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Kijiji Autos Explained

Kijiji Autos Explained

Buying or selling a car can be a frustrating experience. Endless hours spent browsing outdated classifieds, getting the runaround at sleazy dealerships, and negotiating with flaky strangers. There had to be a better way.

Enter Kijiji Autos – a revolutionary new online car marketplace launched in 2020 that’s transforming the way Canadians buy and sell vehicles. This all-in-one platform combines the community and convenience of Kijiji with tailored tools for seamlessly browsing, buying, and selling cars and trucks.

This in-depth guide will cover everything you need to know about Kijiji Autos. We’ll explore its history and key features, walk through how to buy or sell your next ride, and compare it to other options like AutoTrader and dealerships. By the end, you’ll see why Kijiji Autos is set to become the #1 destination for car shopping in Canada.

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What is Kijiji Autos?

Kijiji Autos is an online car marketplace specifically dedicated to vehicles. The platform allows you to easily search new and used car listings posted by both private sellers and dealers across Canada.

Kijiji Autos was launched in 2020 by parent company Kijiji, the leading online classifieds platform in Canada. While Kijiji has always hosted vehicle listings, Kijiji Autos was spun off into a standalone car shopping destination in order to provide tailored features and a superior experience for buying and selling cars.

With Kijiji Autos, Canadians can browse thousands of new and used car listings in their local area or across the country. The platform is designed for both buying and selling vehicles, so it allows private sellers to quickly create ads to sell their vehicles while also giving buyers the ability to search and filter for their perfect car.

Overall, Kijiji Autos combines the community and convenience of Kijiji classifieds with new tools and features specifically for transacting vehicles easily and securely. It provides a dedicated online car marketplace for all of Canada.


History of Kijiji Autos

Kijiji Autos was launched in 2020 by parent company Kijiji, the leading online classifieds platform in Canada. Kijiji itself has an extensive history, having first been founded in 2005 as a joint venture between eBay and media conglomerate Quebecor. The goal was to create a Canadian counterpart to Craigslist, bringing the convenience of online classifieds to the Great White North.

After becoming fully owned by eBay in 2010, Kijiji continued to grow and dominate the Canadian market for online buy and sell classifieds. Then in 2020, Kijiji decided to branch out into dedicated verticals – kicking off with Kijiji Autos, the first platform solely focused on car sales.

Kijiji Autos represented a major evolution for the company. While Kijiji had always hosted vehicle listings, this new platform was built from the ground up to improve the car buying and selling experience. By tailoring features and tools specifically for autos, Kijiji Autos introduced a more seamless way for Canadians to find and list vehicles online.


Key Features and Benefits

Kijiji Autos offers a robust set of features to enhance every step of the car buying and selling process. Here are some of the key benefits Kijiji Autos provides:


Intuitive Search with Filters

Finding your next car is easy with Kijiji Autos’ intuitive search filters. You can filter listings by make, model, year, price, location, body type, mileage, transmission type and more. Easily narrow down the exact vehicle you’re looking for.


Car Shopping Tools

Make smarter buying decisions with Kijiji Autos’ built-in car shopping tools. Access vehicle history reports from Carfax to check for accidents or issues. Use the Price Analysis tool to understand fair market pricing and negotiate better deals.


Secure Payment Processing

Safely pay for your vehicle directly through Kijiji Autos with secure payment processing. Options include wire transfer, certified check, cash or financing. You can pay conveniently online or in-person upon delivery.


Post Ad Wizard

Sell your car faster with Kijiji Autos’ user-friendly ad posting wizard. Just select your vehicle details, add photos and a description, and your ad will be live in minutes. Attract more interested buyers with a quality listing.


iOS and Android Apps

Search, buy and sell cars on-the-go with the free Kijiji Autos apps for iOS and Android. Manage your vehicle ads, chat with buyers, schedule test drives and more – all from your smartphone.


