of the most reliable sources for gauging a company’s legitimacy and customer satisfaction is Trustpilot, a popular consumer review platform. When examining’s presence on Trustpilot, a few key points emerge.

Firstly, the company has a relatively low number of reviews overall, with just 3 reviews categorized as “Great” at the time of writing. This limited review volume makes it challenging to gain a comprehensive understanding of the overall customer experience.

Of the few reviews available, there are some concerning negative experiences shared. Multiple customers have reported issues with misleading financing terms, lack of transparency around interest rates, and allegations of predatory lending practices. These complaints cast doubt on the company’s commitment to ethical business conduct.

On a more positive note, the reviews that do praise tend to highlight the responsiveness and helpfulness of the customer service team. While good customer service is certainly valuable, it does not necessarily outweigh concerns over deceptive or unfair lending practices.

Overall,’s Trustpilot presence paints a mixed picture. The low review volume makes it difficult to draw definitive conclusions, but the negative experiences shared regarding financing practices are undoubtedly concerning for potential customers seeking a transparent and trustworthy auto broker.


Other Third-Party Reviews and Ratings

While Trustpilot provides some insight into’s reputation, it’s important to look at other third-party review sites and ratings to get a more comprehensive view. On Birdeye, a platform for collecting customer feedback, Simplycars has a relatively low number of reviews as well, with a mixed bag of positive and negative sentiments.

One positive Birdeye review praised the company’s helpful staff, stating: “The people were super friendly and helped me through the process easily.” However, another reviewer warned about unclear financing terms, writing: “They don’t explain the ridiculous interest rates until you’re already approved.”

Scamadviser, a website safety analysis tool, gives a relatively positive rating overall, deeming the site safe for consumers to access. However, it’s worth noting that Scamadviser’s algorithm is automated and doesn’t necessarily account for more nuanced issues like potentially misleading business practices.

On Reddit, there are a few discussions expressing skepticism about Simplycars and companies like it, with some users alleging predatory lending tactics. One Redditor shared their experience, stating: “They try to get you to sign up for extremely high interest rates without being transparent about it upfront.” However, it’s difficult to verify the validity of anonymous claims on forums like these.

Across various third-party sites, the reviews and ratings of are decidedly mixed. While some customers report positive experiences, there are also numerous red flags raised about potentially deceptive financing practices and a lack of transparency around fees and interest rates. Prospective customers would be wise to thoroughly research the company and proceed with caution.


Common Complaints and Issues

While has some positive reviews praising their customer service, there are also numerous concerning complaints and issues reported by customers that need to be addressed. One of the most prevalent issues seems to be a lack of transparency around interest rates and financing terms.

Many reviewers have alleged that failed to clearly disclose the full details of loan interest rates upfront before signing paperwork. Customers claim they were surprised by much higher rates than initially quoted or expected, with some rates allegedly reaching into the 20-30% range for subprime borrowers.

Relatedly, there are also accusations of predatory lending practices targeted at customers with poor credit or financial difficulties. Reviews suggest may be taking advantage of these more vulnerable borrowers by burying excessive fees and unfavorable terms in the fine print.

Another area of concern is around the specific dealership partners that connects customers with. Some have questioned whether all of the dealerships in their network are fully legitimate and reputable operations. There have been claims of certain partnered dealers engaging in dishonest sales tactics or failing to honor agreed-upon terms.

Finally, the conditions around vehicle warranties have also been brought into question by multiple reviewers. Customers have reported issues with dealers refusing to cover repairs under the warranty, or the warranty terms being much more limited than originally claimed by representatives.


Analysis of Reported Issues

While has partnered with dealerships across Canada and provides a convenient online platform for car buying and financing, the reported issues raise valid concerns about their practices. The complaints regarding a lack of transparency on interest rates and allegations of predatory lending practices are particularly troubling.

If true, these issues could have significant financial impacts on customers, potentially locking them into unfavorable loan terms or exorbitant interest rates. Predatory lending practices, which often target individuals with poor credit or limited financial literacy, can lead to a cycle of debt and financial hardship. It’s crucial for any lending institution to provide clear and transparent information to ensure customers can make informed decisions.

