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Buying a new car can be an exciting yet stressful experience. On one hand, you get to pick out your ideal vehicle with all the latest features and technology. But on the other hand, negotiating with dealerships and not knowing if you’re getting a good deal can take away some of that excitement.

That’s where Unhaggle comes in. Unhaggle is an online car buying service designed to help Canadians find the very best pricing on new vehicles without all the typical haggling and hassle.

Here’s how it works: You build and price out the specific new car you want, just like on an automaker’s website. Submit your configuration to get a free personalized Dealer Cost Report listing all the itemized fees and latest incentives. Unhaggle then gets local certified dealers to compete for your business by providing discounted quotes based on real inventory. You pick the offer that saves you the most money and buy your new car at that guaranteed online price. No stressful negotiations needed!

In short, Unhaggle simplifies the new car buying process by leveraging the power of data and competition. The platform gives buyers access to upfront dealer cost information, guaranteed quotes, and the ability to purchase their chosen vehicle at an agreed upon discounted price. This transparency and peace of mind helps consumers feel confident they are getting a fair deal.

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What is Unhaggle?

Unhaggle is an online car buying service that was founded in Canada. The company’s mission is to empower car shoppers by providing free access to dealer invoice pricing and connecting them with a vast certified dealer network across the country. Unhaggle essentially removes the stressful haggling process from buying a new car.

With Unhaggle, users can configure and price new vehicles on the website, just like they would on an automaker’s official site. The key difference is that Unhaggle then provides a free personalized “Dealer Cost Report” that clearly breaks down the vehicle price into individual components. This includes things like invoice price, incentives, fees, holdbacks, and factory-to-dealer margins. Armed with this inside knowledge, buyers can better understand the true costs and aim for fair, hassle-free pricing.

Unhaggle gets local dealerships to compete for the buyer’s business. Once a user submits their build, certified dealers in their area respond with discounted quotes based on real inventory. There’s no back and forth negotiating or haggling required. Users simply review the quotes and pick the best offer that fits their budget and preferences. The entire process provides a transparent, stress-free way to research, configure and buy a new car.


How Unhaggle Works

Unhaggle’s platform allows users to easily build and price out their desired new vehicle, just like on an automaker’s website. You can configure all the trim levels, colors, options etc to create your perfect car. Once you’ve built your ideal vehicle, Unhaggle generates a free personalized Dealer Cost Report for that exact configuration.

The Dealer Cost Report provides a complete breakdown of all the itemized costs and fees associated with that new car. This includes the base MSRP price, factory-to-dealer incentives, holdback amounts, advertising fees, documentation fees, accessories pricing, and any other costs involved. You’ll see exactly what the dealer paid the manufacturer for your chosen vehicle.

With this dealer invoice price information, Unhaggle empowers you to understand the true costs and negotiate from an informed position. There’s no need to haggle blindly without knowing what a fair price would be. Unhaggle brings transparency to car buying by revealing the dealer cost data upfront.


Unhaggle Dealer Cost Reports

One of the most useful tools Unhaggle provides is the free Dealer Cost Report. This customized report contains detailed pricing information on your chosen vehicle, empowering you with knowledge before starting negotiations. It lays out all the costs involved for the dealer, from the base MSRP to additional fees and potential profit margin.

The Dealer Cost Report lists the factory invoice price, which is what the manufacturer initially charges the dealer. It also shows any current rebates, incentives, or discounts available from the automaker. These can include customer cash offers, lease pull-ahead deals, or bonus cash for financing. The report sums up the factory incentives and subtracts them from the invoice price to calculate the dealer cost.

On top of the factory invoice, dealers also tack on additional fees for advertising, documentation, accessories, freight, PDI (pre-delivery inspection), government levies, and more. These extra charges are all clearly laid out in the Unhaggle report. It adds transparency by revealing the optional upsells dealers try to bundle into the price, like etching or rust protection.

Lastly, the report displays the potential profit margin the dealer is able to make. Dealers aim for anywhere between 3-10% gross profit on new vehicles. Armed with the knowledge of what the dealer paid versus their asking price, you can better negotiate an equitable deal.

Having all this pricing data at your fingertips gives you the confidence to negotiate without worrying about overpaying. The Unhaggle Dealer Cost Report provides the inside information you need to get the best possible price.


Getting Quotes from Dealers

Once you’ve built your desired new vehicle on Unhaggle and received your personalized Dealer Cost Report, the next step is submitting a request for quotes. This allows Unhaggle to connect you with dealerships in your area that can provide discounted pricing.