Search and Find the Perfect Car

Kijiji Autos makes finding your next car easier than ever thanks to its robust search functionality. With thousands of listings from sellers across Canada, you can easily browse a huge nationwide inventory right from your fingertips.

The intuitive search filters allow you to zero in on the exact make, model, year, price range, location and more. Search by keywords or drill down to find a specific vehicle. Apply multiple filters at once to narrow your options to the perfect match.

Easily sort listings by most relevant, lowest/highest price, lowest mileage, newest or by proximity. Customize your results so they surface the cars most important to your search. With so many customizable parameters, you’re sure to find options tailored just for you.

The expansive inventory means you can comparison shop without having to visit multiple websites or dealerships. See all the vehicles similar to your top choice side-by-side to make sure you get the right one. Finding the perfect car amongst thousands of options has never been simpler.


Research and Compare Listings

One of the best features of Kijiji Autos is the ability to thoroughly research and compare vehicle listings before making a purchase. The platform provides all the tools you need to make an informed decision.

Every ad includes plenty of details and multiple high-quality images so you can view the vehicle inside and out. Check out mileage, features, ownership history and more. Expanding on that, Kijiji Autos offers free vehicle history reports from Carproof for added peace of mind. Simply click to view any issues, accidents, or major repairs associated with that VIN.

You can also utilize the Price Analysis tool for accurate pricing insights. Just enter the specifics of the car you’re interested in and you’ll see a detailed report on the vehicle’s value based on similar listings and market data. This helps you determine if the asking price is fair or negotiate accordingly.

Between browsing photos, accessing vehicle histories, and leveraging price analysis, you’ll have all the information needed to thoroughly evaluate listings and find “the one”. Kijiji Autos empowers you to research and compare your options before purchasing so you can truly make an informed decision.


Connect With Sellers

One of the best features of Kijiji Autos is the ability to easily connect with sellers right on the platform. Instead of having to call or email sellers from separate contact information, Kijiji Autos has a built-in messaging system. This allows buyers to ask sellers questions, get more details on vehicles, and arrange test drives all within the Kijiji Autos interface.

The messaging system enables buyers to communicate with sellers privately and securely. You can send text and photo messages back and forth to ask specific questions about the condition, features, maintenance history and more about vehicles you’re interested in. It’s a much more efficient way to get information compared to playing phone tag or email exchanges.

In addition to asking questions, buyers can use the Kijiji Autos messaging system to schedule test drives. Instead of leaving this to a separate phone call, you can request and confirm test drive appointments through the messaging threads. This ensures everything is documented in one place and it’s easy to manage meeting up to see the vehicle in person.

With its integrated messaging platform, Kijiji Autos removes a major pain point in the traditional car buying process. No more hassle trying to contact sellers through fragmented channels. Kijiji Autos messaging allows buyers and sellers to seamlessly communicate, making it easier than ever to find your next ride.


Buying Tips and Guidance

Buying a used car can be an intimidating process, especially if you’re not an expert on vehicles. However, with the right preparation and knowledge, you can feel confident and avoid any pitfalls when purchasing your next ride on Kijiji Autos.

Here are some tips on what to ask, look for, negotiate and inspect when buying a used car on Kijiji Autos:


What to Ask and Look For

When checking out a used car, you’ll want to ask the seller plenty of questions to get a full history of the vehicle. Important things to ask include:


  • Why are you selling the car?
  • How long have you had it?
  • What is the mileage and service history?
  • Has it been in any accidents?
  • What repairs or maintenance have been done?


You’ll also want to thoroughly inspect the car yourself inside and out. Look for any body damage, check tire tread depth, test all functions and lights, and inspect the engine bay. Taking the car for a prepurchase inspection by a mechanic is highly recommended.


Negotiating the Price

Once you’ve settled on a car you want, it’s time to negotiate the price. Do your research ahead of time on fair market value. Point out any flaws you found upon inspection to ask for a lower price. Come prepared with a target price in mind, and determine your highest offer beforehand. Make concessions slowly to get the best possible deal.


