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Subaru Crosstrek Pricing

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The Subaru Crosstrek is a compact SUV that has become a popular choice among Canadian drivers seeking an adventure-ready vehicle. Combining the ruggedness of an SUV with the nimble handling and efficiency of a smaller car, the Crosstrek offers the perfect blend of capability and practicality.

With its raised ground clearance, standard all-wheel drive, and rugged exterior styling, the Crosstrek is built to tackle outdoor adventures with ease. Whether you’re navigating snowy city streets or venturing off the beaten path on a camping trip, this versatile crossover is designed to handle it all.

Despite its adventurous spirit, the Crosstrek remains a highly practical choice for daily driving. Its compact size makes it easy to maneuver in tight urban spaces, while its spacious interior and ample cargo capacity ensure you can bring all your gear along for the ride.

With its unique combination of off-road capability, fuel efficiency, and everyday livability, the Subaru Crosstrek has carved out a niche as a go-anywhere compact SUV that perfectly suits the active Canadian lifestyle.

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Base Pricing for 2023 Crosstrek Trims in Canada

The 2023 Subaru Crosstrek is available in five well-equipped trim levels in Canada: Convenience, Touring, Sport, Outdoor, and Limited. Each model offers a unique blend of features and capabilities, allowing buyers to choose the perfect fit for their needs and budget.

Here’s a breakdown of the base Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices (MSRP) for the 2023 Crosstrek lineup across Canada:


  • Crosstrek Convenience: $24,995
  • Crosstrek Touring: $28,495
  • Crosstrek Sport: $29,995
  • Crosstrek Outdoor: $31,495
  • Crosstrek Limited: $34,495


It’s important to note that Subaru’s pricing can vary slightly by region due to factors like freight charges and dealer fees. For example, prices may be slightly higher in remote areas or provinces further from Subaru’s distribution centers.

The base Convenience trim serves as an affordable entry point into the Crosstrek lineup, while models like the Touring, Sport, Outdoor, and Limited pile on additional comfort, tech, and off-road upgrades at incrementally higher price points.


Subaru Crosstrek Convenience: Standard Features

The base Convenience trim of the 2023 Subaru Crosstrek may be the most affordable option, but it’s far from bare-bones. Even at this entry-level, you get a well-equipped compact SUV loaded with desirable features and Subaru’s renowned safety technology.

On the safety front, every 2023 Crosstrek comes standard with Subaru’s EyeSight Driver Assist Technology. This suite of advanced driver aids includes adaptive cruise control, pre-collision braking, lane keep assist, and lane departure warning. These features provide an extra layer of protection and convenience on the road.

Stepping inside, the Convenience trim offers a comfortable and connected cabin. The Starlink multimedia system with a 6.5-inch touchscreen allows seamless integration of your smartphone via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. You can stream music, answer calls, and access apps directly through the user-friendly interface.

Other standard amenities on the base Crosstrek include automatic climate control, a height-adjustable driver’s seat, and heated front seats to keep you cozy on chilly mornings. The 60/40 split-folding rear seatbacks provide versatility for carrying passengers and cargo. And with 8.7 inches of ground clearance, the Crosstrek provides a commanding view of the road ahead.


Adding Optional Packages to Increase Capability

While the base Crosstrek Convenience trim comes well-equipped for everyday driving, Subaru offers several option packages to boost the crossover’s off-road capability. These packages add functional upgrades like all-terrain tires, upgraded suspension components, and protective skid plates to help the Crosstrek tackle tougher terrain.

The most affordable option is the Convenience Trim’s Optional Package (pricing TBD), which includes 17-inch black alloy wheels, all-terrain tires, raised suspension, and engine skid plate. This entry-level package gives the Crosstrek some extra ground clearance and improved traction for light off-roading.

For more serious adventures, the Outdoor Trim’s Optional Package (pricing TBD) takes it a step further with a full-size spare tire, front skid plate, and upgraded all-terrain tires on 17-inch wheels. It also includes roof rails to secure gear like bikes, kayaks, or camping equipment.