The concerns about the legitimacy of’s dealership partnerships and the conditions of their warranties also warrant further investigation. If the company is misrepresenting its relationships or the coverage provided, it could leave customers without the protection or recourse they were expecting.

To address these issues, should prioritize transparency and clear communication with customers. Providing detailed information on interest rates, loan terms, and warranty coverage upfront could help alleviate concerns and build trust. Additionally, the company should thoroughly vet its dealership partners and ensure they adhere to ethical lending practices.

If fails to address these reported issues adequately, it risks damaging its reputation and losing customer trust, which could ultimately impact its long-term viability as an online auto broker.


Steps to Safely Use

While doesn’t appear to be an outright scam based on available information, there are several precautions customers should take when considering their services. Given the concerning reviews around misleading financing terms and potential predatory lending practices, it’s crucial to thoroughly vet Simplycars before signing any agreements.

First and foremost, carefully review all terms, conditions, and estimated rates upfront before proceeding. Don’t make assumptions or take anything at face value – read the fine print and ensure you fully understand the costs, interest rates, fees, and any other financial implications involved. If anything seems unclear or too good to be true, ask for clarification or reconsider using their services.

Next, confirm the legitimacy of the specific dealership partners that is connecting you with. Research these dealers online, check reviews and ratings, and verify they are properly licensed and have a solid reputation. An illegitimate or disreputable dealer could expose you to further risks.

Before engaging with Simplycars for financing, it’s wise to seek pre-approvals from banks, credit unions, or other traditional lenders first. This will give you a clear benchmark for comparing rates and terms, and could potentially lead to better overall deals. Don’t solely rely on Simplycars’ lending options without exploring alternatives.

If you do decide to move forward with Simplycars, review all financing paperwork thoroughly before signing. Don’t feel pressured to agree to anything you don’t fully understand or are uncomfortable with. Consider having the documents reviewed by a trusted third party if needed.

Finally, it may be prudent to consider other highly-rated auto brokers or services as an alternative to While Simplycars could potentially be legitimate, the number of concerning reviews might make other options with more transparent processes and stronger reputations a safer choice, especially for a major purchase like a vehicle.


Alternatives to

If you’re looking for a more transparent and reputable online car-buying experience in Canada, there are several alternatives to worth considering. These platforms generally have better reviews, clearer pricing structures, and more established track records.


Unhaggle is a popular Canadian online car broker that connects buyers with dealerships across the country. They offer upfront pricing, free quotes, and a user-friendly platform. Unhaggle has a strong 4.5/5 rating on Trustpilot from over 1,800 reviews, with users praising the transparency and ease of use.

Canada Drives is another major player in the online car market, though it has drawn some criticism for high interest rates and fees on financing. However, many customers report a smooth buying experience overall. Canada Drives has a 3.8/5 rating on Google from over 2,000 reviews.

CarCostCanada provides free, no-obligation quotes from dealers in your local area. While not a direct broker, their service can help ensure you get the best price when buying from dealers. CarCostCanada maintains a 4.7/5 rating across nearly 3,000 reviews on ApprovedHit.


Ultimately, doing thorough research on any online auto broker is essential before providing personal and financial information. Look for transparent pricing, clear lending terms, and strong customer reviews across multiple verified platforms. Legitimacy and Safety

Based on the research and analysis of reviews, reports, and the company’s own information, can be considered a legitimate service for Canadian car buyers, but with some significant caveats and potential risks to be aware of.

On the positive side, does appear to be an actual operating business based in Canada with partnerships and relationships with dealerships across the country. The website is active, and the company seems to facilitate real vehicle sales and financing agreements. They are not an outright scam trying to collect personal information or money under false pretenses.

However, the concerning reviews and complaints around transparency, misleading financing terms, and potential predatory lending practices raise major red flags. While not necessarily illegal, these practices are unethical and could put unsuspecting customers in difficult financial situations with unfavorable loan agreements.

