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Motor Trend Guide

Motor Trend Guide

For over 70 years, MotorTrend has been the leading source of automotive information and entertainment for enthusiasts around the world. What began in 1949 as one of the first magazines dedicated solely to automobiles has now evolved into a multi-platform media brand spanning print, television, websites, YouTube, and streaming video.

From the latest vehicle reviews and industry analysis to automotive reality shows and documentaries, MotorTrend offers something for every type of car lover. The company’s legacy is built on a commitment to providing independent, expert evaluations and trusted guidance to both consumers and industry insiders.

Over the decades, MotorTrend has pioneered innovations like Car of the Year awards, expanded into new forms of entertainment, and constantly adapted to emerging technologies. Today, it remains the ultimate destination for anyone passionate about cars.

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Launch of Motor Trend Magazine in 1949

Motor Trend has its origins dating back to 1949 when it was founded by Robert E. Petersen. Petersen was an entrepreneur who had a passion for cars and saw the need for a magazine dedicated solely to automobiles. At the time, most car coverage was included in general interest magazines aimed at men. Petersen launched Motor Trend as one of the very first magazines to cater directly to auto enthusiasts by providing extensive road tests, reviews, and analysis of the latest models.

The inaugural issue of Motor Trend debuted in September 1949 with the cover story declaring the new Oldsmobile Rocket 88 as the first “Postwar Dream Car.” This cover story established the magazine’s focus on showcasing and reviewing the newest automotive models and technology. In the early years, Motor Trend made a name for itself by purchasing test cars anonymously from dealers then putting each vehicle through various performance assessments. This set the standard for the magazine’s independent, unbiased vehicle testing.


Motor Trend Pioneers Car of the Year Award

In 1949, Motor Trend magazine started the prestigious Car of the Year award, which was the first of its kind for the automotive industry. This annual award was designed to showcase the latest and greatest new car models that were being introduced each model year.

Motor Trend’s editors would thoroughly test drive and evaluate all the new models each year. By comparing the various vehicles head-to-head, they selected one standout vehicle to be crowned Car of the Year. This gave the automaker of the winning model bragging rights as well as a marketing boost.

The Car of the Year award immediately became a coveted honor that automakers strived for. It provided them with positive publicity and credibility if their vehicle was chosen. For car buyers, the award helped guide their purchasing decisions and highlighted the most significant new cars.

Over the decades, the Motor Trend Car of the Year award has honored pioneering vehicles like the original Volkswagen Beetle, Chevrolet Corvette, and Ford Mustang. It continues today to showcase the automotive innovations and excellence with each new model year.


Expansion into Television in the 1990s

In 1996, Motor Trend expanded beyond print and launched its first television show – MotorWeek on TNN. This marked the brand’s initial foray into the world of automotive video content. MotorWeek provided enthusiasts with exclusive access to new vehicle reviews, industry news, motorsports coverage and more.

Over the years, MotorWeek evolved along with the Motor Trend brand. In 2017, Discovery acquired the program and rebranded it from MotorWeek to MotorTrend TV. This television network remains a core pillar of Motor Trend’s offerings today. Viewers can now stream over 3,000 episodes of MotorTrend TV content on-demand.


Transition to Digital Platforms

In addition to print and television, MotorTrend has embraced the digital revolution to expand the brand’s reach and better serve auto enthusiasts in the modern age. This transition to digital began in the early 2000s with the launch of, which provides the latest automotive news articles, first look reviews, buyer’s guides, and more. The website allows MotorTrend to rapidly update enthusiasts with breaking stories in the fast-paced car industry.

MotorTrend has also built a massive presence on YouTube, with over 6 million subscribers tuning in for new vehicle reveals, test drives, celebrity interviews, and original series. The YouTube channel provides on-demand video content for gearheads around the world.

Furthermore, MotorTrend has expanded into mobile apps and on-demand streaming platforms. The MotorTrend app allows users to watch shows, read magazines, and stay current on auto news from anywhere. And in 2015, MotorTrend launched an on-demand digital subscription service called MotorTrend OnDemand to give customers access to exclusive automotive video content. This was rebranded as MotorTrend+ in 2020.