Inspecting Vehicle Condition

Give the car a test drive to experience how it handles. As you drive, listen and feel for any odd noises, vibrations, or issues shifting gears. Test acceleration and braking performance. Use all features and controls to confirm they work. A test drive will reveal a lot about the car’s mechanical condition.


Test Drive Protocol

When going for a test drive, be sure to take these precautions:


  • Meet seller at their residence if possible
  • Copy their driver’s license and insurance
  • Take the car on both city streets and highways
  • Keep a close eye on all gauges and warning lights
  • Have seller demonstrate features
  • Take 15-20 minutes to thoroughly assess handling


Closing the Deal Securely

Once you’ve decided to purchase the vehicle, use Kijiji Autos’ secure tools to complete the transaction. You can coordinate payment through the platform to ensure you receive the car before releasing funds. Meet in a public place and don’t carry large amounts of cash. Sign over the title and registration once payment has been made. Then do a final vehicle walkaround before driving home your exciting new ride!

By following these tips and using Kijiji Autos’ helpful buying features, you can find and purchase your dream used car with confidence.


Create an Ad to Sell Your Car

Selling a vehicle can be a hassle, but Kijiji Autos makes it simple. Their user-friendly ad builder allows you to create a listing and upload photos in just a few minutes. Here’s how it works:

First, open the Kijiji Autos app or go to the website and click “Post Ad.” This will take you to the ad builder. Start by selecting that you want to sell a car, truck, or SUV. Next, add details like the make, model, year, mileage, features, and condition. The more comprehensive your description, the better. You’ll also need to enter information like the VIN, title status, and price.

One of the best parts of the ad builder is the ability to upload multiple high-quality photos. Use bright, well-lit shots that highlight your vehicle’s best attributes. The more photos the better so buyers can really see the condition. Photos drive most of the initial interest, so don’t skip this step!

As you build your ad, Kijiji Autos will provide tips and prompts to make sure you include all the important details. You can preview how the ad will look at any time. Once submitted, you can go back and make edits if needed. Overall, the process is very intuitive.

Kijiji Autos also has built-in screening questions so you can vet potential buyers before sharing personal information. When you receive an offer, you can negotiate via chat within the app and schedule test drives. If you accept an offer, you’ll be able to close the sale securely through the platform.

With Kijiji Autos’ seamless ad posting experience, you’ll be able to sell your car in no time. The combination of detailed listings, great photos, and screened buyers means you’ll find a qualified purchaser who will pay top dollar.


Pricing and Payment

One of the best things about Kijiji Autos is that it’s completely free to search listings and connect with sellers. You can browse thousands of vehicle ads across Canada without paying a cent. This allows buyers to get a feel for the market and see what’s out there before committing to purchase.

When you’re ready to buy, Kijiji Autos offers secure online payment processing directly through the platform. For added protection, transactions are facilitated by Interac e-Transfer, PayPal, or credit card. This means you can pay safely from the convenience of your home without handing over cash directly to the seller.

Kijiji Autos also empowers buyers and sellers to negotiate pricing. You can make offers, counteroffers, and agree on a final sale price through the platform’s messaging system. There’s no pressure from pushy salespeople – just a simple way to reach a deal both parties are happy with.

By offering free searches, secure payments, and flexible pricing, Kijiji Autos removes many of the headaches and risks from the traditional car buying process. You’re in full control at every step of the way.


Safety Tips for Buyers

Buying a used car from an individual seller rather than a dealership does come with some risks. However, there are steps you can take to make the process safer and avoid scams or dangerous situations:


Meet in a Public Place

Always arrange to meet potential sellers in a public place like a cafe or mall parking lot. Avoid meeting at the seller’s home or other private locations.


Take a Test Drive

Test driving the vehicle allows you to assess its condition and performance. But for safety, test drives should only be done during daylight hours and in populated areas.


