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What is a Mercedes G-Class?

The iconic Mercedes-Benz G-Class, often referred to as the “G-Wagen” or “G-Wagon,” has a name that’s steeped in history and meaning. The “G” in G-Class stands for “Geländewagen,” which literally translates from German to “cross-country vehicle.” This nomenclature directly ties the G-Wagen to its roots as an exceptionally capable off-road machine.

When the G-Class was first developed in the late 1970s, it was envisioned as a rugged military vehicle that could conquer any terrain. The “Geländewagen” name perfectly encapsulated this go-anywhere mission. Even as the civilian version was introduced and the G-Wagen evolved into more of a luxury status symbol, that “G” name stuck as a nod to its off-road heritage.

So while the modern G-Class offers premium amenities and styling, the “G” in its name is a constant reminder of its impressive all-terrain capabilities. Whether traversing deep mud, rocky trails, or urban landscapes, the G-Wagen still embodies that original “cross-country” spirit. The “G” is a badge of honor representing the G-Class’s uncompromising versatility and adventurous spirit.

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A Brief History of the Mercedes G-Wagen

The story of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, affectionately known as the “G-Wagen” or “G-Wagon,” traces back to the 1970s. Originally developed as a rugged military vehicle, the G-Wagen was designed to tackle the toughest terrain and most extreme conditions with its robust off-road capabilities.

In 1979, Mercedes made the bold decision to introduce a civilian version of this purpose-built military machine, marketing it as the “Geländewagen” – German for “cross-country vehicle.” Little did they know, this boxy, no-nonsense SUV would go on to become an iconic status symbol, beloved by celebrities and off-road enthusiasts alike.

Over the decades, the G-Class has retained its go-anywhere DNA while evolving into a premium luxury vehicle packed with high-end amenities and styling cues. What started as a spartan, utilitarian off-roader has transformed into a plush, leather-lined SUV that exudes equal parts capability and opulence.

Yet through all its iterations, the G-Wagen has never lost sight of its rugged roots. Its boxy, angular design remains unmistakable, harkening back to its military origins. And under the luxurious skin still beats the heart of a true off-road warrior, ready to tackle the toughest trails and terrains with ease.


Off-Road Roots of the Mercedes Geländewagen

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class didn’t start life as a luxury vehicle for the wealthy and famous. Its origins trace back to the late 1970s when the Shah of Iran suggested Mercedes develop a rugged, go-anywhere military vehicle along the lines of the Jeep. The German automaker obliged, creating a boxy, no-frills off-roader designed to conquer the harshest terrain and battlefield conditions.

Mercedes named this tough new 4×4 the “Geländewagen” – literally translating to “cross-country vehicle” in German. Featuring a truck-based body-on-frame construction, three locking differentials, and low-range gearing, the original G-Wagen was engineered for maximum off-road capability. It could traverse steep hills, ford deep water, and keep going over the roughest ground that would stop lesser vehicles in their tracks.

While meant for military service initially, Mercedes saw potential in creating a civilian version of the Geländewagen as well. The automaker launched the G-Class for public sale in 1979, retaining its robust off-road DNA and uncompromising spirit. Early models were supremely functional rather than luxurious, but the boxy Benz quickly attracted a cult following thanks to its remarkable go-anywhere abilities and unique, distinctive styling.


Transition to Luxury Status Symbol

While the G-Class was conceived as a military-grade off-road workhorse, it has undergone a remarkable transformation into one of the most prestigious and coveted luxury vehicles on the market. Over its four-decade production run, the G-Wagen has retained its rugged underpinnings and go-anywhere capabilities, but Mercedes-Benz has continuously refined and elevated the SUV into a premium status symbol.