By leveraging these digital products, MotorTrend has established itself as an omni-channel brand, able to engage and inform auto enthusiasts across print, television, websites, apps, and streaming video.


Acquisition by Discovery, Inc. in 2019

In 2019, MotorTrend Group was acquired by Discovery, Inc., the parent company of the Discovery Channel, TLC, and other major cable TV networks. This represented a massive shift for MotorTrend, joining forces with Discovery’s portfolio of other automotive brands.

Discovery already owned Velocity, a TV network focused on tools, builds, and how-to content which was later rebranded to become MotorTrend TV. They also operated Discovery GO, an on-demand streaming service with some automotive programming.

By acquiring MotorTrend Group, Discovery solidified its position as the leader in automotive entertainment across screens. It allowed them to combine MotorTrend’s magazine expertise, digital savvy, and production capabilities with Discovery’s distribution reach and resources.

For MotorTrend, being acquired by Discovery opened up access to new audiences through Discovery’s TV networks and streaming platforms. It also provided additional funding and support to expand MotorTrend’s own online video efforts in order to engage the next generation of automotive fans.

Overall, the acquisition represented a definitive moment for the evolution of MotorTrend. Joining Discovery’s portfolio unlocked synergistic opportunities and set the stage for MotorTrend’s continued growth across print, digital, social media, and television.


Motor Trend’s Print Magazine Today

Motor Trend magazine remains the flagship print publication for the brand over 70 years after first hitting newsstands. As the longest-running American automobile magazine, it has firmly established itself as the leading print outlet covering the auto industry. While Motor Trend has expanded into television and digital platforms, its print magazine still sits at the core of the brand.

The monthly magazine provides comprehensive vehicle reviews, technology news, buyer’s guides, industry analysis and more. One of the most highly-anticipated sections each month is Motor Trend’s vehicle comparison tests. The magazine’s editors thoroughly evaluate the latest models head-to-head, providing data-driven rankings to help readers select their next new car or truck.

Over the decades, Motor Trend has evaluated thousands of production and concept vehicles from all manufacturers. It offers trusted, unbiased perspectives on everything from family sedans to supercars. The magazine has a reputation for taking the time to deeply understand each vehicle as a complete package.

While the digital age has reduced the popularity of print magazines across the board, Motor Trend continues to deliver value to enthusiasts who appreciate holding a physical product. The in-depth, glossy print articles provide an engaging experience for auto aficionados. For those who have been loyal readers for years, the monthly arrival of a new issue is still a highly-anticipated occasion.


MotorTrend TV Network & Streaming Platform

One of the most significant expansions for MotorTrend came in 1996 with the launch of MotorWeek on television. This weekly automotive program provided enthusiasts with an in-depth look at the latest vehicles and technology news. Over 20 years later, MotorWeek evolved into a full 24/7 cable TV network known as MotorTrend TV.

MotorTrend TV is available widely across cable and satellite platforms, bringing automotive entertainment into millions of homes. The television channel airs MotorTrend’s popular original programs like Roadkill, Top Gear America, and many more. Viewers can find exclusive automotive documentaries, reality shows, and series showcasing the best of the car world.

In addition to the linear cable channel, MotorTrend also offers a streaming video platform called MotorTrend+. This subscription on-demand service contains MotorTrend’s entire library of shows, allowing enthusiasts to watch their favorite programs online or on mobile devices. Between the television network and streaming service, MotorTrend delivers automotive entertainment to fans however they choose to watch.


Leading Auto Website & YouTube Channel

In addition to its print and television offerings, MotorTrend has a leading presence online through its website and highly popular YouTube channel. The MotorTrend website provides the latest automotive news articles, first looks at upcoming vehicles, spy photos, and more. This allows MotorTrend to rapidly update enthusiasts with breaking stories and information from across the industry.

Meanwhile, MotorTrend’s YouTube channel has over 6 million subscribers who tune in to see new vehicle reveals, reviews, and exclusive video content. Between the website and YouTube channel, MotorTrend has a massive digital audience of millions of engaged auto enthusiasts. These platforms complement the magazine and television offerings by providing up-to-the-minute information and entertainment.