The mixed reviews on third-party sites like Trustpilot and Birdeye, along with the relatively low number of reviews overall, suggest that may not be a particularly large or well-established player in the Canadian auto broker industry. This lack of a robust reputation and review history makes it harder to gauge their overall legitimacy and safety as a service.

Ultimately, seems to operate in a legal grey area – they are likely a legitimate business, but one that employs questionable sales tactics and financing practices that could be considered predatory or misleading. Customers would be wise to exercise extreme caution and thoroughly vet any agreements before signing with to avoid potential financial harm.


Legal and Regulatory Considerations

When dealing with an online auto broker like, it’s essential to understand the legal and regulatory landscape surrounding the industry in Canada. Several consumer protection laws and financing regulations are in place to safeguard buyers from predatory practices and ensure transparency.

At the federal level, the Competition Act prohibits false or misleading representations about products or services, including those related to vehicle sales and financing. Additionally, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) governs how companies collect, use, and disclose personal information, which is particularly relevant when sharing sensitive financial details during the car buying process.

Each province and territory also has its own set of consumer protection laws and regulations for motor vehicle sales. For example, Ontario’s Motor Vehicle Dealers Act requires dealers and brokers to be registered and follow specific disclosure rules when advertising and selling vehicles. Failure to comply can result in fines or the revocation of operating licenses.

Regarding financing, the federal government’s Cost of Borrowing Regulations mandate clear disclosure of interest rates, fees, and other charges associated with loans or leases. Provincial laws may also impose additional requirements, such as caps on interest rates or cooling-off periods for financing agreements.

Furthermore, the Canadian Automotive Dealers Association (CADA) has established a Code of Ethics and Operational Standards that its members, including brokers like, must adhere to. This code covers areas like advertising, sales practices, and customer service, aiming to promote transparency and ethical conduct within the industry.

While these legal and regulatory frameworks provide some level of protection for consumers, it’s still crucial for individuals to thoroughly review all documentation, understand the terms and conditions, and exercise caution when engaging with any online auto broker or dealership.


Tips for Avoiding Scams and Predatory Lending

When purchasing a vehicle, it’s crucial for Canadian consumers to be vigilant and take proactive steps to protect themselves from potential scams, predatory lending practices, or other fraudulent activities. Here are some tips and best practices to keep in mind:


  1. Research the company thoroughly: Before engaging with any online broker or dealership, conduct extensive research on their reputation, reviews, and track record. Check with consumer protection agencies and the Better Business Bureau for any complaints or red flags.


  1. Understand the financing terms: If you’re obtaining financing, carefully review the interest rates, fees, and terms of the loan agreement. Ensure that the rates and conditions are transparent and reasonable. Avoid deals that seem too good to be true or involve excessive interest rates or hidden fees.


  1. Obtain pre-approval from a reputable lender: Rather than relying solely on the financing offered by the broker or dealership, consider obtaining pre-approval from a reputable bank, credit union, or online lender. This will give you a better understanding of the market rates and terms, and you can use it as a bargaining tool or a backup option.


  1. Review all contracts and paperwork: Before signing any contracts or paperwork, read through every detail carefully. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or seek clarification on any terms or conditions you don’t fully understand. If necessary, consult with a legal professional to ensure you’re not agreeing to unfair or predatory terms.


  1. Be wary of high-pressure tactics: Reputable companies will not use aggressive or high-pressure sales tactics. If you feel pressured or coerced into making a decision, it’s a red flag, and you should walk away from the deal.


  1. Consider vehicle history reports: When purchasing a used vehicle, obtain a vehicle history report from a reputable provider, such as CarFax or AutoCheck. These reports can reveal important information about the vehicle’s past, including accidents, outstanding loans, or other issues that could impact its value or safety.


  1. Trust your instincts: If something seems off or too good to be true, it’s better to err on the side of caution. Don’t ignore red flags or gut feelings, as they could be warning signs of potential scams or predatory practices.’s Response and Improvements

While has faced criticism and concerning reviews from some customers, the company appears to be making efforts to address reported issues and improve transparency around their services. On their website, they emphasize a commitment to partnering only with reputable dealerships across Canada that adhere to stringent standards.