The evolution of the G-Class into a luxury icon can be traced back to the 1990s when Mercedes began offering more upscale interior appointments and amenities. Plush leather upholstery, wood trim, and cutting-edge infotainment systems found their way into the boxy off-roader, appealing to affluent buyers seeking a unique and exclusive vehicle. The G-Wagen’s combination of uncompromising capability and newfound luxury struck a chord, establishing it as the ultimate expression of wealth and adventurous spirit.

With each successive generation, the G-Class has grown more opulent and technologically advanced while still maintaining its iconic boxy silhouette and off-road prowess. Today’s G-Wagen models feature handcrafted interiors with the finest materials, powerful yet refined powertrains, and the latest safety and convenience technologies. Yet they remain underpinned by a rugged ladder-frame chassis and robust four-wheel-drive system that allow them to tackle the toughest terrain.

This duality of supreme luxury and unstoppable off-road performance has made the G-Class a symbol of success and exclusivity. Owning a G-Wagen has become a status symbol, signifying that the owner has truly arrived and can afford one of the most expensive and capable SUVs on the planet. With prices reaching well into the six-figure range, the G-Class has solidified its position as the ultimate luxury off-roader and a highly-coveted automotive icon.


Why the G-Wagen is So Popular in Canada

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class has a passionate following across the globe, but it holds a special allure for Canadian drivers. There are several key reasons why the G-Wagen resonates so strongly in the Canadian market:


Rugged Capability for Canadian Winters

With its body-on-frame construction, three locking differentials, and advanced 4MATIC all-wheel-drive system, the G-Class is built to handle the harshest Canadian winters with ease. Its go-anywhere capability inspires confidence when navigating snowy, icy roads or venturing off the beaten path.


Off-Road Adventures

Canada is a vast country with endless opportunities for outdoor exploration. The G-Wagen’s exceptional off-road prowess makes it the perfect companion for adventurous Canadians seeking to conquer rugged terrain, whether on remote trails or deep in the wilderness.


Prestige of the Mercedes-Benz Brand

Mercedes-Benz is synonymous with luxury and status, and the G-Class embodies these qualities. For many Canadians, owning a G-Wagen is a symbol of success and refined taste, reflecting the vehicle’s premium positioning within the Mercedes lineup.


Excellent Resale Value

The G-Class has consistently demonstrated remarkable resale value over the years, making it a wise investment for Canadian buyers. This is due to its iconic design, robust engineering, and enduring desirability among enthusiasts.


Towing Capacity for Outdoor Enthusiasts

With its powerful engines and robust construction, the G-Class boasts impressive towing capabilities. This makes it an ideal choice for Canadian outdoor enthusiasts who need to haul boats, trailers, or other recreational equipment for their adventures.


Current Mercedes G-Class Model Lineup in Canada

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class is currently offered in Canada primarily in three core variants, each catering to different luxury and performance needs. Here’s a breakdown of the G-Wagen models available to Canadian drivers:


G 550

The G 550 serves as the base model for the G-Class lineup in Canada. Under the hood lies a potent 4.0L biturbo V8 engine that produces 416 horsepower and 450 lb-ft of torque. Despite its off-road prowess, the G 550 delivers a refined on-road experience with amenities like a premium Burmester surround sound system, heated and ventilated front seats, and Mercedes’ latest MBUX infotainment system with voice control.

Starting at $183,500 CAD, the G 550 strikes a balance between luxury and capability that has made the G-Class so iconic. With its three locking differentials and robust ladder-frame construction, it’s a true off-roader that can also serve as a daily driver.


Mercedes-AMG G 63

For those seeking the ultimate in G-Class performance, the Mercedes-AMG G 63 turns things up a notch. Its handcrafted 4.0L biturbo V8 churns out a monstrous 577 horsepower and 627 lb-ft of torque. The AMG-specific SPEEDSHIFT TCT 9-speed transmission, AMG RIDE CONTROL sport suspension, and high-performance brakes allow you to harness all that power.