After submitting your quote request through Unhaggle’s website or app, certified dealers in your city or province will be notified. They can then look over the details of the vehicle you configured and your Dealer Cost Report. With this information, the dealers will prepare competitive quotes specifically for you.

Within 1-2 business days, you’ll start receiving your discounted price quotes directly from the local dealers through Unhaggle’s platform. Each dealer offer will be for the exact vehicle configuration you built, with pricing better than what you’d get just walking into the dealership. The quotes take into account any incentives, rebates, or dealer discounts that apply to that specific car.

Seeing multiple offers side-by-side makes it easy to compare and determine which dealer is willing to offer you the best overall price. Once you decide on a quote, you can proceed to purchase your new car from that dealership at the agreed pre-negotiated price.


Picking the Best Dealer Offer

After submitting your build request on Unhaggle, multiple dealers in your area will respond with discounted quotes on that exact vehicle. You’ll get to review all of these offers side-by-side and pick the one that gives you the best overall value.

The quotes you receive will have the vehicle price, applicable fees and taxes, and any additional dealer discounts or incentives applied. You’ll be able to clearly see which dealer is offering the lowest price on your desired new car.

In addition to the bottom line price, you can also factor in the dealership’s reputation, location, and included extras when deciding on the best offer. The Unhaggle platform has a rating system for each dealer based on past customer reviews, so you can get a sense of the overall buying experience.

Ultimately, the choice comes down to which dealer offer fits your needs and budget. Thanks to the competitive quotes, you’re guaranteed to save money off the MSRP and get VIP treatment as an Unhaggle shopper.


Buying the Car

Once you’ve picked the best dealer offer from the quotes you received, it’s time to complete your new car purchase. One of the major benefits of using Unhaggle is that you can buy your new car at the agreed upon discounted price without any haggling or back-and-forth negotiations at the dealership. Everything is handled online upfront.

When you arrive at the dealership, simply present the dealer quote you received through Unhaggle. The sales process will be straightforward since the pricing is already set ahead of time. There won’t be any last minute surprises, hidden fees, or bait-and-switch tactics. You can purchase the car you configured online at the exact discounted price the dealer quoted you.

This hassle-free process takes all the stress out of haggling and negotiating. Thanks to Unhaggle’s upfront price competition, you can buy your new car smoothly without the pressure, anxiety, and frustration that often comes with traditional car buying. The entire purchase experience is streamlined for your convenience.


Unhaggle vs Car Cost Canada

When it comes to services that provide dealer cost data to help buyers negotiate, the two biggest names in Canada are Unhaggle and CarCostCanada. At first glance, they may seem like very similar offerings to empower car shoppers with pricing information direct from manufacturers and dealers. However, there are some key differences between these two industry leaders that are worth examining.

The core service provided by both Unhaggle and CarCostCanada is generating detailed reports that reveal the various components that make up the total price for a new vehicle. This includes the base MSRP, factory-to-dealer incentives, holdback amounts, advertising levies, documentation fees, accessories pricing, and any other costs associated with a specific car deal. Having this itemized breakdown makes it easier to understand where dealers have margin to discount and gives buyers more leverage in price negotiations.

Where the two services diverge is in their business models. CarCostCanada charges users $29.95 for each report generated, with options to purchase up to 5 reports at once. Unhaggle provides its Dealer Cost Reports completely free without any limits. Unhaggle operates on a cost-per-lead model, earning fees from certified dealers in its network when shoppers submit quote requests. This eliminates the barrier to entry for buyers doing research.

Unhaggle also updates its pricing data more frequently than CarCostCanada, ensuring users get reports with the latest manufacturer incentives, rebates, and other figures. Unhaggle has a larger certified dealer network spanning the entire country, while CarCostCanada is more concentrated in certain provinces. For tools, Unhaggle offers a payment calculator, maintenance cost estimator, and other handy features.

When it comes to empowering shoppers with dealer cost information both Unhaggle and CarCostCanada deliver significant value. But the free pricing, larger national dealer network, and additional tools give Unhaggle an edge for savvy new car buyers in Canada looking to pay a fair price.


Unhaggle Network of Dealers

One of the key benefits of using Unhaggle is access to their vast network of certified dealers across Canada. Unhaggle has partnered with hundreds of reputable dealers in all major cities from coast to coast. This gives buyers plenty of options when it comes to finding competitive quotes.

Having a large dealer network to source quotes from is extremely advantageous for car shoppers. More dealers competing for your business means more chances of getting the absolute lowest price. With Unhaggle, you can get multiple quotes from different dealers in your local area. The dealers have to offer their best discounted pricing in hopes you’ll choose them.

