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General Bank Of Canada Car Loan Rates

General Bank Of Canada Car Loan Rates

About General Bank Of Canada

The General Bank Of Canada car loan rates are very favorable rates.

For the past 15 years, the General Bank of Canada has been a significant player in the auto finance business. They proudly provide new and used car loans to more than 2,000 dealerships all across Canada. Their long-standing presence in the industry has allowed them to facilitate over 5 billion dollars in car loans since their inception!

When you choose a car loan from the General Bank of Canada, you can drive away with confidence, knowing you’ve secured yourself a fantastic deal. Their expertise in the auto finance sector and their strong commitment to customer satisfaction ensure that you’ll receive top-notch service and support throughout the loan process. With the General Bank of Canada by your side, you can embark on your car ownership journey with peace of mind and a great car loan to support you.


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Current General Bank Of Canada Car Loan Rates

Loan terms less than 48-78 months

7.29% - 9.99%


Loan terms of 84 months

7.99% - 10.69%


Loan terms over 84 months

8.29% - 10.99%


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Want to find out your Payments With A General Bank Of Canada Car Loan? 

Tap into the true potential of our car loan calculator to effortlessly determine your monthly payments with The General Bank of Canada. Just enter your preferred General Bank car loan rate from the provided rate sheet above and tailor the terms to perfectly align with your unique preferences.

Recognizing the utmost importance of adhering to your budget during your quest for the ideal car, we have meticulously crafted a specialized car payment calculator. This powerful tool acts as your dependable guide, offering invaluable insights into your payments, ensuring you stay firmly on track throughout the entire process.

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