Inspect Thoroughly

Carefully inspect the entire vehicle inside and out before agreeing to buy. Look for any evidence of damage or defects. Ask to see the vehicle history report for more insight.


Ask for Identification

To confirm the seller’s identity, ask to see their driver’s license or other government-issued ID. Cross-check it with the vehicle registration to verify ownership.

Following these simple precautions will help ensure your safety when buying a used vehicle. Trust your instincts and leave if you feel uncomfortable at any point during the process.


Why Choose Kijiji Autos?

With over 500,000 vehicle listings at any given time, Kijiji Autos offers the largest selection of new and used cars for sale in Canada. No other platform comes close to the inventory and variety found on Kijiji Autos. You’ll find everything from everyday commuters to luxury vehicles, classic cars, trucks, SUVs, and more.

Kijiji Autos also provides a vastly improved experience compared to traditional online classifieds. While sites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace work fine for generic buy and sell ads, they lack the specialized tools and features tailored specifically for vehicle shopping. Kijiji Autos has intuitive search filters, built-in communications, vehicle history reports, price analysis tools, and other automotive-focused capabilities you won’t find on generic classifieds.

The platform is designed from the ground up to streamline and enhance every step of the car buying and selling process. From browsing inventory to securing payment, Kijiji Autos aims to make finding your next ride or selling your current vehicle as seamless as possible.

You’ll also have peace of mind knowing all payments and transactions are secured through Kijiji Autos. There’s no need to worry about fraudulent buyers or risky meetups when handling payments. And by keeping your business local, you help strengthen Canadian communities and support local economies.


Kijiji Autos vs. AutoTrader

When it comes to buying or selling a used car online, Canadians have two main options – Kijiji Autos and AutoTrader. While both platforms have their merits, there are some key differences between these major online car marketplaces.

In terms of inventory, Kijiji Autos tends to have a much larger selection of listings compared to AutoTrader. With integration across the massive Kijiji community, Kijiji Autos features ads from both private sellers and car dealers nationwide. AutoTrader, on the other hand, focuses more on dealer inventory. For buyers looking for the widest range of options, Kijiji Autos usually delivers more results.

When it comes to features, Kijiji Autos and AutoTrader take different approaches. Kijiji Autos emphasizes community tools like messaging and location-based search. AutoTrader puts more focus on vehicle research, with expert reviews, price analysis, and comparison tools. Kijiji Autos provides a simpler browsing and buying experience, while AutoTrader offers more data and insights.

On pricing, Kijiji Autos tends to list more affordable used vehicles compared to AutoTrader. With more private sellers, Kijiji Autos can have lower prices and more negotiation room. AutoTrader, with its dealer focus, generally lists higher-end certified pre-owned vehicles. Value-focused buyers may prefer browsing Kijiji Autos first.

In summary, Kijiji Autos shines for its huge classifieds-style inventory and community emphasis. AutoTrader is better for researching vehicles and accessing more market data. Kijiji Autos suits buyers who know what they want or are open to options. AutoTrader appeals to shoppers who want expert guidance to make the optimal choice.


Kijiji Autos vs. Dealerships

When it comes to buying a car, Kijiji Autos offers some key advantages over traditional dealerships. With its online marketplace connecting buyers and sellers directly, Kijiji Autos opens up more possibilities for car shoppers.

One major benefit of using Kijiji Autos is the wider selection of vehicles available. On Kijiji Autos, you can browse listings from both private sellers and dealers all across Canada. This means a much larger inventory to choose from, beyond what your local dealers may have on their lots. And with Kijiji’s search filters, you can easily find exactly the make, model, year, price range and features you want.

Kijiji Autos also lets you avoid many of the hassles that come with shopping at dealerships. No more spending hours haggling with salespeople or feeling pressured into options and add-ons you don’t want. And you don’t have to deal with pushy sales tactics or hidden fees. With Kijiji Autos, you can take your time evaluating options and connecting directly with sellers at your own pace.