The range-topping option is the Sport Trim’s Performance Package (pricing TBD), designed for maximum capability. Key upgrades include 18-inch wheels wrapped in aggressive all-terrain tires, a revised sport-tuned suspension, front skid plate, and dual-function X-MODE for optimized traction in various conditions. This package transforms the Crosstrek into a true off-road-ready crossover.

While pricing details are still forthcoming, these optional packages allow buyers to customize their Crosstrek’s capability based on their needs and budget. Even the base Convenience model can be equipped to handle light-duty trails and camping trips with the right options.


The Trail-Ready 2023 Crosstrek Wilderness Edition

For the 2023 model year, Subaru has introduced an all-new, rugged Wilderness trim to the Crosstrek lineup, catering to adventurous Canadians seeking enhanced off-road capability. The 2023 Crosstrek Wilderness starts at an MSRP of $37,995, positioning it near the top of the range but offering a compelling value proposition for its trail-focused upgrades.

Under the hood, the Wilderness Edition retains the same 2.5-liter four-cylinder Boxer engine found in other Crosstrek trims, producing 182 horsepower and 176 lb-ft of torque. However, it’s the chassis and exterior enhancements that truly set this variant apart. With a ground clearance of 9.2 inches – over an inch higher than the standard Crosstrek – the Wilderness boasts improved approach, departure, and breakover angles for tackling steep inclines and obstacles.

The suspension has been fortified with Subaru’s renowned X-MODE off-road driving system, featuring hill descent control and settings tailored for different terrain types. Complementing the upgraded suspension are aggressive Yokohama GEOLANDAR all-terrain tires, designed to provide superior traction on loose surfaces like mud, sand, and gravel.

Aesthetically, the Crosstrek Wilderness stands out with its butch, outdoor-ready styling. A bold front grille, matte-black hood decal, and signature amber-colored accents give it an unmistakably rugged appearance. The larger wheel arches accommodate the beefier tires, while front and rear skid plates protect the underbody from trail obstacles.

Compared to the top-tier Crosstrek Limited, which starts at $34,995, the Wilderness Edition commands a $3,000 premium for its off-road enhancements. However, it delivers exceptional value for outdoor enthusiasts seeking a compact, trail-capable crossover straight from the factory. With its blend of capability, utility, and Subaru’s renowned all-wheel-drive pedigree, the 2023 Crosstrek Wilderness is poised to be a compelling choice for adventurous Canadian drivers.


True Pricing: From MSRP to Final Cost

While the manufacturer’s suggested retail prices (MSRPs) provide a good baseline, the final cost you’ll pay for a new Subaru Crosstrek in Canada can be higher once additional fees and taxes are factored in. It’s important to understand these extra expenses to budget accurately and avoid surprises at the dealership.

First, there are destination and delivery charges, often referred to as freight and PDI (pre-delivery inspection) fees. These cover the cost of transporting the vehicle from the factory to the dealership and prepping it for sale. For the 2023 Crosstrek, expect to pay around $2,095 for freight and PDI on top of the MSRP.

Next, you’ll need to account for taxes. In most Canadian provinces, you’ll pay a sales tax (GST/HST/PST) calculated as a percentage of the total price including the MSRP and freight fees. Additionally, some provinces have other taxes and levies like air conditioning excise tax that can add a few hundred dollars.

Many dealerships also tack on additional fees beyond just taxes and freight charges. Common dealer fees include documentation fees, administration fees, and other miscellaneous charges that can total $500-$1,000 or more. While frustrating, these markups are legal and widely practiced.

Finally, depending on market conditions and inventory levels, some dealers may add a “market adjustment” or “additional dealer markup” to further increase profits on in-demand models like the Crosstrek. These controversial fees can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars over MSRP.

To estimate your final, out-the-door pricing, take the MSRP for your desired Crosstrek trim, add freight, taxes for your province, and a reasonable dealer fee estimate. Be prepared to negotiate market adjustments or look for dealers not charging inflated markups.


