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AutoCapital Canada Car Loan Rates

AutoCapital Canada Car Loan Rates

About AutoCapital Canada

AutoCapital Canada car loan rates can vary based on credit.

Auto Capital Canada is a national auto financing company that assists Canadians with less than perfect credit in financing new and used vehicles. They offer flexible lending programs tailored for individuals with poor credit or no credit history, striving to meet the needs of those underserved by traditional financing institutions. 

With a strong presence across the country, Auto Capital Canada empowers customers to secure car financing that aligns with their unique financial situations. They are dedicated to making car ownership accessible and attainable, providing viable solutions and exceptional service to help customers achieve their dream of owning a vehicle.


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AutoCapital Canada Current Used Car Loan Rates

Tier 1

Starting 11.99%


Tier 2

Starting at 14.24%


Tier 3

Starting at 17.24%


Tier 4

Starting at 19.99%


Tier 5

Starting at 21.49%


Tier 6

Starting at 23.99%


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Use Our Car Loan Calculator To Get The Best AutoCapital Canada Car Loan

Want to find out what your Payments would be with an AutoCapital Canada Car Loan? 

Easily estimate your monthly payments using our user-friendly car loan calculator. Input your desired rate from the provided rate sheet and tailor the terms to your preferences. Staying within your budget is crucial when searching for your dream car, and our specialized payment calculator is precisely designed to ensure just that. Gain valuable insights into your payments, ensuring your chosen car loan rate aligns perfectly with your financial goals.

At AutoCapital Canada, they are committed to helping Canadians with less than perfect credit secure car loans. Their expertise lies in providing fast, professional, and dedicated credit decisions, making car financing accessible to those facing credit challenges. With AutoCapital Canada as your trusted partner, embark on your car ownership journey with confidence, knowing you have secured a great car loan. Experience exceptional service and personalized solutions as they guide you toward a seamless and stress-free car financing experience. Let them be the key to turning your car ownership dreams into reality.

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