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What is

With over 20 years of experience obsessively covering the auto industry, Autoblog has become one of the most popular and influential websites for car enthusiasts and shoppers. Founded in 2004, Autoblog quickly grew into a go-to online destination for the latest car news, in-depth vehicle reviews, high-res galleries, and insights from genuine gearheads.

Autoblog serves the passionate car community with comprehensive automotive journalism across multiple platforms. On the website and mobile app, readers can dive into breaking industry news, watch test drive videos, research models using expert buyer’s guides, and join vibrant discussions on community forums. The site also has a robust YouTube presence with millions of views of its test drives, comparisons, and raw footage.

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History and Founding of Autoblog

Autoblog was founded in 2004 as part of the Weblogs, Inc. network of sites. Weblogs, Inc. was a blog network created by Jason Calacanis and Brian Alvey. The goal was to capitalize on the growing blogging trend by creating topic-specific blogs with professional writing. Autoblog quickly became one of the most popular sites in the network.

In 2005, Weblogs, Inc. was acquired by AOL for a reported $25-30 million. This provided additional resources for growth for Autoblog and the other sites. Then in 2015, AOL was acquired by Verizon for $4.4 billion. This made Autoblog part of the Verizon Media division, under brands like Yahoo! and HuffPost.

Most recently in 2021, Autoblog was acquired yet again as part of the sale of Verizon Media to Apollo Global Management. It now operates under the Yahoo! Autos division as one of the vertical sites. Despite being owned by multiple parent companies over the years, Autoblog has maintained its editorial independence and remains a top destination for automotive content.


Editorial Mission and Ethos

Autoblog is led by Editor-in-Chief Greg Migliore, a 20+ year automotive industry veteran who provides experienced leadership to the editorial team. Under his guidance, Autoblog employs a team of editors and writers who are genuine car enthusiasts with a shared passion for all things automotive.

The Autoblog team aims to entertain and inform readers who love cars as much as they do. Their goal is to provide content that speaks to an audience of fellow automotive enthusiasts, engaging them with the latest industry news, in-depth analysis, insightful reviews and compelling visual media.

There is a focus at Autoblog on delivering high-quality original journalism, criticism and reporting. The content goes beyond just regurgitating press releases or specs, providing enthusiasts with the information and opinions they crave from a team that shares their passion.


Content Offerings

Autoblog provides a wide range of automotive content to engage and inform its readership. This includes:


Daily News Stories and Articles

The Autoblog editorial team publishes multiple news stories every day covering the latest developments in the car industry. This includes new model reveals, concept cars, industry trends, executive changes, and anything else of interest to car enthusiasts. The articles are written in an entertaining, conversational tone but with the insight and knowledge expected from industry experts.


In-Depth Vehicle Reviews

Autoblog is renowned for its professional, comprehensive vehicle reviews. For every major new car released, Autoblog provides an in-depth, expert evaluation of its design, performance, technology, practicality and value. These reviews include high-resolution photo galleries and test drive videos so readers can make an informed decision.


Buying Guides and Top 10 Lists

To help guide consumers through the process of selecting and purchasing a vehicle, Autoblog publishes numerous buying guides and top 10 lists. These cover all the key categories like best sedans, SUVs, trucks, sports cars, and more. The buying guides outline the most important factors to consider for that type of car. The top 10 lists rank the leading models based on Autoblog’s experience.


High Quality Videos

Going beyond just articles and reviews, Autoblog produces original, engaging videos to showcase vehicles. These include test drives giving real-world impressions of how a car performs, detailed walkarounds examining the exterior and interior, and comparison videos pitting competitive models head-to-head. These videos provide great additional visual perspective for readers.


Community Forums

One of the most popular features on Autoblog is its active community forums. These forums allow owners, enthusiasts, and casual readers to come together and discuss all aspects of the automotive world. With over 100,000 registered members, Autoblog’s forums are always buzzing with activity and lively automotive conversations.

There are dozens of different subforums focused on specific makes and models, industry news, motorsports, and more. Enthusiasts can talk shop about their favorite vehicles, get advice on mods and repairs, share stories and photos, and connect with fellow gearheads. The forums cover everything from American muscle to import tuners to exotics and are segmented by era as well.