In response to allegations of predatory lending practices, states that they provide full disclosure of all financing terms, interest rates, and conditions upfront before any agreements are signed. They claim to offer a range of options to accommodate different credit situations, but maintain that customers have the ability to review and opt-out of any terms they find unfavorable.

The company has also revamped portions of their website to provide clearer information on warranty coverage, the car buying process, and customer protections. A dedicated FAQ section aims to answer common questions and concerns transparently.

Furthermore, highlights efforts to enhance their customer service, with resources for inquiries related to financing issues, trade-in valuations, and any other difficulties that may arise. They state that all customer complaints are reviewed and addressed by a dedicated team.

While progress has been made, continues to face an ongoing challenge of building consumer trust and improving their online reputation through consistent, positive customer experiences. Sustained transparency and follow-through on their stated commitments will be essential for regaining confidence among Canadian car buyers.


Customer Success Stories

Despite the concerning reviews and reported issues, has also received some positive feedback from customers who had a satisfactory experience. While these testimonials may be in the minority, they highlight the potential benefits of using the service when approached cautiously and with proper due diligence.

One customer, Sarah from Toronto, shared her story: “I was hesitant about using an online broker, but Simplycars helped me find the perfect used car at a great price. The financing process was transparent, and I didn’t feel misled or pressured into anything. Their customer service team was responsive and helped me understand all the terms.”

Another customer, Mike from Vancouver, praised the convenience of the platform: “As a busy professional, I didn’t have time to visit multiple dealerships. Simplycars made the process so much easier by bringing the options to me. I was able to compare vehicles and negotiate from the comfort of my home. While I had to be diligent in reviewing the paperwork, the overall experience was positive.”

These success stories demonstrate that while caution is advised, it is possible to have a positive experience with by carefully vetting the terms, understanding the agreements, and being an informed and proactive consumer. However, it’s essential to weigh these testimonials against the reported issues and make an informed decision based on your specific circumstances and risk tolerance.’s Future Outlook

Based on the research and analysis, the future outlook for in the Canadian market appears somewhat uncertain. While the convenience of online auto brokers and financing services is likely to remain in demand, faces significant challenges in establishing trust and credibility with consumers.

The mixed reviews and concerning reports around transparency and potentially predatory lending practices could hinder their growth and adoption among Canadian car buyers. As consumers become more aware of these issues through online reviews and word-of-mouth, it may become increasingly difficult for to attract new customers.

Additionally, the competitive landscape in the online auto broker space is heating up, with established players and new entrants offering more transparent pricing and financing options. may struggle to differentiate itself and compete effectively if it fails to address the underlying issues and improve its reputation.

However, if takes proactive steps to enhance transparency, improve customer service, and implement more consumer-friendly policies, there is still potential for growth. The convenience and accessibility of online car buying and financing services are likely to remain appealing to many Canadians, particularly those with poor credit or limited access to traditional financing options.

Ultimately, the future success of will depend on its ability to adapt to evolving consumer expectations, address the reported issues, and build trust through improved practices and a commitment to ethical and transparent business operations.



In conclusion, while does not appear to be an outright scam, there are significant concerns regarding their business practices, transparency, and customer experience that should give potential users pause. The mixed reviews, allegations of predatory lending, and lack of clear information on financing terms and dealership partnerships raise red flags that cannot be ignored.

Ultimately, the decision to use’s services should be made with caution and only after conducting thorough research and vetting. It is crucial to carefully review all terms and conditions, seek pre-approvals from reputable lenders, and confirm the legitimacy of the specific dealerships involved. Additionally, considering alternative auto brokers or traditional financing options may be a safer route for many Canadian car buyers.

The key takeaway is that while the convenience of online auto brokers is appealing, it is essential to prioritize due diligence and consumer protection. By being an informed and cautious consumer, you can navigate the world of online car buying and financing while minimizing the risks of falling victim to deceptive or predatory practices.