Tips for Negotiating the Best Deal

While the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) provides a baseline for Crosstrek pricing, savvy buyers can often negotiate a better deal by leveraging incentives, discounts, and smart negotiation tactics. Here are some tips to help you get the best possible price on your new Subaru Crosstrek in Canada:


Research Incentives and Rebates: Subaru frequently offers incentives like cash rebates, low APR financing, and loyalty discounts for current Subaru owners. Check Subaru’s Canadian website and contact local dealers to learn about the latest offers that could reduce your bottom line.

Time Your Purchase: Car prices can fluctuate based on demand and inventory levels. Aim to buy towards the end of the month or year when dealers are eager to meet sales targets and clear out existing stock. You may find more motivated sellers and better deals.

Get Multiple Quotes: Don’t just visit one dealer. Get pricing quotes from at least three Subaru dealers in your area. This allows you to compare offers and use competing quotes as leverage during negotiations.

Negotiate Wisely: Come prepared with your research on incentives, invoice pricing, and market value for the specific Crosstrek trim you want. Be polite but firm, and don’t be afraid to walk away if a dealer refuses to budge on an unreasonable price.

Consider Ordering from the Factory: If you’re willing to wait a few months, ordering a Crosstrek directly from the factory could yield better pricing than what’s available on dealer lots. Dealers may be more flexible on custom orders.

Explore All Costs: In addition to negotiating the sale price, be sure to review fees for things like documentation, freight and PDI charges, and taxes. Some of these may have wiggle room as part of your overall negotiations.


Value Comparison Across Crosstrek Trims

With five distinct trim levels available for the 2023 Subaru Crosstrek in Canada, it’s important to understand the value proposition of each one. While the base Convenience trim offers an affordable entry point, stepping up through the lineup adds increasingly more features and capability. Here’s a breakdown of what you get at each Crosstrek price point:


Convenience ($24,720 MSRP): The value play here is getting a well-equipped compact SUV with standard AWD and driver assists like EyeSight for under $25K. It’s a solid choice for urban commuters, but lacks some of the off-road upgrades of higher trims.

Touring ($27,520 MSRP): Building on the Convenience, the Touring adds an 8-inch infotainment system, dual-zone climate control, and a premium Harman Kardon audio system. It represents a nice blend of value, tech, and comfort features.

Sport ($29,320 MSRP): With its two-tone exterior styling, 18-inch wheels, and sport-tuned suspension, the Sport trim injects a sportier look and feel. It’s a compelling option for those wanting a more aggressive stance without the hardcore off-road upgrades of the Wilderness.

Outdoor ($31,420 MSRP): Tailored for adventurers, the Outdoor comes standard with the rugged exterior accents of the Sport, plus a larger 8.7-inch infotainment screen and water-repellent StarTex upholstery. It splits the difference between urban refinement and trail capability.

Wilderness ($37,995 MSRP): The flagship of the lineup, the Wilderness is the ultimate off-road Crosstrek. Its lifted suspension, all-terrain tires, skid plates, and upgraded drivetrain make it remarkably capable. The premium pricing reflects its status as the most rugged, trail-ready trim.


Across the board, every Crosstrek delivers exceptional value with standard AWD, impressive safety ratings, and Subaru’s reputation for reliability and longevity. As you move up the trim walk, you’re paying more for increased off-road prowess, technology features, and premium interior appointments. For most buyers, the sweet spot is likely the well-equipped Touring or the adventure-oriented Outdoor.


Subaru Crosstrek’s Strong Safety Ratings

When it comes to safety, the Subaru Crosstrek doesn’t disappoint. This compact crossover has consistently earned top marks from leading safety organizations, thanks to its robust construction and advanced driver-assist technologies.

In crash tests conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), the 2023 Crosstrek earned the highest possible rating of “Top Safety Pick+” when equipped with specific headlights. This accolade is reserved for vehicles that perform exceptionally well in various crash scenarios and offer superior front crash prevention systems.

The Crosstrek’s standard EyeSight Driver Assist Technology plays a crucial role in its safety credentials. This suite of advanced safety features includes adaptive cruise control, pre-collision braking, lane keep assist, and lane departure warning. EyeSight acts as an extra set of eyes on the road, helping drivers stay alert and avoid potential collisions.