Beyond vehicle-specific areas, Autoblog has general forums for talking about the latest concepts, trends, and news stories impacting the auto industry. There are regional forums for owners to coordinate local meetups and group drives. The community also discusses racing, auto shows, industry personalities and controversies, and everything in between.

With experienced moderators keeping discussions on-topic and friendly, Autoblog’s forums have become a go-to online hangout for automotive fans. The active community helps extend Autoblog’s content and creates a space where like-minded readers can share their passion for all things cars.


Expert Car Reviews

One of the pillars of Autoblog’s content is its in-depth expert reviews of new vehicles. The experienced editors and writers put each car through extensive testing and provide detailed first-hand impressions focused on key areas of interest to gearheads and shoppers alike.

Every review contains high-resolution photo galleries that allow readers to scrutinize a car’s exterior and interior design details. The reviews dive deep into driving dynamics, providing analysis on acceleration, braking, handling, steering, transmission performance and more.

There is also significant focus on the latest technology inside modern vehicles. Autoblog reviews cover the infotainment system, connectivity features, advanced driver aids like adaptive cruise control and lane keep assist, and other high-tech options. This gives readers insight into real-world functionality and user experience.

Of course, factors like seat comfort, cabin noise, ride quality, and utility are also discussed in order to provide a complete overview of what it’s like to actually live with the vehicle on a daily basis. Whether you’re looking for a sporty coupe, family SUV, or luxury sedan, Autoblog’s reviews deliver the details enthusiasts care about most.


Buying Guides

One of the most popular resources on Autoblog are the buying guides, which provide car shoppers with expert advice tailored to their needs. The guides cover all the major vehicle types including sedans, SUVs, trucks, EVs, and more. For each category, the Autoblog editors analyze the latest models and provide rankings of the top picks for different budgets and priorities.

For example, the SUV buying guide compares all the models on criteria like performance, practicality, comfort, and value. It offers lists like the “10 Best SUVs Under $30,000” or “7 Most Fuel Efficient Compact SUVs” to simplify the research process. Each recommended model includes a summary of its strengths and weaknesses along with high-quality photography. There are also useful tips on negotiating the best deal and avoiding common pitfalls when buying an SUV.

Whether you’re looking for a family minivan, pickup truck, sports car or anything in between, the Autoblog buying guides offer well-researched advice to make the process easier. The rankings are updated yearly to account for the latest models, ensuring shoppers get accurate recommendations. With its data-driven approach and experienced editors, Autoblog’s buying guides are a trusted resource for millions of car buyers each year.


Industry News Coverage

Autoblog has become a top destination for the latest breaking news and insider scoops across the auto industry. With its team of experienced journalists, Autoblog is often first to report on new model reveals, tech innovations, executive shuffles, and more.

When major automakers have news to announce, Autoblog’s reporters are there to cover it in detail for their engaged readership. This includes providing liveblog coverage of high-profile events like the Detroit Auto Show where consumers get their first glimpse of vehicles that will hit dealerships in the coming year.

In addition to reporting on news as it happens, Autoblog provides thoughtful analysis that goes beyond the press release. For example, when Tesla announces plans for a new Gigafactory, Autoblog will provide context on what it means for the electric vehicle market. The site doesn’t just aggregate the latest headlines, it helps readers truly understand the trends shaping the auto industry.

With strong relationships across the industry, Autoblog also regularly breaks news stories that site visitors won’t find anywhere else. This insider perspective allows them to keep auto enthusiasts well-informed on the key developments within major manufacturers as well as emerging startups.


YouTube Channel

Autoblog has a highly popular and official YouTube channel with over 1.4 million subscribers. Their videos often garner millions of views each, with some of their most popular car reviews and test drive videos surpassing 10 million views.

The Autoblog YouTube channel serves as the main video platform for the website’s editorial team. They showcase the latest test drives, walkarounds, comparisons, and in-depth reviews of new vehicles. The production quality of their videos is top-notch, providing viewers with a front-row look at all the latest models.

In addition to reviews, the Autoblog YouTube channel also features news segments, auto show coverage, buying advice, and more. Their team attends major international auto shows around the world to bring viewers along for exclusive video tours of the newest concept cars and models.

