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RBC Car Loan Rates have been known to be some of the lowest in Canada. Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), is a prominent Canadian multinational financial services corporation.  At present, RBC holds the distinction of being Canada’s largest bank in terms of market capitalization. With a global workforce of more than 86,000 employees, the bank caters to the needs of over 16 million customers worldwide! 

Established in 1864 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, RBC initially had its headquarters in Place Ville Marie, Montreal, Quebec. Throughout its history, RBC has played a significant role in fulfilling the aspirations of countless Canadians, helping them acquire the car they’ve always dreamed of.


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Current RBC Used Car Loan Rates

Loan terms of less than 78 months

7.29% - 9.99%


Loan terms between 79-84 months

7.29% - 9.99%


Loan terms over 85

7.29% - 9.99%


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Take advantage of our car loan calculator to estimate your monthly payments conveniently with the Royal Bank of Canada. Just enter your preferred RBC car loan rate based on the rate sheet above and select your desired terms. 

Staying within your budget is paramount while searching for your ideal car, and our specialized car payment calculator is designed precisely for that purpose. It empowers you to remain on track, giving you insights into your payments and ensuring that your chosen car loan rate aligns perfectly with your financial goals.

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