Additionally, the Crosstrek comes equipped with a rearview camera, rear automatic braking, and Subaru’s advanced ring-shaped reinforcement frame. This robust body structure is designed to absorb and distribute impact energy effectively, protecting occupants in the event of a collision.

With its exceptional safety ratings and cutting-edge driver-assist technologies, the Subaru Crosstrek provides peace of mind for drivers and their passengers. Whether navigating city streets or embarking on outdoor adventures, you can rest assured that this compact crossover prioritizes your safety every mile of the journey.


Top Crosstrek Alternatives to Consider

While the Subaru Crosstrek is an excellent compact SUV option, it’s not the only choice in its segment. Canadian buyers have several worthy alternatives to consider that offer similar pricing, capabilities, and versatility.

One of the Crosstrek’s top rivals is the Mazda CX-30. This stylish crossover starts around $24,000 and impresses with its premium interior, sharp handling, and impressive fuel efficiency. The CX-30 can’t quite match the Crosstrek’s off-road prowess, but it delivers a more refined on-road driving experience.

Another strong contender is the Hyundai Kona. Priced from $22,150, the Kona undercuts the Crosstrek’s base price while delivering bold styling, a roomy cabin, and a long list of standard tech features. The Kona also has an available turbocharged engine with more power than the Crosstrek’s boxer engine.

Jeep’s Renegade is a tempting pick for adventurous buyers who prioritize off-road capabilities. With its boxy styling and available Trailhawk trim, the Renegade delivers impressive trail-tackling skills. Pricing starts around $27,000, making it competitive with mid-range Crosstrek trims.

Those seeking maximum value may want to check out the Nissan Kicks. This budget-friendly crossover starts below $20,000 yet still offers a spacious interior, good cargo space, and decent tech features. The trade-off is less power, fewer upscale options, and limited off-road abilities compared to the Crosstrek.

Finally, the Chevrolet Trailblazer is another intriguing Crosstrek alternative from around $23,000. This rugged-looking small SUV boasts an available all-wheel-drive system, a punchy turbocharged engine upgrade, and more ground clearance than many rivals for light off-roading.


Cost of Ownership: Fuel, Maintenance, Insurance

While the sticker price is a major factor in determining the overall cost of a vehicle, there are several other expenses to consider when evaluating the true cost of ownership for a Subaru Crosstrek in Canada. Fuel costs, maintenance requirements, and insurance premiums can add up substantially over the years, so it’s important to factor these into your budget.

In terms of fuel efficiency, the 2023 Crosstrek earns an estimated 8.8 L/100 km in the city and 7.2 L/100 km on the highway with the standard 2.0L Boxer engine and CVT transmission. While not class-leading, these ratings are respectable for a compact SUV with Subaru’s legendary all-wheel drive system. Based on an annual mileage of 20,000 km and average fuel prices in Canada, Crosstrek owners can expect to spend around $2,000 – $2,500 per year on gas.

Maintenance costs are another consideration, and Subaru vehicles are generally viewed as reliable and affordable to service compared to some competitors. Following the recommended maintenance schedule, Crosstrek owners should budget for costs like oil changes, brake work, tire rotations, and other routine services. Major repairs are unlikely when following the maintenance schedule, but it’s still wise to set aside $1,000 – $1,500 annually for scheduled maintenance and any potential repairs.

Finally, insurance premiums for the Subaru Crosstrek in Canada tend to be reasonable given its strong safety ratings and relatively low replacement value compared to larger SUVs. Rates will vary based on location, driving record, insurance provider and coverage levels selected. However, most Crosstrek owners can expect to pay $1,200 – $1,800 per year for insurance when combined with home and auto policies.


Which 2023 Crosstrek Trim is the Best Value?

With five distinct trim levels available for the 2023 Subaru Crosstrek in Canada, determining which one offers the best value can be challenging. Each trim builds upon the previous level, adding more features and capabilities – but also increasing the price tag. To find the sweet spot, you’ll need to weigh your specific needs and budget against what each trim provides.