Starting at $224,500 CAD, the G 63 is the choice for driving enthusiasts who want supercar-level acceleration in a burly off-road package. Yet it still maintains the luxuries you’d expect, like AMG-specific interior styling, a Burmester surround sound system, and all the latest Mercedes tech.


Special Limited Editions

Over its decades-long run, Mercedes has released numerous special edition G-Class models to keep things fresh. Recent examples include the G 550 Night Edition with exclusive black accents or the G 63 Manufaktur offering custom two-tone paint.

These limited run models offer unique styling and equipment, catering to driving enthusiasts who want an even more exclusive take on the iconic G-Wagen. With their numbered badging and special details, they’re an exercise in Mercedes craftsmanship and customization.


Iconic Boxy G-Wagen Styling

One of the most distinctive and recognizable aspects of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class is its iconic boxy, angular styling. This unmistakable shape has become a signature element of the G-Wagen, setting it apart from sleeker, more aerodynamic SUVs on the market. The G-Class’ boxy design is a direct nod to its military roots, originally engineered for maximum utility and off-road capability rather than aesthetic appeal.

Despite its utilitarian origins, the G-Wagen’s boxy silhouette has evolved into a beloved and coveted design over the decades. Its sharp lines, flat surfaces, and upright stance exude a rugged, no-nonsense confidence that resonates with drivers seeking a vehicle that makes a bold statement. This distinctive look has remained largely unchanged since the G-Class’ inception in the late 1970s, a testament to the enduring appeal of its purposeful, function-over-form design philosophy.

While the G-Wagen’s exterior has received subtle refinements and modernizations over the years, Mercedes has wisely resisted the temptation to stray too far from the iconic boxy shape that defines the G-Class. This commitment to preserving the G-Wagen’s distinctive styling has only solidified its status as a true automotive icon, instantly recognizable on roads and trails around the world.


The G-Class: A Symbol of Luxury Off-Roading

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class stands apart as the ultimate symbol of luxury off-roading capability. No other vehicle blends premium amenities and handcrafted luxury with such robust off-road prowess. This unique combination has made the G-Wagen an automotive icon unlike any other.

On the surface, the boxy, military-inspired styling of the G-Class seems at odds with the opulence and sophistication expected of a Mercedes-Benz. Yet this juxtaposition is precisely what gives the G-Wagen its distinctive character and appeal. Underneath the chiseled exterior lies a plush, leather-lined cabin adorned with the finest materials and cutting-edge technology.

But the G-Class is no mere luxury poseur – it backs up its premium positioning with incredible off-road capability derived from its original purpose as a military vehicle. With features like three locking differentials, a robust ladder-frame construction, and generous ground clearance, the G-Wagen can tackle the toughest terrain while coddling its occupants in lavish comfort.

This ability to go anywhere, anytime, while riding in the lap of luxury is what sets the G-Class apart. Whether traversing rugged backcountry trails or simply turning heads in an urban jungle, the “G-Wagen” makes a bold statement as the preeminent luxury off-road status symbol. There’s simply no other vehicle that can rival its distinctive blend of capability and indulgence.


Reasons for the Enduring Popularity of the G-Wagen

Despite its high price tag and boxy, utilitarian design, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class has cultivated a devoted following over its 40+ year lifespan. The reasons for its enduring popularity span its rugged heritage, prestigious brand cachet, unmatched off-road capability, and celebrity allure.

At its core, the G-Wagen represents an authentic off-road legend. Born from humble beginnings as a military vehicle, it has retained its go-anywhere DNA while evolving into a plush, leather-lined SUV. This blend of ruggedness and luxury is a key part of the G-Class’ mystique and appeal. Owning a G-Wagen allows drivers to stake their claim as part of an elite club of off-road enthusiasts.

The Mercedes-Benz brand itself carries immense prestige, and the G-Class sits at the pinnacle of the lineup as the most expensive and exclusive model. Owning this icon represents the ultimate status symbol, separating G-Wagen drivers from the masses. This prestige factor is a major draw for many buyers.