Unhaggle only partners with dealers that meet their certification standards. To become an Unhaggle certified dealer, the dealer must have a proven track record of fair pricing, good customer service, and timely delivery. They perform background checks on all dealers before allowing them to join the network. This ensures buyers are only getting quotes from reputable sources.

The nationwide Unhaggle dealer network covers all the major brands. Whether you are looking for domestic cars, imports, luxury vehicles, trucks or SUVs, there will be certified dealers in your region to accommodate your needs. No other car buying service has established relationships with as many Canadian new car dealers as Unhaggle.

Having so many dealers competing for your business is the key reason Unhaggle can deliver such competitive market pricing for car shoppers. There are always multiple dealers wanting your sale. This dealer network combined with Unhaggle’s transparent pricing information puts all the leverage in the hands of buyers.


Updating Pricing and Incentives

Unhaggle has a dedicated team that is constantly checking for the latest pricing information and available incentives from manufacturers. They monitor manufacturer websites and inventory systems on a daily basis to ensure the pricing data they provide to consumers is current. This gives Unhaggle an advantage over some competitors that may only update pricing on a monthly or even quarterly basis.

With other car buying services, the pricing and incentive data can sometimes be weeks or months out of date. By the time you get a report and start shopping, some of those incentives may no longer be offered or valid. This “stale” data puts buyers at a disadvantage.

Unhaggle prides itself on having the most up-to-date information possible. They know that incentives and pricing specials can change frequently, especially nearing the end of a model year. Having accurate real-time data allows Unhaggle to show buyers any special offers, rebates, or financing deals that competitors may miss.

This level of diligence ensures consumers get dealer quotes based on current incentives and the true dealer cost. You won’t miss out on savings because of outdated information. Unhaggle does the legwork so car buyers have confidence they are getting a great deal on a new car with minimal hassle.


User Reviews

One of the best features of Unhaggle is the ability to read reviews and ratings for the dealerships in their network. After getting quote offers from multiple dealers, buyers can then look at the dealership profiles on Unhaggle and see what past customers have said.

Each dealership listing shows the average rating out of 5 stars that real buyers have left after completing their purchase. There are also individual reviews where customers describe their experience shopping at that dealer and working with the salespeople.

Having access to these ratings and reviews helps take the guesswork out of choosing which dealer offer to accept. Buyers can feel confident selecting a highly rated dealer with positive reviews mentioning fair prices, a smooth purchase process, and good customer service.

If a dealer has concerning reviews mentioning issues like add-ons or hidden fees, misleading advertising, pushy sales tactics, or poor communication, buyers can avoid them. The transparency of seeing unfiltered feedback directly from other Unhaggle users provides valuable insight.

Along with the competitive quotes, being able to pick a reputable dealer with happy customers makes the car buying process much easier. Unhaggle user reviews give you the full picture before ever having to set foot in a dealership.


No Haggling Needed

One of the best benefits of using Unhaggle is that it removes the stressful haggling process from buying a new car. When you submit your build request on Unhaggle, certified dealers in your area compete to offer you their best discounted price upfront. This means you can get a great deal without having to negotiate or worry you’re paying too much. The free market competition ensures you receive fair pricing.

With traditional car buying, you never know if the dealer’s first offer is a good deal or if they have more room to come down. This leads to awkward back-and-forth haggling over a few hundred dollars. Unhaggle removes all that hassle by having dealers submit their lowest prices right away. You can easily compare quotes side-by-side and identify the best offer without any haggling.

Unhaggle also levels the playing field by giving you access to dealer invoice prices and insider info on incentives. Armed with this knowledge, you can better judge the fairness of a dealer’s discounted quote. Transparency is key – and Unhaggle brings that to the new car buying process for a smooth, no haggle experience.


Price Match Guarantee

One of the key benefits of using Unhaggle is the price match guarantee. This ensures that the discounted price you receive from a dealer in the Unhaggle network is the lowest price available.

After getting multiple dealer quotes, if you find a lower advertised price on the identical new car elsewhere, Unhaggle will match that price. This guarantee applies to any authorized Canadian dealership’s offer within 120 km of your location.

To take advantage of the price match, you simply need to contact Unhaggle’s support team within 48 hours of receiving your quotes. They will verify if the alternative pricing is accurate for an identical vehicle. If it checks out, Unhaggle will then work with one of their certified dealers to match that discounted price.

