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Car Deal Canada Review From Brian



From start to finish they really made the whole process very easy. I work long hours so I don’t have time to be going into a bunch of dealerships. The way they handled everything saved me a lot of time.

Car Deal Canada Customer Review - Brian

Edmonton, AB

Car Deal Canada Review From Ryan



I had a great experience buying my car from Car Deal Canada. Throughout the whole process I never felt pressured and they made sure I got a great deal.





Ryan Review

Toronto, ON

Car Deal Canada Review From Jericho



I saw one of their ads online and I decided to give them a shot. I wasn’t expecting much but they really exceeded my expectations with how quickly they were able to get me approved and into a nice car. I will definitely be telling my friends and family about them.

Jericho Review

Fredericton, NB

I was in a bad situation, I had bad credit and every dealership that said they could help me out turned the other way. Until I saw the team at Car Deal Canada they were able to help me out. With his extensive customer service, and great taste in cars they able to hook me up with my 2016 Honda Accord at an awsome price. I definitely will recommend them to my close family and friends. Thanks again!

Canada Car Reviews - Mikey

Vancouver, BC

I had a really great experience with Car Deal Canada. They did a great job working with me and asking the right questions to make sure that I got the vehicle that I needed. They went above and beyond to make sure that the vehicle was in perfect running order before I drove it home and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Would 100% recommend!


Saskatoon, SK

Had the friendliest and most helpful experience in finding a new car. I felt no pressure to buy anything nor did they “push” for a sale, they simply just wanted to help me find a car and if they couldn’t find anything that fit my wants, they was ok with that. I told them what I was looking for (mid size sedan with some luxury) and they ended up looking for something to find what I was looking for. I would recommend anyone who hates dealing with car salesmen to work with Car Deal Canada because I feel like they truly is trying to help you the best they can instead of making a quick buck.

Canada Car Reviews - Paul

Calgary, AB

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