Despite its move upmarket, the G-Class remains one of the most capable off-road vehicles available from the factory. Its truck-based underpinnings, locking differentials, and go-anywhere capability give it true off-road credibility that appeals to adventurers and overland enthusiasts. This off-road prowess is a key differentiator versus plusher luxury SUV competitors.

Helping drive the G-Wagen’s popularity is its extreme customizability and a steady stream of special editions. Buyers can option their G-Class with exclusive paints, interior trims, and styling packages from Mercedes and third-party tuners like Brabus. These one-of-a-kind builds cater to those seeking maximum exclusivity. Special edition models also generate buzz and keep the G-Class fresh after over four decades of production.

The G-Wagen’s celebrity following has also played a role in boosting its pop culture status. From music icons to pro athletes, the boxy Benz has long been a favorite among the rich and famous. This star power has helped cement the G-Class as the quintessential luxury off-roader and a symbol of wealth and success.


Celebrity Owners & Pop Culture Status

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class has long held an enviable status as the vehicle of choice for celebrities, athletes, musicians, and other high-profile personalities. Its combination of rugged off-road capability, opulent luxury, and unmistakable boxy styling has given the G-Wagen an undeniable cool factor that resonates with the rich and famous.

From Hollywood A-listers to music icons and sports legends, the G-Class has adorned the driveways and garages of numerous big names over the decades. Famous G-Wagen owners have included Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Will Smith, Kylie Jenner, Megan Thee Stallion, LeBron James, and countless others across the entertainment and athletic worlds.

Beyond just ownership, the boxy Geländewagen has made countless appearances in popular culture. It’s been featured in music videos by hip-hop stars like Kanye West and Jay-Z, symbolizing wealth and luxury. The G-Wagen has also had roles in major Hollywood films like The Hangover, further cementing its image as the elite SUV of choice.

Part of the unique brand appeal comes from the G-Class’s military roots and aura of rugged capability combined with lavish amenities. This dichotomy gives the G-Wagen an air of exclusivity that draws interest from status-conscious buyers seeking a vehicle that stands out from the crowd. Its pop culture ubiquity only enhances this aspirational image.

For the ultra-wealthy, the G-Class has become the ultimate expression of success – a symbol that you’ve truly made it. And with prices climbing well into the six-figure range for fully loaded models, owning a G-Wagen is a tangible way for celebrities and influencers to flaunt their wealth and taste for the finer things in life.


Customization Options & Limited Editions

Part of the allure of the G-Class is the ability to make it truly your own through a wide array of customization options. Mercedes offers an extensive range of factory accessories and options to personalize the exterior and interior styling to your tastes.

Exterior customization options include unique wheel designs, brush guards, side steps, roof racks, and even a snorkel for deep water fording. Interior options span from carbon fiber trim to custom leather upholstery with contrast stitching and unique designo colors.

Mercedes also frequently releases special limited edition models of the G-Class. These ultra-exclusive variants often come with unique styling, enhanced performance, and an array of custom features not found on the regular production models.

One such example is the G 650 Landaulet, a V12 bi-turbo open-air off-road convertible with a limited production run of just 99 units. Other recent limited editions include the G 63 Edition 1 with its AMG Night Package styling enhancements.

For the ultimate in customization, Mercedes collaborates with famed German tuner Brabus to create high-performance, highly-customized G-Class models. The Brabus 900 “One of Ten” edition boasts a staggering 900 horsepower from its twin-turbo V8 engine.

Whether choosing from the expansive Mercedes options list or going with a limited edition variant, G-Class buyers have the ability to craft a truly bespoke SUV tailored to their specific tastes and driving demands. This customizability only enhances the exclusivity and luxury appeal of this iconic off-roader.