Unmatched Combination of Offerings

What truly sets MotorTrend apart from other automotive brands is its unmatched combination of offerings across print, television, and digital platforms. For over 70 years, MotorTrend has published its flagship print magazine, delivering thoroughly researched vehicle reviews and the latest industry news to subscribers’ mailboxes each month. This established the brand as an authority in the automotive space.

In the 1990s, MotorTrend expanded into television with the launch of MotorWeek on TNN. This was later rebranded as MotorTrend TV, which is now available as a 24/7 cable channel and on-demand streaming service. Viewers can tune in anytime to watch MotorTrend’s popular original automotive programs.

On the digital side, MotorTrend operates leading automotive websites like and has a hugely popular YouTube channel with over 6 million subscribers. These platforms allow MotorTrend to constantly update enthusiasts with the latest auto news, reviews, and vehicle reveals. Across web, mobile apps, and on-demand streaming, MotorTrend offers enthusiasts customized digital experiences.

With authoritative print magazines, television programming, and digital content all under one brand, MotorTrend provides unmatched depth and variety for automotive fans. No other brand comes close to MotorTrend’s multi-platform approach centered around high-quality automotive editorial.


Commitment to Quality Reviews

One of the key reasons MotorTrend has remained the leader in automotive media for over 70 years is its steadfast commitment to producing thoroughly researched, high-quality vehicle evaluations. When a new model hits the market, MotorTrend’s team of experts puts it through rigorous testing and analysis. This includes instrumented performance testing on closed courses and public roads to obtain objective metrics like acceleration, braking, and handling. The team also spends extensive time with each vehicle, evaluating more subjective aspects like interior ergonomics, ride comfort, and styling.

Every MotorTrend vehicle review showcases the publication’s expertise through insightful observations and critiques based on first-hand experience. Reviewers highlight each vehicle’s strengths and weaknesses, comparing it to competitors in its class. The goal is to provide consumers with all the details they need to make an informed decision. MotorTrend takes pride in being the most trusted source for accurate, in-depth automotive evaluations that look at vehicles from every angle.


Constant Expansion

MotorTrend has never been content to stand still, and is constantly expanding into new forms of automotive entertainment. The brand first made its name in print magazines, then jumped to television, and has since aggressively adopted emerging digital platforms. MotorTrend recognizes the media landscape is constantly shifting, so it strives to adopt fresh ways of engaging gearheads.

For example, MotorTrend was an early mover in launching a robust YouTube channel, now with over 6 million subscribers. This allowed them to quickly share new vehicle reveals, test drives, and breaking news stories. Likewise, MotorTrend developed mobile apps to serve enthusiasts on-the-go and make content accessible anywhere. Most recently, MotorTrend launched a premium streaming video service called MotorTrend+ to provide fans an on-demand library.

This ceaseless expansion allows MotorTrend to reach auto enthusiasts however they choose to consume media. The company isn’t tethered to any one platform, and can fluidly move to new areas. While print magazines and television shows remain core offerings, MotorTrend is just as focused on emerging avenues like social media, streaming, and interactive content. It’s this willingness to embrace the new that keeps MotorTrend feeling fresh even after 70+ years.


News and Reviews for Enthusiasts and Buyers

As the flagship publication of MotorTrend, the print magazine serves both automotive enthusiasts and new car buyers. For over 70 years, it has kept readers up to date on the latest models, trends, and technology advancements happening across the auto industry. While enthusiasts enjoy immersing themselves in the world of cars, those shopping for their next vehicle rely on MotorTrend for its trusted reviews and recommendations.

The MotorTrend magazine provides comprehensive coverage of each new model year. As soon as automakers reveal their latest offerings, the MotorTrend team begins its thorough evaluation process. Reviewers test drive pre-production models on real roads and closed courses, pushing the vehicles to their limits. This hands-on analysis combined with instrumented testing provides the data and insights that set MotorTrend reviews apart. The writers highlight key factors shoppers care about like performance, comfort, technology, safety, and value.

In addition to new model reviews, MotorTrend informs readers on the major stories impacting the automotive landscape. From groundbreaking EVs to autonomous driving advancements, MotorTrend analyzes these developments and their implications for consumers. Industry news, insights from auto shows worldwide, and exclusive sneak peeks keep enthusiasts plugged into the pulse of the car world. For over seven decades, MotorTrend has been the trusted source for both car fans and shoppers navigating the new vehicle marketplace.