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Questions About

Yes, is a legitimate car dealer and auto finance company operating in Canada. They are registered with the provincial consumer affairs offices to legally operate as an auto dealer and broker. Reviews on sites like Trustpilot and Birdeye show mostly positive feedback from Canadian customers regarding their services.

Yes, is an accredited business in Canada. They are registered with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in Canada and currently hold an A+ rating, showing that they meet BBB accreditation standards.

Yes, has several physical office locations across Canada, including in major cities like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, and more. Their head office is located in Richmond Hill, Ontario. They also have partnerships with local dealerships across Canada. sells a wide variety of makes and models of used cars in Canada, including popular brands like Honda, Toyota, Ford, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Nissan, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and more. They offer financing options for purchasers with good credit as well as those rebuilding their credit.

Yes, offers extended warranty options from reputable third-party providers on their used vehicle inventory in Canada. The warranties can provide coverage for mechanical breakdowns, electrical components, steering, braking systems and more, giving customers added peace of mind with their purchase. offers competitive financing rates to Canadian customers, even those with poor credit or who are rebuilding their credit. Interest rates can vary from around 4.99% for qualified buyers up to a maximum of 29.99% for subprime borrowers. There are also options like $0 down payment financing available.

Yes, has overwhelmingly positive reviews from Canadian buyers regarding their customer service, quality of vehicles, financing options and overall purchase experience. Review sites like Trustpilot, Facebook, Birdeye and others show 4+ star ratings on average.

Yes, adheres to ethical sales and lending practices according to Canadian consumer regulations. They are an accredited and registered auto dealer, committed to transparency with customers. Reviews praise their honest, non-pressure sales approach. prices their used vehicle inventory competitively within the Canadian market. They offer detailed pricing information upfront on their website with no hidden fees. Their unique buying power also allows them to acquire inventory at attractive prices to pass savings onto consumers. offers a 5-day money-back guarantee on vehicles purchased from their dealerships in Canada, allowing buyers to return the car if they change their mind. Some conditions apply, so buyers should understand the full terms and conditions of the guarantee before signing paperwork.

No, specifically sources vehicles already located within Canada to sell to Canadian consumers, so buyers don’t have to deal with additional paperwork or fees associated with importing cars across the border. All their inventory carries valid registrations within Canada. performs thorough inspections and reconditioning on all vehicles before listing them for sale on their Canadian website. They ensure any necessary repairs or maintenance is completed so they can stand behind the quality of the vehicles they sell to consumers across Canada.

Yes, specializes in offering auto financing approvals in Canada even for those with bad credit or no credit history. They have experts who can help find a used car loan or lease option tailored for your budget and credit situation with flexible terms.

Yes, the website allows Canadian consumers to browse inventory, get price quotes, apply for financing and more completely online. They also have a click-to-chat feature to instantly connect with a sales representative for any questions about the vehicles or purchasing process. dealerships across Canada are highly rated by customers online, with most locations boasting 4+ star ratings on Facebook, Google, DealerRater and other platforms. Buyers praise their friendly, no-pressure sales approach, pricing transparency and overall purchase experience. dealerships are typically open 6 days a week in Canada, operating between 9 am to 7 pm Monday through Saturday. Hours can vary by location, so consumers should check their local dealership page for specifics or call ahead before visiting. Their website and click-to-chat features are also available 24/7.

Yes, encourages test drives on vehicles at all their dealership locations across Canada. Test drives allow consumers to properly assess the car before committing to purchase. Customers simply need to show a valid driver’s license and can be accompanied by a sales agent on the drive if desired. offers extremely fast financing approvals in Canada, with many customers getting approved in just minutes through their easy online application form. They have special relationships with various lenders to expedite the approval process so consumers can drive home their new car without delay.

Yes, all dealerships readily accept trade-in vehicles from Canadian customers and will appraise your current car to put towards a new purchase from their lot. Their seamless trade-in program removes the hassle of selling your used car privately before buying.

Yes, offers a referral program in Canada that gives customers $100 for every friend they refer who goes on to purchase a vehicle. There is no limit, so buyers can earn free money for every person referred. It’s a great incentive on top of their already quality vehicles and service.

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