The expanded selection and direct marketplace on Kijiji Autos also opens up more possibilities for negotiating deals. With more options to choose from, you have more bargaining power as a buyer. And without a dealership middleman, there is often more room for sellers to come down on price. Overall, you’re likely to get a better price on Kijiji Autos compared to at a dealership lot.

By combining choice, convenience and value, Kijiji Autos creates a better car buying experience compared to traditional dealerships. You get access to more vehicles and more power as a shopper – key advantages when it comes to finding your next car.


The Future of Kijiji Autos

With the launch of Kijiji Autos in 2020, the platform has quickly become one of the leading online marketplaces for buying and selling vehicles in Canada. But what does the future hold for this revolutionary car shopping service? Kijiji Autos has tremendous growth potential and opportunities on the horizon to further improve the automotive experience for Canadians.

As more buyers and sellers adopt the platform, Kijiji Autos will continue expanding its nationwide inventory with even more new and used car listings. The service is poised to become the go-to destination for Canadians to find their next vehicle. And by harnessing user data and feedback, Kijiji Autos can refine its search algorithms and tools to enable more precise searching and filtering. Advanced features like vehicle history reports, price analysis, and inspection booking can also be enhanced over time.

At its core, Kijiji Autos aims to transform the car shopping journey for the better. The platform makes the process more transparent, convenient, and enjoyable compared to traditional dealerships and classifieds. Kijiji Autos gives control back to the consumer. As the service grows, it will further simplify buying and selling by rolling out improvements to its ad posting flows, communication tools, payment options and more. The future goal is a seamless peer-to-peer marketplace.

Kijiji has always been about community, and Kijiji Autos continues that local focus. By connecting area buyers and sellers, the platform supports local commerce and neighborhoods. Kijiji Autos will strive to strengthen these community ties by adding features that reward engagement. For example, a reputation system for buyers and sellers could foster accountability and trust. Referral programs could also promote car shopping within local networks.

With a dedication to continuous innovation and enhancing the experience, Kijiji Autos is gearing up to lead the online automotive space in Canada. By leveraging its national reach and community-driven roots, this disruptive platform is undoubtedly the future of car shopping from coast to coast.



In summary, Kijiji Autos provides an unparalleled car buying and selling experience for Canadians. With its intuitive search tools, detailed listing information, built-in communications, and secure payments, Kijiji Autos makes finding your next vehicle or selling your current one easier than ever.

The platform brings transparency and convenience to the car shopping process. You can access thousands of listings from both private sellers and dealers, with prices, history reports, and other key details at your fingertips. Whether you’re looking for a specific make and model or just browsing for inspiration, Kijiji Autos has you covered.

On the selling side, Kijiji Autos gives you an easy way to market your vehicle to motivated buyers across the country. With automated ad creation, responsive inquiries, and seamless payments, you can sell your car faster and with less hassle.

If you’re ready to transform the way you buy or sell a car, it’s time to give Kijiji Autos a try. Join the platform and community that is revolutionizing automotive commerce in Canada. Find your perfect vehicle or maximize your sale – start your car shopping journey now!


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Questions About Kijiji Autos

Kijiji Autos is a car shopping platform in Canada owned by Kijiji. It allows Canadians to research, compare prices, and buy new or used cars from private sellers or car dealerships across the country. Kijiji Autos has its own website and mobile app dedicated to buying and selling vehicles.

Kijiji Autos connects car buyers with sellers. You can browse vehicle listings which include prices, photos, descriptions and seller information. When you find a car you like, you contact the seller directly via phone, email or text. You can then arrange to see the car in person for a test drive and inspection before deciding to purchase. Kijiji Autos also offers tools to research prices and specifications.

The Kijiji Autos website and app enables users to search new and used car listings by make, model, price, body type, mileage, location and other filters. Listings include prices, photos and seller details. Users can save search preferences and get notifications for new matching listings. Additional features include price analysis tools, vehicle history reports, financing calculators and more.