Analysis and Comparisons

MotorTrend provides some of the most in-depth analysis and comparisons of automotive models and technology trends in the industry. Their team of experts thoroughly test drives and evaluates each new vehicle, providing consumers with trusted insights that can’t be found anywhere else.

When a major new model is released, you can count on MotorTrend to cover it from every angle. They put the latest vehicles through numerous performance assessments and instrumented testing, like acceleration, braking, handling, and fuel economy. This data allows for side-by-side comparisons across the competition to see how a car truly stacks up.

MotorTrend also analyzes the latest automotive technology, from electric vehicle drivetrains to advanced driver assistance systems. Their engineers dive into the technical details and evaluate real-world functionality. Areas like safety, efficiency, comfort, and capability are explored to determine the benefits and drawbacks of emerging automotive tech.

In addition to testing, MotorTrend provides insight into industry trends and topics that impact car buyers. This includes analysis of consumer preferences, design and styling influences, manufacturing changes, and market shifts. With 70+ years of experience covering the auto industry, MotorTrend offers perspective and context to help make sense of where the market is headed.

For any automotive enthusiast interested in more than just surface-level information, MotorTrend delivers the thorough assessment and reporting needed to fully understand new vehicles and technology. Their unmatched evaluations allow consumers to research purchases with confidence.


Entertainment Shows for Automotive Enthusiasts

In addition to authoritative news and vehicle reviews, MotorTrend offers a wide array of entertaining automotive television shows and streaming programs. These showcase the excitement of cars and trucks for enthusiasts of all kinds.

One of the most popular MotorTrend original programs is Roadkill. This reality show documents automotive enthusiasts David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan as they embark on a variety of crazy automotive adventures. Each episode features the duo going on a road trip in an impractical or neglected vehicle unequipped for the journey ahead. Half the fun is seeing if their clunker cars will even make it to the destination. Roadkill has spawned several spinoff shows and specials over its 12+ seasons on air.

For fans of the hit British automotive show Top Gear, MotorTrend offers an American adaptation called Top Gear America. It features expert hosts Dax Shepard, Rob Corddry and Jethro Bovingdon putting vehicles through extreme challenges and stunts. Like the original Top Gear, it focuses on entertainment as much as automotive information. New episodes air exclusively on the MotorTrend streaming service.

In addition to its original programs, MotorTrend licenses many other popular automotive reality shows and documentaries. Fans can binge classics like Fast N’ Loud, Wheeler Dealers, Bitchin’ Rides, Texas Metal, and many more. The MotorTrend streaming library essentially offers an all-you-can-eat buffet for auto entertainment fans.

Whether you like wrenching, custom builds, road trips, crazy stunts or automotive history, MotorTrend has an original show or licensed program to fulfill any car enthusiast’s entertainment needs. The television and streaming content complements the expert vehicle reviews and analysis, engaging auto fans on every level.


MotorTrend Offers Something For Every Automotive Enthusiast

With over 70 years of experience in the automotive industry, MotorTrend has cemented itself as the ultimate destination for anyone enthusiastic about cars and trucks. The brand offers a diverse array of high-quality products that cater to every type of auto aficionado.

For those looking to research their next vehicle purchase, MotorTrend provides trusted news articles and comprehensive vehicle reviews. Expert evaluations analyze every aspect of the latest models, helping buyers make informed decisions. MotorTrend’s decades of experience testing cars gives it unrivaled authority that consumers can rely on.

Enthusiasts who want to stay current on industry trends and developments will find MotorTrend’s coverage of the latest technologies and innovations second-to-none. The brand doesn’t just focus on new vehicles themselves but everything impacting the automotive world.

If you’re looking for entertainment, MotorTrend’s television programs, from documentaries to reality shows, offer something to satisfy any gearhead. Exciting original series feature unique automotive builds and road tests sure to thrill viewers.

For industry insiders like designers and engineers, MotorTrend provides valued perspective into consumer preferences and future directions. Its new vehicle evaluations are studied closely by auto manufacturers. The brand has also become a platform to debut concepts and prototypes.