The base Convenience trim, starting around $25,000, delivers a solid foundation with Subaru’s EyeSight driver assist technology, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, heated front seats, and the brand’s legendary all-wheel-drive system. However, it lacks some desirable amenities like a power driver’s seat, push-button start, or off-road driving modes found on higher trims.

Stepping up to the Touring trim, priced around $28,500, nets you those missing conveniences along with a larger 8-inch infotainment display, dual-zone automatic climate control, and blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert. For many urban commuters, the Touring could hit the sweet spot in terms of features and value.

The rugged Outdoor trim, from approximately $31,000, is where things start getting interesting for adventure-seekers. It adds unique exterior styling cues, roof rails, and a lifted suspension to improve off-road capability. The Sport trim shares a similar pricing structure but has a sportier look and driving dynamics tuned more for on-road performance.

For the ultimate trail-ready Crosstrek experience, the new Wilderness edition takes things to another level with a revised transmission, skid plates, all-terrain tires, and a whopping 9.6 inches of ground clearance. But with an MSRP around $38,000, it carries a hefty premium that may be hard to justify unless you truly plan to take on the toughest terrain.

Overall, the Touring trim seems to strike the best balance between pricing and desirable features for most Crosstrek buyers in Canada. The Outdoor and Wilderness editions are compelling for off-road enthusiasts, but their higher costs could make them less of a value play unless you’ll genuinely utilize their enhanced capabilities.


Should You Buy a New or Used Subaru Crosstrek?

When it comes to purchasing a Subaru Crosstrek, one of the biggest decisions you’ll face is whether to buy new or used. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, and the choice ultimately comes down to your budget, preferences, and driving needs.

Buying a new Subaru Crosstrek can be an appealing option for several reasons. First and foremost, you’ll be the first owner of the vehicle, meaning you’ll have a clean history and can be confident in its maintenance and condition. Additionally, a new Crosstrek comes with the latest safety features, technology, and design updates, ensuring you have access to the most up-to-date offerings from Subaru.

However, the primary drawback of buying a new Crosstrek is the higher upfront cost. As we’ve discussed, the base MSRP for the 2023 Crosstrek Convenience trim starts at around $25,000 in Canada, and prices can quickly escalate as you move up the trim levels or add optional packages. Additionally, new vehicles typically experience more significant depreciation in their first few years of ownership.

On the other hand, opting for a used Subaru Crosstrek can be a more budget-friendly option. Prices for used Crosstreks can vary widely depending on factors like age, mileage, condition, and trim level, but you can often find significant savings compared to a new model. For example, a well-maintained 2-3 year old Crosstrek with low mileage could cost $15,000 – $20,000 or even less in some cases.

The primary disadvantage of buying a used Crosstrek is the inherent risk associated with a pre-owned vehicle. You may not have a complete picture of its maintenance history or how it was treated by previous owners. Additionally, used vehicles may not have the latest safety and technology features found in newer models.

Ultimately, the decision to buy a new or used Subaru Crosstrek will depend on your financial situation, priorities, and personal preferences. If you have the budget and want the peace of mind of owning a brand-new vehicle with the latest features and a clean history, a new Crosstrek could be the way to go. However, if you’re looking to save money upfront and don’t mind sacrificing some of the newest bells and whistles, a well-maintained used Crosstrek could be an excellent value proposition.


Crosstrek Buyer Demographics in Canada

The Subaru Crosstrek has carved out a distinct niche in the Canadian market, attracting a diverse range of buyers seeking an affordable, capable, and adventure-ready vehicle. According to sales data and market research, the Crosstrek appeals to a broad demographic that spans various age groups, lifestyles, and regions across the country.

One of the core buyer groups for the Crosstrek in Canada is young professionals and urban dwellers. The compact size, efficient powertrain, and impressive fuel economy make the Crosstrek an attractive choice for city commuting and urban exploration. Its rugged design and off-road capabilities also resonate with outdoor enthusiasts who seek a vehicle that can take them on weekend adventures without breaking the bank.