This guarantee means you can buy with total confidence knowing you are getting the best possible deal. There is no risk of finding a better advertised price later on, as Unhaggle will honor their commitment to find you the lowest price.

The price match guarantee is just one more way Unhaggle looks out for buyers’ interests. You don’t have to spend time shopping around once you get Unhaggle quotes, as their team will do the legwork to secure you the lowest price.


Totally Free for Buyers

One of the best things about using Unhaggle is that it is completely free for new car buyers. Unlike some competitor sites that charge for pricing reports and access to data, Unhaggle provides all of its services at no cost whatsoever.

When you use the Unhaggle website to configure a new car, build out different trim packages, and view pricing, there are no fees at all. You can go through the entire new car shopping process, get multiple dealer quotes, and buy the perfect car without ever paying anything.

The detailed Dealer Cost Reports that Unhaggle provides are also totally free. These break down the various components that make up the final price of a new car, including:


  • Base MSRP
  • Factory-to-dealer incentives
  • Holdback amounts
  • Dealer fees/PDI
  • Freight charges
  • Taxes


With other competitor sites, you may have to pay $20, $30, or even more just to access this type of pricing information. But Unhaggle believes it should be available for free so car buyers can make informed decisions.

There are also never any fees when you submit a pricing request form and get dealers competing for your business. The quotes you receive are completely free and come from actual dealer inventory, not estimates. It’s a totally transparent process with no hidden costs.

Unhaggle aims to simplify the new car buying process and empower consumers. By offering all of its invaluable services and pricing data for free, the company helps buyers get great deals without needing to haggle or negotiate.


Transparent Pricing

One of the biggest benefits of using Unhaggle is the transparent and upfront pricing. When buying a new car the traditional way, there are many hidden fees and markups that you may not be aware of. Dealers typically won’t reveal the full breakdown of costs unless you negotiate hard and force them to show their numbers.

With Unhaggle, the pricing is crystal clear before you even start engaging with dealers. The free Dealer Cost Report lays out every single fee so you can see exactly what’s included in the price down to the penny. This includes:


  • MSRP – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price
  • Factory invoice price
  • Holdback amount
  • Incentives and rebates
  • Freight and PDI – Pre-Delivery Inspection
  • Admin fees
  • Taxes
  • Any additional dealer fees or markups


By getting the full breakdown upfront, you’ll know if a dealer quote has unnecessary extra fees tacked on. Unhaggle wants to provide buyers with all the details needed to make an informed decision.

The pricing transparency takes the stress out of haggling and negotiations. You’ll have all the numbers right from the start, allowing you to focus on picking the best dealer offer rather than arguing over confusing fees. It leads to a smoother, quicker buying experience without worrying you’re overpaying somewhere.


How to Get Started With Unhaggle

Getting started with Unhaggle to buy a new car is easy and only takes a few steps:


  1. Create an account on the Unhaggle website. You’ll need to provide some basic contact info like name, email, phone number and location.
  2. Use the build & price tool to configure your desired new vehicle, just like on an automaker’s website. Pick the exact model, trim packages, options and colors you want.
  3. Once your configuration is complete, submit a request to get personalized pricing. Unhaggle will instantly generate a free Dealer Cost Report listing all the fees and latest incentives.
  4. Enter some additional information so local dealers can provide accurate quotes. This includes info like trade-in details, down payment, and preferred financing.
  5. Unhaggle will securely submit your build request to certified dealers in your area. They will review it and respond with their best discounted price quotes.
  6. Review the quotes from dealers and select the offer that best fits your needs and budget. Reach out to the dealer directly if you have any additional questions.
  7. Head to the dealership once you’ve picked your preferred offer and complete the purchase at the agreed online price. Enjoy your new car!


Getting started with Unhaggle makes buying a new car simple. In just a few steps, you can get multiple quotes from local dealers without any haggling or hassle. The process is fast, transparent and designed to save buyers time and money.



In summary, Unhaggle provides a free and easy way for Canadian new car buyers to get the best possible deal without having to negotiate or haggle with dealerships. By letting certified dealers compete for your business, you can get significant discounts on the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. Unhaggle does all the hard work for you by getting the latest incentives, analyzing dealer fees, and empowering you with knowledge. There’s no risk or obligation to use Unhaggle, so why not see what price you can get for your next new car? Visit the Unhaggle website, build your desired vehicle, and get custom pricing reports and dealer quotes today.

With its huge dealer network, up-to-date pricing data, and innovative online marketplace, Unhaggle has become the go-to solution for hassle-free new car buying in Canada. Take the stress out of your next new car purchase and let Unhaggle find you the best deal!