The G-Class in Mercedes’ Lineup: Model Positioning

Within Mercedes-Benz’s extensive lineup of luxury vehicles, the G-Class occupies a unique position as the brand’s flagship off-road SUV. While Mercedes offers several other SUV models, the G-Wagen stands apart as the most rugged and purpose-built for tackling the toughest terrain.

At the entry-level of Mercedes’ SUV range is the compact GLA, followed by the slightly larger GLB. The mid-size GLC and GLE models offer more interior space and amenities. The full-size GLS serves as Mercedes’ range-topping luxury family hauler. The iconic G-Class transcends this traditional SUV hierarchy with its singular focus on off-road capability and premium ruggedness.

Marketed as the ultimate “luxury off-road vehicle,” the G-Wagen appeals to affluent buyers seeking an exclusive SUV with uncompromising performance in the wilderness. From avid outdoor enthusiasts to urban trendsetters, the G-Class caters to those with adventurous lifestyles and a taste for the extraordinary.

With its boxy, military-inspired styling and handcrafted AMG performance variants, the G-Class exudes an aura of power and prestige that few other vehicles can match. It’s a statement piece for those who demand both capability and exclusivity in their SUV.

While more affordable Mercedes SUV models cater to the mainstream luxury market, the G-Wagen remains an ultra-premium offering reserved for a discerning clientele willing to pay a premium for its go-anywhere prowess and iconic status.


G-Wagen Ownership Experience & Lifestyle Appeals

Owning a Mercedes-Benz G-Class is more than just driving a luxury SUV – it’s embracing a lifestyle and mindset centered around unapologetic individuality, confidence, and a spirit of adventure. The G-Wagen exudes an undeniable presence on the road, commanding attention with its boxy, militaristic stance and unmistakable Mercedes star on the grille.

For many G-Class owners, the appeal lies in the vehicle’s unique blend of rugged capability and opulent appointments. This dichotomy allows them to transition seamlessly from navigating treacherous off-road trails one day to attending a glamorous gala the next, all while surrounded by the comfort and luxury that Mercedes is renowned for.

The G-Wagen ownership experience is one of exclusivity and prestige. With its premium price tag and limited production numbers, owning a G-Class is a statement of success and a symbol of having arrived. It’s a vehicle that caters to those who value individuality and aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd.

For outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers, the G-Class represents the ultimate go-anywhere vehicle. Its uncompromising off-road prowess and impressive ground clearance inspire confidence when tackling even the most challenging terrain. Whether embarking on a remote camping excursion or navigating snow-covered backroads, the G-Wagen’s capabilities instill a sense of freedom and the ability to explore without limitations.

Furthermore, the G-Class appeals to those with a passion for automotive heritage and a appreciation for iconic design. Its boxy silhouette and distinctive styling cues have remained largely unchanged since its inception, paying homage to the vehicle’s storied past. Owning a G-Wagen is a connection to automotive history, a rolling testament to Mercedes’ engineering excellence and commitment to preserving the essence of a true automotive legend.


G-Class Performance & Capability Stats

When it comes to performance and off-road capability, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class is in a class of its own. This boxy brute delivers an exhilarating driving experience, whether conquering rugged terrain or dominating the city streets.

Under the hood, the G 550 packs a potent 4.0L biturbo V8 engine that churns out an impressive 416 horsepower and 450 lb-ft of torque. This powertrain propels the G-Wagen from 0-100 km/h in just 5.9 seconds, an astonishing feat for a vehicle of its size and heft. For true performance enthusiasts, the Mercedes-AMG G 63 cranks up the intensity with a handcrafted 4.0L biturbo V8 that unleashes a staggering 577 horsepower and 627 lb-ft of torque, rocketing from 0-100 km/h in a blistering 4.5 seconds.

While its on-road performance is undoubtedly thrilling, the G-Class’ true prowess lies in its off-road capabilities. With a ground clearance of 241 mm, approach and departure angles of 31 and 30 degrees respectively, and a breakover angle of 26 degrees, this SUV can conquer even the most challenging terrains with ease. Its trio of locking differentials and low-range gearbox further enhance its off-road prowess, ensuring optimal traction and control in even the most treacherous conditions.