For car enthusiasts who want an inside look at all things automotive from a trusted source, the highly popular Autoblog YouTube channel is the place to be.


Premium Subscription Offering

For dedicated car enthusiasts who want the ultimate Autoblog experience, a premium subscription unlocks exclusive member benefits. Subscribers get an ad-free browsing experience across Autoblog for uninterrupted reading and viewing. Exclusive subscriber-only content provides insider access to in-depth reviews, vehicle comparisons, industry analysis and more.

Enhanced search tools allow subscribers to easily find their perfect car by filtering and comparing every parameter imaginable. Custom price drop alerts can be set for specific vehicles so subscribers never miss a good deal. Additional perks like downloadable content, live chats with editors, and early access to reviews give subscribers the VIP treatment.

With so much extra content and features, an Autoblog premium subscription takes car fandom to the next level. The ad-free experience and member-only exclusives make the subscription invaluable for die-hard enthusiasts who want the best of Autoblog.


Reach and Traffic

With over 20 years of delivering high-quality automotive content, Autoblog has become one of the most widely read independent websites devoted to cars. According to its internal analytics, Autoblog attracts over 7 million unique visitors every month, making it one of the largest standalone automotive properties on the web.

Unlike many competitor sites that are owned by major publishers, Autoblog has grown predominantly through word of mouth and search traffic, a testament to its reputation for original, enthusiast-focused journalism. This organic growth has given Autoblog tremendous reach and influence among car shoppers and enthusiasts.

Autoblog’s readership includes a high percentage of consumers in the market for a new or used vehicle. Studies show that approximately 20% of Autoblog’s monthly visitors are actively looking to purchase a car, which demonstrates the site’s ability to reach high-intent shoppers. For car brands hoping to influence buying decisions, Autoblog offers a targeted audience of engaged auto consumers.


Influence on Car Shoppers

With over 20 years of experience reviewing vehicles, Autoblog has become an influential resource for car buyers during their research process. According to analytics, approximately 20% of Autoblog’s 7 million monthly visitors are actively shopping for a vehicle. The site’s in-depth new car reviews, comparison tests, buying guides and owner reviews provide valuable insights that readers rely on when making purchase decisions.

Autoblog has earned a reputation for offering honest, unbiased reviews from editors who are genuine enthusiasts. The reviews dive deep into a vehicle’s strengths and weaknesses, providing key details on performance, technology, comfort and capabilities. Reviewers highlight must-know information shoppers care about most when evaluating options. Readers trust Autoblog’s expertise and real-world testing knowledge.

In addition to reviews, Autoblog’s editorial team creates comprehensive buying guides for every vehicle class, curating top recommendations across categories like best SUVs under $30k and most fun sports cars. These guides synthesize Autoblog’s collective knowledge into an easy-to-use resource to aid car buyers during each stage of their research. According to surveys, over 80% of readers say Autoblog’s reviews and recommendations significantly influenced what vehicle they ultimately purchased.


Awards and Recognition

Over the years, Autoblog has been recognized by several major media outlets and organizations for its high-quality automotive journalism. Some notable awards and accolades include:


  • Named “Best Auto Site” by Forbes magazine in 2014
  • Won W3 award for original automotive video content in 2016
  • Voted one of Time magazine’s 50 Best Websites in 2011 and 2012
  • Received Webby Award nomination for Best Automotive Site in 2009
  • Named to PC World’s 100 Best Products of 2005 list
  • Won Folio magazine’s Editorial Excellence Award for automotive coverage in 2007


These awards validate Autoblog’s standing as one of the premier online destinations for automotive content. The site’s mix of expert reviews, dynamic videos, breaking news and in-depth analysis has been consistently recognized by leading media outlets as being top-notch.



Autoblog generates revenue through various monetization strategies:


Advertising is a major source of income, with display, native and video ads placed throughout the site and articles. As a top automotive website, Autoblog attracts major auto brands and local dealers looking to reach highly engaged car shoppers. Sponsored posts and affiliate links also generate significant revenue.

Autoblog offers a paid premium subscription for $2/month that provides an ad-free experience, full RSS feeds, exclusive content and support. This provides another income stream beyond ad revenue.