With authoritative news, trusted reviews, in-depth analysis, and engaging entertainment, MotorTrend continues growing and evolving to serve every kind of auto enthusiast. It offers a one-stop shop for anything related to cars and trucks.

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Questions About Motor Trend

Motortrend is an American automobile magazine and media company focused on the automotive industry. Founded in 1949, it is known for its car reviews, industry news, auto show coverage, and the prestigious “Car of the Year” award that it gives out annually.


Motortrend started out as a print magazine but has expanded over the years into a multimedia brand with a website, YouTube channel, television network, subscription streaming service, events, and more. The company provides automotive enthusiasts and potential car buyers with the latest news, in-depth vehicle reviews, comparison tests, auto show coverage, and expert opinions.


In Canada, Motortrend’s television network and streaming platforms are available to view automotive shows and original programming. Canadians can also subscribe to the print and digital versions of Motortrend magazine. The brand has a strong following and reputation as an authoritative voice in the automotive world.

Some Canadian-focused automotive content that Motortrend produces includes:


– Reviews and test drives of new vehicles available in the Canadian marketplace

– Analysis of sales trends and popularity of various models in Canada

– Interviews with Canadian auto industry executives and experts

– Coverage of the Canadian International AutoShow in Toronto

– Features on Canadian aftermarket companies and builders

– Showcasing vehicles and builders from Canadian events like Tuner Galleria


In addition, Motortrend sometimes compares vehicles available in both Canada and the United States, analyzing the differences in models, pricing, features and more between the two markets.


Overall Motortrend aims to provide Canadian gearheads, car enthusiasts and shoppers with automotive coverage tailored specifically to vehicles and trends relevant to them.

In Canada, Motortrend’s television network and shows primarily air on:


– Discovery Velocity – Motortrend’s Canadian TV channel with automotive-focused series and originals

– Discovery – Airs select Motortrend programming like Top Gear, Wheeler Dealers and Iron Resurrection

– TSN2 – Airs Motortrend’s All Girls Garage automotive show


Some of the popular Motortrend shows that air on these Canadian channels include Roadkill, Engine Masters, Hot Rod Garage, Fast N Loud, Overhaulin’, and more.


Many of Motortrend’s hit automotive TV series are also available to stream on demand via online platforms and apps like MotorTrend Plus, MotorTrend OnDemand, discovery+ and TSN Direct in Canada.

Motortrend’s global headquarters is located in El Segundo, California in the United States. The company’s main office is located at:


Motortrend Group, LLC

825 S. Barrington Ave.

El Segundo, CA 90245

United States


In addition to the El Segundo HQ, Motortrend has other offices and operations based in:


– New York City

– Detroit

– Nashville

– Los Angeles area


The company originated from Los Angeles where its magazine publishing arm still operates from. Motortrend also has a production office in Detroit dedicated to developing automotive television programming.

No, Motortrend does not currently publish a separate Canadian edition of its print magazine. The Motortrend magazine available in Canada is the standard U.S. version featuring the same content.


However, Motortrend does produce Canadian-focused automotive content across its other media platforms like its website, YouTube channel, television shows and online streaming services. These provide coverage of new cars in Canada, trends in the Canadian car market, auto shows like the CIAS Toronto, and profiles of Canadian builders, racers and enthusiasts.


Canadians can subscribe to have the American print and digital versions of Motortrend delivered for the latest reviews, industry news, analysis and more from an international perspective. Content relevant to Canadian readers is also regularly featured.

Some of the biggest and most prestigious automotive awards handed out annually by Motortrend include:


– Car of the Year (COTY) – Top overall new vehicle that outperforms competitors

– Truck of the Year – Best all-new or significantly updated pickup truck model

– SUV of the Year – Most outstanding new Sport Utility Vehicle

– Person of the Year – Honors an inspiring individual making impact on automotive world

– Best Driver’s Car – Top performing vehicle chosen from Motortrend’s annual competition


Winning one of Motortrend’s awards, especially the coveted Car of the Year title, is considered a top honor that vehicle manufacturers fiercely compete for as it provides major marketing and sales boosts.