Another significant demographic for the Crosstrek is families with active lifestyles. The spacious interior, ample cargo space, and versatile design make it an excellent choice for hauling gear, accommodating children and pets, and tackling outdoor pursuits. The Crosstrek’s standard all-wheel-drive system and generous ground clearance provide added confidence and capability for family adventures, whether it’s a trip to the ski hill or a camping excursion.

Interestingly, the Crosstrek has also gained popularity among older buyers seeking a reliable, practical, and easy-to-maneuver vehicle. Its elevated seating position, accessible interior, and impressive safety ratings make it an appealing option for those prioritizing comfort, visibility, and peace of mind on the road.

Geographically, the Crosstrek enjoys strong sales across Canada, with a notable presence in provinces known for their outdoor recreation opportunities, such as British Columbia, Alberta, and Quebec. However, its versatility and affordability have also made it a hit in urban centers like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal, where buyers value its compact footprint and fuel efficiency.


Subaru Crosstrek: Best Compact Adventure Vehicle?

The Subaru Crosstrek has carved out a unique niche as an affordable, go-anywhere crossover that excels at blending daily driving practicality with impressive off-road capability. Its combination of standard AWD, generous ground clearance, and rugged body cladding makes it an ideal adventure companion for Canadian outdoor enthusiasts.

With a base price under $25,000, the Crosstrek delivers exceptional value compared to larger, more expensive SUVs. Yet it still offers ample cargo space, a versatile hatchback design, and genuine all-terrain prowess. Whether you’re battling snow-covered city streets or exploring remote trails, the Crosstrek is prepared to tackle the journey.

Subaru’s focus on safety and durability provides extra peace of mind for wilderness adventures. The Crosstrek comes standard with EyeSight driver assist technology and a full suite of active safety features. Its boxer engine and symmetrical AWD system are designed for balanced traction and control on slippery surfaces.

For those seeking even greater off-road performance, the new 2023 Crosstrek Wilderness edition raises the bar. With a revised suspension, all-terrain tires, and a class-leading 9.2 inches of ground clearance, it’s ready to leave the pavement behind. Yet it maintains the versatility, efficiency, and value that make the entire Crosstrek lineup so appealing.

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Questions About Subaru Crosstrek Pricing

The 2023 Subaru Crosstrek starts at an MSRP of $23,795 CAD for the base Convenience trim with a manual transmission. The most popular trim, the Touring with a CVT transmission, has an MSRP of $28,995. With options and fees, expect to pay around $31,000 CAD for a mid-range Crosstrek. The top Limited trim starts at $34,795 MSRP.

All Crosstrek models come standard with Subaru’s Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system, Vehicle Dynamics Control and Traction Control System, raised suspension for 8.7 inches of ground clearance, auto-on/off headlights, and a rear vision camera. The base Convenience trim also has features like power windows/locks, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto integration, and Bluetooth. Higher trims add amenities like dual-zone climate control, heated front seats, leather upholstery, and more.

With the rear seats up, the 2023 Crosstrek has 20.8 cubic feet of cargo volume. Fold the 60/40 split rear seats down to open up 55.3 cubic feet of maximum cargo capacity. This puts it ahead of other small SUVs like the Hyundai Kona in terms of usable cargo room. There is also generous in-cabin storage space like door pockets, cupholders, a center console box, and side trays to hold personal items.

Fuel economy ranges from 27 mpg city/33 mpg highway for models equipped with the standard 6-speed manual transmission to 28 mpg city/33 mpg highway for CVT models. These numbers are comparable or better than other small crossover SUVs. The Crosstrek also has one of the lowest carbon footprints in its class thanks to standard all-wheel drive instead of less efficient 4WD systems.

The Subaru Crosstrek consistently ranks among the most reliable small SUVs according to Consumer Reports and J.D. Power. The 2023 model year is expected to continue this trend of reliability and durability thanks to Subaru’s reputation for building long-lasting vehicles. Key reasons for reliability include the boxer engine design, low-maintenance AWD system, and rigorous testing procedures.

All Crosstrek models come standard with Subaru’s EyeSight suite of advanced driver assistance technology. This includes pre-collision braking, lane departure warning, lane keep assist, and adaptive cruise control. Upper trims add blind spot monitoring with lane change assist and rear cross traffic alert. Optional safety upgrades include a front view monitor and reverse automatic braking.