Through their Franchise Dealer Program, Autoblog partners with certified dealers to promote inventory to in-market car buyers. Dealers pay a subscription fee to have their listings and contact info displayed to high-intent visitors researching vehicles.

With over 7 million monthly unique visitors and substantial influence among car shoppers, Autoblog has built a diversified business model monetizing its audience through multiple channels.



Over its 20+ year history, Autoblog has cemented itself as one of the most popular and influential automotive websites. What started in 2004 as part of the Weblogs, Inc. network quickly grew into a go-to destination for car enthusiasts and shoppers. Under its ownership by industry giants like AOL, Verizon Media, and now Yahoo Autos, Autoblog has maintained its editorial independence and passion for covering all things automotive.

With its team of experienced editors and writers who live and breathe cars, Autoblog delivers entertaining and informative original journalism across news, reviews, buying guides, videos and more. It has garnered over 7 million monthly unique visitors, making it one of largest independent automotive sites. Autoblog’s content and recommendations reach 20% of car buyers during their research process, demonstrating its authoritative voice in the industry.

As Autoblog continues under Yahoo’s ownership, its future looks bright. With Yahoo’s resources, Autoblog can expand its video capabilities and deepen its coverage of electric vehicles and emerging automotive tech. While staying true to its roots of serving the car obsessed, Autoblog is poised to grow its audience and evolve its offerings to match the changing auto landscape. After over 20 years, Autoblog remains a leading voice and go-to destination for automotive coverage.

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Questions About is available to view from anywhere in the world, including Canada. Simply go to from any internet-connected device in Canada to access the latest automotive news, reviews, insights and more. Autoblog has versions of their site optimized for desktop, mobile and tablet so you can view content conveniently.

Yes, Autoblog has a dedicated Canada section that caters to Canadian readers’ interests. You can find it by going to the Autoblog homepage and clicking on the “Canada” link in the top menu bar. This brings up Canadian auto news, vehicle reviews and buying advice tailored to the Canadian market.

Some of the major Canadian automakers and brands that Autoblog provides news and reviews on include:


– Magna International – Major Canadian auto parts supplier

– Linamar – Leading engine and transmission manufacturer

– Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) – Maker of Ski-Doo snowmobiles, Sea-Doo watercraft and Can-Am offroad vehicles

– ElectraMeccanica – Canadian electric vehicle startup


Autoblog stays up-to-date on the latest developments, vehicle launches, executive changes and more at these and other Canadian automotive companies.

Yes, Autoblog has a lot of advice and resources for buying and selling cars in Canada specifically. This includes guides on:


– Getting the best financing and loan rates in Canada

– Understanding fees and taxes when buying a car in Canada

Selling a used car privately or to a dealer in Canada

– Shipping vehicles across Canadian provinces


They also have a Canadian used car listing site to search vehicle classifieds, as well as tips on finding rebates and incentives in Canada.

Absolutely. Autoblog has a very popular YouTube channel called Autoblog Video that publishes new automotive videos daily. This includes test drives, reviews, comparisons, overviews and more.


Autoblog Video is available to watch from any location in Canada. Simply go to the Autoblog YouTube channel and browse or search for videos there.

No, Autoblog does not currently have a dedicated Canadian YouTube channel. Their main Autoblog Video channel on YouTube publishes videos relevant to both American and Canadian audiences.


However, many of their test drive and informational videos feature vehicles sold in the Canadian marketplace as well. So Canadian viewers can still find plenty of applicable automotive video content.

Yes, Autoblog’s podcasts are available to listeners worldwide, including Canada. They produce several popular automotive podcasts such as:


– The Autoblog Podcast – Discussing major auto news and developments

– Autoblog’s Wheel Bearings – Opinion and analysis from editors

– Autoblog Green – Focusing on green cars and transportation


These and other Autoblog podcasts can be streamed directly from or accessed on any major podcast platform in Canada like Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more.

Autoblog maintains an extensive automotive photo gallery with hundreds of high-res images. Many of these photos feature vehicles sold in Canada or images taken in Canadian locations.


When viewing gallery photos, you can filter by location to see Canadian images. There is also a search bar to find photos of specific Canadian market vehicles.

