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Scotiabank car loan interest rates

Scotiabank Car Loan Interest Rates

About Scotiabank

Scotiabank car loan interest rates are some of the most favorable rates in Canada. The Bank of Nova Scotia, popularly known as Scotiabank, is a prominent Canadian multinational financial services company and one of Canada’s esteemed “big five banks.” Holding the distinguished position of being the third-largest bank in Canada concerning deposits and market capitalization, Scotiabank has a rich history. 

Founded in Nova Scotia back in 1832, the company later relocated its executive office to Toronto in 1900. With a vast global workforce of over 88,000 employees, Scotiabank caters to the needs of more than 25 million customers worldwide.


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Current Scotiabank Used Car Loan Interest Rates

Loan terms of less than 78 months

7.69% - 10.49%


Loan terms of 84 months

8.44% - 11.24%


Loan terms over 84

8.93% - 11.73%


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Want to find out your Payments With A Scotiabank Car Loan? 

Make the most of our car loan calculator to easily estimate your monthly payments with Scotiabank. Simply input your preferred Scotiabank car loan rate from the rate sheet provided above and choose the terms that suit you best.

Keeping your budget in check is of utmost importance during your search for the perfect car, and that’s why we have developed a dedicated car payment calculator tailored to this need. This powerful tool empowers you to stay on course by providing valuable insights into your payments.

It ensures that the car loan rate you select harmonizes seamlessly with your financial objectives, helping you make an informed decision with confidence.

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