With 8.7 inches of ground clearance, the Crosstrek has some of the best off-road credentials in its class. The standard all-wheel drive system capably handles gravel roads, forest trails, snow, and other loose surfaces. For even more off-road ability, the Wilderness and Outdoor XT trims add underbody skid plates, water-repellent upholstery, and dual-function X-Mode with Snow/Dirt and Deep Snow/Mud settings.

Most 2023 Crosstrek models have a 1,500-pound tow rating when properly equipped with a trailer hitch and wiring harness. This allows the Crosstrek to tow small trailers, watercraft, ATVs, snowmobiles, and pop-up campers. The Crosstrek Hybrid has a lower tow rating of just 909 pounds. Always refer to your owner’s manual for the vehicle’s exact towing specifications.

The 2023 Crosstrek is backed by a 3-year/60,000-kilometer bumper-to-bumper warranty and a 5-year/100,000-kilometer powertrain warranty. This coverage is quite generous compared to most rivals that only offer 3 years and 60,000 kilometers of powertrain coverage. There are also additional warranties for corrosion perforation and seatbelts.

The standard Crosstrek is powered by a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder SUBARU BOXER engine making 152 horsepower. The Crosstrek Hybrid pairs this engine with two electric motors and a battery pack. Total system output is 148 horsepower. The hybrid provides better fuel efficiency and torque but costs more. Towing capacity is also lower at just 909 pounds.

Changes for the 2024 Crosstrek are relatively minor. New features include standard steering-responsive headlights on all trims and some minor exterior styling updates. A new Onyx Edition XT trim slots between the Sport and Limited with blacked-out exterior trim, water-repellent StarTex upholstery, and other unique features. Pricing is also slightly increased across the lineup.

Subaru Canada expects the 2024 Crosstrek lineup to begin arriving at dealerships around December 2023. Given high demand and production constraints, inventory could still be limited for several months into 2024. If you’re interested in purchasing a 2024 model, connecting with your preferred dealer early is advised to get ahead of waitlists.

The Subaru Crosstrek performs excellently in Canadian winters thanks to the standard all-wheel drive system, 8.7-inches of ground clearance, vehicle dynamics control, raised suspension design, and available dual-function X-Mode. Heated front seats, heated side mirrors, and windshield wiper de-icers also help deal with cold weather and snow.

Subaru Canada regularly offers 0.5% financing for up to 63 months plus other purchase incentives on the Crosstrek. Lease rates currently advertise at 2.99% for 36 months with $0 down. Deals vary by region and individual dealerships may also offer their own promotional offers. Connect with your local Subaru retailer to learn about the latest Crosstrek specials in your area.

As a small SUV, annual insurance premiums on the Crosstrek average around $1,300 across Canada. This puts it in line with other vehicles in its class. Factors that help keep Crosstrek insurance costs down are good safety ratings and Subaru’s reputation for building reliable, long-lasting vehicles. Your individual rate will depend on driving history, location, age, selected coverage, and other variables.

The Crosstrek has very affordable maintenance requirements. Oil changes are required every 12 months or 16,000 kilometers. Initial service visits cost around $100-200 CAD for inspections and fluid top-offs. Long-term costs remain low thanks to the reliable drivetrain not typically needing major repairs within the first 150,000+ kilometers. Total 5-year ownership costs are estimated at around $29,000 CAD.

Some popular Crosstrek accessories offered through Subaru include all-weather floor mats, remote start, auto-dimming mirrors with compass and Homelink, trailer hitch, roof racks, and splash guards. There are also customized accessories like LED fog lights, side window deflectors, rear seatback protectors, and security systems. Your local Subaru parts department can advise on all accessory options.

With both rear seat backs folded down, the Subaru Crosstrek offers a maximum of 55.3 cubic feet of cargo capacity. This gives the Crosstrek one of the largest cargo holds in its class, making it quite practical for outdoor gear, home improvement hauling, camping trips, and other everyday cargo needs. The flat load floor also makes sliding heavy items inside easy.

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