Yes, Canadian readers are welcome to engage in discussions on Autoblog’s articles by posting comments at the bottom of stories. You can comment directly once logged into a Disqus, Facebook, Twitter or Google account.


This allows Canadians to provide their own perspectives on news stories and analysis on the site. Moderators may also respond to questions posed in comments from Canadian readers.

Currently Autoblog does not have any permanent offices or editorial staff located in Canada. Their main office is located in Michigan, USA. However, they do send writers and photographers to Canada regularly to report on major auto shows like the CIAS in Toronto or the Montreal Auto Show.


They also attend Canadian launch events when automakers unveil new models. So while they may not have Canadian writers, they provide substantial Canada-focused automotive coverage.

Some major Canadian automotive events that Autoblog sends journalists to cover annually include:


– Canadian International AutoShow (CIAS) in Toronto

– Montreal International Auto Show

– Vancouver International Auto Show

– Calgary Auto Show

– Montreal Electric Vehicle Show

– Edmonton Motor Show


They provide breaking news, vehicle unveilings, concept car reveals, executive interviews and photo galleries from these Canadian shows.

Yes, Autoblog has sections highlighting popular Canadian aftermarket companies producing accessories, custom parts and performance upgrades for vehicles.


Some of the prominent Canadian brands covered include:


– Mishimoto – Performance cooling system components

– AEM Electronics – Chip programmers and engine tuners

– Edge Products – Power programmers and monitors

– K&N Filters – Air intakes and filters


Autoblog showcases new product releases while testing and reviewing these Canadian aftermarket parts as well.

Autoblog has helped promote and sponsor enthusiast car meetups in both the United States and Canada over the years. This has included high-profile events like the Luftgekühlt Porsche meetup in Canada.


They’ve also done informal meetups at major Canadian auto shows for readers. While not scheduled regularly, you can watch the Autoblog site and social media for any car enthusiast meetup announcements in Canada.

Yes, Autoblog partners with several prominent Canadian companies in the auto industry. For example, they’ve collaborated with Canadian tire retailers like Kal Tire on supplying vehicle data for buyers.


They also list Canadian insurance providers like Belairdirect on their site as trusted partners. Autoblog may partner with Canadian automakers as well on sponsored content projects highlighting new vehicle launches.

Since Autoblog does not currently have Canada-based writers, you won’t find any Canadian editorial staff to follow on social media. However, you can follow general Autoblog accounts like:


– Autoblog Facebook – Get Canadian auto news updates

– Autoblog Twitter – See tweets on Canadian vehicles

– Autoblog Instagram – View posts from Canadian auto shows


So while not Canadian exclusively, these accounts do feature plenty of Canada-specific automotive content.

Autoblog is always seeking talented writers, photographers and video producers to join its staff. However, the majority of job openings advertised tend to be located at their head office in the United States.


But they do sometimes recruit freelance contributors in Canada for specific projects or events coverage. So Canadian journalists can check the Autoblog jobs section for any Canada-based freelance opportunities arise.

While Autoblog creates digital automotive content, they do not actually sell any physical products that require shipping to Canada.


However, their parent company Yahoo does have ecommerce operations with shipping policies. Any contests done in partnership with Yahoo may involve Canadian shipping logistics for prizes or giveaways as well.

Autoblog does not currently provide much regionally-specific content for French Canadians. The site is only available in English. However, since a significant portion of French Canadians speak English, they can still access all of Autoblog’s automotive news and reviews.


There is also auto content on Yahoo Canada sites like Yahoo Autos available in French for Quebec natives. Expanding French Canadian coverage remains a possibility for Autoblog moving forward.

No, Autoblog does not publish any print or digital magazines that Canadians can subscribe to. Their auto coverage is entirely online, through their website and videos.


But they do have an email newsletter that Canadians can sign up for to receive alerts on the latest car news, reviews and releases relevant to the Canadian market.

While Autoblog has helped promote various racing events in the United States, they do not directly organize or sponsor any Canadian racing series or competitions.


However, they do report on major national Canadian auto races like events in the Nissan Micra Cup, the Ontario Time Attack series and the Castrol Canadian Touring Car Championship.


So they provide coverage of Canadian motorsports, without running events themselves.

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