For those who need to tow their toys, the G-Class delivers with a maximum towing capacity of 3,500 kg (7,700 lbs), making it a capable companion for hauling boats, trailers, or other recreational equipment. However, this level of performance and capability doesn’t come without a trade-off in fuel efficiency. The G 550 has an estimated combined fuel economy rating of 14.7 L/100 km, while the more powerful G 63 AMG guzzles fuel at a rate of 16.2 L/100 km.


The Future of the Mercedes G-Wagen

As the automotive world shifts towards electrification and sustainability, the future of the iconic Mercedes G-Wagen remains a topic of intense speculation. While the boxy off-roader has retained its core design and capabilities over the decades, Mercedes-Benz recognizes the need to adapt to changing consumer demands and emissions regulations.

One potential direction for the G-Class could be a hybrid or plug-in hybrid variant, combining the rugged off-road prowess with improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. Mercedes has already introduced hybrid and electric models across other lineups, showcasing their commitment to sustainable mobility.

However, the true enthusiasts and purists may argue for preserving the G-Wagen’s traditional gasoline-powered character, which has been integral to its identity since inception. A fully electric G-Class could be seen as a departure from the vehicle’s roots, although it would undoubtedly attract a new generation of eco-conscious buyers.

Mercedes-Benz has remained tight-lipped about specific plans for the next-generation G-Class, but industry insiders speculate that the iconic boxy shape will remain largely unchanged. The automaker understands the importance of preserving the G-Wagen’s instantly recognizable silhouette, which has become a symbol of luxury and off-road capability.

Regardless of the powertrain direction, expect the future G-Class to incorporate the latest in advanced safety features, infotainment technologies, and luxurious appointments. Mercedes will likely continue to offer a range of high-performance AMG variants, catering to enthusiasts seeking exhilarating on-road dynamics alongside the vehicle’s off-road prowess.

As the automotive landscape evolves, the G-Wagen’s future may involve a delicate balance between preserving its heritage and embracing modern innovations. One thing is certain: Mercedes-Benz will strive to maintain the G-Class’s status as an iconic symbol of luxury and off-road capability, appealing to both traditional enthusiasts and a new generation of buyers seeking a unique blend of ruggedness and refinement.

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Questions About The Mercedes G-Class

The G-Class is Mercedes-Benz’s luxury SUV model line focused on high off-road capability and rugged performance. The “G” stands for geländewagen, German for “cross-country vehicle”. First introduced in 1979, the G-Class is one of Mercedes’ longest-running nameplates.

The 2024 Mercedes-Benz G-Class lineup in Canada consists of three models:


– G 550 SUV: Powered by a 416 horsepower twin-turbocharged V8 engine with standard 4MATIC all-wheel drive. Starting MSRP of $183,500.


– Mercedes-AMG G 63 SUV: High-performance variant with a handcrafted twin-turbocharged V8 producing 577 horsepower. Starts at $203,500.


– Limited special edition models released periodically with exclusive styling and features.

With its body-on-frame construction, three locking differentials, and impressive approach/departure angles, the G-Class is one of the most capable luxury SUVs for off-road and winter driving. Its height-adjustable suspension and low-range gearing equip it to handle deep snow, ice, mud, and steep inclines.

Signature styling cues of the G-Class include its iconic boxy profile that has remained consistent over decades, short front and rear overhangs, exposed door hinges, side-mounted spare tire, and round headlamps. The 2024 model features modern touches like LED lighting while retaining its rugged retro design.

Despite its rugged capabilities, the G-Class offers a beautifully crafted luxury interior with premium materials and the latest technology. Available features include heated/ventilated massaging front seats, dual 12.3″ displays, 64-colour ambient lighting, Burmester surround sound system, and an abundance of leather and open-pore wood trim options.