Motortrend hosts and participates in various influential annual automotive events including:


– Roadkill Nights – Powered by Dodge – Car festival featuring drag racing & concerts

– Car of the Year testing – Intense evaluation process to determine the COTY winner

– Power Tour – Week-long cross country road trip for car enthusiasts to participate in

– Drag Week – National tour for street-legal drag racing cars organized by Hot Rod

– Car Craft Summer Nationals – Multi-day car show & racing event in Minnesota

– Tuner Fest – Showcases customized import tuner vehicles and builders


These events allow Motortrend to connect directly with gearheads and fans while showcasing the latest vehicles put through extreme tests and competitions. Attendees can check out Motortrend’s branded project vehicles too.

Yes, Motortrend participates in a few Canadian automotive events each year to engage directly with enthusiasts locally. Some Canadian Motortrend happenings include:


– Canadian International AutoShow (CIAS) – Motortrend has a display booth

– CSCS Pro Touring Kickoff – Series opener car show that Motortrend supports

– Race of Gentlemen Canada – Vintage pre-1935 race cars compete on the beach

– Tuner Galleria Canada – Showcases lowered import tuner cars and builders


In addition, Motortrend sometimes brings its popular Roadkill Nights event to Canada or has Canadian racers and project vehicles compete at its U.S. based racing series and competitions.


These all provide opportunities for Canadian fans to interact with Motortrend personalities and content.

Some of the most popular on-air talents, hosts and builders associated with Motortrend include:


– Mike Finnegan & David Freiburger – Co-hosts of Roadkill garage project car show

– Richard Rawlings & Aaron Kaufman – Fast N Loud show based at Gas Monkey Garage

– Rutledge Wood – NASCAR analyst and Top Gear America host

– Faye Hadley – All Girls Garage host & lead builder

– Steve Dulcich – Engine Masters co-host; renowned engine builder

– Brett Harris – Custom car fabricator seen on Bitchin’ Rides

– Cristy Lee – All Girls Garage host, tech expert and motoring journalist


These are just a few examples of the many talented automotive personalities that entertain and inform Motortrend audiences. Some have become celebrities amongst gearheads and car builders.

Roadkill is one of Motortrend’s most popular YouTube shows and television series. Hosted by David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan, it follows the duo as they build absurd project cars creatively on tight budgets to compete in road rallies and automotive challenges across America.


What makes Roadkill unique is that the builds are outrageous, often comical, and break down frequently in chaotic fashion. Viewers get to see Freiburger and Finnegan’s raw reactions while pushing their shop experiments to the limit in fun adventures appealing to car guys’ senses of humor.


The show captures their genuine enthusiasm despite peril and don’t pretend to be professional builders. Roadkill has garnered a cult following and expanded into several spin-offs like Roadkill Garage and Roadkill Extra.

The current hosts leading Motortrend’s American version of the hit automotive entertainment show Top Gear include actors and automotive enthusiasts:


– Dax Shepard – Actor and comedian; known for films like Without a Paddle and CHiPs

– Rob Corddry – Actor and comedian; known for Warm Bodies and Hot Tub Time Machine

– Jethro Bovingdon – British automotive journalist formerly with DRIVE magazine


This trio test drive exotic supercars, review models, explore automotive history and culture, compete against each other in fun challenges, and go on hilarious adventures. They bring their own unique perspectives and humor to Top Gear America.


Previous hosts have included William Fichtner, Antron Brown, Tom Ford and Tanner Foust over the different iterations of Top Gear U.S. since 2010 when Motortrend first started adapting the British hit show.

Fast N Loud follows larger-than-life car builder Richard Rawlings and his crew at Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas as they buy, restore and resell classic cars in short timeframes for big profits.


Led by Rawlings, an expert wheeler-dealer, Gas Monkey takes run-down retro vehicles and transforms them into customized hot rods and collectibles using tight budgets, tight deadlines and their creativity to flip for lucrative sums.


The high-energy show captures the crew’s banter, mechanical challenges, custom fabrication solutions and automotive business dealings that car enthusiasts find entertaining. Fast N Loud helped boost business for Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill and brand’s nationwide.

Yes, Canadian gearheads can get Motortrend’s streaming service that offers automotive entertainment on-demand by subscribing to MotorTrend Plus, MotorTrend OnDemand, or the MotorTrend TV channel via certain TV providers.