No, Kijiji Autos does not directly sell vehicles. It connects buyers and sellers. Once you find a listing, you contact the seller to arrange an in-person inspection and test drive. If satisfied, you negotiate purchase details directly with the seller. Kijiji Autos provides buyer protection tips and facilitates communication, but the transaction occurs between individuals.

No. Kijiji Autos includes both new and used vehicle listings from private sellers as well as car dealerships across Canada. You can find and compare listings for new, used, certified pre-owned (CPO) and vintage vehicles on Kijiji Autos using the search filters.

Kijiji Autos combines the large classifieds network and community focus of Kijiji with enhanced features specifically for buying and selling cars. The search experience is more customized with saved preferences and alerts. There are also more vehicle research tools. Kijiji’s brand recognition and Canada-wide reach expands options.

Yes, Kijiji Autos covers all provinces and territories in Canada. You can search new and used car classifieds listings posted for sale nationally or filter by location. Listings come from both individual sellers and car dealerships in cities and rural areas across Canada.

Kijiji Autos includes listings for all makes and models – from everyday cars to luxury vehicles to classics. Specific types include sedans, trucks, SUVs, minivans, hybrids, electric cars, sports cars, exotics, vintage autos and more from major brands like Ford, Honda, Toyota, BMW, Tesla and others.

Yes. Kijiji Autos allows private party sellers to create a free classified ad with photos, description and price to advertise vehicles for sale. You manage ad inquiries and showings then complete the transaction directly with the buyer for your agreed upon price. Dealers can also sign up for bulk listings.

Important details are make, model, year, mileage, exterior and interior condition, maintenance records, modifications, recent repairs, known issues, location and your preferred contact info. High quality photos also help attract interested buyers. Be transparent to build trust.

Listing a car for sale on Kijiji Autos is free for private party sellers. You only pay if you choose optional upgrades like featuring the ad or adding more photos. Once sold, no commissions or fees are charged. You keep the full selling price. Dealers pay additional fees for bulk listings and account features.

Kijiji Autos offers buyer and seller protection tips plus safe meeting location suggestions. Advice includes checking vehicle history, verifying seller identity, inspecting cars before buying, using escrow services and only paying in secure forms. These help minimize fraud and build trust in the car buying process.

Since Kijiji Autos connects buyers and sellers directly rather than selling cars themselves, specific payment arrangements are agreed upon between the two parties. Secure options include certified bank checks, money orders, escrow services, credit union deposits, electronic bank transfers and cash.

Kijiji Autos provides auto loan and financing calculators plus tips for getting pre-approved. However, financial arrangements are made independently between buyers and lenders. Many sellers also offer financing options. Commercial dealers listed often have on-site finance departments to assist purchasing and loans.


You cannot trade directly on Kijiji Autos since vehicles are sold between individuals rather than to a dealership. However, some commercial dealers and private sellers may accept trade-ins as partial payment. Be sure to negotiate fair market value for both vehicles involved.

Since transactions happen directly between buyers and third-party sellers, Kijiji Autos does not provide any warranties. Private party sales are generally sold “as is”. Dealers may include limited guarantees. Extended warranties can be purchased separately from finance companies before or after sale. Verify options.

No. Kijiji Autos does not directly sell cars themselves. The platform connects buyers and third-party sellers nationwide. However, there are commercial car dealerships and lots that advertise inventory for sale on Kijiji Autos in addition to private party listings. All vehicles are sold by their respective owners.

It is recommended you take any vehicle purchased on Kijiji Autos for an independent inspection by a licensed mechanic before finalizing sale. Sellers may allow test drives and examinations beforehand. You can verify service records and identify issues to help negotiate price or walk away.

While Kijiji Autos provides guidance, vetting tools and facilitates connections, sales happen directly between buyers and sellers who are responsible for resolving any conflicts. You should thoroughly inspect cars beforehand, use secure payments and formalize purchase agreements to minimize issues.

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