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BMO Car Loan Rates

BMO Car Loan Rates

About BMO

BMO car loan rates are some of the most favorable rates in Canada.

Meet the Bank of Montreal (BMO), a distinguished Canadian multinational investment bank and financial services company. With its establishment dating back to 1817 in Montreal, Quebec, BMO holds the esteemed title of Canada’s oldest bank. While its head office continues to reside in Montreal, its executive offices are located in Toronto. As one of the “big five banks” in Canada, BMO stands tall as the fourth-largest bank in the country in terms of market capitalization and assets.

Irrespective of the type of vehicle you’re in search of, BMO is your go-to source for obtaining the car loan you require! Whether you have your sights set on a sleek car, a sturdy truck, or a practical SUV, BMO is here to assist you in securing the ideal car loan that meets your needs and financial goals.


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Current BMO Used Car Loan Rates

Loan terms of less than 78 months

8.19% - 10.99%


Loan terms of 84 months

8.19% - 9.99%


Loan terms over 84

8.19% - 10.99%


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Use Our Car Loan Calculator To Get The Lowest BMO Auto Loan Rates

Want to find out your Payments With A BMO Car Loan? 

Discover the full potential of our car loan calculator to effortlessly gauge your monthly payments with the Bank Of Montreal. Just enter your desired BMO car loan rate from the rate sheet above and select the terms that align perfectly with your preferences.

We understand the significance of maintaining your budget while embarking on the quest for your dream car. That’s precisely why we’ve created a specialized car payment calculator, designed to cater to this very need. This powerful tool serves as your guiding compass, providing invaluable insights into your payments, and ensuring you remain on track throughout the process.

Rest assured, the calculator is meticulously designed to ensure that the car loan rate you choose harmonizes seamlessly with your financial aspirations. Armed with this valuable information, you can confidently make an informed decision, bringing you closer to the car you’ve always wanted.

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