This grants access to stream Motortrend’s full library of over 3,500 hours of exclusive shows featuring some of the channel’s most popular programs like Roadkill, Top Gear America, Wheeler Dealers, Iron Resurrection and much more.


Motortrend originals can be watched online or via apps on connected devices like smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, media players, etc. Provideing unlimited access to Motortrend content commercial-free.


The streaming options make Motortrend’s automotive programming more accessible than ever for Canadian superfans.

Renowned Canadian car builder and mechanic Edd China rose to fame in the UK and internationally as co-host of the hit car restoration show Wheeler Dealers for its first 13 seasons.


The show, which airs on Discovery networks worldwide, follows Edd as he works with Mike Brewer to fix up and “flip” used cars purchased in need of repairs. Edd handled all the mechanical work using his impressive fabrication skills to get the retro vehicles roadworthy and sold for a profit.


Wheeler Dealers continues without Edd today but his epic repairs and frank advice made the show a global sensation, earning Edd celebrity status as a talented and eccentric restoration guru based out of the Toronto area.

In addition to its TV network, Motortrend operates over a dozen popular YouTube channels focused on the automotive genre including:


– Roadkill – Most subscribed automotive channel on YouTube

– Engine Masters – Engine build and dyno testing show

– Hot Rod Garage – How-to instructional hot rodding series

– Dirt Every Day – Hardcore off-road vehicle projects

– Jessi Combs Garage – Fab shop builds from the late Jessi Combs

– Fast N’ Loud – Clips from Richard Rawlings’ Gas Monkey

– Wheeler Dealers – Edd China’s restoration show

– Car Fix – Repair shop reality series

– Iron Resurrection – Custom fabrication experts

– Texas Metal – Dallas-based hot rod shop


Together Motortrend’s YouTube channels have over 50 million subscribers and billions of video views. The shows offer instruction, entertainment and automotive-themed content for gearheads daily.

In addition to its flagship Motortrend magazine, the media company has published many other automotive focused magazines over the decades including:


– Hot Rod – Launch in 1948 covering hot rodding and muscle cars

– 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords – Focused on the Ford Mustang specifically

– Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords – Another Mustang-centric publication

– Truck Trend – Pickup truck version of Motortrend car mag

– Import Tuner – Focused on sport compact tuning scene

– Lowrider – Customization of lowered vehicles and hydraulics

– Four Wheeler – Off-roading magazine now called Dirt Sports

– Motorcyclist – Motorcycle reviews and industry news


Several of these publications are now mainly digital but were influential staples in the automotive and motorsports genres over the years helping cement Motortrend’s status as the top publisher.

Some car companies that Motortrend has close partnerships with include:


– Dodge – Sponsors Motortrend’s Roadkill Nights event

– Ford – Provides fleet of new models annually for testing

– Chevrolet – Supplies cars & funds customs like Blazer the Baddie

– Toyota – Major sponsor of Motortrend’s Car of the Year award

– Kia – Recently sponsored Motortrend’s SUV of the Year testing

– Nissan – Longtime automotive partner across Motortrend brands

– Jeep – Primary sponsor of annual Motortrend SUV event

– Mercedes-Benz – Supplied first electric COTY contender


These are just a few examples. Almost every major automaker works with Motortrend to showcase vehicles, fund builds, sponsor activations, or support the influential awards programs.


Access and partnerships with all manufacturers is crucial for Motortrend to cover the industry from all angles.

Many leading aftermarket automotive parts brands sponsor Motortrend programming and provide components for project vehicles including:


– Summit Racing – Primary sponsor of Roadkill Drag Week

– Holley Performance – Makes carburetors & fuel systems

– COMP Cams – Engine valve train components manufacturer

– Fragola Performance – Specializes in fluid transfer systems

– BASF Paint – Supplies RM paint for restorations

– Falken Tire – Made tires equipped on several Motortrend builds

– Optima Batteries – Provides ultimate power for Motortrend rides

– MagnaFlow Exhaust – Creates performance exhaust systems

– Hurst Shifters – Maker of iconic manual transmission shifters

– Aeromotive Fuel Systems – High-end fuel delivery components


These are just a sample of the hundreds of respected aftermarket companies that support Motortrend’s shows through sponsorships, supplying parts, and project vehicle integration.

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