The latest G-Class is equipped with advanced safety systems like Active Brake Assist, Blind Spot Assist, Active Lane Keeping Assist, and Parking Assist with 360-degree camera. Technology features include COMAND infotainment with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, Head-up Display, Wireless Device Charger, and SmartKey remote start.

While always stellar off-road, earlier G-Class models were seen as unwieldy and truck-like on pavement. Recent generations have focused on improving on-road dynamics with more responsive steering, improved suspension, and powerful yet refined engines. The 2024 G-Class retains incredible off-road abilities while offering sports car-like handling.

As Mercedes-Benz’s high-performance variant, the handcrafted AMG G 63 commands a price premium for its bespoke biturbo V8 producing 577 hp, racing-bred suspensions upgrades, carbon fibre exterior accents, AMG interior styling, and exclusive options. With a 0-60 mph time under 4.5 seconds, it provides extreme performance to match the G-Class’s extreme off-road talents.

Fuel economy is a trade-off for the G-Class’s performance capabilities. The G 550 is rated at 16.3 L/100 km city and 13.8 highway, while the more powerful AMG G 63 consumes 17.4 L/100 km city and 14.7 highway. Premium fuel is required for all models.

The G-Class has cultivated a reputation for outstanding reliability and durability thanks to its military-grade construction and components. With regular maintenance, many G-Class models achieve over 300,000 km with limited issues. Its longevity and resilience to abuse make it popular with adventurers and off-road enthusiasts.

The G-Class commands a significant price premium over midsize and full-size luxury SUV rivals like the BMW X5, Audi Q7, Range Rover Sport, and Lexus LX 600. Buyers pay for its rare mix of extreme off-road talent, luxury appointments, V8 performance, and enduring iconic style that has made it a status symbol.

The G-Class has attracted many celebrity and public figure owners over the years including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Dr. Dre, Britney Spears, Jay Leno, and numerous athletes/entertainers. Mercedes also offers special edition “designo manufaktur” collaborations with famed designers.

Due to limited production and strong demand, wait times for the hottest G-Class models can reach 12 months or longer in Canada. More common variants like the G 550 often require 4-6 months from order to delivery. Special editions sell out instantly, making them extremely difficult to acquire.

While famously over-engineered for off-road use, most G-Class buyers do not require ultra-extreme rock crawling or deep water fording abilities. Its capabilities are reassuring for winter driving, rural estates, or light trail use. For dedicated off-roaders, the G-Class still sets the bar for production SUVs.

The G-Class’s body-on-frame platform readily accepts a wide range of customizations and modifications from cosmetic upgrades to performance enhancements. Common options include lift kits, off-road accessories, tuning software, wheels/tires, and styling kits. Numerous Mercedes tuners like Brabus offer approved upgrades.

Maintenance costs for the complex hand-built G-Class tend to exceed typical luxury SUVs. Owners should budget around $2500 annually for scheduled maintenance based on a 20,000 km interval. Items like brake pads, tires, and other wear items also cost more than average due to its size, performance, and off-road priorities.

Thanks to its iconic status, low production numbers, and strong demand, the G-Class enjoys exceptionally high resale values. According to Canadian Black Book data, the G-Class retains the highest overall value among luxury SUVs after 5 years at 70-80% of its original MSRP on average.

While the iconic styling remains instantly recognizable, Mercedes fully redesigned and modernized the G-Class inside and out for the 2019 model year. Given its long product cycles, experts expect the next major G-Class redesign to occur sometime around 2027-2028 as a 2028 or 2029 model year vehicle.

Despite its hardcore capabilities and 577 hp V8 engine, the latest AMG G 63 delivers surprisingly civilized road manners thanks to adaptive damping, rear-wheel steering, and an opulent interior. Factoring in poor fuel economy and a firm ride, it works well as a daily driver for buyers who prioritize performance and head-turning style.

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