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Santander Consumer Car Loan Rates

About Santander Consumer

Santander Consumer car loan rates can vary based on credit.

Santander Consumer is a nationwide auto financing entity, aiding Canadians with imperfect credit to finance both new and used vehicles. Their customized lending programs cater to those with limited credit history, addressing the gap left by traditional financing institutions.

Spanning the country, Santander Consumer empowers clients to secure vehicle financing tailored to their financial situations. Their focus on rendering car ownership feasible and reachable is evident through their practical solutions and exceptional customer service, assisting clients in realizing their car ownership dreams.


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Santander Consumer Current Used Car Loan Rates

Tier 8

Starting 12.49%


Tier 7

Starting at 14.99%


Tier 6

Starting at 16.49%


Tier 5

Starting at 19.24%


Tier 4

Starting at 22.49%


Tier 3

Starting at 24.24%


Tier 2

Starting at 27.49%


Tier 1

Starting at 29.90%


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Want to find out what your Payments would be with Santander Consumer Car Loan? 

Santander Consumer extends its support to Canadians with credit challenges by offering accessible car loans. Use our intuitive auto loan calculator to easily project your monthly payments. Select a rate from our provided sheet and tailor terms to fit your preferences, ensuring your dream car remains within budget. Precisely designed, this calculator aligns your loan rate with financial goals.

With Santander Consumer, enjoy swift, professional credit decisions. They specialize in aiding those with imperfect credit, making car financing a reality. Trust them to guide your car ownership journey. Experience exceptional service and tailored solutions, transforming your car financing into a stress-free experience. Let Santander Consumer make your car ownership dreams a reality.

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