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Questions About

Unhaggle is a Canadian automotive buying, pricing, and data company that helps consumers buy new cars. Their platform allows users to build and price any vehicle, see dealer invoice prices, connect with certified dealers in their area, and negotiate the best price without having to haggle.

Unhaggle works by getting local Canadian new car dealerships to compete for your business. You can configure and price out the exact vehicle you want on their website. Unhaggle then provides the dealer invoice price and available incentives so you can see what the dealer paid. Finally, they connect you with up to 10 certified dealers in your area who compete by bidding for your business with their best offer. This allows you to negotiate the lowest price without painful back-and-forth haggling.

Yes, Unhaggle’s core pricing reports and connections to certified dealers are completely free for Canadian consumers. They make money when you end up purchasing a vehicle from one of their certified dealers. So they are incentivized to provide the invoice pricing, available incentives and dealer connections for free in order to earn your business.

Yes. Similar to a manufacturer’s website, Unhaggle allows you to build and price any new vehicle model, trim packages, options, colors etc. Their database includes pricing details on all makes and models sold new by Canadian dealerships.

Yes. When getting bid offers from competing dealers, you can specify if you plan to purchase or lease your desired vehicle. Dealers will tailor their offers accordingly for financing purchases or leases. All bidding is done online, allowing you to secure attractive offers without visiting dealerships.

Absolutely. Unhaggle’s certified dealers will arrange for test drives of vehicles once they have provided you with a competitive bid offer. Test drives are a critical part of ensuring you pick the right vehicle before finalizing a purchase.

In order to receive the most accurate pricing and availability, it helps to provide some basic details upfront on Unhaggle’s website:


– The exact make, model trim of the vehicle you want

– Your postal code to connect you with local dealers

– Whether you plan to buy or lease

– Your desired timeline for vehicle delivery

– Whether you have a trade-in

– Your contact info so dealers can reach you

Unhaggle aims to connect you with certified dealers within 1 business day or less. Those dealers then provide their competitive bid offers to you directly within another 1-2 days in most cases. So you can expect to start reviewing real offers to choose from within 2-3 days total in most cases.

The bid offers received represent dealers’ best offers already. However, nothing stops you from going back to your preferred dealer and asking politely if they have any additional room to come down further on price. Dealers occasionally may drop pricing by a small increment if it means securing a sale.

Yes. According to Unhaggle, any pricing and incentives presented in dealers’ bid offers are guaranteed if you decide to purchase from that dealer. The bids capture all fees and taxes as well so there should be no surprises later in the final purchase price.

Unhaggle has a strict certification process that dealers must pass in order to be part of their network. This includes measures of reputation, verified licensing, financial stability, inventory levels, customer satisfaction performance, and location. Only the top local dealers that meet these standards get to bid for Unhaggle’s customers.

Currently Unhaggle focuses on connecting consumers with the top-rated dealers in their local area. Getting bids from too many dealers that are very far away becomes impractical when test drives and service are needed down the road. So they limit your bid requests to about 10 dealerships within reasonable proximity.

Yes. Unhaggle does not share your personal information with any third parties, including car dealers, without your consent. They use industry-standard encryption and security measures to protect user data and only share necessary financial details with a dealer once you decide to purchase with them.

As part of Unhaggle’s strict certification standards, dealers must provide exceptional service through the purchase process and after-sale support as well. However, if you encounter issues, Unhaggle has a dedicated customer service team available to contact dealers on your behalf to help resolve any problems that emerge.

Unhaggle is focused exclusively on new vehicles at this time. However, they are investing in developing used car buying services for the Canadian market in the near future as well. So used car support is likely coming. In the meantime, they help consumers secure the best pricing on new models.

Unhaggle specializes in the new car transaction itself – providing accurate pricing information, connecting you with top local dealers, and enabling the best offer. When it comes to deciding which actual vehicle is right for your needs, Unhaggle points Canadian consumers to its sister site Unhaggle Deals. There you can access in-depth, unbiased vehicle reviews and recommendations.

One of Unhaggle’s core principles is providing Canadians with free access to dealer invoice pricing and connections with certified dealers, with no obligation to buy. While they do earn referral fees from dealers if you end up purchasing, the consumer pays nothing to leverage Unhaggle’s buying services.

Unhaggle’s consumer platform focuses exclusively on individual Canadian car buyers. However, they recently launched Unhaggle Commercial which provides customized new vehicle pricing services to fleets, businesses and commercial buyers with unique needs. This caters to buyers of multiple units at a time.

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