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Eden Park Car Loan Rates

Eden Park Car Loan Rates

About Eden Park

Eden Park car loan rates are some of the most available in Canada.

Eden Park, a boutique lender, has been serving car dealerships since 2008. Operating for 12 years, they have extended over 25,000 loans across nine provinces in Canada. Partnering with more than 1800 dealerships, Eden Park assists in finding the ideal vehicle that best suits your needs. Their personalized approach and extensive network make car financing a seamless experience.


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Current Eden Park Used Car Loan Rates

6 Ride

Starting 8.99%


5 Ride

Starting at 11.99%


4 Ride

Starting at 15.99%


3 Ride

Starting at 18.99%


2 Ride

Starting at 23.99%


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Want to find out what your Payments would be with an Eden Park Car Loan? 

Discover the convenience of estimating your monthly payments with ease using our car loan calculator. Simply input your desired Eden Park rate from the provided rate sheet and customize the terms to fit your preferences. Staying within your budget is vital while searching for your dream car, and our specialized payment calculator is precisely designed for this purpose. Empowering you to remain on track, it offers valuable insights into your payments, ensuring that your chosen car loan rate aligns seamlessly with your financial goals.

As a reputable boutique lender since 2008, Eden Park has been dedicated to serving car dealerships and has successfully provided over 25,000 loans across Canada. Our extensive network of partnerships with numerous dealerships enables us to assist you in finding the ideal vehicle that suits your unique needs and situation.

With Car Deal Canada as your trusted partner, embark on your car ownership journey with confidence, knowing you have secured a great car loan. Our commitment to exceptional service and personalized solutions will guide you toward a seamless and stress-free car financing experience. Let us be the key to making your car ownership dreams come true.

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